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Rapidworkers : Sign up, is it legit ,tricks & how it works (2023 app reviews)



Welcome to MoneyMakingCrew, today we will be writing everything about Rapidworkers. How to sign up, maybe it is a legit website to try or another scam micro job website, some tips and tricks about it, how it works in a short full review of this website and its app.

let’s start with what you need to know about Rapidworkers

About Rapidworkers

Rapidworkers like other Get Paid To (GPT) websites pay their users for performing simple tasks like taking simple surveys, playing games, downloading and testing apps, signing up for an account, visiting a website, commenting on youtube, and a lot more!

Rapidworkers is servicing under UnikScripts, Inc. and they are just a micro-jobs servicing company

let’s quickly talk about how it works!

How Rapidworkers works

This website simply connects companies that need to perform some tasks that can be performed online with people that have the time and skills to perform those tasks even though some tasks did not require any skills.

Once the workers finish the work then the companies will review it! If the company is satisfied they approve it but if not they disapprove it.

If approved then payment will be released to rapidworkers company then rapidworkers will now pay their worker for the task based on the amount stipulated for the task.

According to the website, these are tasks the workers can do for the employers :

The workers can Submit your site to search engines, dig websites, promote your sites, Post on Twitter, blog, forum, etc., Post reviews for you, and a lot more!

Also on the other hand these are what the employers are benefiting from for working with rapidworkers :

The job will be Rapid and low-cost tasks, there will be Proof of the work done, You pay only for satisfying tasks ( no falsework ) and also Rapid workers from different countries.

How to earn money from Rapidworkers

There are different jobs and different ways you can earn on rapidworksers base on your geographical location.

Workers on rapid workers

You can earn on this site just by performing simple tasks like :

Commenting on Social Media
“Like” videos on YouTube and some other platforms
By Complete surveys
Web testing
To download and install apps
Following Social Media accounts
Submit your site to search engines
Writing short reviews
Subscribe to websites
To Click ads
 Post on Twitter, blog, forum, etc
Set up profiles
Completing Surveys

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and a lot more… When you register or sign up you will get tasks based on your location

After you choose tasks to work on and you are done doing those tasks as instructed then you will be waiting for approval from the employer of the task..

Employer Approval

After posting on rapidworkers by the employer then will wait for rapidworkers client to take up the task

Once the task is completed, the employers will pay rapidworkers and rapidworkers will pay his workers once the employers approved the task

The employers also rate the work of the rapidworkers

Before talking about how to sign up on rapidworkers let’s talk about the payment methods

Rapidworkers payment methods

Though rapidworkers are paying their workers steadily just like the payment proof below the manual payment months is not really cool by me.

Rapidworkers pay through PayPal only and you need to submit manually to get your payment just like the payment proof below

rapidworkers payment proof

Rapidworkers sign up or registration procedure

Now talking about how to register or sign up on rapidworkers you need to be above 18 years to sign up.


The first step you need to take is to visit rapidworkers.com

The next thing to do is to sign up for new members

Just fill in your name, email, password( the password you want to be used to log in), country (just use the dropdown to your country), and click ‘ i am not a robot

Then you need to agree to these below terms then read the terms and conditions too!

1- Using VPN or another type of masking IP software!

2- Multiple accounts with the same IP or using shared / public WIFI!

3- Same ip used with other accounts to do tasks!

4- Doing other country jobs that you are not from!

  • All these will get you eventually ban and if you got banned don’t waste your time making another account *’

Once you click you agree then click create my account.

Then you will get access to the task according to your location.

Pros and Cons of rapidworkers

Everything with advantages will always have some disadvantages so let’s talk about the cons and pros of rapidworkers

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  • Though there are a lot of tasks they pay low in fact task cannot be more than $2
  • As I said earlier under payment methods! Their payments are manual that’s why their payments always take a day to reach you like 7 days
  • They also charge 6% of the withdrawal amount
  • Earning potential always depends on your country only if the employer accepts international workers
  • There are a lot of negative reviews about them probably because of a low-pay task, You will see that in the review section of this article
  • You must retain above 60% success rate else you will receive a temporary ban and this might not be justified because some employers may rate your work anyhow he or she like

we need to talk about the pros too…


  • It’s really cool that it is free to join and anyone can join without restriction
  • A whole lot of jobs are available on rapidworkers
  • Another interesting part is that they have a low payout threshold which is $8. This can be accumulated fast enough and cashout
  • Paypal payment method makes it very easy to receive payment worldwide

Let me give you some tips and tricks of rapidworkers

Tips, Tricks and complaines of Rapidworkers

I will give you some pieces of advice here and the things you need to know before starting so you will prepare yourself fully :

  • avoid using a proxy or any VPN to change your location. If you are doing it for another thing don’t forget that it’s on and you visit picoworkers.com
  • Kindly note that not all the survey timing is correct. Sometimes survey will read will last for 1Min and when you start don’t be surprised that it might last for 10 min so make sure you read very well before you start any survey and read the description of the survey fully
  • make sure any task you start you complete it if you can complete it don’t start
  • They pay via paper and they accept companies that PayPal is not available and you know what that country will end up not receiving payment. Always check maybe PayPal is available in your country before signing up at all
  • keep your work accuracy above 60%
  • They warned n you earlier before you signed up don’t try to trick rapidworkers and attempt to attend tasks from another location you will get caught and ban your account
  • dot send fake proof to the employer
  • Attempt more tasks diligently and completely
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is rapidworkers legit or a scam

What makes people think that rapidworkers is a scam is because of all those complaints about getting banned, low payment, not being able to get paid in a location that does not accept PayPal, and timing does not corresponding to the actual task timing but if you read all these above sub-heading about tips, trick and complained about rapidworkers before you sign up at all you not have an issue.

This company is one of the oldest GPT websites since 2009 and is still active in the business

But basically, all GPT websites are always paid low compared to tasks done.

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But let’s take look at Rapidworkers reviews

Rapidworkers reviews

There are a lot of negative reviews about rapidworkers due to the fact that a lot of them did not read this review or read reviews of any GPT websites before registering at all… If you know all that in this article before joining Rapidworkers you might not have an issue

Over 58% on Trustpilot say it is bad and 27% say was excellent as seen below

rapidworkers reviews on trustpilot


Just like other GPT websites rapidworkers is just one of them and another way you can earn extra income is if you like GPT websites and you comply with all their rules and terms.

Thanks for reading see you in the next article

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