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About Yusuf Tunde A. (UsefulTunde) and Money Making Crew

Hey, buddy, this is UsefulTunde I welcome you to the MoneyMakingCrew!


Yusuf Tunde A.I am Tunde Yusuf popularly known as UsefulTunde, I hailed from Kwara State, Nigerian and born on 9th of April. I am a blogger and an entrepreneur.
I love to be social, useful and entertaining.

And I also believe everybody is capable of making money. The only thing they need is appropriate and adequate information at the appropriate time. I love learning new stuff and teaching others too.
I published my blog usefultunde.co in other to pass information, entertain and about my activities.
I love to help people archiving their goal and the best way I think I  can archive my dream is to teach  and inform people through  usefultunde.co and MoneyMakingCrew
I believe in doing business and having control over my earnings.
I believe that there are only two ways to make money. You either make money online or offline.And you can even make money online and as well make money offline.
This ignites me to create MoneyMakingCrew to help people to make cash either online or offline.
You can read more about me here


moneymakingcrew-logo-272px-logoMoneyMakingCrew is a website I created to help the youth in archiving their goals of being successful. When you say someone is successful, you are really saying that person is making money.

We believe the reason for unemployment is lack of true and reliable information.

In this website, we will be giving out free premium details articles on how you can make money online and offline.
To be a successful entrepreneur is not an easy task but we can all achieve it together with the right information that will motivate to do more.

You cannot have only one source of income, and you say that you are a successful entrepreneur. I had refused to be paid only 12 times in a year even before I started making money.

Our aim is to be one of the best websites that help to reduce the unemployment rate in the world.

WHO ARE OUR TARGET AUDIENCE: This website is basically for everybody, but we are targeting the student and unemployed people. This will reduce the unemployment rate in the word.

Together we can make the world a better place and poverty-free…

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