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Grabpoints Review 2021: Is it a scam or legit site? How it works & sign up


Grabpoints claim to be a platform to perform simple tasks and grab a point. This will be converted to PayPal cash to cash out or cash out through steam, skrill, Facebook credit, and other cards. Everything is inside this review

About Grabpoints

Grabpoints have different ways to make money.

You can make money through watching videos, surveys, downloading the app, and some other tasks.


Has the task is so much so ways of payment so much.

But quickly note that as other Get Paid To sites they are not get-rich-quick sites
They are just to pay some bills

In this review, we are going to cover various points that have been borning in minds items below;


Grabpoint Rules & Requirments

I will love to start with grabpoints rule & requirements.

A lot of sites or GPT sites like this have different rules but a lot don’t have tie knowing the rules so they do it wrong


And basically, there are things you need to get started though not hard like that

Grabpoint only allow 13 years above to participate in anything on their site
You can only use one mail per user
All answers or task prefer just done faithfully
They have the right to cancel or a clear amount if any suspicious

Let’s quickly talk about the requirement or what you need to start earning.


You don’t need really much to start making money with grabpoints

With just your smartphone

access to internet

Then your time and start grabbing point to convert to real money

Grabpoints review

Nothing much to review myself all grabpoints reviews are from those that have used it before and my research.

For moneymakingcrew we always come with good reviews.

According to Trustpilot where a good number of app users put down their review

%76 of people who use the app vote the app excellence and %11 say bad has shown in the screenshot below which is normal.

No matter what you can satisfy all your customers there is going to be some flaws

But the percentage and margin between those that vote good and bad will say this is a good working program.

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If you are thinking how are they getting the money they are paying you for this task

Probably you are new to GPT sites like this

All GTP sites pay their users for performing tasks base on the amount they collect from the affiliate company they are working with and keep the difference.

The only reason why some pay high and some pay low is base on their discretion and profit calculation.

But within this review, we will show you payment proof from grabpoint

so grab some coffee as we move on to grabpoints

Is it safe or legit?

So are grabpoints really safe to browse or use?
Or is it a legit site?

Ofcuss with all that has been said from the beginning of our grabpoints review to this point

You can deduce that grabpoints is legit paying

Only have we mentioned at the beginning that it’s not getting rich quick but just to earn some few dollars to do one or two things

Grabpoints is safe to surf and is legit its a matter of how much time you spent on the site..

Now that we know its safe to browse now what!

let show you how it really works but before then let me show you how to get the app

Has mobile usability increasing app usability increase lot love to use the app than browsing the site

Grabpoints App

I particularly cannot find grabpoint apps on playstore

And try to download it on their site too…

But to cut the story shot we still have some other points to deal with in this review

The above download link has nothing to do with moneymmakingcrew but just for user purpose

The link is from an app downloading site that is quite trusted..But recommended downloading from the website if you can or use the site to perform all task

Enough of all what we have been saying about grabpoint let quickly talk about how it really works and how you can earn more from the program

How To Make Money On This Platform

There are several ways to make money on grabpoints

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You can grab coin by watching videos, taking surveys, doing some offers, with promo codes, refer friends and so on but let discuss some those mentioned above

Make Money by watching videos

You can grab 7 points for views 3 ads from tv on this grabpoints program

Grabpoints pay you for viewing ads from different channels or tv on the website

Types of video ads you view vary from food lifestyle, trailers among others

You grab some points from doing this which will later be converted to PayPal cash or other ways you want to receive the point with

Grab some points on grabpoints by Taking surveys

Taking a survey is so popular on GPT sites like this

You get paid on every survey you completed successfully on grabpoints

There are different survey companies on this grabpoint website that you can take a survey on and earn some points

Some even pay you for a partially complete survey

This is one of the easiest ways to make money from grabpoints

Make money from the offer wall

There is another way to make money on grabpoints which is offerwall

In these sections, you get different offers

offers like installing apps, playing games, registering on-site or even submitting emails and so on

Just follow instructions and you are good to go

Make money by using promo codes

Grabpoint can send you some promotion codes just to earn more or after you have completed a task just has a bonus.

These codes are redeemed from the platform to get free points

Make more money on grabpoints by referring friends

Grabpoints give you free point ranges between 25 points to 250 points for referring a friend to the program depend on the country

You can easily get your special referer link from your grabpoint account and share it with friends

You get the link when you click refer friends from your dashboard

You can use the above link to register if you wish

Grabpoints Best Payment Options

This is another interesting thing about grabpoints

grabpoints review payment

Bunch of payment options

Apart from the best and popular cashout method which is PayPal cash here are some other ways you can receive your payment;

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Amazon Gift Cards
PlayStation Plus Codes
Google Play Gift Codes
Xbox Codes
Netflix Codes
iTunes Redemption Codes
Walmart eGift Cards
Pokémon GO Coins
Steam Wallet Codes

You receive a payout within 24 to 48 hrs of request

Some other Interesting Part Of Grabpoints

There are two more interesting about grabpoints which are the live feeds and leaderboard

In the Live feeds, you see live statistics of earnings by country and cashout while in the leaderboard you see top users, most complete offers and top rewards has shown below

Grabpoints payment proof

Most people cash out with PayPal has you see in the above live feeds


Nothing good all inside and out so there are some setbacks too on grabpoints

Most people complain about not earning much

But has have said earlier this is no get-rich-quick scheme that will earn you enough to buy mansions but just money for little things

MoneyMMakingCrew see you guys on the next one

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