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Capterra Review: WARNING Read This Before Starting Reviewing |Free More than 100$ Gift Card


Good day MoneyMaking Crew, After a long day of not posting we are going to start this year with Capterra Review.


This review is going, to be honest review and am going to tell you how you can earn your 100 $ with capterra review program.

If you have been following me for the past few days on my social media Twitter, Instagram @UsefulTunde or Facebook ‘OfficialUsefultunde’ am already saying I will teach you for a token.

This was because we don’t value what we get free.

I know with this been free 50% will not take it seriously compared to when its paid.

Some will still say they want payment proof lol! as if I am asking you to pay me!

Anyways see proof before we move on!

capterra review



Before we talk too much let get started…


Reviewing a product you have used before is very simple.
Just like you telling your friend about what you like and dislike about a product you have used before.

Its very simple but you know anything that requires money need to be done seriously.

And it is always very easy and simple if you are reviewing products that you have used or you are using.

But, do you know the big deal?

Capterra has thousands of products that it is not possible you will say that you have not used hundreds of it before…

Okay, haven’t you use Google products before?

yah! I got you!

Or you want to tell me that you have not used Microsoft word before?

All these popular products are there but I repeat anything that requires money need to be done seriously.

Now let quickly do some calculations before I take you into requirements and how to.

Imagine you find 10 products you have been using for years on capterra review software and they paid you 10$ for each review you made that
means you will receive 100 $ just by playing with the site.

And they paid by redeemable gift card or visa card.

You can still doubt this but you can just google ‘what is Capterra’ and use the Wikipedia

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They are a company that helps businesses to find the right software for free.

And the addition is that they pay users for reviewing the 10 product they have used 10$ each.

The requirement to participate in Capterra review program

No much requirement for this program just

Linkedin account:
(Note I don’t think new account works but more than 6 months old is okay)

But LinkedIn account should not be a problem because a lot of people have an open LinkedIn account and dump it you can get one if yours is not more than 6 months or just use the contact form page here.

-Join through referral link:
This program is not like others that you can just join and start making money reviewing.
You must join through referrals link else you will just be reviewing for free.

-Read The Review Guide:
This very important so that you will not start wasting time writing what they will not approve its simple if you follow instructions.


-Your Device and internet access:
I don’t like putting this as a requirement because we all know you going to need that.


How To Go About Capterra Review

First, you need to have the above requirement in place

Then you will pick the software you have used before

Login through Linkedin

Then you will be taking to the rating page

Then the reviewing page

Now you choose your honest selection from the dropdowns

Submitted! Just click another software you have used again and make review until you made maybe 15 reviews and go and be checking your email linked to LinkedIn for the once that is approved.

This can take like a week or so for starting or not up to that compare on their query but a week they will get back to you.

Note: Very important check other approved reviews too to know how to write an approvable review with ease!

Example below

Review Example

Now the interesting part!

How to keep getting paid 

Just like other legit programs or survey programs Captarra review program really want you to earn more money that is why they lock it to you must use the referral link to join!

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You don’t get me right?
If you refer 10 people and these people have made a successful approved review you get 50$ for this 10 people!

Now i think you get me!

We understand money better!!

Now how can I get my referral link!

After your first successful review approved and paid they will send you your referral link!

What I will say is take action now!

Don’t look that because you are giving this information for free that you will do it later!



I think I have mentioned that capterra paid through a gift card?

if not
That is it and they also paid through a virtual visa card.

Guy! I have seated for hours writing this review i am pleading please take action now, use the referral link and follow instructions and I said good luck earning from Capterral Review program.


Be Useful … To Stay Relevant

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  1. Thanks for dropping this… Would like to ask if its important for someone to have access to the email associated with the LinkedIn account.. Because I don’t have a six month old LinkedIn account.

    • Very important! Because that’s where you will receive your Gift card!
      Note you can change your linkedin email if you done have access to that one link to it again!
      Thank You for reading!

  2. I dont have a linkedin account,so hw can i have the contact of your friend that have d account cause if am getting it right one needs to hav the linkedin account ready before registrstion right?

  3. Hey, Useful Tunde.

    Nice work you are doing here, I must say.

    I really don’t have much to say, I’ve tried signing up for the Capterra program through your affiliate link but for three times, I always met with an error message but while trying to use the normal link, it works.

    I suggest you check your affiliate link because there’s a possibility it might not be functioning properly.

    Thank you!

  4. am really happy to say it’s an interesting post to read . I learn new information from your article , you are doing a great job .
    Keep it up Thanks & Regards,

      • Hello bro I don’t get it, I actually watched a short clips online and that is how I know about capterra affiliate marketing, what I watched actually made me understand that you just go to capterra network and sign up and when you make review first, capterra will send you more reviews


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