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5 Best flight insurance And Is Flight Insurance Worth It?

Flight insurance

Everyday airline usage, flight up and down will make you want to buy flight insurance but you will want to ask if flight insurance really worth buying. You will need to read this to understand maybe you should buy it or not and considering buying it we will give you the best 5 flight insurance you can try out.

What is Flight Insurance?

You really need to get this straight flight insurance that covers the cost of your flight. This type of policy covers cancelation or interruption of trips, stollen of luggage, and a lot regarding your airline journey.

What does Airline Flight Insurance Cover?

Flight insurance covers a lot especially if you are using a flight for transport on your day-to-day business or activities. We will be giving you a few of what it covers.

Health Insurance for traveling: Flight insurance is worth it here even if you have medical insurance in your state what about when you travel outside your state? You need to check the insurance company you purchase your flight insurance from maybe it includes health insurance because some are weak in this aspect.

Flight cancelation for one reason or the other flight insurance: Anything can come up and after you have booked a flight and you want to cancel the trip but wish to get compensation.


Yes, the normal ticket fee is non-refundable but if you have flight insurance for conciliation then you should get around 75% of your flight fee back. There is a lot of cancellation flight insurance depending on the reason you are canceling the ticket make sure you read a lot about that from the company you are getting that from.

Lost baggage coverage or delayed in your baggage: Depending on your policy limit this flight insurance covers you when your baggage is delayed, damaged, or lost.

Coverage from flight delays: This is really awesome depending on your policy if your flight is delayed by a certain amount of time you get compensation for that


What’s Not Covered by Flight Insurance?

Of course that you get flight insurance doesn’t me you are covered for anything about your flight trip. We will be giving you a few things your flight insurance does not cover.

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Any accident caused by you taking drugs or alcohol: This is very clear if you get hurt during your trip medically but this was as a result of intake of alcohol or drugs then your medical flight insurance does not cover that.

Natural disasters before getting the insurance: If you purchase flight insurance where there is frequently any type of natural disaster then if it occurs during your insurance timeframe you are not covered so make sure you are aware of all that.

Any other incident not mentioned in your insurance paper: This is very important if you get any insurance make sure you read all that it says your covers and if anything you think supposes to be there is not there ask if it is to be included or to be aware then you can know to compare or just take it.

Is Flight Insurance Worth It?

This is really up to you know we have given you some things it covers and not covers and also a few details about it. You need to juxtapose all that and know maybe it is worth it for you independently to get flight insurance or not.

We will be giving you a few best flight insurance you can check out if you think it is worth it and want to get it.

5 Best Flight Insurance Companies

These are a few awesome flight insurance companies you can check out, compare them, and make sure it’s fine by you or you getting anyone you want even if outside this list.

Allianz Travel: They are good at flight insurance they insured over 50 million travelers every year. The holding company Allianz SE has been in business for over 1100 years so they actually know the business

Sure they protect you from trip cancellation or interruption just as mentioned in this article.

AXA Assistance USA: This is another awesome insurance company you can get your flight insurance from. They have three plans the Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.
They give you up to $250,000 for a medical emergency.

Travelex Insurance Service: They are a good insurance company too and cover up to $500,000 for emergency medical evacuation. It’s nice to know that they are a member of the US Travel Insurance Association (UStiA)

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WorldTrips Travel Insurance: They have been in business for a long too and have different options or plans Premium, Group, Annual, and International Student options.


It’s a wrap for today’s flight insurance article and we will always advise you to always read your insurance documents, ask a lot of questions, best hire an expert to help compare the best you can do for your self all this will help you save a lot.



  1. i didnt get one thing that the most of flights tickets are refubdable then what is the meaning of refund in the insurance?


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