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How To Make Money On Fiverr Without any Skills(5gigs Earn $100/weekly)

how to make money on fiver without any skills

Internet is now the side hustle for many and a lot of people are making thousands and millions of dollars online as their main work. Fiverr is one of the fastest ways to go to earn extra income online with your skills and today I will be sharing with you how to make money on Fiverr without any skills with these 5 high-paying gigs.
These 5 gigs will earn you at least $100 every week if properly optimized.

But, wait a minute! What is Fiverr and did it even works?

About Fiverr

Fiver is a freelance website where a lot of companies go to outsource their works to competent hands remotely and any competent person can open a Fiverr account to work for any company interested in their gigs.

This online marketplace located in Israeli has been on since 2010 Micha Kaufman.

This company is trusted by so many big other companies like Facebook, Google, Netflix, and a lot more


And millions of people get paid and a lot of companies get jobs done easily with this platform!

How did Fiverr Works

Fiverr is a very simple system!

If you want to work on Fiverr, you list your services or gigs to fiver, and how much you want to be charged may be per hour or per work or job anyway, it is!


Companies of individuals that want to outsource a job also sign up a Fiverr account and look for workers that match his or her requirements and price budget and offer the job to the person!

Then fiver comes in to withhold the stipulated amount with Fiverr commission inclusive than when the job is done and the individual or company is certified with the job then payment will be paid to the worker and its win-win situation!

The more certified customers or reviews you have the more your chance of getting more jobs which means the more reliable you are and professional fiver takes you!

You can check out for that and sign up today! Make sure you treat Fiverr works as though it’s your face-to-face normal job!

Okay now, let’s assume you know what fiver is and how it works now! Why you are here is because you don’t really have any skills to offer on Fiverr and you want to make a lot of money on this platform!

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We have good news for you there are trending gigs you can use to make thousands and if not millions of dollars on Fiverr…

How To Make Money On Fiverr Without any Skills

These are the top 5 gigs you can do without any skills and how to go about them:

Drop servicing with fiverr and other freelencers

I don’t know maybe you have had anything like dropshipping before? Dropshipping is the idea of having an online store with all products listed without even having any of the physical products or anything!

Once you just receive orders on your online store you simply automatically place the order on the manufacturing store with the customer details and the manufacturing company will deliver the product to the customer on your behave and you take the difference!

Let’s assume the manufacturer is selling the product for $20 you can place it on your online store for $80 and when you get an order and fulfill it through the manufacturer on your behave you get the $60 gain as a difference!

That same idea can be used on fiver called drop servicing …

This is how it works: You can do it front and back

You will search for a gig on different freelance websites!

There are a lot of freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork and PeoplePerHour

Most professionals lower their prices on some freelance websites to get more sales so we can take advantage of that!

What we will do is to search for a particular gig on other freelance websites and look for the one that is very cheap, have good speed time to complete the job and have good review and we place the same gig to another freelance website at a higher price and add more time to the completing job duration!

So when we get a job on this platform we just take it to the other freelancers’ website that offers cheaper and once complete we submit it here and get the differences! As simple as that…

You don’t need to do any work…

Let me give example for clarity…

Let’s assume there is a gig on Upwork about blog post article writing gigs that charges $20 per 500 words and can be completed in 2 days! You will just list the same gigs about blog post article writing on fiver for $50 per 500 works and can be completed in 4 days!

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So once you get the job from Fiverr you just take it to upwork and place an order and once the job is successfully done you take the differences.

This is really working and you can try it out.

Another way you can make money on Fiverr without any skills is Record Testimonials on Video

Record Testimonials on Video

This is another gig that requires no skills! You just need to video yourself and say something about any products just like you have to use the product and why you like it and you get paid for doing just that!

Why this requires no skills is because a good testimonials video should not look like filmed should look as natural and normal.

A lot of companies want to hire people to make a testimonial video for them!

You can just go on Fiverr and list the gig that you will record a good natural testimonial video for clients and companies.

You will just upload some simple samples!

A lot of people make money with these gigs

Another gig you can make money without any skills on Fiverr is Data Entry!

How To Make Money On Fiverr Without any Skills with Data Entry

The data entry job is the easiest job you can do without any skills.

Buyers or companies will just give you some data to enter into a particular spreadsheet or layout they use.

You did not need any skills even if you don’t know how to type fast just collect the job and you will be slotting in one after the other or you outsource it to a physical person that will charge less if you even did not want to work at all.

But data entry is one of the gigs that pay well!

If you did not want to do Data Entry you can also try Fiverr Affiliates

Fiverr Affiliates

This really works if you have a lot of family, friends, and fans on your social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

Fiverr have a program called Fiverr affiliates where you get paid for referring people to a particular gig with your SPECIAL AFFILIATE LINK and when the person or company completes the job with the gig you get paid a particular percentage for doing just that

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So what you just need to do is first go to Fiverr official affiliates website at sign up as an affiliate and copy your referral link for a gig and place it on your Twitter for an instant with well design banner about the gig! Whenever anybody clicks the link and made a complete sales or transaction you get paid a particular percentage.

It’s best you always advertise the gig you know most of your audience will love!

And this best work for people that have large social media followers

Now let’s talk about the last one which is one of the easiest ways I know people use to make thousands and millions of dollars on fiver without skills just changing photos background with a simple click

Removing image background with canva

There are a lot of people making this gig right now and making a lot of money with it because a lot of companies and buyers are looking for people obe help them to change their photos’ background with ease!

This can easily be done with no experience with just a click on canvas!

Just download canvas maybe on your mobile device or computer Under the effect option you will ee click to change the background…

Also, you can use to remove backgrounds… visit official website at

Just go to click where it says upload image! select the picture and see the magic lol…

Just download it and submit completed and you make money without any skills but adequate information!


This is How To Make Money On Fiverr Without any Skills with these 5 gigs and you make over &100 every week!

Make sure you are consistent and work smartly!


will you try these 5 gigs out to see maybe you can make over $100 weekly on fiver without any skills? If yes WHY? And if Not Why Not? Will be looking forward to your suggestions and comments in the comment section! Thanks for reading…



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