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Piggyvest Investment Review:WARNING!Before you sign up

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Hey guys, today we will be making a piggyvest investment review updated 2023. Maybe it is legit or a scam. This is a well-detailed 2023 review of piggyvest and its app with a lot of proof and proper procedure.


We will also be giving answers to many unanswered questions people do ask on the net.

Now we will be answering frequently asked questions and we will be giving detailed answers to them with proof where needed;

About piggyvest

This is the first online “Savings & Investment” app in West Africa which was launched 7th of January 2016 has a saving-only platform called piggybank.ng

In April 2019 they rebrand their platform to offer more than saving, Then they rebranded to Piggyvest

They have been helping Over 1million users to manage their finances in a very simple form and transparent

Investors are investing Billions of Naira every month in this platform

Now, what is piggyvest?

What is piggyvest

This is an online platform use to save and invest money in Nigeria.

They are very flexible to save and also to withdraw

They have a lot of awesome products. We will talk about each and every product later in this articles one after the other

Let talk about Piggyvest CEO or founder

piggyvest ceo Odunayo Eweniyi
Odunayo Eweniyi

Founders /CEO

Who is the founder of Piggyvest?

Odunayo Eweniyi is the founder.

Co-founders Somto Ifezue and Joshua Chibueze 

Odunayo Eweniyi is a first-class degree in Computer Engineering

Odunayo Eweniyi has been recognized on the Forbes Africa ‘#30Under30’  list

Has of writing she have a very simple working space has shown above with awesome tools like current computer Macbook Pro 13” , Current mobile device is iPhone XS and Google Pixel 3s

How Does Piggyvest Investment Work

This investment is not just an investment it’s a disciplined investment platform.

A day cannot go without any interest in this amazing platform.

There are a lot of products you can invest your money on piggyvest

You can earn up to 25% Per Annum

piggyvest investment
piggyvest investify

As shown above there are different sectors you can invest your money into

Real Estate, Agriculture, Transportation or fixed income

Just choose and invest and start earning your interest as simple as that

The percentage interest will be shown clearly

Once you click the product per unit amount you can invest will be shown and the expected return

piggyvest investment

This is a very legit and the best way to make money.. Just invest and go and sleep… Watch has your money grow over time

You will see the investments that are still on and those that are sold out. Just look for the one that is still to invest

Providus Bank and piggyvest

A lot of people have been asking questions about piggyvest and providus bank

Since they is using providus bank for their user to fund their wallet

And providus bank is shutting down virtual accounts like account use on piggyvest for funding the wallet due to crypto issue with CBN directive

Buts it’s very simple

They just change their funding bank from providus bank to wema bank

New members will now get wema bank account number instead of providus bank

While the existing customers will get wema account too with just a click on switch account has shown below

piggyvest and providus bank switch wema

So the old account number will no longer go and any pending transactions will be reverted back to the source

Has shown below this is my previous account number now follow by my new account after clicking the switch

piggyvest providus bank

Providus bank is just for funding the wallet and now they are using wema bank

piggyvest wema account number

Piggyvest app /apk

Piggyvest really invest in their app and I love that

I fall in love with their app

Everything you need is inside the app just like the official website

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Just like the app piggyvest dashboard is as simple and easy to navigate to all products and other sections

From the dashboard front page as shown below

piggyvest dashboard

You see ;

Total savings
Total Investment
Flex Dollar
Flex Naira
Quick Save
To Do List
Recent Activities
The app on Apple APP Store
The App On Google Play

We will talk about all sections above one after the other in the next section

Piggyvest Products

There are a lot of different products on piggyvest and have their benefits and what they are for.

Piggyvest products :

Total savings
Quick Save
To-Do List
Recent Activities
The app on Apple APP Store
The App On Google Play

Piggyvest Product – Total Savings

Total savings compile all the sum of the savings in Piggybank, Flex Naira, Safelock, Targets, and Flex Dollar


This is for Strict savings automatically. Daily, weekly or Monthly and it has 8% per annum.

This type of saving is not flexible

You will not get the full interest and get a charge if you break the stipulated date set by yourself

Flex Naira

Flex Naira is a Flexible saving for emergencies.

This one is Free to transfer transfers, withdrawals anytime and it also attracts 8% interest per annum

Here you get your unique account number you will be using to save your money into the flex naira or other products


Here you totally Lock funds to avoid temptations.

And you get Upfront interest. Up to 13% per annum

Here all your referral earnings are saved before they go to withdrawable piggybank balance

According to piggyvest ‘

Safelock allows you to set money aside for a fixed period of time without having access to it until maturity. It’s like having your own custom fixed deposit.

You’re in control

Set the desired duration of time to lock funds. You can lock for as little as 10 days or as much as 1000 days.’

Target Savings

Has it implies target. It is used to Reach your unique individual saving goals.

You still get 8% interest per annum

According to Piggyvest

Target Savings allows you to save towards multiple goals on your own or with a group.

Save with a group.

You can save towards a common goal with friends and family. There are no limits on the number of savings groups you can join/create. No one has access to your funds but you.

Daily interest paid.

Earn 10% per annum, paid daily into your Flex wallet’

Flex Dollar

Flex Dollar is another wallet in piggyvest just introduce lately for savings in dollar just like flex naira in dollar

You Save & grow your wealth in dollars. Up to 7%per annum in dollars

This is more awesome because has dollar goes up you get even more rate when converting it back for withdrawal


Summary of piggyvest interest

Interest Rate

These are the summary of interest of the products on piggyvest

  • Piggybank – INTEREST RATE at 8% Per Annum
  • Safelock – NTEREST RATE at 6% – 13% Per Annum
  • Target – NTEREST RATE at 8% Per Annum
  • Flex Naira – NTEREST RATE at 8% Per Annum
  • Flex Dollar – INTEREST RATE at 7.0% p.a

Before we will talk about the registration process let the first talk about referral very important

You don’t need a referral at all to participate in any of piggyvest products but you will earn more than 50,000 monthly by just registering people

Even if you just register your family alone you earn1,000 naira and the person you register to will earn 1,000. Let discuss more…

How Does Piggyvest Referral Program Works

Piggyvest referral program is an awesome win win case

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It is free to register pigyvest account, instead, they even compensate you 1,000 naira for registering if you use a referral link to register

It is as simple as that you earn 1,000 if you refer someone and that person you are referring also earn 1,000 naira too

This the main reason lot of people always search for piggyvest referral code or link

If you register with a referral link you will not earn 1,000 referral bonus

Your referral code can be found under the account

You will see ‘refer and earn 1,000’ , click it you will see ‘COPY REFERRAL MESSAGE’ copy it

You can send it to your friends and family

It comes with a pre-filled message showed below

‘I use PiggyVest to save & invest securely. Sign up with my link and get ₦1,000.00 to start your own savings journey – https://www.piggyvest.com/?newref=1&ref=6231f3b5bd1019’

But to make it simple your piggyvest referral code is the phone number you use in the registration

For our referral code on moneymaking crew its ‘07065520338’

Just like the prefill message up to our referral call too is this number at the end of the link 6231f3b5bd1019 ‘

But it’s okay and easy to remember since your phone number is also your referral code

You can also call or WhatsApp us with 07065520338 for the registration process if you are ready

Piggyvest Referral Bonus

Whenever anybody signup using your referral link you get 1,000 REFERRAL BONUS and that person too will get 1,000

The money will go straight to your safe lock account and when the person finishes registration especially adding his or her bvn your 1,000 will drop to your piggyvest flex naira wallet

Here you can withdraw the 1,000 or use it to do any of their products

Now let go through the registration process

To register make sure you use our link

Piggyvest Sign Up / Registration

All that we are discussing piggyvest , you need to register to participate

You can register in 3 simple steps

Piggyvest Registration -STEP ONE

You need to use a referral link so you can earn 1,000 naira

It will take you to a page up there then ‘CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT

Then you will see the registration form below to fill

piggyvest registration form


Fill In The forms with the necessary information

Full Name, Email, Phone Number, Password, Referrer Phone or Promo Code (If nothing in it just input our code ‘07065520338’), select how you get to know about piggyvest or leave it and just click create account


After clicking create an account it will log you in straight to piggyvest homepage dashboard as shown below

piggyvest registration to do list page

Here you will see 5 to-do list

  1. Verify Your Email Address – Just login your Gmail and click the link piggyvest sent to verify it ‘You are done with 1’
  2. Add your BVN – Piggyvest is register with CAC and endorsed by CBN(Centra Bank Of Nigeria) So you have not been afraid to put your bvn. If you don’t know your BVN you can dial this number 5650# to check your bvn on your phone for any network
  3. The ‘tell us more about you’ You are to fill in your gender, year of bet, how much you earn per day, relationship status
  4. Securely a valid debit card. Just click it and click confirm, input card number, expiring date, and CVV i.e the 3 numbers at the back of your card (All these are safe with them)
  5. Then refer a friend and earn a 1,000 bonus.

Then you can just send 100 to your piggyflex account or with a debit card

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Then your 1,000 would have been active to transfer to your bank account

You need to do these five things to get the 1,000 referral bonus and for the person that refers you too to get his/her 1,000 naira referral bonus

All your registration is now fully done

You can now participate in any of piggyvest products

Some people are like,

All these vital details

Am I registering for a bank account, is piggyvest approved by CBN

Is Piggyvest Approved By CBN

They operates has MFB REGULATED BY CBN . This means they are approved

They have retained the integrity and legit since 2018

See what they tweet about been approved by CBN or not below

piggy is approved by cbn

Piggyvest Investment Review 2023

They have been in operation for more than 5 years now with over 1 million users and tons of investors investing billions of naira

Their customer care is so fast that the response to mail same day

For me, piggyvest have 4 of 5 stars

Zero registration fee

A lot Of opportunities

Saving lot of people giving the opportunity to save money and invest money with ease

Customer Service

They have swift customer service

They respond very fast to mails

Their customer care email IS [email protected]

They also have customer care number 0700 933 933 933

But we recommend contacting them through email, faster than the phone number

They also have a physical head office

Head Office

Their official head office is located at Tesmot house, Abdulrahman Okene Close, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Is Piggyvest legit, safe, and reliable

They are 100% safe and legit

They are reliable and payment is very fast

No hidden issues

How to Login

They have an official website as piggyvest.com

And you can easily login by clicking login after visiting the website by the right hand of the website or by just downloading the app

There is a popular comparison of piggyvest and cowrywise

let discuss a little about it

Cowrywise is just like piggyvest, a saving platform for everyone with awesome investment opportunities

Cowrywise lunched 2017 while piggyvest was inexistent since 2016

Piggyvest Vs cowrywise Intrest Rates

They have an interest rate ranges from 10%-15.5%, and interests on Investify can also be up to 22% per annum but for cowrywise 10%-15% on savings, while mutual funds is up to 20% per annum.

Piggyvest Vs cowrywise – Investment

They have features call investify why cowrywise is using mutual fund

With 5,000 you can participate n low-risk investment in stuff like transportation or agriculture on piggyvest but on cowrywise with 100 you can invest in a low-risk mutual fund

Pigyvest Vs Cowrywise – Similarities And Differences

Both Piggyvest and Cowryise offer Investment and savings

They are both popular in Nigeria has saving and investment platforms online

But one is more flexible in savings than the other and the other one in investment

Piggyvest is better at saving not only because they start with savings only but also because they have very flexibility in withdrawing

Having fast access to your money will let you save more

Cowrywise is more comfortable in investment because of its mutual funds’ features

These is the two giant in this sector

Piggyvest offer a very flexible withdrawal system, You get your money almost instantly after you issue a withdrawal on the platform or app

Kindly sign up to piggyvest account here today and earn a free 1,000 withdrawable to your bank instant (Make sure you register through referral to get the 1,000 use 07065520338′ has referral code or number)

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