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My Points: Surveys, Free Paypal, giftcard & how it works (Legit app reviews)


My points is not just all about surveys, bonuses, or rewards but something even more interesting. In a few minutes, i will be teaching you how to make so much money with mypoints app in this review

More interesting you get instant $10 right now instant when you register just for welcome bonus


These are everything you need to know about mypoints maybe it’s legit or not and how it works

This is worth knowing that this article is for our United States users


Let’s quickly talk about Mypoints

About MyPoints

My Points have been on ‘point’ since 1996 with over 20, million users

MyPoints is owned by Prodege. Prodege runs popular sites like Swagbucks, Tada, and InboxDollars.

Just like cashback on credit cards, earn miles on airlines, and Rakuten, where you get paid for shopping MyPoints, is altogether in one place with flexibilities

They have a lot and lot of surveys, lot of popular stores you can earn while you do your normal shopping and a lot of partners

You get paid just for responding to email offers, searching the web, taking surveys, watching videos, booking travel, and playing online games.

You get paid with eGift cards, PayPal cash, or a visa prepaid card

But how do mypoints really work?

How does it work

Mypoint is just very easy.

First, sign up for free visit the official mypoints website

Then log in to your dashboard. Make sure you log in on daily basis to accumulate some points through surveys, watching videos, shopping on your favorite brands through mypoints, reading emails, playing games, and a lot more

After you have gathered those points then redeem your points through gift cards, travel miles, or cash vial PayPal

Basically, when you have about 4,000 points you can cash out through PayPal of $25 or as low as 700 points you can withdraw $5 through a gift card or just redeem your points with United MileagePlus air Miles

You can earn up to 1900 points shopping on your normal retails website you do shop. It is worth checking whenever you want to shop online first login into your mypoints to check may they partner with them.

You earn extra money for shopping for your popular brands online.

Let quickly talk about how to sign up on mypoints in a few steps.

How to get a $10 Sign Up Bonus On MyPoints (Welcome Bonus)

It is very easy to sign up mypoints in simple steps

1 – Fill Name, Email, and password you want to use then click Join

2 – confirm your mail and start earning points to redeem into cash

after signing up on mypoints it will be easier for you to download the app for easy navigation

MyPoints App

They have a mobile app for both Andriod users and ios users

You can download it from the mypoints official website

You can also download it directly from the google play store

Download mypoints app and login with the details used in registration above

Now let emphasize how you really earn or ways to earn on mypoints

How To Make Money On MyPoints

Has earlier said in this review on how mypoints works, here we will talk about how you can earn from all my points products

My Points Survey

There are a lot of surveys on this platform especially for US and Canada

Just like Grabpoints, mypoints pay its user for providing their opinion

Just over to the survey tab when you log in

If it’s your first time you will have to take a demographic survey to unluck these features and give you enough surveys

Now your survey will be sorted based on the highest points, shortest time, and features

My Points Bonus

You can get a bonus on my points in two ways

You get a bonus through the sign up bonus and through a referral bonus

Sign up bonus is the previously said $10 sign up bonus

why you get 25 points per friend and 10% on every point your friends acquired or accumulate

or 750 perks points

mypoints point perk

Here it’s important you follow My Points on social media because they drop free perks.

These are codes they drop to redeem free points.

Once they drop free point perks just copy it and paste it in the point perk section on your my point and redeem free points

For example the last time they drop “MARZIPAN”  on their Facebook and Twitter when i entered it I got free three points

MyPoints Games

You get free points by playing your favourite games

My points are linked with WorldWinner

WorldWinner is a platform that makes you pay to enter game tournaments

This is basically for game lovers

You cannot afford to pay to play games and earn points like 4 points

You can choose another way to earn but games earnings are low but just okay for those who do pay to play this kind of game to earn extra

Earn points by Shopping

My Points already have a lot of your favorite retailers you do shop online normally

What you need to do is whenever you want to carry out your next shopping just go straight to your mypoints dashboard and click the site and shop

Mypoints have about 2,000 retailers and they are one of the best cashback apps talking about this

You make sure you go through your dashboard whenever you want to shop

Note: for example if you are shopping at Walmart don’t go straight to you will not get any cashback points

You have to login your mypoints dashboard and click Walmart then it will direct you to

Now anything you shop you get cash back per dollar spent

Points per dollar shopping vary from 1 point to 40 points per dollar depending on the retailers and promotion

Mypoints have popular retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Target, Home Depot, and many more..

Watch Videos

Another awesome way to earn on mypoints is through watching videos

Though taking a survey can be more time worth spending than watching videos but survey can be stressful

So after taking some surveys you can ease yourself by watching interesting entertaining videos on mypoints and earn points

Especially those that love watching videos

You can choose any interest like entertainment, health or even news and you get paid about 4 points per 30 min watch and that’s, why i said taking a survey for this time, might be time-worthy

YOu might have earned about 80 points in 30 min

But luckily you can watch like 4 videos at a time just by opening it in several tabs and you still get points at the same time spent

Day Challenge

You earn five points if you complete these 5 task every day.

Though you will earn individually for this task the 5points is just extra

  • Vote in the Daily Poll
  • Activate or log into Score! browser extension
  • Complete an nCrave
  • Watch a Video Playlist
  • Complete a Survey
  • When you take advantage of a deal
  • Click on a BonusMail email
  • Visit a site of their choosing

Search and Earn

My Points claim you can earn points by doing your normal google search through your mypoints dashboard

This option is under the more button in your mypoints dashboard

Simple input your normal keyword you want to search and you will be browsing through google and earning points

Perform several searches and earn points

MyPoints Bingo

My points give her member a bingo card which usually active for a specific period of time

This card always have some actions or tasks on it

This task can only be done once so its always advisable to take your time in completing it

MyPoints Score! Browser Extension

Mypoints introduce a browser extension too

This extension is only available on PC not yet on mobile

You just need to log in to your mypoints account down

Anytime you are shopping and the retailer in on mypoints this extension will send you a notification

It works just like Rakuten, honey extension but for all retailers in mypoints.

And it’s advisable when using score! don’t use another extension like the two mentioned above.

With this extension, you can earn a lot and save you stress of login into your account and shopping one by one

Referral program

Like other moneymaking programs Mypoints too also ave a referral system

You get instant 25 points when you refer a new member to mypoints

And if the person you refer spends up to $20 while shopping through my points retailers you earn another 750 points.

Also again you earn 10% of all amount the person you refer earn on mypoins

Perks still give you a potential earning of 750 points and you can refer as many friends and family as you wish

My Points Reword and Payments How much does MyPoints pay?

Mypoints easily pay your rewards through PayPal, Walmart , Amazon and also travel miles

If you want to redeem your points for gift cards you need to have a minimum of 700 points to redeem $5 worth of your favorite gift card

You can redeem for $25 PayPal cash with about 4,000 points

And you can redeem your little points with travel miles

You make more money with these mypoints if you perform different tasks and at the same time use the score! extension

Advantages And Disadvantages  of MyPoints

The most important advantage of Mypoints is that they have a lot of ways to earn

They are very fast in point redemption so your time is not wasted

Earning points for purchasing anywhere is really awesome

But on the disadvantage side

You need to choose the survey and task you want to spend more of your time on very careful because some can be time-wasting when you see the reward points

Is MyPoints legit or a scam?

Not at all! They are legit and pay very well.

Though my points is just to earn tokens to do some little stuff not to take as a business

Is it safe?

Yes, mypoints is safe to browse they are a really big company.

Is MyPoints worth it?

It is worth it basically if you just want to have fun why making little money

If you are not always spending time online or don’t like surveys or watching videos to make money or taking tasks like playing games you shouldn’t bother trying it out

mypoints review

If you really love doing surveys to make cash, watch videos, or playing games and earn rewards then you can try mypoints out

They have been long in the business and they really worth trying

Best earning now through mypoints is through the shopping cashback for those that do shop online from time to time.

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