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Clickworker Review 2021: Is it Legit Or Scam site? How it works & sign up

clickworker homepage

Clickworker is another awesome website that pays users for performing a simple task. I am going to show in this updated 2021 review you how it works and maybe it’s legit before you sign up

Clickworker, Gmbh a German company founded in 2015

Good day guys It is UsefulTunde from MoneyMakingCrew and we are making a review on clickworker today is a website that pays for performing simple tasks through its app.

Just like picoworkers, clickworker does something similar too.

We want to make this article as helpful as possible so we will be discussing so many keywords people do search for like:

About Clickworker

This is one of the best sites to make some quick money for daily needs online by doing simple tasks…

You can make up to 10 per hour with clickworker …

Click workers have passed so much achievement like ;

  • In 2005 Incorporate humangird GmbH
  • Also in 2009 picoworkers Create the self-service marketplace
  • They introduce the brand name clickworker and domain name in 2010
  • celebrate over 150,000 clickworkers in 2011
  • Just 2013 crowd grow to 500,000 clickworkers and they change the name from humangrid GmbH to clickworker GmbH
  • They grow to over 1 million in 2017 and Develop the Clickworker App for iOS
  • By 2018 they develop their App for Android
  • Now in 2020 they grow to 2 Million clickworkers

In these articles, we will share some payment proof from this platform

Let quickly talk about jobs on it..

Clickworker Jobs

Clickworkers work dashboard

There are different kinds of jobs ..

They are best when it comes to data entry jobs, they also offer surveys

They also offer surveys,

They offer to photograph… like taking photos

They also offer training in Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems

You will surely get work to do when you signup and qualify on Clickworker..

Let talk about sample before we review it

work samples

These are some samples of the kind of works you will receive from clickworker.

They have product data digitalization

Your job here is to digitalize the product given to you in files like pdf, Excel, and catalog…

An example is depicted below

clickworker work sample digitalizatiuon
Product Data Management

There is also another kind of work call categorization

Here your job is just to categorize or tag the products giving to you into different products

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Just like the sample below you are to categorize a piece of shoes, cloth, and accessories

clickworkers work sample product categorizing
Clickworker product categorizing

There is another kind of work in clickworker called Video and image tagging

This is just as simple as it sounds..

You will be giving a video or image to assign the most relevant tag for it…

This is an example of video and image tagging work

clickworker work sample tagging

There is another one called text creation which is the highest paying job

This kind of job is very simple but for you to get it you need to score high in assessment

You can be paid $10 per text but your grammar must be okay and well written.

You can be given to write about a company, about cities, country, food or a particular keyword.

Also, you can also get jobs to translate some language if you state some language in your profiling assessment

There is another kind of job at clickworker called mystery photography

You take pictures of anything like food, nature, buildings, etc

Finally, you can get survey jobs , app testing, audio/video jobs, and data entry jobs

After work, the next thing is the salary…

So let quickly discuss payment

Clickworker Payment/ Salary

They also pay their workers through PayPal universal accepted payment option

But for some countries, you can only get paid via transferwise

For papal payment, the threshold is 5 Euro while 10 Euro for Transferwise

You get paid 7th and 8th of next month via transferwise but for PayPal, you get pay from Monday to Friday

Completed jobs at clickworker get paid after 7days while 28 days for UHRS (Universal Human Relevant System) jobs

Let quickly see some payment proof from clickworker…

Clickworker payment Proof

With all this review some will still want to see maybe clickworker has paid out before or not

These are some payment proof

clickworker payment proof
Clickworker payment proof from dashboard

Depend on how much you can work and how much time you can invest to work on the site or app you can earn enough

Though you can not earn enough that will certify you

If you want t o to earn more money kindly read more of our articles on this website moneymakingcrew

clickworker paypal payment proof
clickworker payment proof paypal
clickworker PayPal payment proof

So, let me quickly review this website..

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Clickworker review

We have spent enough time on this click workers article

I can just summarize it that

clickworker is just like other crowdsourcing jobs that some little amount for doing some simple task

You can spend little time on click worker but not worth all your time

Anyways it depends on you and how you spend your time

But they are 100 percent legit and paying its workers

If you really want to earn you can read some passive income ideas on this website or check our youtube channel..

Download apk app

To make things easier they design their app 2017/2018

Download apk app for Andriod google play store

Or download On IOS appstore

You can also get the official app from the official website

We have known enough about amazing platform

Now let talk about how to sign up then we come to the conclusion of clickworker review

Sign Up / Registration

Signup Step 1

Click here to sign up and select your country

Then you need to fill in your personal data

Then, Fill your house Address

Fill in your email address

Fill in your login details

Select your time zoon and then check all the term and condition buttons then click sign up

signup Step 2

The next step is very important

Complete your assessment

If you have a good result from your assessment you will get good jobs

This assessment is called the basic assessment

There is also another awesome assessment call the project-specific job assessment

This will make you qualify for a specific job

They are all basic questions and simple just be calm and answer them accurately

Clickworker review Conclusion

In conclusion, this is a very good website to earn some little cash

But you really need to invest your time to earn more money



Thank you very much for reading this clickworker review…

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