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Recharge And Get Paid Nigeria: Is it A Scam Or Legit? How it works & sign up


Good day guyz, Let expand more on Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) business in Nigeria. How it works and maybe it is a legit or scam site before sign up

This is another latest and full review this time all you need to know about RAGP business In Nigeria

A lot of people all around the world still asking maybe this is kind of scam business

or actually legit working business in Nigeria

We cover a lot in our previous articles and we will still cover a lot in this one too

Some asking maybe they are only operating in Nigeria or other countries

And how big, standard and legit the company is… all will be covered in this review

And by the end of this article, you will know maybe recharge and get paid is actually legit or not

And we will even answer more hot questions about this business

We want to make this page has helpful and useful as possible

so, we will take care of all questions you have been searching on google about RAGP.

Though we have dealt with some questions above about Recharge and Get Paid

I am still going to talk more about some and answer some other new question and we continue from the comment section

But at the end of this article about recharge and get paid business in Nigeria you will know maybe it is a scam or legit business

Is Recharge And Get Paid Only Available In Nigeria?

Let use this heading to talk a little about the this business

Recharge And Get Paid are into Virtual Top Up (V T U) Business.

VTU like Airtime, Cable Networks Subscription, Data ( Startimes, DSTV, and GOTV ) and PHCN Bill Payment

Just with the use of your Smartphone or Laptop.

They just design the website/app to do the transactions and get paid.

Recharge And Get Paid Limited is a business registered in Nigeria CAC and NCC certified RC Number: 1279919 founded in 2015 by Mr Ositadinma Oshopo

Now to the question maybe they are only available in Nigeria or other countries as well:

They are also available in Liberia and some other countries but they based in Nigeria

They have Corporate Head Office at Abuja FCT and as well at Ibadan and a Training Centre in Calaba Nigeria


You need to register on recharge and get paid and you need to pay attention to this part

And they have a whole 7 different packages

You started earning immediately in cash and point value ‘PV’


You get an instant registration bonus of 20%


Ranges from :

Basic Member – For ₦ 5,000 and You get ₦1000 bonus + 20PV. You earn up to 5th level deep.

Bronze Member – For ₦10,000 and you get ₦2000 bonus + 40PV. You earn up to 6th level deep.

Silver Member – For ₦20,000 and you get ₦4000 bonus + 80PV. You earn up to 7th level deep.

Gold Member – For ₦ 30,000 and you get ₦6000 bonus + 120PV. You earn up to 8th level deep.

Diamond Member – For ₦40,000 and you get ₦8000 bonus + 160PV. You earn up to 9th level deep.

Platinum Member – For ₦50,000 You get ₦10,000 bonus + 200PV. You earn up to 10th level deep.

Executive Platinum Member – For ₦100,000 You get ₦20,000 bonus + 400PV. You earn up to 10th level deep.

Those are the plans for Recharge And Get Paid In Nigeria

Any Packages You choose you are good to go and you can easily upgrade later on.

Recharge And Get Paid Nigeria Registration Process

It is very easy to sign up to this platform we are also a member so you can follow the following screenshot to signup for recharge and get paid Nigeria Step by step

Step 1 – Head over to Recharge And Get Paid

Step 2- Click Join


Just click join and the form above will show to fill the detail from the screenshot above

Also, fill the referral ID to be moneymakingcrew just to say thank you to us

Step 3 – Personal Details

Fill other details like:

First Name
Last Name
Phone Number

STEP 4- Login Details

Fill in your login Username maybe your nickname

Also, create your password. That is the password you will be using to login after successfully registered

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Very big NOTICE

Use a username that you will love to use as your referral ID in case you want to refer to others.

Though referring others is not compulsory but it’s very ok

Your username is automatically your referral ID

So make sure you think about it before using so it will be awesome to give people your referral ID later on

So it’s advisable to use something short, nice and easy to remember

Also, input Purchase pin any 7 digit pin just to make another secure to your account then click Join then it will automatically take you to login page

Where you use the username and password you just create to login

Then next screenshot shows up once you log in

STEP 5- Payment

Just with the screenshot below just choose the package you want to register (maybe basic, silver or gold or any other plans)


Choose payment method has paystack

It’s super secure to use paystack to pay using your ATM card or bank details

Though there is the second method which is paying through E-wallet

Paystack is the best and recommends methods

Then hit next to proceed to payment It very simple to make payment with paystack

STEP 6 – Input Your Bank Details you want to be reciving payment


Has shown above in screenshot just fill in your bank details (Bank Name, Bank Account Type, Account Number and Account Name) and click next

STEP 7 – Now The Checkout Stage For Payment


Has shown above the package you choose earlier and payment through paystack will show up if you select paystack.

Now just click Pay via Paystack but in case you change your mind and want to select another plan you can do that with the button beside it too

Just click Pay Via Paystack shown above


(But if you choose payment through e-wallet you will see below screenshot then someone with e-wallet you want to use to pay will login to pay for you.)

Just click pay via paystack if you are following this procedure

Step 8 – Paystack Checkout page


Has shown above the paystack page will load to input your card details

Card Number, Card Expire date and month and the cvv


Very simple they will send you confirmation code instant and you input it and payment successful prompt

STEP 9- Registration Complete

This is the final prompt screenshot below

After the payment, you will see registration complete prompt

Now you can now login with your username and password


And you are good to go to make money in Nigeria with Recharge And Get Paid.

Instantly when you log in you get 20% back of your registration fee in your account.

Now that we are through with the registration and you are now successfully registered to RAGP

let go deeper into how it works and benefits in Recharge And Get paid Review

Recharge And Get Paid Payment proof

These are the proof to payments below…

Recharge And Get Paid Review

They set to break the middle man bridge that bank building to suck us dry happily

If you observe very well you will know that bank keep advising you to recharge your phone and pay your bills with them

They Keep finding very easy ways to do that for you

Even with ussd code, you can buy recharge card from your bank

They even take it too far and started loan you recharge card to pay later

That should have sent a signal to you that they are making money with this

Banks make billions of naira when you and I recharge through there app or ussd code

Do you know how much one person is recharging per day?
Do you know how many time one person recharge per day?
Do you know my many customers each bank have?

In fact a bank makes 50 Billion when their customers make use of there app or ussd code to pay bills and purchase card

Now RAGP directly link you and me to the telecommunication companies and share the gain accordingly


you take some percentage, Your uplines will take some percentage, RAGP take some but bank take all this gain to themself alone

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They will even charge you for notification you receive after you recharge with there app

Because you pay SMS charges

Do you know you even earn for life with this as long as people are still paying their bills and recharging?

Because you earn when people you refer are doing transaction even if you don’t

Though referring is not compulsory has I said early but very okay to do to make more money

Let quickly talk about how recharge and get paid works

How it works And Its Benefits

First of all let talk about their services

Basically what RAGP is all about Telecommunication industry


This is basically all that we are recharging and getting paid for doing that.

That’s the main business

But the long time investment is on referring to others and getting money even when not working later

Just as we talk about the packages up you get paid for every referral based on your packages

The other ways to earn is through benefits which we will cover all that in this articles

How To Make Money On Recharge And Get Paid Nigeria Products

You get 2% on any airtime you sell

And also 10% on every data you sell

40 Naira for every bill you pay

Other Ways To Earn From Recharge And Get Paid Nigeria

  • RechargeAnd Get Paid Referal Program
  • Recharge And Get Paid Incentives And Other Benefits

RechargeAnd Get Paid Referal Program

You don’t need to find your referral ID your username you use to log in is your referral ID automatically

This is the most interesting part though people refer people through the hard way

But there is a way you can refer people with ease.

We will discuss that in the bonus section of these articles

Recharge and get paid pay you 20% referral bonus and also 10-1% indirect referral bonus

The big deal you earn commissions on the recharge of your direct and indirect referrals

What I love most about earning from referrals is the power of 10X

These are the commissions you earn from your referred downlines

3rd level referral level you get 5%

4th referral level  you get 2.5%

5th referral level  you get 1.25%

6th to 10th referral level you still get 1%

from every recharge card transactions, your downline did you get 0.35%

1% for data and 10 naira on every cable payments your downline did

These are really awesome!

When you have people you refer and they know all this

They will want to join and you will be happy and they will also be happy at the end

Incentives And Other Benefits

Shown above are the incentive proof

Here you will be hearing PV which means Point Value

In addition to all that commissions above you earn when you accumulate PVs

Have you get the commission you get PVs now this is where the PVs is used

Recharge And Get Paid is super awesome in making their workers happy

Before we talk about what benefit you get on PVs let me brief you ways to get PVs again

You get PV when you sign up depending on your sign up level

You get PVs from direct and indirect referrals

Basically you get PVs very fast when you get people you referred

Now the benefits of PVs

When you accumulate 10,000 PVs you get a cash award of 100,000 Naira Monthly
Every single month you get 100,000 naira free money has a salary from RAGP

When your PV now increased to 25,000 PV you get International Trip Fund worth 500,000 Naira

Car Fund worth 2 Million Naira comes in when you accumulate 60,000 Pv just like the car award earned in the picture above

Not ending there you still get 3 million house fund award once your PV get to 100,000 PV

Yes, this is becoming more interesting and it’s more than oil money since its air money let share it…

You need to have more than 1 house so RAGP will still give you another House Fund award worth 4 Million once your PV reach 250,000 PVs

Yes, Another House Fund again once your PV get to 500,000 PV this fund is 6 Million

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These are really awesome business you can invest in

Because you earn every second right now with all the commissions and you still earn monthly like the monthly salary of 100k and still earn car and houses funds.

It really worth your time if it’s from MoneyMakingCrew

Yes we understand that lot really want pdf formate to get tutorials on how this Recharge and get paid works we will share a link to download pdf formate below

Recharge and get paid pdf format

You can get all these info has pdf formate so has to download it and read it at convenience time or share it to your love once or referrals

Permission is granted for editing and sharing but always leave credit to moneymakingcrew.com

Is Recharge And Get Paid Legit or scam?

This is obvious from all our discussions and reviews up you can deduce that this platform is 100 per cent legit and not a scam

It’s registered under CAC and NCC certificate below. it has been on since 2015 and every RAGP member still earns really big-time till now

It will be existing as long as telecommunication industries still exist


dashboard Navigation

recharge and get paid dashboard-home

Has screenshot above those are the things you need to be familiar with inside recharge and get paid and how to make all the transactions

Everything discussed in these articles is inside this dashboard with arrows above.

But all the navigations are under or below your username at the left-hand side

You get where you recharge, upgrade, bill payment, fund wallet transfer and withdraw your money all simple

While the right-hand side is for the numbers and transactions has shown above.

Now before we get into the website Faq and customer care number let me quickly answer this; do they have an app?

Does recharge and get paid have app?

Yes Recharge And Get Paid have app

but not officially because lot of programmers and app developers several apps for it

The design the apps to earn and provide values since lot demand for the app

For easy access and navigation


Now let deal with some possible questions about this platform and give adequate answers for it.


CEO = Mr. Ositadinma Oshopo

FOUNDED = 2015


Is there Ofice In Nigeria = Yes Corporate office in Abuja, another one in Ibadan and training centre in Calabar

Is the company registered = Yes with CAC and NCC

Hope the company won’t fold up = Yes 100 per cent sure as long has telecommunication still exist and technology will exist for life

Must I refer to earn on RAGP = No you can earn from the products

Getting people is hard. How do I go about it = It absolutely eases just join through MoneyMakingCrew and we will show you the working strategy. ou don’t need to see your referrals or talk to them,m face to face before they fall in love to join you

Is the VTU for all networks = Yes

How do I get fundings and how do I get money too from my wallet = You can withdraw to your bank account every day and you can get fund through others transferring fund to you. It’s easier within MoneyMakingCrew

When I register with 5,00 or 50,000 I get only 1,000 or 50,000 in my wallet after registration where will thew remaining 4,000 or 40,000 go-to =It is used to set up our online VTU office, pay your uplines and part to the company to keep the business running for you

Recharge and get paid customer care number

Recharge and get paid has customer service number and other contacts like mail

+234 803 722 1858 (+234 811 689 8208) or send mail to [email protected] but it’s better to contact your upline because he/she know more. Just join through MoneyMaiingCrew and we will attend to your questions


In conclusion, Recharge And Get is legit and real since 2015 and still paying.

It is not getting rich quick scheme but the best way to earn a side income with VTU

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