Home Finance is survey compare legit? Warnings!Read before Sign up(2023 App Review)

is survey compare legit? Warnings!Read before Sign up(2023 App Review)

survey compare

Welcome to money making Crew! Today we will be talking about survey compare. Maybe it’s legit or another scam site and maybe you should try them out or not.

Survey websites also give room for you to prove that anyone can make money online almost instantly.

Though the money might not be so much or like you will be rich but with some awesome survey websites you will actually make some money to attend to some little things like to pay for your internet, gas, and other little things

Basically, you get paid for just giving your opinion about a product you have used or generally about anything.

But today we will be talking about survey compare

About Survey compare

Survey compare is not like all other survey websites because just like the name implies ‘compare’

They compile all survey websites together and send them to you mostly through emails for you to attend to any suitable for you.

The official website is Surveycompare.net and its UK company since 2010

They are trading under the company name ‘Marketing VF Ltd’

Marketing VF Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, company number 06951544. Registered at Imperial Works, Block C, Perren St, London NW5 3ED, United Kingdom.

They have success stories like making the  INC, 5000 Europe list, and also the 4th best company to work for in The Sunday Times by vote.

But let deep little bit about how it works

How Does It Work

Survey Compare operation is just different

What they just do is to first get your info while registring then send you varieties of legit survey companies website links in your mail to registered on and start making money on the survey

In short, I think they are just closing the ap of scraping all scam survey websites by helping people that want to make money through surveys to provide legit survey websites that suit them for free

You simple denote that from the official website ‘HOW WE WORK’

‘Our secret is simply: our panellists want to complete surveys. We don’t over-promise, we just tell it straight so our community know exactly what to expect, and we give them no one but the best companies to take surveys from.’

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From that statement above it simply means, they come in the ‘surveysphare’ to eradicate scam survey websites.

There are more bunch of lists when you search engines too

Anyways that is just my point of view but let’s talk about who survey compare for

Who is survey compare for

Survey compare is generally for anyone that wants to make extra little cash online through a survey or give their opinions

But not for those that want to earn real cash and I mean to make passive income online you can try other things like Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Youtube, influencer or just read the list here

But if you just want more side income even if you have a full-time job then you can try a survey to compare

Okay, what if you want to sign up?

How to sign up to survey  compare

Signing up on this platform is very easy.

You can sign up in these 3 steps

Step One

visit surveycompare.net on the homepage you will see sign up form

This form requires you to fill in your Date of birth, your gender, and your mail. After inputting that info you just click the green button that says ‘Sign up and start earnings’

Step Two

On the next page, you will see a list of survey companies and you will be asked to pick those suitable for you.


You will see the likes of Swagbucks, life points, branded surveys, and opinion outposts.

Those are the four survey websites shown to me on this step it might differ from your end.

It’s advisable to tick everything just to maximize your earnings

After doing that just click sign up to start earning button

Step three

In this step, you input some of your basic info like your first name, last name, title, and postcode.

After submitting all this just click complete signup.

Then finally you will be taken to the page saying ‘check your mail’

Then at this point when you check your mail, you would have received about 4 emails from different survey websites on auto and you will receive mail from survey compare too.

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Then you start taking surveys and making money.

Now let’s talk about survey compare advantages and disadvantages

Survey compare pros and cons

Everything that has advantages will also have disadvantages. Let’s quickly look into some of them


One of the interesting about survey companies is that everything they offer is for free. I mean they help you look for legit sites and you sign up for free without paying a dime.

Also, they only promote legit survey sites. This means any emails they send to you about any survey company that company is a legit company. But you can sign up for legit survey companies yourself as I said earlier just by searching for top legit survey websites or checking our articles on the list

Another thing I notice about this site that makes me like the homepage is that they are ads-free. Not like other sites that will have to pop up and all flying ads up and down. Their site is clean

Now let’s brief too about the cons


Irrespective of your region they will send you legit survey websites but after starting to sign up on the survey website the mail you, you might not qualify.

Here they suppose to know how to send only surveys and survey companies that you are qualified to take only

Also lack of enough surveys. You don’t get a lot of surveys. You only get a few legit surveys

There is no point joining a survey company through another party when you can actually join the survey company directly since no benefit for that

Is survey compare legit or scam

No bais! With all the transparency survey compare is not a scam website

Instead, they help in eliminating scam survey websites

And also since you are not paying to survey compare or to the survey companies they send to you that makes them more genuine.

But you know not everyone is comfortable with giving out data to companies like this.

If you have registered and thinking of changing your mind that you don’t want to be receiving those emails again.

How can I delete my survey compare account?

Deleting an account is just by unsubscribing to their email list but I don’t think you can delete your data from their website since you don’t log in to their website

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But you should be able to mail them for account closure and also unsubscribe to their mail


I know after reading this review you will know may the survey compare is legit or scam and maybe you should try them out or not… That’s based on you personally.

Thanks for reading

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