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Abeg App Review: How To Make over 300,000 Naira with 0₦ with referral


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Welcome back guys with another awesome article on Abeg App review and How To Make 300,000 Naira with 0₦ abeg app referral bonus’

You can also read the full updated review about abeg here after knowing how to make money with the app in this post

This is just for our Nigeria Users

When we are set for a review at MoneyMakingCrew , You Should know that we are set for an in-depth detailed review

We are going to show you how to make 300,000 Naira in Nigeria using this Abeg app review with referral bonus program no investment at all and the logic

We will like to address some questions and likely asked questions people do ask and full detailed answers:

Abeg App review HomePage

About Abeg App

Wait!!! What does the world ABEG sound like has a Nigerian

Yes!!! Please… In a fun manner …

Seriously, this app is very awesome, interesting, and social

A lot Of celebrities are already on the app… Like DonJazzy giveaway a million Naira to random users just to test the giveaway aspect of the app

The design alone will make you feel so cool…

Its 80% social media like and 20% bank or monetary app like in terms of design

It was created in 2019 but get popular this year 2021 when it becomes the biggest sponsorer of the Nigeria Reality Show Big Brother Naija

Abeg Basically deals with Peer To Peer Money Transfer at no cost

This makes sending of money between friends, Family, and Fans easier and at the same time fun

With your Abeg tag, you can send or request money from another user…

This is From Abeg ‘ We created Abeg because we want to help people by making sending and receiving money fun, safe and easy. ‘

Abeg APP review Mission

What Are The Features Of Abeg APP

  • Easy Sending or gifting Money
  • Buying Airtime And Pay Bills
  • Linking your social media account to it to get more friends or users that is using Abeg on Instagram And Twitter
  • Giveaway ; There is a giveaway feature that makes it easy to help your fans or other easily
  • Ajo ; This is a group saving feature whic is still on it way
  • Cliques is al for your bill spliting
  • And Also Loan Feature which is also yet to be added but coming soon
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Abeg App Owner / CEO/ Networth

Dare Adekoya Abeg app  Ceo
Dare Adekoya

This app was created by three young men Michael Okoh , Muheez Akanni, and the founder himself Dare Adekoya

Abeg is similar to Cashapp, its founders hope it’ll break boring rules surrounding current fintech startups and also change how people think about payment technology.

Dare Adekoya lived in Lagos state, also a product designer, who has worked with many companies.

According to Ngnews247Dare wort over 500 Million Dollars

This is exactly the power of the net…

The hype reality show BBNaija season 6 was highly sponsored by ABEG

Abeg APP review Mission

Let Quickly Talk About The Referring Bonus part and how to make 300,000 Naira with this Abeg App review

About Abeg apk

The app is well designed

Since the founder is a product designer, it really reflected in this app user interface

The app loading averagely fast

Well Organized

And equipped

Abeg App Download (Download App On Andriod And iPhone)

You can easily download Abeg app on the official site abeg.app

But for an easy quick link

Andriod Users can download with this link Download Abbeg App On Andriod

iPhone Users can easily Download the app with this link; Download Abeg On iPhone Here

Abeg Referral bonus Now Abeg Heroes

Just like other money apps like this, Abeg also have a referring bonus per user you bring the app

MoneyMakingCrew will be your referrer

But Abeg do this in a unique way

Check this out Below

abeg heroes formally abeg referral

This is just as simple as this 5 A must-to-do steps before who refer you get the 250 Naira for new users, if you have the badge you get 750 and if you don’t have the badge you can still earn 200 naira per person you register with MoneyMakingCrew

  1. Download Abeg app on google play store for andriod or iphone App Store
  2. Sign Up or create account through the app
  3. Add your BVN this will avoid user opening multiple account, Set Pin and input username
  4. Add your Bank Account so you can withdraw easil to your bank account

    Note First Bank, wema and Fidelity will not work any other banks works apart form those three .. you can open instant zenith bank with ussd code *966*0# if you did not have any other bank other than above banks
  5. Then Add your picture Its a must you know Abeg is social

Before 3hrs of registration contact, your referrer that’s moneymakingcrew on WhatsApp here or just search for OKONJESSICA on the abeg app and click the abeg heroes badge as shown below you get instant 250.

After that, If you want to apply for the badge and start earning 750 per new user that clicks your abeg heroes badge follow the step in the next sub-heading or just check how to steal make 200 naira per person you refer to abeg app through MoneyMakingCrew

You Can Easily Chat Jessica Or UsefulTunde up on Whatsapp here for more info (You must contact less than 3hrs of registration or before you start registration )

Simple steps with the image shown in the image gallery for registration of abeg app below

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sign up abeg app registration

How To Make 300,000 with this Abeg App Review

The logic behind this is very simple

With the simple explanation above on 5, A must steps who you are referring must follow before you search for our tag or username OKONJESSICA and click the abeg heroes badge to get instant 250

Let us show you how to make money on abeg app without abeg heroes badge through MoneyMakingCrew

How to make over ₦300,000 naira on abeg without abeg heroes tag

This is a very simple 50 / 50 and you still earn without investing a dime

Anybody you refer will get 300 instead of 250 abeg promise and you too will get 200 per person you bring and both of you can choose to send the money to your bank account

With these 5 steps, you will start making 200 per new user that you refer to abeg and click our abeg heroes badge.

Note once you accumulate enough money with this you can apply for abeg heroes badge yourself

  1. Make sure the person you refer click our abeg heroes badge OKONJESSICA under 3 hrs of registration, add profile pic, bvn and bank account.

    Note First Bank, wema and Fidelity will not work any other banks works apart form those three .. you can open instant zenith bank with ussd code *966*0# if you did not have any other bank other than above banks
  2. Once he or she click the badge and sucessfully get the 250 instantly just click here to contact Jessica/UsefulTunde from MoneyMakingCrew on whatsapp
  3. Ask the person to send the screenshot of the 250 to you and you forward it to us.

    And we will fund your bank account with 200 and add 50 naira to the person abeg app for using our tag
  4. Note that person can use it to buy airtime instant because abeg minimum withdraw is 2,000.

    And if the person you refer want the money in his or her abeg app in cash he/she can send in to us direct and we fun the person acccount or they should just send it to you and you send it to us and we will fund the respective bank account instant
  5. If you still did not understand this just click here to contact Jessica/UsefulTunde from MoneyMakingCrew on whatsapp for more info

And if you just don’t want all this just sign up abeg and click our abeg heroes tag you get instant 250 which you can use to buy airtime instant because the minimum withdrawal from abeg is 2,000

Or just send 1800 to your wallet and withdraw 2k you can check how to fund abeg wallet and withdraw too here

And if you have the 5,000 to apply for abeg heroes badge you use the procedure below to apply

Now we will show you how to apply for abeg heroes badge and earn instant 750 per new user that clicks your abeg heroes badge

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How to apply for Abeg Heroes badge and start earning over ₦300,000 naira on abeg

First, you need to visit the abeg heroes page to see the procedure or follow the below 5 steps.

Apply for the badge on 5 steps below

  1. First dial *007# (Go to first tab on the app click the first button on the top left click the ussd last tab and dial *007# or check How to operate on abeg app here )
  2. After dialing the code input your pin and select “Start Making Money”
  3. Then click ‘Apply for Abeg Badge’
  4. Click Apply now for ₦5,000
  5. You will see Application successful as shown below
Abeg heroes successful application

They promised that a representative will do a video call with you within 48 hours but in MOST cases they may not call but you still get your badge

The app is basically built for fun while money move

You can make over ₦500,000 with this badge

If you can refer just a thousand people, you would have earned 750 by 1,000 that will be 750,000 easily

Make sure you click our abeg heroes badges(Search for @okonjessica then click the abeg heroes badge ) at list 3,hours after you register so you can get 250 for start then you add to it to apply for your badge or you just use it buy airtime. You can check how to buy airtime on abeg app here

Abeg App Withdrawal

Withdrawing Fund On Abeg is very easy

Follow These 4 Simple steps to withdraw or send your fund to your bank account at Just 23 Naira Charges for transactions above 5,000 Naira;

  • Login Your App
  • Click Profile
  • select Withdrawal Bank
  • then Add New Bank
  • Input Your Account Number and Bank
  • Then Your Name will come Up Then Save Bank

Whenever You Want To Withdraw with a click your money will land in the bank account you input

Abeg App Funding

How To Fund your Abeg wallet with ease

Funding is very simple as well

Just click your profile and click fund wallet

A Unique account number will come up which will e wema bank account

This is your unique account number for funding your wallet

Whenever you want to fund your wallet just send the amount to that account and it will reflect on your wallet instantly as shown below

Abeg App Customer Care

Abeg App Review Customer care

Abeg customer care respond swiftly presently and you can get in touch with them through

Mail- [email protected]



Celebrities and Abeg APP – DonJazzy Giveaway and Others

Donjazzy Giveaway 1Million to users on the app

Abeg App Review Giveaway

A lot of celebrities are doing giveaways also Mr Macoroni is doing giveaways on the platform

Is Abeg App Legit

With this Abeg app review you can conclude that it is legit and paying very fast

Try it out today and you are a step toward earning 300,000 with the referral program and awesomeness of the app.

See you at the next one…

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