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Hawkit :Free Registration Sign up &Earn 50k/monthly,how it works| Review


Welcome MoneyMakingCrew, Today I will be giving you full details about hawkit and everything you need to know about the platform. In this article, you will learn maybe it is safe to create an account with them, how to create a free account, and activate it, How to earn money on the platform, ways to earn money, and simple way to cash out from the platform and also promote your social media platform/ Businesses if you like

About Hawkit, when was it launched and head office location has been existing for a long but is not as money making platform as the name implies Hawkit is just for buying and selling products and services. And a lot of users have been using the platform to promote their business and make good sales and lots bought through the platform too. Recently rebranded and added a lot of new features which include earning real cash directly to your local bank account just by performing a simple task like liking, commenting or uploading to WhatsApp status among others.

Is Hawkit Registered Officially?

Yes! is officially Registered with CAC Hawkit International Limited (RC 1677464).
On Hawkit about us, it is confirmed that was a real company registered in Nigeria. ‘Hawkit International Limited (RC 1677464) is an e-commerce company that was founded on the 1st June 2020 and incorporated on the 22nd June, 2020.’
Also confirmed by the official CAC government website.
The emphasis on what they start with before rebranding to include enough more features ” We offer a convenient online shopping where consumers can purchase food items at prices that are below market prices. These food items are delivered to the consumers directly to their homes at no additional costs.”-

when was hawkit launched?

Hawkit was launched and founded on the 1st June, 2020 and incorporated on the 22nd June, 2020. Just as in their about section

Does has a physical head office and how to contact them?

Yes! they have an officially physical head office how to contact them?
Their head office is located at 89, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria and you can easily mail them at [email protected]


Let now dive into the main operation of and the rest of these articles…

Hawkit: How it works and what is hawkit all about

Hawkit mixed the get-paid-to platform with social media boosting platform and e-commerce business services platforms all together to make maximum use of the whole platform and make cool cash while having fun and still doing your daily businesses on the platform.

It has a very simple operation model
You perform simple task and earn and you can use the money earned to pay others to do tasks for you too or you withdraw it. In the other way, you can also fund the hawkit wallet to pay people to do tasks for you too


These tasks variest form sharing business adverts on your WhatsApp status or other social media platforms. You earn for liking, commenting, following pages, retweets and others

You can easily post your products and services on the platform too and get sales just like jiji

Hawkit also sells airtimes… Let’s just go a deep little bit about the features and how to really earn from the platform the free registration

Hawkit : How to make money on it And Some Key Features

Let now explain how you can easily earn with this platform and some other key features you need to check out and how to go about it

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How To earn money on

Every day you get a task notification on the pending task tab. List of tasks you are to answer and if you did not take tasks it moved to cancelled tasks till next day you will see another task to take and earn.
If You take the task it will go to upload then when verified it moves to complete and you receive the earnings of the task in your wallet and you can withdraw your money to your local bank account starting from 100 naira and get around 11 naira charges

You can earn with this platform in 5 ways :
Perform social tasks and earn, Earn or gain real followers, likes, comments and others,make money with airtime and data business, Buy or sell anything on hawkit or refer and earn money too

Let’s talk about those ways you can make money on this platform

How to earn on hawkit by Performing a social task

You can easily navigate to the task tab by clicking the go social tab and clicking get started to the ‘perform the social task and earn daily’ then you get paid as follow
You get paid for performing tasks and the amount you earn per task varies:

  • You earn 10naira per Facebook post share and 10 naira per retweet on Twitter
  • You earn 20 Naira Per post you upload on your WhatsApp status and 50 naira per WhatsApp group you join also 50 naira per telegram channel you joined
  • You earn 3 Naira per page or people you follow on instagram,facebook, twitter and tiktok and 15Naira per comment
  • You earn 10 Naira per account you follow on audio mark
  • You earn 3 Naira per page or people you like there to post on facebook, tiktok,instagram or twitter
  • You earn 30 naira per youtube channel you subscribe to and 20 Naira per comment you made and per video view
  • You get paid 30 naira per review you made on your google play store app and 60 naira for app store

NB: Same way you earn daily by performing tasks you too can buy activities like likes, comments, and subscribers among others and pay others the same amount

How to earn on hawkit by buying and selling

As a seller, you can easily sell off your products on this platform by uploading your products and services to the platform 500 per product you upload to the platform!

Good enough users on the platform will see your products and services and buy from you and you make your profit.

How to make money with airtime and data business on this platform

They sell all Nigeria network Data at a cheaper rate.

You will easily check their rates just like that of MTN 2.5 GIG for 2 days for 490 naira among others
You simply make your fliers or let your friends and family know that you are selling data at a cheaper rate. You sell to them a little price above the price on and keep the difference

How to make money on with referring and earn money

You earn 500 naira per person you refer to Hawkit or per person that uses your referral link to register on the platform and activate his or her account

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Another way you earn with this platform referral program is by earning 20% of every social activity your referral buys too that is if they are interested in buying that to boost their followers too that’s optional

How To Withdraw Money From your Hawkit wallet AND Also Fund It

It is very easy to withdraw funds or your earnings from Hawkit.

Withdraw From Hawkit

The minimum withdrawal is 100 naira with 11 naira charges.

Once your earnings are up to 100 naira head over to your profile and click withdraw.

If it’s your first time withdrawing you will need to save your account number on your wallet simply by inputting your account details and verifying the name.
The next thing is to input the amount you want to withdraw then your account password and click withdraw and you receive your earnings in no time

Funding YOur Hawkit wallet

On your same profile section, you can fund your hawkit wallet if you want to fund the wallet to use to purchase likes, comments or followers on your social media or for Data business or other stuff on hawkit.

Head over to your profile and click fund wallet
Then input the amount you want to fund then click fund wallet and input your card details, transfer or any other options listed means to fund your wallet

Hawkit Payment Methods And Payment Proof

Hawkit Payment Proof: Just like explained above under withdrawing from your hawkit account. They paid by simpling transferring you’re earnings to your local bank account automatically once requested through the payment gateway they are using.

Hawkit Payment Proof: There is a lot of payment proof from hawkit users as of writing this article a good number of its users have withdrawn easily from this platform and still cashing out.

Payment proof from a few of their users


Is Legit?

With all this in this review, you can juxtapose maybe Hakit is legit or not. Enough payment proof from all users easily and they operate openly showing how the payment goes what for and everything.

They are active right now, paying and legit

Since it’s legit and you can sign up let me take you through how to sign up a free Hawkit account

Registration: How to register or Sign up on hawkit For Free

Hawkit is very easy to sign up without too much information being needed

Step 1: visit hawkit page and click sign up with the free account

Step 2: Enter Your full name and just click sign up

Step 3: Input the username you want to use, The email that you can access and the password you want to use for your hawkit wallet

Step4 : Verification code will be sent to your email copy it and paste it into the box then click continue.

Step 4 Select your Gender! Male or Female, Your state and local government and click stet location, then set your profile picture or skip it, set your date of birth and religion and click continue then you are set!

Now you have a free Hawkit account

You can now follow the activation below to activate the account may be to be a member for 1,000 and earn over 50,000 monthly or you can just be buying social media portfolios

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Activate your registered Hawkit account

It is very easy to activate your account

Click Become A Member on your dashboard

Select ‘click here to pay’

Select ‘100% online payment’ first option

Then you can pay the 1,000 with any method that may be used transfer, bank app transfer or easy card payment.

Once successfully paid then you automatically activate the account and start earning

Hawkit Review

This is my take on Hawkit review and all you need to know!

Choosing maybe you will sign up or not is an independent individual opinion.

But as of GPT Hawkit is legit and paying.

On a rating of 1 to 5, it’s 4 over 5!

But check below for people’s opinions on the rating on the google play store!

It got 4.1!

hawkit review screenshot

Hawkit Review : conclusion

Just like other GPT Hawkit too is a good one you can try out

Before we hand over the rest to you let’s give you a brief FAQ about Hawkit

Popular Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Let me take you through simple short FAQs about Hawkit

hawkit minimum withdrawal

Its minimum withdrawal is 100 Naira…

hawkit customer care

Their customer care support mail is [email protected] , head office 89, Allen Avenue,
Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria or use the support form at

is hawkit legit

Yes! It is legit and paying

hawkit alternative / apps like hawkit

There are lot of alternatives or apps like hawkits like MYpoints , Timebucks, Clickworkers, Grabpoints, Picoworkers , ysense, survey compare and a lot more

when was hawkit launched

Hawkit was founded on the 1st June, 2020 and incorporated on the 22nd June, 2020.’

how to earn from hawkit

You can easily earn from hawkit by performing simple tasks for money, referrals, promote your business and also data business

hawkit review

Hawkit got 4 over 5 reviews from us but you can check the user’s review on play store and app stores got 4.1 over 5

hawkit ng sign up

Sign up free hawkit account by visiting hawkit signup page and follow the procedures in this article’s registration procedure

How To Download HAWKIT hawkit app apk / ios

You can easily download the hawkit app by searching hawkit on your app store or play store

hawkit payment proof

We discuss hawkit payment proof in these articles kindly read these articles in full.

how to register on hawkit

Register o hawkit with these three 3 steps!
Step1 : Visit Hawkit sign up page Use this link to register
Step 2: Enter Your full name and just click sign up
Step 3: Input the username you want to use, The email that you can access and the password you want to use for your hawkit wallet. Verification code will be sent to your mail paste it and click continue
Step 3: Select your Gender! Male or Female, Your state, local government and click stet location, then set your profile picture or skip it, set your date of birth and religion and click continue then you are set!

Then you can click become a member to activate your account and start earning over 50,000 monthly


Are you going to try out Hawkit today to make money with your smartphone anywhere you are? If YES why And If NO why not? Let us see your comment and we respond to your questions…




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