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72ig Implementation Program : Affiliate Marketting Free Whatsapp Class


This is a no-fail system on how to makeover 200k Monthly with 72ig Implementation Program

The interesting part of this business model is that the only thing you need is your smartphone

Just a little capital and your smartphone you are good to go!

Let me explain!

Everyone must have multiple streams of income and one of them can be online

Why multiple sources of income?

Simple because if one stops at least other sources will be generating income steadily…

We will show you how a lot of our students are generating 6 figures online with this easy affiliate marketing business

  • This is not Multi-Level Marketing
  • You don’t need to create a product
  • you don’t need a shop
  • Anybody can start the business (9-5 busy workers, students, beginners anybody)
  • You just need a smartphone
  • And ready to put in work at least 3 to 4 hrs daily

Okay, let me explain Everything about this business

72ig is an affiliate marketing course and this program teaches you how to go about affiliate marketing.

72if implementation program on affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

This is just a simple summary of Affiliate Marketing! All I need to do as an affiliate marketer is to get hot selling products that give great value at good commission like %50 selling for good amount like 40k and then look for the right audience that needs it through simple tactic to find them and sell to them then keep 20k for from every sale.

Affiliate marketing is the new oil business model. Where you promote a product and get a commission whenever you made sales.

This commission can be any percent depending on the product creation! It can be 20%, 50% some go way up to 60% or more.

This is exactly what 72ig Implementation Program will be teaching you how to go about affiliate marketing

Steps to make money as an affiliate marketer (72ig Implementation Program)

These are the simple steps to make money with affiliate marketing!

Step 1

The very first step is to look for the best platform where companies or top gurus sell their hot products.

IF you are promoting a product worth 100k and commission is 50% you will be getting 50k per sakes… you just need 10 sales to make half a million.

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Same way if you are promoting 50k products at 50% with just 10 sales you have 250k

Once you get a hot product full with delivered value…

This product can either be a physical product, digital product, or a service

There are a lot of platforms where can get a lot of hot selling products!

Sites like:

  • Clickbank
  • WarriorPlus
  • Jvzoo
  • Expectnaire
  • Learnoflix

and lot more

You just choose the best platform that suits you! then next step

Step 2

Choosing a hot high-valued product to promote with a good commission and the product you can easily promote.

There are ways you can use to discover hot products. And most platforms always list hot selling products too easily

You can promote a product you have used before (Which is really good) or a product you have not to use but research about it and sure it gives high value.

You cannot be using all products before promoting in fact lot of top affiliate marketers do that. Your work is to make a good research of the product and know it delivers exactly what it promised and its of high value

Things to consider before promoting a product

  • The product must be hot selling products
  • It must be of high value and really dishes out the value it claims
  • Must be a good commission product. You cannot be putting a lot of time into a product that pays low commissions
  • Do proper research of the product and its audience

After you have gotten the product to promote! The next thing is the promotion

Step 3

This step is really easy if you know how to position yourself and if you have done proper research on the product.

There are two ways to promote those products :

  • Free Traffic
  • Paid Traffic

Either free or paid you can promote these products through a lot of ways like social media, email marketing, forums among others

In your research, you would have known who are the people that need this product.

For example, if you are promoting a make-up product your target audience should be Females of a certain age.

If you are promoting digital products or services on how to run high-converting Facebook ads.

YOu know you will be targeting small businesses and also marketers.

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It’s really easy it’s just a matter of knowing where your potential audience is

These can be free traffic if you have a certain audience or friends and family on your social media list or Whatsapp list that will love the product and you promote it to them.

Or through a forum that will love those products.

But, this is a business that should not be guesswork!

Since once you run ads you will make the sales and keep commission! Then you just need to run ads eg Facebook ads, google ads, sell to people email lists, and a lot more

Most converting and most marketers do use is Facebook ads

You just target your audience easily and you make sales…

Just like that selling a product on ‘how to gain a scholarship to Canada’ you just need to target students of a certain age and that have an interest in scholarships.

All this targeting and interest are already inside facebook insight.

With information on Facebook collected from its users and the behavior and usage of its users, what they like and unlike … Facebook already have tools to just choose those audiences you want to target just like other advertising platform and you make sales with ease.

Once you get the right audience for the product you are promoting. Now its time to do the marketing

Promoting the product some of them will buy the product straight since they need it why some will not buy because of any reason so you don’t need to worry that’s why you need next step

Step 4

Setting up promotion in step 3 you need to first collect those audience contact through a simple opt-in page before they land on the product sales page

So! You can be reminding them days after days about the product through the contacts you collected

Either through emails and send follow up mails

Or collect their WhatsApp numbers and do follow up on your WhatsApp status which is whats 72ig implementation program deals with 70%.

This soft follow-up will be giving advantages of that product and what that product can offer and why they need to buy it fast and the rest…

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This can be automated

With this soft follow-up strategy, 60% of those that did not buy at first will now buy!

With this business model, thousands of people are making millions on a daily basis and a lot of our students are making a lot through this too.

About 72IG Implementation Program

  • This program will take you through every step till you succeed as an affiliate marketer.
  • How to get hot-selling products
  • Setting up highly converting ads
  • The procedure on how to use WhatsApp to make sales
  • Free traffic strategy and Paid traffic
  • How to make passive income by promoting products easily
  • Done for you funnels and strategy
  • Support

Bonuses you will get from this program

Free 1 year Access to expertnaire platform to promote any products ( Registration for expertnaire is 10k a year)

Done for you proof working WhatsApp promotion templates

Twitter Money Blueprint

50% commission promoting 72ig program

How to run Advance Facebook ads that convert

All the proofing strategies that work 100%

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