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(Picoworkers) sproutgigs Review 2023: Is it scam Or Legit Site?How it works & sign up

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Good day guys, It’s UsefulTunde From MoneyMakingCREW. Today we will be writing a review on (Picoworkers) sproutgigs maybe it’s a legit or another scam site. You will also know how it works and sign up if you need to rebranded to is a site that links people that want to perform some small task but don’t have the time with those that have time to perform the task in reward for money.

If you have been following our youtube channel you will know that we have to make a video about a likely site called microworkers among others like grabpoint.

Just like microworkers same goes for this but sproutgigs accept PayPal payment and other means of payment.

In this review, we will show you with proof maybe it is legit or paying or not.


These are what we will be talking about in this review.

picoworkers workers task

About sproutgigs (Picoworkers)

Has explained about sproutgigs links those that want to perform a small task with those that want to work.


Picoworkers now known as sproutgigs is owned by Octobrain, Inc. 3511 Silverside Road Ste 105 Wilmington 19810 ,USA

With this platform, you can start making money just by liking youtube videos, liking Facebook pages, or by creating Gmail accounts for people.

You can earn up to 30 cents per task.

Is (picoworkers) sproutgigs a scam or legit site?

sproutgigs is not a scam because a lot of payment has been made and a lot of people confirm it is not a scam.

In these articles, you will find some payment proof. Though no site or platform will not have complaints. We will also highlight some complaints about the platform.

But they definitely pay and are not a scam.

But we dont need to say it alone.

From Trustpilot (a website that has used and verifies a program or site to leave a genuine unbiased review)

picoworkers trustpilot

Has shown in the screenshot over 30 reviews are 80 percent excellent that means people who are using the site and really enjoying it.

And let see what people are saying about the site below.

Let me take you through the process of signup with the easy and fast step before we move to picoworkers wiki on how it works then payment proof from picoworkers

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How to sign up

Signing up to this platform is really not hard, very easy and free with a signup bonus of 75 cents presently it varies sometimes they give 50 cents.

sign up on sproutgigs

Then click sign up

Then you will see a sign-up page that has screenshot bellow

picoworkers sign up

Even before sign up you have access to a list of available jobs.

Anywhere in the world, you can earn and you will get paid.

On the sign-up page, they ask you to fill in simple stuff like the normal sign-up page.

sproutgigs wikipedia (How it works)

Let me quickly take you through how ( now works

After sign up through the above process then you will have some cent has sign up bonus in your account

picworkers review list of jobs

Then some jobs you need to start doing

There are so many works for you after sign up, especially after you have verified your mail and other necessary things.

You can come in as an employer or has a worker but basically, we are emphasizing this review has a worker.

You just click the job you want to do

And read a brief description of the job and what they have you to do and for verification or confirmation that you actually do them.

You have jobs like liking youtube videos or subscribing or visiting a site or liking a Facebook page all so little tasks like that.

And you start accumulating some money.

You will start cashing out so fast

You can accumulate $10 to $20 doing this little task

It all depends on how much time you spent on the site perfuming tasks.

Let me quickly show you payment proof and mode of payment to straighten proof that sproutgigs are paying then I will quickly show you their minimum payout too

(Picoworkers) sproutgigs payment proof and Payment methods

sproutgigs is a registered company under Octobrain, Inc. as mentioned earlier and these is a few payment proofs.

Picoworkes accept PayPal has payout which even makes receiving payment easier worldwide.

But aside that they pay through Bitcoin has well some other coin like litecoin.

picoworkers payment method

Paypal is okay by me.

Minimum Payout

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Also just like the signup bonus varies with time and the kind of bonus they want to give basically minimum payout is $7 though it can increase or reduce

Basically what we need is more jobs or tasks done fast to receive more payments

Basically, let me talk about the referral program.

(Picoworkers) sproutgigs referral PROGRAM

Just like the way other earning programs like this grow with compensating referrals so sproutgigs do.

Pico workers pay 5% of tasks that you refer to the program and if you refer an employer same 5% of the deposit your referral made.

Nothing much nothing less. So let me tell you my review of sproutgigs.

( review

I did not suppose to spend much time on this with all we have said about then you can conclude that sproutgigs are really nice earning platform.

But, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme but just a normal earning platform like others to settle some little bills


There is no ideal or perfect program so there will always be flaws one way or the other that may fall into some users.

Some users complain about the task price tag is so small that it will take so much time and effort to make some dollars. That’s why I said it really based on how much time you can dedicate to it.

While others talked about their payment and availability of jobs worldwide and all that has been fixed.

Not much no less…

That is my short review of ( saying a big thank you to all the MoneyMakingCrew for reading this review. Thank You from UsefulTunde



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