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Walmart Full Guide: How Walmart to walmart Money Transfer Online Works

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Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail corporation situated in United State, headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores also operate the Walmart money service which Walmart to Walmart is one of them that we will be discussed in detail in this article

About Walmart

Walmart is a family business controlled by the Walton family, founded by Sam Walton


Walmart Inc. has successful stores all around the countries like in the united state, Central America, South America, the United Kingdom, Canada, and China but failed in operation in Japan, Germany, and South Korea

Apart from all the store varieties, Walmart does sell they also offer Walmart money service just like Walmart to Walmart service which is our main emphasis on this post


Walmart Money Services

Walmart MoneyCenter is an online and in-store payment service. With this, you can send money all over the country, and transact online and physically.

Their in-store operating hours are 8 am to 8 pm from Mon to Sat while 10 am to 6 pm on Sundays

5 Walmart money services you should know

Walmart MoneyCenter has different services they operate in their Walmart in-store and online service:

Bills Payments

Just like most online money service like this Walmart also offer a bill payment service.

With over 15,000 billers Walmart offers varieties of bill payment solutions like electricity, and TVs, among others. You can easily use the Walmart app or go to a Walmart store near you.

Walmart RIA and MoneyGram Partnership

With MoneyGram and RIA partnership, You can easily send money in person or online within the US or Abroad in minutes with easy tracking

GoBank Mobile checking

This is another awesome thing about Walmart and GoBank Mobile Checking where with $8.9 monthly fee you get a checking account.

No credit check, no overdraft fee, you always get a loan with no fees!

Walmart to world money transfer

You can send money to over 200 nations with Moneygram pick up service from the Walmart website, stores, or the app

Fats delivery with around $4 to $18 fees

Walmart2Walmart Money Transfer

Walmart2walmart money transfer is the fastest means to send money within the US without having a bank account. You can send or receive money through Walmart apps or stores.

This service is power Ria with about $4 to $16 service charge

How to use Walmart to Walmart money transfer

It is very easy to perform a walmart2walmart transaction!

-Just visit a Walmart store near you

-Pay the amount you want to send plus the fee using your debit or credit card or in US dollars

-The money will be available to the recipient in less than 10 minutes

To get this easier you can start the transaction through the Walmart app and then proceed to the Walmart store near you!

How to locate Walmart stores near you

You can easily locate Walmart stores near you with the 7 steps below!

  • Go to
  • On the website Click on ‘Store Directory’
  • then Click your location
  • Contact the number of that store to get the operating hours details.

These are the Walmart store customer service numbers :

General Enquiries: 1-800-666-3947
Reporting Fraudulent Activity: 1-800-926-9400
Transaction Queries: 1-800-922-7146

List of Allowed Identity Cards by Walmart

  • U.S. Permanent Resident Card
  • Military ID
  • U.S. Driver License (including Puerto Rico)
  • Tribal ID
  • State ID, including Puerto Rico
  • International Passport
  • Mexican Matricula Consular
  • United States Passport
  • They do not accept Temporary Paper IDs

How to track walmat2walmat money transfer online

You can easily track all your walmart2walmart transactions online with the reference number of the transaction!

But you can easily call Walmart Us through RIA’s customer helpline at 1-855-355-2144.

What is so special about walmart2walmart transfer?

These are the special things about sending money to Walmart:

  • Flat fee rate! Sending up to $50 with a $4 fee, $51 to $1000 just $8 and $1001 to $2500 with $16
  • Fast delivery service
  • No Bank required: If you don’t have ban you can still send and receive money
  • Easy tracking


Walmart is taking its financial service along with its retail business letting them more relevant and among the largest retail companies in Canada, the UK, and the US.

With Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer Online service sending and receiving makes easier in United State

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