Home Finance How to withdraw from TikTok in Nigeria (without paypal And Paypal Method)

How to withdraw from TikTok in Nigeria (without paypal And Paypal Method)

How to withdraw from TikTok in Nigeria

Tiktok has become the fastest-growing social media user with over 1 billion users which 80% are youth. Today we will be taking you step by step on How to withdraw from TikTok in Nigeria without PayPal and we will also take you through the PayPal method

Didi, you know Before tiktok include various ways of generating money from their platform they are already doing numbers in terms of users because the platform was built with so much fun.

Making money makes the platform even attract more users and skyrockets every single day.

As we all know we Nigerians always get limited in things like this one way or the other but don’t worry we always find a way out too

The only method you can use to withdraw from Tiktok is PayPal, TikTok doesn’t wire transfer to Nigeria’s local bank account

Guess what? Paypal also limits us to only using their platform for payment but not sending and receiving purposes!

Though this kind of Nigeria PayPal can be used to receive your TikTok funds you cannot send it out or get it as cash in your local bank so it is better you use the fund to pursue things on a platform that accepts PayPal

Today we are going to give you two solutions

The first one is how to get the fund in your Paypal you can send and receive funds right here in Nigeria so that you get get your TikTok earnings in cash.

The second solution is how to get more payment methods to receive your TikTok funds through wire transfer or Payoneer.

Note: minimum withdrawal is $1 to $1,000 daily and it’s instantly you receive your funds.

But even starting from how to just withdraw your TikTok fund simple steps!

But before then we have two interesting articles that explain how to make money on TikTok which you can try out! How Do You Make Money From Tiktok With No Followers As A Teenager and Over $5,000 with your tik tok dog videos (Even If you Did Not Have A Dog or any Pet)

Now let go…

How to withdraw from TikTok in Nigeria

These are the simple steps on how to withdraw your TikTok funds right here in Nigeria

  • Login to your TikTok account and tap on your profile
  • Tap the menu icon at the top right corner( Sometimes its a three lines)
  • Click on ‘settings and Privacy’
  • Tap on your balance
  • Then tap ‘Gift revenue’ or ‘live gift’ (Tap on where you see your funds)
  • The withdraw button will come up with the amount in your TikTok balance
  • Click payout method and click add a new payment method
  • Select the payout method which will show PayPal
  • OTP will be sent to the number you use to register tiktok then input the otp sent
  • A page on terms and conditions will come up. Read and click agree to continue
  • Now click connect with PayPal
  • A page to log in to your PayPal account will come up(Log in your PayPal account)
  • Then click withdraw now
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Note: you need to have a verified PayPal account before you can receive PayPal funds.

Verified means you would have linked your credit or debit card.

How to Open Paypal Account for Nigeria and for Lesotho or United Arab Emirates(UAE)

If you want your PayPal account to receive and send you just need to open a Lesotho Paypal or UAE and the interesting thing is that you don’t need a VPN to access them.

The same step you need to follow to open either Nigeria, UAE, or Lesotho the only difference is adding the ls at the back of the URL for Lesotho and uae for UAE while in Nigeria you don’t need to add anything if you are in Nigeria presently

Steps To follow to Open a PayPal account

First go to for Nigerians, for lesotho and

In the next step pick either a personal or business account

The second step make sure your country is selected to United Arab Emirate, Lesotho, or Nigeria depending on the account you want to create

The third step is to fill in your birthday password number( put any 6 numbers), POBox(put 18004, check for Lesotho POBox), fill in city and state (for UAE Abu, Abu Dubai, Lesotho can also google any lesotho virtual address ) and slot in any phone number you can google free virtual phone number for UAE or Lesotho or put any number.

Fourth step: Note this is for those creating Leshoto or UAE accounts in Nigeria! Choose Nationality as Nigeria or your original country( What it means s that you are a Nigerian but have business in UAE or Lesotho). You can use any of your Nigeria ID cards

Finally: Confirm your email with the mail sent to you and verify your card using any virtual card like chipper dollar virtual card for UAE and Lesotho and for Nigeria paypal I think the UBA card is okay.

How to withdraw from Tiktok in Nigeria without PayPal (Using other payment methods)

You know tiktok only allows PayPal payment methods in Nigeria while allowing Payoneer, transfer, and Paypal in other African countries. To also get that access you just need to change your location simply.

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How To Change Tiktok location

Tiktok uses your SIM and IP Address to know your location!

So if you can order for another country sim card fine, but if not you can use VPN!

Just download VPN like NOrd VPN and select the country that you want then when you securely log in to TikTok change your location to withdraw and get other payment methods loan up.

The most important thing is to change your country location so you to have more payment methods


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