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Digital marketing experts guide|Free nano degree online training courses & companies

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Welcome MoneyMakingCrew, You might have heard of Digital Marketing or Internet  Marketing and if not you should have heard of any of these Affiliate marketing, online advertising or email marketing. All work together and you need to be conversant with them for you to become a Digital marketing expert with appropriate guidelines. I will also make sure I touch on all of that, especially the most important parts briefly in this guide.


In this guide, we will be discussing everything you need to know to become a digital marketing expert, earn a lot from it and how to start for free just right now from the comfort of your house with just your internet-enabled mobile phone or laptop and if you are already practising it we will strengthen your knowledge it and some other things you need to know that worth your time even without wasting your time.

Who is a digital marketer

A digital is someone that uses his or her digital skills online to promote a product or service on the internet and make a profit in return.

Why is Digital Marketing the next BILLION GOLDEN?

Starting from scratch with appropriate information anywhere from your house you can learn digital marketing because it’s all about the internet not physical.

Though a digital marketer also helps physical businesses also to market their products through digital means or through the internet

After learning it and being expert companies will be looking out for you with your great results even without a degree. It is all about visible results and even you can choose not to work with a company and earn millions of dollars online with your skills. Digital Marketing makes use of digital marketing software and services to extract the best digital products or services and market them through any digital means like email marketing, websites/SEO, social media or even WhatsApp marketing locally. An affiliate marketer is simple a digital marketer.

In fact, according to marketingtechnews digital advertising in the US is set to surpass $200 billion in spending this 2022. The order and Affiliate Marketing are set to be worth $12 billion globally.

Let me first give you 11 Digital marketing guides and strategies you should know to fast forward your learnings before giving bonuses on related resources that will make you an expert easily for free

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Also, note that a digital marketer is an internet marketer and can be used interchangeably. Digital marketers make use of the internet to market products and services and the internet is the digital exchange now you get the point

11 Digital marketing expert’s Guidelines and Strategies

  1. Affiliate Marketing: As a digital marketer you should know that you are practising affiliate marketing so you need to really have knowledge about affiliate marketing.
  2. Email Marketing: Emails are the best way to reach people easily and get friends with strangers and you need to learn about them, how to adequately use them and the tools.
  3. Master PPC Advertising networks jointly with being a Social Media Manager: Pay Per Click advertising networks like Google ads, Infolinks, media.net,bidvertiser among others and also through social media sponsored campaigns are the best means to easily reach your audience digitally. One of the mediums you can use to market products and services is social media.
  4. Be SEO Expert: The next key point you should note is that you need to be able to get an audience that pays through organic traffics easily because organic traffics are cheap and more healthy if done right. Instead of you taking the content to them buy PPC networks you will use your SEO expert to place your content in the medium who are searching for it and really need it and they will easily get it and take action fast.
  5. Report analysing: As a digital marketer you really need to be able to analyse reports easily so as to quickly spot the winning strategies when you see them. Because even as an expert digital marketer you will have to learn certain audience with certain products and the promotion medium not plug and play for all but always same format and very easy as an expert.
  6. Content marketing adjustment with bit copywriting: You might not need to learn fully copywriting but you need to learn to adjust content to fit or suid adverting platform. It’s a work of a copywriter to write good short or long contents that work and you drive sales to it to make a profit. But you can learn the necessary part of it.
  7. A team manager skills: Once you learn the necessary skills in your field then you need to learn managerial skills because you will be next sorted for by companies when you become an expert. And you will need to lead some group of people to practice your digital marketing skills in a company and direct them on what to do and not to do
  8. Attend Events about Networking: All resources are online but you can take more steps to connect and gain more exposure through attending digital marketing networking events
  9. Connect: As a Digital Marketer you need to connect with like-minds physically just by attending networking events above and also online too
  10. Learn From Brand/entrepreneurs and also become a member: Learning from the top brands and entrepreneurs on digital marketing helps you fast track your knowledge and give exposure to professional digital marketers. You can earn a membership certificate and even gain respect from your competitors
  11. Stay Up To Date: You need to keep learning and be updated on the latest technology in your field because its digital and technologies are dynamic then you keep learning as new updates come in or new PPC networks and social media
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If you can easily go through those 11 guidelines then you are set to go. it’s just for you to be able to market a product, service or business online in a profitable way.

Digital Marketing courses like udacity nanodegree and Fremium

There are a lot and a lot of digital marketing courses online free, free channels (Through; Blogs, youtube, podcasts among others)

There are paid courses too through gurus or just online courses like udacity digital marketing nanodegree program.


First, let’s point out what udacity digital marketing nanodegree will teach you.

What is in Udacity Digital Marketing nanodegree

It’s very necessary to spend money on what will increase your knowledge but nanodegree will only cover more focus key points on this my 11 guides and strategies above are separated into 9 courses at Udacity and you still need to learn more online.

We cut the time and money spent by experts in getting what works by buying courses or learnings from them. If you can afford it just get it and its additional resources but you can learn those 11 guides online individually and implement them at your little stage to get some cash till you start levelling up.

You pay about $400 per month for like for months or you buy the full package of this udacity digital marketing nanodegree to cot cost. Its nanodegree as the name implies it’s not going to give you msc in digital marketing.

If you want to work with digital advertising companies maybe drop servicing or want a company you can easily outsource jobs to or refer to clients. Let me give you a list of 10 digital advertising companies in Australia, Canada, the united states, Uk even India all around the world

10 top digital advertising companies

These are a few companies with digital marketing experts that you can contact too;

  • We have WEBFX in US
  • Dream Theory is also in US
  • Creative Sponge in UK
  • Directive Consulting also UK
  • Bird Marketing Limited -UK
  • Vine Street Digital in Australia
  • One Egg Digital – Australia
  • SEOplus in Canada
  • Social Media 55 is also in Canada
  • EngineerBabu in India
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There are a lot of digital marketing agencies and companies that you can look out for in addition to those lists above, which will be covered in my subsequent articles on top digital marketing companies in different countries.

Those 10 above are tested and trusted

Let me now list 10 digital marketing websites you can take free courses and get valuable content and values about Digital Marketing

5 online marketing websites FREE courses and Resources

  1. Google Online Marketing Challenge: This should be the first place you need to start from and as a digital marketing expert you need to take part and its free
  2. Alison Free Diploma in E-Business: Alison has free online courses with over 6 million users since 2007.
  3. WordStream’s PPC University: Created by the WordStream founder give all free courses on PPC and digital marketing in a whole
  4. Digital Marketing Strategy offered by The University of Edinburgh.. It is a free course you need to checkout on digital marketing
  5. Digital Media and Marketing Strategies by the University of Illinois through Coursera and its beginner-friendly

Copyblogger(Internet Marketing for Smart People) and Quicksprout University (The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing) are the two no certificates Digital Marketing free courses you need to consider too

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