Amazon Gift Card To Paypal Instant Transfer Your Amazon Gift Card To Paypal (2 Ways)


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Hey guys, Today is all about Amazon Gift Card To Paypal so I will be showing you 2 fastest ways to transfer your amazon gift card to PayPal cash. With ease.

We have covered so many ways to earn online like How to make $200 per day with no investment and 100 sites to write and get paid instantly and sometimes we receive amazon gift card has a reward to some online payment but really need cash instead of buying something with it.

We all know PayPal is the best and easiest way to get cash into our bank account.


So in today’s in articles, we are going to cover two very easy ways to transfer our amazon gift card to PayPal cash.

Highly recommend the first method but the second method is not bad.

Amazon Gift Card To Paypal : PAYPAL METHOD

This method is really awesome and simple.

We dont really need anything with this method but just few things for acuracy.

Things needed For Paypal Method 

  • Your paypal account that is already link to your bank account (credit/Debit card) Thats can easily transfer to your bank account.
  • Another paypal account best open and match with the name on the amazon gift card or better still linked with the amazon gift card
  • The trick

Basically this means we need two paypal accounts!

Firstly make sure your main paypal account is linked with your bank accoutn and allow swift money transfer to your bank account.

It is very easy to setup just link your bank account and or your credit card or debit card

Then the second paypal must be linked with the amazon gift card we need to transfer the money from.

Now the procedure (With Screenshots)

Login your main paypal account 

login paypal and to tools

Goto tools hover to  all tools

  • Click Invoice And Create an invoice

invoice in paypal amazon gift card to paypal Invoice

Click create invoice

  • Then in the price tab input the gift card amount 
amazon gift card to paypal input

    amazon gift card to paypal input details
  • And input the second paypal account mail in the bill to box

Then push the send button 

amazon gift card to paypal invoice sent

Now you will recive email on your second paypal account about the invoice

Login to the paypal and you will see the notification up

Screenshot amazon gift card to paypal Invoice notice

Since this second account has already linked with the amazone gift card

If not linked just use the add credit/debit card section to link the amazon giftcard and pay the invoice with it.

Once paid 

Almost Instantly you get the money on your main paypal account

Now you can withdraw it from your main paypal account to your bank account already linked to.

Just go to trabsfer money then to bank then from paypal balance **SENT**

Sumary Steps 
  • Get two paypal accounts
  • Your main paypal account already linked to your bank account for easy money withdraw
  • The second paypal account exclusive for the amazon gift card. Link the gift card to this paypal account first
  • Then login to your main paypal account and request for or create  invoice and send the invoice to your second paypal account already linked to amazon gift card ( Go to Tools>All Tools>Invoice>create invoice>input the other paypal mail and gift card amount or little bit lesser> Then send
  • On the other paypal account then use the gift card linked to it to make the payment
  • Once recived the money in your main paypal account then withdraw it to your bank account for cash

That is a quick step summary with paypal method guys.

Though this paypal method is best recommended this is another alternative method with Venom.

Basically what our main aim is to convert our amazon gift card thats why we pass through paypal in the first method now let pass through Venmo to get the cash.

Amazon Gift Card To Cash : VENMO METHOD

This method is pretty simple and we are going to make it a kind of sumarry steps

You also need two Account for this to work too

Pretty like paypal method

You will need your Venmo account setup properly (Not big deal just sign up)

But unlick the paypal method we will have to link the gift card to our main venmo account here (Good news its free to use)

Justs go to settings then payment method and add your gift card details has the payment method

Now the other account will be any of your trusted friend or family venmo account you will transfer the money to.

After you have trabsfered the money to the friend or family account.

He or she would have had their bank account linked to the venmo account

So they will just withdraw it to there bank account for you.

So swift..

Conclusion to how to transfer Amazon Gift Card To Paypal / cash

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These are the two easiest and fastest ways to transfer your Amazon Gift Card To Paypal or cash.


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