Home Finance Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Bank Account In 10Min

Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Bank Account In 10Min

transfer amazon gift card to bank

Good day, guys,


I am going to be taking you through how to transfer an amazon gift card balance to a bank account in 10min

Let me first start with what a gift card is and why amazon did not allow just converting it to cash with ease.

Amazon Gift Card is just a card giving a gift the name implies gift card.

So, it should not have any value than a gift and should be used on amazon since it is an amazon gif card

That’s why Amazon only allows the gift card should be used on amazon only and not any cash value

But today I will teach you to get that gift card transfer into your bank account in less than 10 min work.

A lot of people want to know this because a lot of people have access to an amazon gift cards but we need to settle other bills, not on amazon

So this is a great opportunity for you to help others too.

How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Bank Account

We are going to be making use of a popular payment channel called VENMO

Venmo is a simple channel that is used to send and receive money from family and friends

So how are we going to go about it?

Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Bank Account using Venmo

I will break these steps into 4 simple steps;

You will need two Venmo accounts ;


Probably your Venmo account and any of your family Venmo account

Venmo is free and easy to sign up you can sign up one for yourself and one for your brother or sister if you guys did not have a Venmo account before.


What we are going to do here is to link our amazon gift card to our Venmo has a payment method

Go to settings and add your amazon gift card as a payment method or backup payment method as shown in the screenshot below…

venmo payment settings amazone gift card to bank account balance


After you have successfully added an amazon gift card to the payment method on your Venmo account

Now add a bank account to the other Venmo account maybe your sister or brother Venmo account..

It’s just the same process as shown above


Now let do the magic

You will now send money to that your brother or sister Venmo account from your Venmo account using the attached gift card has the payment

And he or she will receive the money in his or her Venmo account

Amazon Gift Card Balance To Bank Account Using Venmo
How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Bank Account Using Venmo


Now finally ask your brother or sister to send the money to his or her linked bank account and the money will be transferred to you

Anyways this is the simple way to get an amazon gift card to your bank account with ease in less than 10 Min work.

Summary: How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Bank Account

You just need two Venmo account

  • Link Amazon Gift Card To One
  • Link Your Bank Account To One
  • Send the fund from the Venmo with linked amazon card to the other one
  • Then when you receive money from the other account transfer it to your bank

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  1. When you set up back up payment and add gift card,
    It asks for card number CV code and EXPIRATION! What do I put for this? Amazon gift cards do t have that info


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