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How To Earn From Youtube (Make $1,000+ No Views No Youtube Video)

youtube for beginners

Hello MoneyMakingCrew, How to earn from youtube always be a very hot question, especially for new YouTubers or about to join YouTubers.


Making money on youtube always look scary in the face of so many people
But it doesn’t need to be like that

People always think how will I get that lot of views to earn?

or a lot of subscribers


Some even very shy on cameral or volume of uploading videos to youtube

All that will be solved today in this post and in different angle approach

There are so many different ways to earn from youtube with little views, little subscribers and even no youtube Adsense

In fact, you don’t need to be on camera before you can earn from youtube.

But we will cover the normal way popularly know on how to earn from youtube and also ways you probably don’t know how to earn from youtube.

Making money on Youtube is always sweat but the hardest part is starting…

Its just too hard but its too simple too its just that lot of people don’t know how to go about it.

The key is making money with little views without youtube partner first

This is the secret to not only youtube or vlogging but also blogging

People waste time waiting for AdSense as of blogging same youtube AdSense on youtube part.

When you can earn thousands of dollars without little views without youtube AdSense partner

If you can achieve making money with fewer views without waiting for youtube advertising partner then you will survive in youtube ecosystem

Because as you grow more money till youtube monetization will just be additional

Some powerful YouTubers channels, Youtube partner monetization only carry less than 50% of the earnings

You can make millions of dollars on youtube and build a very big brand that you cannot expect.

So this is the full guide

Will show you how to how to earn from youtube minimizing partner, Adsense which is normal and hardest and how to earn without youtube monetizing and lesser views.

Let move to the normal level first

How To Earn From Youtube With Youtube partner program

Making money on youtube with youtube partner just basically making money with your videos through Adsense.

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And this is what do scare most new Youtuber because has up to date before you start making money on youtube with Youtube Partner Program (YPP) you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours public watch in the past 12 months.

Though with SEO and consistency this is the easiest thing to achieve as a YouTuber but has a beginner what did you know?

But in these articles, I will show you other ways to make money without having those huge hours of watch or thousand of subscribers.

Before I take you to that let me quickly put you guy through the process of Youtube partner Program first in 5 steps.

Steps to Monetize your youtube channel- How to earn from Youtube

Step 1

Create Your youtube channel and upload videos

Step 2

Your videos must have gotten 4,000 hours watch and a thousand subscribers for the past 12 months before you can apply

Step 3

If you have met the requirement then go to step 4

step 4 – How to enable monetization on YouTube

>> Sign in to the YouTube account you want to monetize.
>> Click the icon for your account in the top right corner.
>> Click YouTube Studio.
>> In the left menu, select Other Features > Monetization.
>> Read and agree to the YouTuber Partner Program terms.
>> Create a new AdSense account or connect an existing one to your channel. (You need an AdSense account to get paid.)
>> Set your monetization preferences.

Go to Analytic to check your earnings progress.

How to earn from youtube by selling products or merchandise

Before you can start selling your products or merchandise on youtube you still need more enough or dedicated audience

But nevertheless let talk about it before we talk about how to make money even with little views

If you take a look at the list of the top 10 highest paid on youtube up there

All of them have what they are selling apart from the video they are delivering.

Some sell products others sell branded tops, mugs, phone case. This got benefit beyond revenue.

It gives you exposure and gives your brand more quality.

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And it is far easy than you expect.

Do you know you don’t even need to do anything or buy anything to sell those branded products to your audience?

Like oberlo and some other e-commerce company will handle everything for you.

You just need to send the design and that’s all they will do the rest and ship it to your audience

And you keep the gain


How to earn from youtube with the support of your audience donating

Another way to make money on youtube is through the audience.

Either crowdfunding through site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo or by direct support through patreon

I did not want to waste time on this part because it still requires a lot of views and audience.

So let move to the final part that you can make money with little views and little subscribers have a starter before you too become a big brand.

How to earn from youtube without views or with less audience

This is what most new YouTubers don’t know that makes them quit YouTuber faster and sooner.

This model is doing the affiliate in the right way with seo.

You don’t need to show your face if you don’t want to

You don’t need to be professional

You don’t need to spend extra money

All free tools

There are a lot of products but let me use one or two has to an example.

Let assume you are into game niche

Follow these 5 steps

Step 1

Create your channel with a game in the channel name

If you want to use your name put your name and game.

For example Justin Brown – Primal Video
or just use the niche like gameranx

Step two

Find Affiliate products to be promoted.

Make sure every single video you upload promotes an affiliate product for example.

Using ogads.com OR OFFERVUALT to get a list of offers to promote per download

List of games you get up to $1 to 15 cents per download

Just keep making top 10 videos like the top 10 adventures game. with the link to download in the description.


sTEP 3

Using Tube buddy tools to know the best keyword to use on your video title, tags and description free traffic.

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For example, the keyword below you will rank immediately when you use the keyword even if you just create a new youtube channel now it will still rank.

‘top games 2019 android play store’

With 67 over 100

It’s best to go for a keyword with over 80 and good volume

Imagine you have just 20 views with 5 downloads and you get 30 cent per download that means you have earned $3 just for that video on 20 views

You don’t need to video yourself with just voice-over or slide pictures with text or cutting creative common videos.

There are some creative common videos on youtube that is allowed to reuse.

Just search the video you want on youtube and filter with creative common as shown below.


If you can upload a video per day

You will be earning more than $100 monthly with just 20 to 30 views video without youtube rules.

You can be getting that till you have enough audience then you apply for youtube monetization.

This is the tactics that save a lot of popular YouTubers now when they are starting.

With all that you still need some to learn youtube SEO

Though not much just putting the same keyword in title description and tags.

In conclusion

Youtube has changed so many lives and a lot have built a big company with youtube.

Start taking action now.

Thanks to all the MoneyMakingCrew see you on the next articles

These are the best ways on how to earn from youtube

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