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Top Best Paid Online Survey Websites [Legit Sites]


 Every single second of our time can be converted to money if we actually manage it well! Even on holidays, we can still earn cash while enjoying ourselves. Just read this Top Best Paid Online Survey Websites [Legit Sites] and start earning in ease.

Taking a survey and get paid is one of the easiest ways of making money online yet there are a lot of scams online.


Maybe it’s because it is so easy as ‘take a survey and get paid’ just like that you take a survey and you will be rewarded.

In my most recent previous post on ‘6 Easy Ways To Make Money From Home-Best For Home Base’  survey taking was 6th on my list to tell you how crucial survey taking is, talking about making money from home.


 6 legit survey sites were stated there but I didn’t go into details. I am going to add 9 more survey sites to that 6 on my previous post, which means I am going to discuss in details 15 ‘Top Best Paid Online Survey Websites [Legit Sites]’. 

I compiled this tested list so that Money Making Crew fans and readers will not fall into survey scam.

Make sure you read this article in full and if possible try all the 15 sites because each site has limit numbers of survey you can take per person per month!

In addition, in this article, I will be giving you their minimum cash out, the medium of payment, earnings per survey and their official website.

 Top 15 Legit Online Survey Website


Toluna is a trusted company that reward people that express their opinion on their product, services, and some issues.

Earnings Per Survey – You can earn 3,000 to 6,000 points per survey.

Cash out– Once you earn more than 30,000 points you can get your earnings.

Medium Of Payment– You get your earnings either by a prize or gift card(like Amazon vouchers).

As usual, you get free points for referring friends, for signing up and also for completing your profile, isn’t that interesting.

There is another interesting thing about Toluna, they can send you product for free to test for weeks then after that, they will send you few questions about the product then you get paid again. Lol! You use a product for free and still get paid that’s cool!



Epoll is one of the oldest survey websites. This site has proven to be legit pass backward 1997 and still paying.

Visiting the dashboard, you will understand that it is an old interface yet legit.

Earnings Per Survey- You will receive ranges between 500 to 1000 points on a single survey you complete. If  any of the surveys pay you less then you will be compensated with sweepstakes drawing of $250.

I found this epoll point to dollar interesting if you got confuse about the point system.

  • 7250 points = $10
  • 10,500 points = $20
  • 16,250 points = $25
  • 18,750 points = $30

Cash out- The cashout threshold for epoll is 3750 points equivalent to $5

Medium Of Payment-  Amazing things about epoll is that you can get your payment through the PayPal deposit and also through gift cards.


Swagbucks is another best paid online survey website that is legit and trusted  by many users.

It is more common among student because you get paid for playing games and watching videos lol! that is interesting right! Even you earn by shopping through Swagbucks.

Another interesting thing is the exclusive sign up bonus for new users.

Earnings Per Survey- Per survey you earn 70 points also called SB (40p)

Cash out-  Another more friendly stuff from Swagbucks is their cash out! You can cash 1S

Medium Of Payment- You get your payment either through PayPal,  gift cards or charity donations.

You can earn £2.40 in an hour because a survey will take you about 10min to complete.

You also get a bonus on sign up!



SurveySavvy is another best old survey website since 1999 and also one of the highest paid survey websites.

Let me hint you something interesting about this! Do you know with the indirect referral, you can get paid even without taking a survey for years? If you have got a lot of people join the program through your referral link then you get rewarded. And if that person also invites another person you still get an indirect referral bonus.

You get $1 to $2 for referral and $0.5 to $1 for an indirect referral.

So, my advice is to click the referral button when you sign up and start referring your friends on social media blogs or by gist!

Earnings Per Survey – Typically it depends on the length of the survey but it ranges $1-$20.

Cash out –  You can cash out any amount with SurveySavvy even with $1

Medium Of Payment- Basically by  check.



MySurvey is a popular survey websites publicized that they paid $32 million in 2014! That is cool right! Get paid for testing products also available.

An average of their survey takes about 20 minutes to complete and give you 100 points which means you can earn up to $5 per hour.

Earnings Per Survey – Per survey you get 100 points

Cash out –  With 345 points which equivalents to $3 you can cash out.

Medium Of Payment- You can get you cash through PayPal or gift cards.

This survey website always has a bunch of survey for you.

6One Opinion

One Opinion is also one of the survey websites you should try.

They offer a free product for a test as well.

Earnings Per Survey – Their earnings per survey varies.

Cash out –   The cash out is 25,000 point which is $25

Medium Of Payment- With PayPal or prepared visa you can get your payment.


7Npdor (VIP Voice)

Npdor is another old company also known as VIP Voice, Npdor group since 1976. They have a lot of interesting surveys that will make you earn money with easy.

As old as it is the cons is just that they don’t offer check, PayPal or gift cards as their cash out.

Npdor  survey websites have two means to pay their users which are SweepLand and bidland.

The sweepLand gives you the chance to win cash, electronics or vacations while the bidland enables you to use your points to bid for products and service.

The interesting aspect is that you have a chance to win more interesting things instantly.

Earnings Per Survey – Varies

Cash out – You can cash out anytime with  sweepland or bidland

Medium Of Payment- sweepstakes( sweepland and bidland)

It is not advisable to go for this if you want to use your cash to pay bills but very awesome for a virtual payment user!

8Branded Surveys

Branded Survey is also known as Mintvine. The high volume of their survey makes them popular in the survey industry.

Another thing is their fast payment and easy to use website.

You can also earn a percentage from whatever your referral friend earn in the referral program.

Earnings Per Survey – It varies

Cash out –   Cash and gift cards

Medium Of Payment- Once you reach $10 you cash out your earnings.


American Consumer Opinion Panel is also one of the top 10 best survey websites you need to take note of.

They operated by Decision Analyst, Inc,  one of the top market research firms in the country.

Earnings Per Survey- Also Varies

Cash out –    When you gathered 1000 points you can cash out.

Medium Of Payment-  PayPal or Hyperwallet once you reach 1000 points



PopulusLive is a popular survey website located in united state spread to over 24 countries. It is operated by Populus and invented 2003. They provide a statistic to press, making research survey on business, politics, and culture.

It is advisable to fully fill your profile and fill their survey very well because they have quality check so no cheating.

PopulusLive promise to give £1 for every 5 minutes survey provided you fully answered the survey truthfully

Earnings Per Survey- You can earn up to £2 on every survey

Cash out –    Once you reach the 50 point threshold which is £50 you can cash out.

Medium Of Payment-  Cash


One of the interesting thing about vivatic survey website is they don’t only provide survey service has a means of make money by the also provide data entry and also writing reviews.

If you wish to know more site that pays you for entry data like vivatic read my previous articles about ‘6 Easy Ways To Make Money From Home-Best For Home Base’ I stated the sites on number one of the list.

Earnings Per Survey- You can earn between 1£  to £2 per survey

Cash out –    when you account reach £25, you can cash out.

Medium Of Payment-   PayPal (%2 commission for PayPal)

12Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint is unique about their fast payment. Payment within 72hours.

Paid Viewpoint also offer $1 bonus for new members.

Earnings Per Survey- Varies

Cash out –     Their threshold for cash out is $15

Medium Of Payment-   Paypal


Superpayme also pays their member very fast and has no payment issue.

In fact, they have 3 different means of payment.

You have to be more than 13 to participate in the superpayme survey.

They also offer 25%  lifetime for referrals, join them today and start telling others about them.

Earnings Per Survey- It varies

Cash out –   With superpayme you can cash out 1$ 

Medium Of Payment-  The interesting part is that you can get paid through  PayPal, Payza, Skrill & Amazon.  


PrizeRebel is another legit survey website with different means of payment. Established 2007 with over 7 million members that have received over $12 million.

Make sure you participate in every single information on this platform in other to get more points.

You earn between 20 to 30% for referral depends on your account level.

PrizeRebel has 4 levels which are: Silver – 1000 points, Gold – 3000 points, Platinum – 7000 points, and Diamond – 12,000 points.

Earnings Per Survey- Varies

Cash out –    $5 worth of point and it will be processed within 24 hours

Medium Of Payment- Multiple payment options. PayPal, Gift cards, ACH bank transfer  and also Bitcoins paid out through Snapcard



MindSwarms am rounding up this list with mindSwarms not because is the least but because of it worth signing up. They are one of the highest paying surveys that can pay you $5 to $20 per survey, isn’t that interesting?

The only unique thing about this is that its video survey.

Fact shows that they can pay $50 for a single survey for video survey that will last for around 20 minutes.

That is not all…

No cashout, You get paid within 24 hours after finishing the survey.

Earnings Per Survey- $5 to $50 per survey

Cash out –   Everytime you complete your survey you get paid within 24 hours.

Medium Of Payment-  PayPal.

Tips You Need To Consider


  • Join all the survey websites

By signing up to many survey website you get a survey every day which will, in turn, earn you much more money.

You can just create a unique mail to sign up for all the survey websites and have the same passwords so that you can stay organize and for easy switching among the survey website dashboard.

Later you can filter some out if you don’t like their services.

  • Survey website country restriction

Most of the survey websites are available in USA!
If a particular survey website is not available in your country you can easily know while signing up. Just join those that are available in your country.  

Like PopulusLive available in over 24 countries some other survey websites are available in a wide range of countries.

Toluna is available in Canada! Paid viewpoint, and survey savvy are available in Nigeria! In respect of your country just make attempt signing up if you are restricted which means it’s not available in your country.

  • Recommend Your Friends

Most of these survey companies offer a certain percentage for a referral.

Just get your referral link and tell your friend to sign up through your referral link.

You get rewarded while your friends to thank you for making he/she earn from home.

  • Cash out whenever you reach your threshold

Only if you want to earn higher money before cashing out that you leave your point for a while! Beware of those points that have an expiring date, so be informed.

  • Stay away from scam survey sites

This is the main reason I made a list of legit sites to try.

But nevertheless, How can you know a scam survey sites?

One thing to put at the back of your mind is that all survey sites backed by real market research companies are free to join and start earning.

Though that free to join only cannot justify that a survey site is legit but also make a research online and reviews.

  • Be yourself

Do not fake yourself while sighing up for a survey site.Be honest while answering every survey to avoid being penalized for giving an inadequate response.


Hope this article is helpful and interesting to read. Please if there is any addition or subtraction love to add to this article kindly leave a comment.

Also, take note that taking a survey is not a get rich scheme or get rich fast scheme but nevertheless it will earn you extra income.

To be successful in life you don’t depend on only one income but you get some little incomes to pay little bills and also a real one to settle things up.

Thank you very much for reading

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