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5 Apps That Pay You For Watching Videos 2022 ($50/5Min) | Paypal Money


These are the top 5 apps that pay you to watch videos and how they work

There are a lot of sites that will just be for watching videos. Maybe interesting videos, funny videos, or even tutorial videos.

In this video, we explain how it works, and am going to list them out here too.

Most of these websites or apps pay through PayPal and since PayPal is easy to receive payment to your local bank so that’s good.

Though some of them have another mode of payment too like other digital payments like amazon gift cards, Facebook store cards, and others.

Top 5 Apps That Pay For Watching Videos 2021

The first app is going to be Earnably


Earnably is the best site to get paid just for watching videos.

They also pay you to do a survey or some other task but you know the video will not be boring like taking the survey and getting disqualified.

They paid through gift cards and PayPal and also other digital payments.

There are very easy to signup for and fast payment.

Just visit earnably.com or watch the video above to know more.


Rewardable is the second website

This is a very awesome site to get paid just for watching videos.

They also pay for other tasks like surveys and others just like earnably.

And they pay through Paypal.

Just by watching interesting videos or health videos, you get paid for every video you watch.

Just visit rewardable.com

This is just a brief if the video you can watch the video for more above.


Usertesting is the third app that pays you just per video

This is a website that pays you to test an app or website or project

Big companies like Facebook, Apple among others will pay them to test their new upcoming projects.

So usertesting will pay you to test those products and you get paid per videos testing you made.

This site pay you to test. Just visit usertest.com

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The next app is testingtime


Testing time is another website that can pay you € 50 per video already stated on their website.

You get paid for testing products just like Usertesting they collect projects from a big brand like Facebook, amazon, apply among others they pay you to test the projects for them

And you get and paid for doing that

Nothing much to say about testing time You can watch the video below to know more.

The last website will pay you to learn new thing

And they can pay you up to $50 just to watch a tutorial video

ThIS IS Coinbase

You can earn 50 dollars per tutorial video you watch or 5 to 10 dollars per 5 minute video you watch.


Coinbase is basically for digital currency exchange but they also pay you to know about digital currency

Watch the video below for the bonus tips.

Thank you MoneyMakingCrew start making money by watching videos.


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