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How To Make Money Online For Beginners In India (5 Legit Ways in 2023)

make money online in india for beginners

Making money online can be very easy! Especially if you are experienced… But what about beginners? This is why I am writing this article about how to make money online for beginners in India.

As the average Indian with a mobile phone and internet access! You can make a turn of money online

Kindly note guys that this post is for our India readers but at some point, this list also works worldwide it’s a matter of trying it out.

Just like I said earlier making money online is extremely easy because we don’t know ourselves online!

We are all equal only a few things bring uniqueness and that’s trust.

That trust is brand…

This is for beginners so you don’t really need much experience and if you need it it’s little! You can get those experiences online too

All you need is a device and the internet to connect the device to the world

As easy as it is it worth emphasizing that you should not find shortcuts ways to make money online

You know a lot of scammers are online so don’t find get rich quick scheme online and work hard because it will be worth it

1.38 billion…

That’s the population of India back in 2020 which would have increased now

So India alone with billions of population and millions of them will have internet access so you see you have a lot of potentials to make money online and making money online is basically worldwide… That’s awesome…

Like others I can just easily give you a list of 100 ways here but…

That won’t help…

I am once a beginner and I know there is a lot going on in your brain now… You need to make this money and you don’t want to spend much or even you don’t want to spend at all

Yes! I know you can invest that time as long as it will bring money…

We always have practical ideas on moneymakingcrew… Once I explain one way I will link you to our practical post that can help too…

Let start with the first one

5 legit ways on How To Make Money Online For Beginners In India this 2023

1. Earn money with referral programs and Affiliate Marketing in India

Writing this post we zero our mind that assuming you don’t have anything as a beginner just your device and connection to the internet

Going into a referral program apps is a very easy way to earn online especially in India where there are a lot of new apps coming out day by day

And almost all companies creating apps will include referring programs

Referring and affiliates are roughly the same.

The idea behind both is bringing the new users to a program and collecting a commission for doing that

This can be a one time commission or recurring commission

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Basically, to join Affiliate programs you need to have at least a social media page with at least 10,000 followers in a particularly nitch you want to promote

This is why referring can be good because you can easily join a new app referring program for free

But it is easy to create a social media page like Facebook and build it to 10,000 followers in a few days by sharing it with people and inviting friends and family to it and sharing posts on the page then once you reach like 10,000 followers you start applying for affiliate programs and start earning money.

But basically Referring program can be easy and fast to earn even starting from today.

Just like rozdhan app that will give you RS 25 for inviting your friends

You can easily try a referring app by referring your family and registering it yourself to see maybe it works and start making money by referring others

I have earned a lot of money with my WhatsApp status and Facebook stories as a beginner with referring programs and affiliates

You can join high paying affiliates companies like ClickBank, Rakuten, Amazon Associates, eBay, ShareASale, Warriorplus, CJ Affiliate among others

Just register and start referring people to your affiliate links

It will be worth it, if we say something about surveys and micro jobs

2. Make money with Online Surveys and Micro Jobs available in India

This is the basic way to make money online as a beginner because it’s very easy and I earn my first dollar online through these surveys and micro jobs

There are a lot of companies willing to pay you for your opinion

And a lot of survey companies offer surveys to people all around the world

There are a lot of survey sites you can apply for and earn money doing surveys, watching videos, and earning cash with their other offers

Once you earn some little cash then you can invest them in process of affiliate programs that will earn you millions of dollars

You can also earn some quick cash and a few rupees while doing some easy tasks like signing up, liking a post or subscribing to a youtube channel, or some other easy small task on some micro jobs sites.

Once you have started performing a few tasks and earned little money then you would have come across Freelancers

It will be awesome to talk about how to make money through Freelance Content Creation

3. How To Make Money Online For Beginners In India As a Freelance Content Creator

Making money as a Freelance Content Creation is a high-level income skill but you can start small and push till you start making a lot of money

I called this an advanced micro-jobs skills

Just like how picoworker company will give you a job posted by a creator and you will complete it and get paid the same way as a freelancer you post your gigs on freelancer websites like Upwork

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And when anybody needs your service you deliver and get paid

It’s that simple but you know a lot of people also post their services so it’s left for you to sell yourself more on the website and advertise your services too with friends and family

There are a lot of freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr but I strongly recommend these two, especially Upwork where you can easily get jobs

And always post service that few people are into so you easily get more jobs

Since you have time as a beginner then you can post article writing and learn through the process

While you write articles for people you learn how to write guess posts then you will be gaining interest in blogging too

Aside from article writing, you can start with data entring jobs! This is very easy to do for a client

A lot of people want trustworthy people to handle their stressful jobs so they can focus on more ways to make money.

Alway post more services on Upwork to get more works

If you don’t have an Upwork account create one for free now and post your first job

As a Freelance content creator, you should start developing an interest in blogging to Explore Your Creativity ( Blogger or Youtuber) to earn more

4. Explore Your Creativity ( Blogger or Youtuber)

how to make money online in India for beginners
How To Make Money Online For Beginners In India with youtube

Creating a blog is not really hard for beginners

You just want to focus your straight on your writing and having them stored in a single place where it is accessible to everyone

With blogging and YouTubing or vlogging, you start with a mindset to create uniqueness in your writing and to give clients links in case they ask about your previous work or your content

Make sure you write original content or video and find every single smallest way you can sell them and get traffic

I know as beginners things get complicated but my advice most time for beginners is that

Make sure you are original, make sure you make your content visible, make sure you learn more online about it watch videos on youtube, and make sure you make little money through it

You can start making money in a week with a new blog or youtube channel indirectly

Once you create good content anytime a client you want to sell your service to ask for your work you easily give them your article

Since as a beginner you don’t have jobs you have done previously but since you have created a free website or youtube channel and write well detailed original content you can get a job worth thousands of dollars

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You can start a free blog with WordPress or blogger or other platforms

For youtube channel, it’s absolutely free to create

You just need these 6 steps

  1. Choose your niche
  2. Register a domain( or continue with the free one you dont need this for youtube)
  3. Create a blog (Create your youtube channel with your brand name )
  4. Post quality content frequently
  5. Start promoting your blog or channel through social media
  6. Try and generate traffic from every possible source

Blogging has a lot of advantages in terms of generating revenue over youtube

You can sell your website space, you can join the AdSense program, you can make money through affiliates, you can even sell your products…

Also as a YouTuber, you get paid through Adsense and you can promote other brands or get a sponsorer

This takes us to the 5th way on how to make money online for beginners in India through becoming a social media manager

How to Make Money Online for Beginners In India as a social media manager

Becoming a social media manager is just too simple than how people think about especially in India

As a social media manager, these are just a few things you need to just keep doing which is fun!

  1. Create social media page of course , for example a facebook page with your brand name
  2. The next thing you need to be doing is to be updating post on it everyday or just schedule post on the page
  3. Then you really need to be engaging with your followers and monitor your ananlyses observe every bit
  4. Very crucial part : Keep eye open on what trending and post relevant stuff to what trending most times to get your list growing

Do those 4 things on a daily basis

Post your gigs on Fiver and Upwork

Always replicate and follow others social media manager profiles and check how they post too

Some software and stuff you need to learn online basically Facebook ads manager, buffer for schedule post

Your job is not an ads manager but just social media manager to post and represent not ads but you just need the basics of Facebook ads but you will give the job of ads manager out if you get it with your social media manager job

Follow a lot of social media managers is very compulsory and always schedule your post every day.

Conclusion: How To Make Money Online For Beginners In India

Making money online in India is very easy with these 5 different ideas mentioned in this post

All 5 ways are legit and pay well

You just really need to be patient, work hard on a particular one and take consistency is important

Thank you very much for reading kindly leave a comment on your thought about making money online as a beginner in India below!

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