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6 Creative Ways to Make Money


Before I go into today’s business its best for those that stay at home. You need adequate concentration to handle anything attracted with money making. And I am sure if you work on these 6 Creative Ways to Make Money from home. Seriously, you will surely thank me later in the comment after reading this.


Probably, I believe you fall among the victims that search for ways to make money online or at home and other stuff like that and yet you found trash and scam content.

Some will even ask you to buy CDs or PDFs.

Now, finally congratulations, you just come across the legitimate articles


Meanwhile, if you are a procrastinating person you back-off now because I appreciate people that learn new things and take action rather than doing it with a mouth.

Job findings are sauce now and whatever business you start can make you good income its just a matter of time and persistence.

Though it might look like a time wastage at first, just be patient and things will set itself.

You might wonder why am I saying this? Its just because I want feedback from you.

After trying either of this money making tips you should have positive feedback  And you know communication has not taken place when there is no feedback!

Now grab a coffee and read

6 creative ways to make money

1 Sell Your Knowledge And Skills 

It is a good idea to sell your knowledge either online or offline.

No matter who you are you will surely have something to offer.

The problem is just the right information to know where to sell that knowledge you have.

If you steak to your talent and love what you do, you can earn thousands of dollar while enjoying yourself.

Considering these little ideas;

For example A Photography, handiwork(Craft And Art, Sewing and Alterations),  Voice, Consulting, Fast typing and Good in writing (ENTERING DATA, Medical Transcription), Freelance Writing), COOKING

  • A Photographer

If you are the type that learns or got photo skills you can surely earn extra cash from that.

You need to open an Instagram account with your business brand name.

Depending on the type of a photographer you are, you will take sample pictures of it.

If you are a nature photographer you will have to take pictures of nature well filtered.

You need to learn additional photo software like Photoshop to ease your job.

Also, without having a shop you can sell your photography skills on fiverr.com for five bucks.

  • Handiwork-(Craft And Art or Sewing and Alterations)

For creative minds that can create awesome handmade stuff.

You have a great chance to make money from your creativity art.

I always say this ‘Packaging is key’ make a good branding of your creative craft and arts and make sure you are good at what you are doing.

Most handmade works are vastly sold out in the vicinity so make sure you create environmental awareness.

eBay is not the best platform to sell your stuff though you can make eBay addition.

The best platform for your creativity is etsy.com.

With over 35 categories like clothes, gifts and also turn of listings.


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– Research what others are selling and make it in a different way

-commit time to it and treat it as a full-time job

-Since you are selling touchable product virtually you need to give your customers a good 3d picture of your product to please their eye.

It is advisable you surf about how to use etsy so as to learn from an experienced expert on etsy and other artisans using etsy.

  • Voice – Call Center

If you are the type that has good telephone voice and ability to organize stuff very quickly you can turn your room into a call center.

You can actually earn more than $8 approx 2800 naira per hours with this.

There are  bunch of scam site online you need to surf for what people say about the company you choose to work with.

Alpineaccess and Callcentercareers are the awesome company in this field.


You will need a computer that meets the call center’s guidelines, earphones, an Internet connection, and a landline phone to start this.

Some companies will not even accept your application if you did not include this equipment.

Have the ability to multi-task because you will receive a bunch of calls.

  •  Consulting

This is another work from home opportunity for you that can motivate and consult people.

Though this skill is rare or tough to acquire yet some people got this skills for free and easy. If you are the kind of person that can help other people in a particular setting.

You can join the non-profit organization to help them in creating a unique or working ways to raise fund.

Also, you can help organizations on media issue, like connecting them to the right people that is if you are good in social marketing.

As I do say no matter business you want to start packaging is the key.


No matter how good you are in the specific idea you want to work on you still need proper research and more knowledge.

You also have to make a specific time for your stuff not to affect other stuff

And the third thing is that you must know how to market yourself. No lies, give reason and room for people to trust you.

-Typing And Writing Skills-Computer Skills (Fast typing and Good in writing medical Transcription, ENTERING DATA)

  •  Medical Transcription

Every skill is so important it is just the matter of how skillful and productive you are.

For a person with good computer skills and good typing skills.  Medical Transcription is the best for that kind of skills.

The only thing you will need additional is to learn the terminology used in the medical line.

There are tons of medical specialist that want people that can transcript audio note to text so seize this opportunity to grab this space.

  • Entering Data

With this skills you can earn good cash from this sites: clickworker and The smart Crowds with these apps you can earn more than $5  approx 1800 naira 

  • Cooking

If you are good at cooking we have the best way to make money right now from this website.

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This sites CookApp, Cookening, EatWith, and MealSharing  are the best website on this. You can earn enough cash from this sites.

Getting ready- In anything you are doing, you just need to be professional and package yourself which is called branding.

Open an Instagram account with your brand name.

A  photographer you need to take a picture of awesome nature or event and be updating it on your account.

Same goes for a crafts and art person, just take a good picture of your best products and update it. Instagram is the best social network for you.


And that will serve as a reference to your already done projects.

Reward- There are a bunch of sites you can sell your knowledge and stuff like this online.

For example Sell FIVERR.COM. You can sell your photographer knowledge on fiverr for 5 bucks.

Just get everything branded on fiverr and put in your samples. Other sites for Nigerians  jiji and olx. 

You can surf for your local free advertising sites like jiji and olx.

2Get Paid Using This iPhone/Android Apps

6 Creative Ways to Make Money

Do you know you can make money on your phone? If you are phone addict, someone, you can get paid by just using certain applications either on iPhone or Android.

These are the certain apps you can earn cash from Gigwalk, Field Agent, MyLikes, and  WeReward.

These apps pay users to visit local retailers to do independent price checks, business location verification or product reviews.

You also get paid to take a picture of a menu or taking a picture of yourself drinking a Starbucks, or verifying that a road is closed.

So many things you can do with this app and get paid.

Hint Surf online for these apps and get more research on each before you start using them.

3Renting Out Your Stuff And Get Paid

These are two things you can rent out and get paid;

  • Your Car
  • Your Room space

Car Renting

You can rent out your car and get cool cash in return.

If you have spare cars this is another opportunity for you to make money from home.

Sites like Getaround, Uber, and Turo are good sites you can register your car and you will rent it out per hour, day, week or on monthly basis.

Depending on your location surf for a car renting website!

Renting Your Room Space

 You can rent out your room space for cash.

If you have a spare room and you can tolerate other people in your house this is another means to earn some cash from home.

Since this is a very common way to make money from home there are a lot of people doing this for cash, therefore, these are some things you need to put in place.

Confort – Since money is involved you have to fix some stuff for the convenience of your gust.

Make sure its noise free and highly privatize – everybody love privacy-

Make sure the environment is clean and tidy.

Location- Room renting business always boom for those nearer to an airport, in the city, and good environment.

Your environment too should be nearer to where they can easily get stuff for themselves.

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Advertising – This is also part of the most important thing too. You can write ‘To Let’ in front of your house.

You can let your friends and family too aware of this.

Sites like BedandBreakfast and Airbnb.com also specialized in promoting this kind of business and make sure you make a good branding of it.

You can also advertise it on OLX or Jiji for free for Nigerians as it is a free advertising medium.

4Creative Ways to Make Money : Sell Your Old or unwanted stuff

image of old stuff

Do you know you can sell out your old and unwanted stuff in other to make extra money from home?

For example, you can sell old paperbacks on sites like Amazon, eBay and AbeBooks.

You might be wondering what if you sold all your paperbacks and nothing left for sale?

Then you started buying from garage or other places at a very cheap price.

You can also sell your unwanted stuff on Decluttr.

Decluttr is the best site talking about selling unwanted stuff.

Decluttr specializes in entertainment (digital and analog) and consumer technology: books, DVDs, CDs, Blu-rays, laptops, games, tablets, and smartphones.

With this, you don’t need to dump your unwanted stuff in the above categories in refuse again rather than making money from it.

Hint- You need to know how much you can sell the book before buying it.

You also need a room for storing the books depending on how big your business is. Also, you need to consider shipping cost and time through some site that takes control of this.

Then make research about Decluttr online and start making use of it now.


You might have ruled out a survey as a means of making money but let me tell you, Lot of people are still making money by taking a survey. 


Dog owners do want people that can walk their dog around on busy days.

Surf local companies online around you that provide this service.

DogVacay and Rover are examples of sites that provide this service.

Basic Three Tips To Avoid  Scam

  1. Beware Paying Scam

Please take note most legitimate money making sites don’t ask you to pay money.

Avoid paying money for a particular money making stuff.

You shouldn’t pay to get a job.

2. False Testimonials

Beware of anonymous testimonials on a site. Investigate further.

3. Ask Questions 

Ask questions before starting.

Who are is going to pay you?

Base on what are you going to be paid?

Is it salary or commission.

If it is commission ask the commission rate.

And also know the specific task you will be performing.

Final word from me

Always schedule yourself.

Take a note of what you must archive on a daily basis if not you will be left unbalance meanwhile archiving nothing.

Take note of yourself, Take charge of your life and join money making crew today and Start making money from home.

Over to you

Do you have any other ideas for Creative Ways to Make Money? Please share with us in the comment section.

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