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How To Make $100 Dollars A Day Fast ( $3000+/Month Passive Income)

how to make 100 dollars

This is going to be a practical example and a very easy way to make over $100 Dollars A Day Fast and eventually over $3000 dollars a month passively

In this tutorial, you are the one to choose how much you want to be making per day or in a month

Our advice for the money-making crew is to aim high

If your aim is the sky the least you can fall is on the mountain

Out of the three websites, we are going to join together to make money today 2 are free and the third one just requires 50 cents to make our process faster

For this unique way to make $100 dollars a day to work these are what you need and don’t need

  • Internet accessible mobile
  • No unque professionalism
  • No urge fee at all just around 50 cents($0.5) and you are not running any ads
  • It consumes no time. Just around 30 min to an hour to set up
  • This income passive
  • No website needed
  • No Facebook account or any social media account needed
  • You don’t need anything just your smartphone
  • You just need PayPal account to receive your earnings anywhere you are in the world
  • Your potential to make thousands of dollars is high
  • You need to follow step by step

Go to paypal.com register and link your local bank or card

This will make you able to withdraw your payment receive through PayPal to your local bank.

If all that is in place! Let start today’s tutorial…

There are a lot of ways to make PayPal cash

JUST 3 STEPS AND YOU ARE DONE start making 100 a day

Let start with yazing

Yes, yazing.. This is a super easy and unique automatic way to earn

For those that did not know yazing.

How To Make $100 Dollars A Day With yazing (STEP 1)

I call yazing ‘home of brands’

Yazing is an affiliate website, with this company you can get almost all brand affiliate links to promote in one click

no approval!

no waste of time!!

With yazing you can start making thousands of dollars from HP, Walmart, Microsoft, audiobooks, word remit, just mention the brand

fast payment guarantee … well-tracked affiliate link machine, best affiliate deal…

This way of making money today you don’t need to stress yourself to find who to buy just read through this tutorial

And it is absolutely free to create yazing account in less than a minute

Let sign up for yazing

How to create account with Yazing For free in 6 steps

  1. Firs visit yazing.com
  2. Click that ‘JOIN NOW’ button on the homepage
  3. Just click the join facebook if you want to register with your Facebook details
  4. Or fill the simple sign up form (Input username you want to use, email, password, and confirm the password)
  5. After filling the signup form just click Register Now
  6. Then log in your mail and confirm the mail from yazing then you are good to go
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How to withdraw Money from Yazing

You can add your PayPal mail account anytime since payment is once a month

You can place withdrawal on any balance you have in your account

Just edit your yazing profile by clicking your username

and choose edit profile from the dropdown

Update all user details

And very important account details

Input your PayPal mail where they write ‘Email (used for payouts)

Remove the one in the box if not your PayPal mail and also very important after input your password and click save

An email confirmation link will be sent to that your PayPal mail go there and confirm it first

With this its this your PayPal mail you will be using for anything on yazing

To receive payment or even login yazing either with your username or this mail and password

Note that yazing charge %10 of all payout

How to see how much you earn on Yazing and track

By clicking your username on the right up corner and choose dashboard from the drop-down you see all your pending and paid amount

You will see transaction history and shopping clicks

You will see how to track your transaction and how to report missing transactions if any

Selecting Brand to promote and on Yazing

This is very important, on this website homepage choose a brand to promote

how to make 100 dollars with yazing

Note we will use Block Fi as an example you can promote any product or brand but aim high

Note ‘ BlockFi offers crypto interest-earning accounts with up to 8.6% APY. This allows clients holding crypto like Bitcoin & Ether to earn compounding interest. BlockFi also offers low-cost USD loans backed by crypto. Access crypto capital without selling.’

Promoting BlockFi Fi for example you get up to $500 per person

You just need 6 to get $3,000 a month

And with this trick, we are about to discuss in this tutorial you make even more

Because we are putting this in front of millions of targeted audiences that already love to register for cryptocurrency for as low as 50 cents

Making ‘crazy’ money

Choosing BlockFi,

I just have to click the second button below BlockFi which says ‘Promote To Earn’ button below it and copy your affiliate link to promote

If you want to see what someone that click your referral link will see

Just click the first button below the brand you want to promote ‘BlockFi in our case’


You will see ‘shop to earn button’ click it and you will see the landing page for someone that click your link

After you have copied your link to promote

JUST LIKE THIS IN OUR CASE ‘https://yazing.com/deals/blockfi/MoneyMakingCrew’ copy that link and save somewhere or you can always come back to yazing to copy it then follow the Step TWO

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The next step is to design a very simple yet professionally designed banner for the Brand we want to promote

Now, You will need to open a free snappa account.

What is snappa

How To Make $100 Dollars A Day With Snappa (STEP 2)

Snappa is free to use, drag and drops simple online banner designer website

In terms of professional design in one click copy and paste try snappa

Remove any background in one click, though, I don’t think we will need to edit any background

They have a lot of templates ready made for different categories, social media, advertising, header, and even for bloggers

Trust me snappa is very simple to use

First, create an account on snappa

How to create account with Snappa For free in 4 steps

  1. Visit snappa.com and click get started
  2. Fill the simple sign up form Input your Name , email and password
  3. Then click get started free and confirm email sent to your mail
  4. Now you are free to use Snappa

How to use snappa to make $100 Dollars A Day

Now, let me quickly show you how to make use of the inbuild readymade templates

We will do some magic professionally in less than a minute now drag and drop

You know We want to create ads banner FOR BLOCKFI brand we want to promote

Just scroll down on the home page that reads ‘create a graphic’ on snappa

And check the categories of templates that read ‘SOCIAL AND DISPLAY ADS’

You will see ‘Facebook Carousel Ad’, Facebook Link Ad, Medium Rectangle Ad, Rectangle Ad, and Leaderboard Ad

Just click Facebook Link Ad

More templates load under that category let just choose this pretty girl template for editing

I think we need to change this pretty girl photo to a cryptocurrency stock photo since we are promoting BlockFi which is about cryptocurrency

Just search cryptocurrency on the search for image button on the left-hand side of the snappa and replace the girl photo with just a click

The picture will be black and white our template is black and white if you want to make it colour just do that on the effects tab ‘use the saturate tab’.

You can choose any template while designing yours

Edit the text on the banner with some info on the landing page of your link l

how to make 100 dollars per day with snappa  blockfi

As seen above that is from the default snapa design to our affiliate ads design for blockFi

That is done in less than 1 min and you can do a more professional one if you spend up to a minute

Now that we have chosen what to promote from yazing ‘step one’ and design banner for it with snappa ‘step two’ now let send it to the target audience with adclerks with less than $0.50 step three

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How To Make $100 Dollars A Day With adclerks (STEP 3)

Adclerks is a website where popular website owners sell their space to people that need to promote their brands or to buy ads space

Visit adclerks.com and click ‘create account’ to create a free account instantly

how to make 100 dollars with adclerks

How to create account with Adclerks For free in 3 steps

  1. Visit adclerks.com and click create account
  2. Fill in your details (Username, First Name , Last Name, email, password, click advertiser , check the two boxes)
  3. Then click create account

After you have created an account now choose the category of the affiliate link or brand you want to promote

For this tutorial purpose, we are using cryptocurrency

Now go to the cryptocurrency category

We have about 11 websites presently under these categories that you can promote the link to

For example playnano.online is 1,000 impression space for 20 cents($0.20) and they have 626k impressions per month

faucetfly is also renting 1,000 impression ads space for 50 cents ($0.50) and they have a total of 390k impressions per month

Acefaucet is another cryptocurrency website having over 1.3 Million impressions per month and they will be renting ads space for $15 per month and this is also super awesome

Remember we just need a sign up to earn up to $500

Out of 1.3 Million impressions if only 10 can sign up you will be earning $5,000 per month for just $15 that is far profitable

Let just say we have only 6 sign up you get $ 3,000 or even with a single sign up out of 1.3 Million impressions you still get $ 500 with $ 15 ads space very awesome

Just submit the banner and link to one of the website ads spaces on adclerks

And this actually works like magic because its targeted real traffic

Conclusion on How To Make $100 Dollars A Day fast and $3,000+/month in Passive Income

These very simple 3 steps to make over $3,000 fast

Step One

Go to Yazing.com, register for a brand affiliate and get an instant affiliate link to promote and percent you will get per person referred

Step Two

Visit Snappa to design a banner around the affiliate link or brand to promote

You can design professional banners fast and with ease

Step Three

Visit adclerks to promote your affiliate link

Look for the category of website that has the same audience as the brand you want to promote the link

You can now start promoting and start making money

With these simple steps, you will start making over 100 per day and over 3,000 a month

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