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How to make 200 dollars in one day( Make 200$ no investment)


Hey, MoneyMakingCrew
Let show you how to make 200 dollars in one day or even make more than 200$ in just one day.

Making a turn of 200 dollars a day may look wired in a real sense even to someone searching for it or wanted to know.

But let me tell you today secretes are met to secrete that’s why we think some things are impossible.

You might have run into some debt

like me some years ago

or just want money fast and want an idea that will be making you more than 200 a day.

Today I am not going to be just dumping a list of sites down like other websites

And at the end of the day, you will find out that its a whole job or things that can take you years to achieve.

Or ideas not available in your country

Some might even be outdated.

Some list might have been known by you before or some unique

But just don’t take a step

Today you just have to take a step

Because I will late you aware of the top 3 ideas on how to make 200 dollars a day just like the other site did

And still, give you my golden way full work through to make your first 200 dollars any moment from now.

3 Best ways on how to make 200 dollars a day
3 Best ways on how to make 200 dollars a day

3 Best ways on how to make 200 dollars a day

These are just the key 3 of the turns of ways to make 200 dollars per day

Find Freelance Work

This is a very cool idea

Because to say the fact you can make a thousand dollars doing this.

But it requires you too to practice first or better still; Ask yourself this;

What are you good at?

If you are good at art, good
If you are good at writing, good
If its some tech stuff, good
Most people actually think freelance is just writing stuff. With what you love doing

You can start doing it online and start making more than 200 dollars.

You can go to a site like;

Upwork , Freelencer , fiver or lot more

Now you see it might take time before you build yourself to make money through this.

But I have promised you 3 ways in listed because taking you through my own real 200 dollars daily for you anywhere. Let talk about the second one


Sign up for multiple surveys.

Survey is not dead at a lot of people are making turns of money daily.

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Just by answering a simple but truthful question about your daily activity.

And they will pay you for your time to answer those surveys.

Though, some survey sites proof to be the truth but not.

Why most are true.

I have someone making more than 200 dollars daily on survey sites.

Though he signs up for multiple survey sites at a time.

Some survey sites like Survey Junkie , Swagbucks among others are paying very well.

But as I said earlier some might not work for your country that’s why I just have to show you my own way you will get 200 dollars now?

But before then, let me take you through the third on the list.


Here is another way too earn more than 200 dollars a day.

Its funny people are making it big here.

But, what if you don’t have what to rent out?

Anyways here you can rent out your cars here for uber or other transport company.

They will employer driver for you and will deliver money for you may weekly or monthly.

Or on the other way rent out your apartment.

I am going to give you you a golding idea and best way to make your first 200 dollars.

Just because I promise to make this list before talking about my tip and that 3 list is dope that even combines some turns of the list on google.

You see after reading those list above

Yes, some will take action and steps but a good number will not

Because it takes time and some not certain, right.

But the fact remains that you can actually make more than 200 dollars if you actually try any of that 3 ways I showed you up.

But let me tell you how you can make more than 200 dollars per day around you.

How to make 200 dollars in one day Around You Step By Step guide

What we will be doing here is,

We will be promoting local services under 30 min on google first page sure..

And some awesome values for them.

I am still going to send you back to google..

With Google, you can earn turns of money daily.

This is what you going to do

You don need any professional skills

But, You will do professional stuff now in just 5 min very simple.

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First, make sure you are using google chrome browser

Install extension

install the chrome extension.

Go to google search for any service like

event planners in Lagos (It will bring suggestions)

How to make 200 dollars daily steps
How to make 200 dollars daily

Like now am in Lagos

I will search for event planners in l( It will suggest the keyword people are looking for with how many people are looking for it

event planners in Lagos right writing these articles about 390 searching for this monthly.

how to make 200 dollars in one day; google screenshot
200 dollars per day; Google screenshot

Even if its 200 per month it’s cool because the competition is low.

Just use the one with an average of 100 searches monthly.

Now use either google search place more button or

click any of the local listing sites suggestions

Or go to your 2 or 4 google pages

Because people on that page will love to bring their service to the first page of google.

Now going with ‘event planners in Lagos’

And picking either from the google more place or local suggestions

Choosing ‘Trendy Bee Elite Events ‘

From their website or in the google details here you can see there number and website to use before contacting them.

Or call them first to know maybe there contact is correct before going on.

Now over to Make a pro ads video with them as low as less than a dollar making turns of videos per month.

How to make 200  dollars daily with flipress
flipess sign up page

Make an ads video like this below

With there text and images featured

Even a lot more unique content in a minute.

There are free ones you can use too.

After getting the video done in less than 10 min

Now create a google account here (Just use Ads, ads in filling it because it’s for ads purpose) and create a youtube channel in 1 minute here.

Use the keyword has the channel name ‘Event planners in Lagos’

You don’t need to do anything just fill the info and click the upload button and upload the video.

Now pay attention here..

To title this video

Use this keyword; Keyword +complany name + Phone number of the company

Then the description copy stuff details in their website and make sure you first repeat the same title to the description just like this


Event planners in Lagos? Trendy Bee Elite Events 0809 188 8897


Event planners in Lagos? Trendy Bee Elite Events 0809 188 8897

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We are a full-service wedding planning company that creates one-of-a-kind weddings inspired by the love stories and adventures of our incredible couples. We treat each wedding as our own, which means that we ensure that your wedding gets the attention to detail it deserves. From our first meeting to the last goodby, we’re focused on making your wedding experience every bit as magical as you are dreaming it will be.

If you need an Event planner in Lagos to call Trendy Bee Elite Events 0809 188 8897

And in the tag Just put

Event planners in Lagos, event planners

Before 24 hours search Event planners in lagos, you will see the video front page.

You know why this happening because it’s very low competitive

No video will be made about it.

You can narrow the search to your city or street.

Event planners in lyana-ipaja

You will see how many people searching for that around you.

The next step is now contacting them

No problem if they turn you down which 90 per cent will not.

You will just take down the video edit the channel name and make another video repeating the step in 20min.

Now You are in money

How to make 200 dollars in one  day
moving with money 200 dollars in one day

Now contacting Them

We do all this before contacting them because we need proof

And this will drive them to take action instantly

You can contact them through phone number or mail or even pay a formal visit

Tell them how much you will be collecting per call or how much they will pay.

Or if they want it that they pay you all at once charge very well.

But trust me charging them per call will be best

Because they will surely receive calls from people searching for that.

Because turns of people searching for things on google.

Let me tell you nobody will tell you secrets like this but I just want Money MakingCrew to always receive worthwhile contents.

Imagine doing like 3 of this per day.. How much will you be making in your city?

Now take action and start making money on google.

Leave a comment down below and let me see what you think…

Instead of giving a list of how to make 200 dollars in a day am giving you step by step guide on how to make even more than 200 dollars a day.

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