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Refer And Earn Apps In Nigeria 2023 : Earn N200k+ Monthly (Top 20)

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Welcome to MoneyMakingCrew! Today we will be talking about our top 20 best refer and earn apps in Nigeria that can make you more than 100k monthly this 2023. There are a lot of apps out there promise to refer and earn but failed so we have make research about the top 20 best paying refer and dearn apps. And the good news is that we have a full review about some of these apps and earn personally too.

To make this snappy we will be listing those 10 apps accordingly and then start giving you a brief about each of them.

Top 20 best Refer And Earn Apps In Nigeria 2023

below are the lists of the 10 best refer and earn apps in Nigeria currently right now!!!

  1. Hawkit
  2. chipper cash
  3. branch app
  4. kuda bank
  5. Piggyvest
  6. cowrywise
  7. flitaa
  8. fairmoney
  9. jumia one
  10. luno
  11. Risevest
  12. xtraincome
  13. opay
  14. umba
  15. palmpay
  16. trove
  17. roqqu
  18. carbon
  19. stan chart
  20. Owo Daily

Now that you already see the list above let et started to give you details about each of these apps.

1. Hawkit

Hawkit is one of the best Nigerian money-making apps. They allow their users to earn money just by performing simple tasks like liking a Facebook post, following Twitter accounts, posting on WhatsApp status, and a lot more very simple tasks.

You can earn a lot of money doing those simple tasks and at the end of the day, they will send your earnings directly to your Nigeria local bank account whenever you click withdraw.

They pay 500 naira per referral! It is best you read the full review we wrote about ” Hawkit :Free Registration Sign up &Earn 50k/monthly,how it works| Review

But if you feel like using our referral link o register you can use this link Once you register you too just need to copy your own referral link and start earningRegister

2. Chpper Cash

Chipper cash unbelievable free digital banking app that gives you seamless transactions. You can transfer money from chipper cash to any bank in Nigeria or withdraw directly to your linked bank account. Chipper cash to chipper cash transfer is another fast means of sending money and they have bill payments, recharge card payments, and a lot more too.

What makes them unique is that with chipper cash you can send money abroad to South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uk and a lot more.

You can also create a virtual dollar card with them to use for any payment

No stopping there they also pay users by sharing their app with friends and family. You get paid 300 nairas and your friend too gets free 300 when they register, verify their account and send 600 to another chipper account user.

You get 4,000 naira if you refer your friends to the US and they send $30 to an African country!

If you want to use our referral link use this!

After registering then you too can get your referral link and start earning

3. Branch app

Talking about loan apps in Nigeria Branch topping chart.

This is the easiest way to make up to 100k monthly just with refer and earn app.

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People are always on the look for the best loan app so that they can easily get cash loans online fast without collateral or any paperwork and the branch app is the best for this.

YOu will get a lot of friends and family that will love to try this out by browning cash from branch and if they use your link to register you earn 1,500 on each!

Register now and start earning big.

4. Kuda Bank

We have talked about kuda a good number of times. This is the Nigerian trending digital banking.

This is also the fastest-growing digital banking in Nigeria currently

They give you a debit or credit card you can use anywhere easily and free transactions on kuda app too.

When something is trending you need to tap into it to make a lot of money because people are hearing about it up and down they just want someone to show them how it works.

You get 200 naira per referral and that is a lot because it is trending digital banking right now you will get a lot of people ready to register with your link.

You can read more about kuda bank from our previous kuda bank review

5. Piggyvest

Piggyvest is the biggest online saving and investing platform in Nigeria.

They are the ones encouraging Nigerian savings habits and giving them an interest in return.

Recently we compile Best Money Saving Apps in Nigeria with interest 2023(Top 10) where piggyvest makes number 1 on our list you can check the other apps on the list too.

Piggyvest gives you 1,000 for every person you refer and the person that use your link will also get 1,000 too.

You can read more about piggyvest from our piggy vest review here Piggyvest Investment Review

And if you wish to use our referral link to register you can use this ‘ ‘ After you have registered you can now copy your link and start earning

6. cowrywise

Just like piggyvest, Cowrywise is also an online saving and investing platform in Nigeria that gives interest to its users on savings.

They have different types of savings plans which are discussed in our top 10 list of saving apps (You can check that out).

They also have to refer and earn a scheme where they give their users 250 naira per successful registration.

7. flitaa

Flitaa is totally different from other apps we have been talking about because here they deal with crypto.

Trust me they are one of the easiest crypto apps I ever found easy to buy, sell swap and send direct to your local bank right here in Nigeria.

Aside from buying, selling, and swapping crypto they also have to refer and earn programs where they pay you for referring people to register on their app

Their referral system is very interesting because you earn %0.5 per transaction people you refer made and that is awesome.

That is the first recurring referral payment app on this list of Refer And Earn Apps In Nigeria

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It is really awesome to get paid recurrently multiple times…

8. Fairmoney

Fairmoney is also one of the popular loan apps in Nigeria.

You can easily get people to register for loan apps as I said earlier about the branch app. But fairmoney gives each referral 500

You can easily make 5,000 with just 10 people.

9. jumia one

Jumia one also known as JumiaPay is a payment channel created by the number 1 Nigeria e-commerce JUMIA for seamless transactions.

You can also use Jumia pay to pay bills, airtime, buy anything from jumia, and a lot more.

They also have a referral program where they pay 500 naira per referral on a successful referral that also buys something worth 500 naira.

10. luno

Luna is asl the second crypto website on our list after flitaa.

Luno is another cryptocurrency website in Nigeria that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency easily like bitcoins.

They also have to refer and earn programs.

You get paid N250 each for every friend and family you invite, register, and also buy 5,000 worth of crypto.

11. Risevest

Risevest name sounds familiar to piggyvest we made mentioned earlier and they also help you save money but now in USD not Naira like Piggyvest.

You can easily invest in stock and real estate with them

They also have a referral program which is %3 of the amount the person you refer saved with them.

12. xtraincome

This is a fitness and health app that give you points for performing some task in the app.

They also have a referral program where they pay their referral for referring their family and friends

13. Opay

This is a robust finance app in Nigeria that help in performing banking transactions like sending and receiving money. They also perform digital transactions like bill payments and saving with interest, and a lot of their POS is offline used by agents for business

They also have a refer and earn program that paid 700 naira to 1,700 per referral and they actually a lot if you can start earning with them

14. Umba

Just like opayUmba is also a finance app that you can use to send money, receive money, pay bills, and a lot more

Umba has a referral-earning program that pays 1,000 per successful person you refer and the person has to also deposit at least 100 naira into his/her account.

15. Palmpay

Palmpay is going to be the 3rd mobile money payment platform that you can easily use to send money, receive money, buy airtime, pay bills, and a lot more.

You can earn a lot of points from palmpay with a lot of different task and palmpay point is equivalent to naira.

They also have pos agent offline like

They also offer refer and earn features and they have one of the best cashback.

16. Trove

This is another stock app that gives you room to buy foreign stocks from Telsa, amazon, and a lot more also local stocks from companies like GTbank, Dangotae, and a lot

Theirs refer and earn program is really awesome because you earn 5 shares from companies like Dangote sugar, Gtbank, and others when you refer a friend.

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That is really cool %100 free 5 shares per friend you refer.

You can check how it works here

17. Roqqu

This is another cryptocurrency website that allows you to buy and sell crypto with ease.

You can buy crypto like altcoins, bitcoin, and a lot

They also have a very awesome referral program that paid %0.5 per referral just like flitaa crypto app we talk about earlier.

That is a woopy %0.5 per transaction those you refer made.

18. carbon

This is just like the Branch app too!

They are a loan app that lends people loans online without any paperwork and they are legit.

Their referral program pays 500 per referral.

And you get the 500 when those people you refer take a loan and pay it back.

That reminds me… For those that love to take loans kindly read our List of fake loan apps in Nigeria 2023

That is about 45 companies on that list though some are mentioned in the list because of their customer relationships and ways they use to get their money back.

Moving forward, we have just two to go…

19. stan chart

Stan Chart means Standard Chartered Bank, they also offer awesome refer and earn programs.

I think they are the first bank on that make this our list of best 20 Refer And Earn Apps In Nigeria.

They pay people 2,000 per person that uses your link to open their account.

Imagine other banks doing this.

Maybe they will need to sack their marketers!

lol! just kidding…

Those people you are referring to have to make at least one transaction maybe send 100 naira to another account before you get credited 2,000.

They pay very high .. referring to 100 people is exactly 200k!

Now start planning your strategy to start referring people.

20. Owodaily

Now we start with a website like this and end our list with it…

Just like Hawkit, Owodaily also allows its users to earn by just performing simple tasks like commenting on a Facebook post, liking a Facebook page, subscribing to a youtube channel, following Instagram accounts,t and a lot of simple things you do normally.

Now you earn by doing just that!

Now they have a very awesome referring program that gives you 2,500 per referral

They have a very awesome referral program but why are they now on our number 20?

Because they are paid not free, unlike hawkit which is just 1,000! Owodaily is 5,000!

While you can start with all the free referral programs we stated earlier and when you earn enough you can try owo daily too because you can easily earn up to half a million with this!

If you would love to use our owodialy referral link to register you can use this


Finally, those are the top best 20 legit Refer And Earn Apps In Nigeria currently.

You will find a lot online but we carefully research 20 for you guys!

Start referring and start earning.

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