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72ig :Implementation Program WarNing!Whatsapp Income Generator|Review

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator 001

Welcome, MoneyMakingCrew! today we will be talking about the 72ig implementation program 2.0 and WhatsApp income generator review by expectnaire, and it’s advisable to read this before you take any purchase action on this course.

We are going to be discussing from the outside to the inside of this course and the actual truth you need to know.

There are a series of questions people do ask about this course :


Is this course legit or yet another scam!
What is even inside this course
What is the price and why so cost
Is it a course, a training, or a program lol!
a lot of questions…

Yes! this course started operation for a long but we did not make the review and a lot of the MoneyMakingCrew are asking of our review about it.

Congratulation! We have the course with us now and you are going to know what is inside this course today and even why all the noise outside


So make sure you grab a coffee as we move…

We will be starting with the founder of the course

Founder of 72IG

The founder of the 72ig is Toyin Omotosho and he is also the CEO of the affiliate company Expertnaire.


He is an internet marketer, a business consultant, and also an affiliate marketer with over 11 years in the business


He founded the affiliate company expertnaire 2018 and after years when he notice millions of Nigerians done even know how to make money with affiliate marketing so he combine all his over 10 years’ experience to create 72ig training program.


Brief About Expertnaire

Expertnaire is a multi-million Affiliate company where digital course guru experts go to offer their valuable courses to be sold by affiliate marketers and get a commission. Yes! Affiliate marketers also go there to get affiliate links of products and get a commission!

Expertnaire pays all affiliate marketers their commission every Friday direct to their local bank account.

Now that we know that Toyin Omotosho is the Founder of Expectnaire Affiliate Company and he is also the owner of the 72ig program now let’s talk about the program

About 72ig Implementation Program 2.0 / Whatsapp income Generator

This program is two in one the Implementation program and the WhatsApp income generator program.

72IG simple mean 72 HOURS Income Generator

The first program is 72ig implementation program ‘advance affiliate marketing ‘ started going live in 2019 then by ending of 2021 he added WhatsApp income generator to the program.

now let me tell you all about this program …

All about 72ig Implementation program and whatsapp income generator

The first one covered how to make money online with affiliate marketing through email marketing and the second teach you how to make money with your WhatsApp income.

The two teach you how to get traffic professionally paid traffic and also free traffics and how to monetize those traffics and close sales with both email marketing and WhatsApp marketing.

This program comprises training videos, pdf, access to weekly mentorship, and Q/A on the private Facebook group with free 12 months access to expertnaire.

But we will show you what is in this program in this review.

All insider of the 72ig course content

Once you register (I will show you how to in this review) these are what you get access to.

Once you register it will take you to this page with 5 ITEMS

  1. The First one is the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator
  2. Then the 72IG Implementation Program 2.0
  3. Your 1-Year Expertnaire Affiliate Account & 50% Commission
  4. Access Links to Your Extra Bonuses (Twitter blueprint and whatsapp Done For You Campagns)
  5. Join Other Students Every Wednesday On a 72IG Coaching Class
72ig implementation program training and whatsapp income generator content

Now let’s open them one after the other

72ig Whatsapp Income Generator Course Content

In this first part of the course, we have 3 modules.

Module 1 has 3 videos, 2 has 5 main videos plus 3 tutorial videos and pdfs, model 3  has 2 videos (The Twitter Money Blueprint is recommended) then we have additional helpful resources.

Module 1

The first video is the introductory video followed by understanding expertnaire affiliate marketing system in video 2

Then video 3 on this module one teaches you about picking a product to promote, understanding the product, and the potential buyers.

then you move to module 2

Module 2

The first video of module 2 talks about the introduction to the WhatsApp sales funnel

The second video of module two takes you through the first stage of the WhatsApp funnel: How to pick up fast and make easy money by promoting to contacts you already have(Free Traffic).

Then he made a video titled ‘1,600 presale breakdown showing the breakdown on how to write a presale page with one of his best performing presales using as an example.

Then follow by video 3 of module 2 where he teaches you about Whatsapp Funnel Stage 2: How To Make MEGA money by promoting to people you don’t know

Then we have video 4 module 2 which talks about how to use WhatsApp status to share content with your list, follow up and promote to them.

Then he added three tutorials videos where he show you How to Create WhatsApp Links, How to Use WhatsApp Autoresponder and How to Use Carrd to Create Webpages.

Then we have module two additional resources!

Thousands of ready-made Done For You scripts and they are updated to google doc so he does update it and add more to it

  • How to Sell With WhatsApp Broadcasts
  • How to Sell With WhatsApp Groups
  • Download the Headline Swipe File
  • Download the WhatsApp Content Calendar
  • Download the WhatsApp Sales Script & Dialogue
  • Download WhatsApp Template Swipe
  • Framing and Positioning Examples – Download
  • Conclusion and Call to Action Templates – Download
  • Samples of Presell and Sampler Articles – Download

Then we move to module 3

module 3 72ig Whatsapp Income Generator

Module 3 video 1 teaches you how to set up your WhatsApp office

Module 3 video 2 talks about getting scalable traffic also known as traffic from people you don’t know.

Then we have another video on ‘Twitter Money Blueprint’

After that gives you additional resources the list of WhatsApp TV Compilations is always updated.

Then he made another tutorial video on ‘How to Create a Simple Yes/No Quiz Funnel And Use It to Make More Affiliate Sales

Then he gives another how to install WordPress and a plugin to use to build sales pages

He then gives the link to download the plugin for free, a link o download his done for you quiz template that can be edited with drag and drop.

Now he moves to extra bonuses

Extral bonuses on 72ig Whatsapp Income Generator

Here there are two extra bonuses

The first one is the 4 Ways to Make Money Online Report (13-Paged Document) Promoting 4 Hot Expertnaire Offers (bizopp)

Here he teaches you 3 steps to do this with done for you templates with free high valuable books you can edit with your affiliate link inside and start using as your money magnet or giving it out free

Then second he give access to edit one of his best-performing books to edit with your affiliate link and start sharing it out or also use it as your money magnet

Then he added a lot of done for you AD Swipes to Use Via Whatsapp, Social media, or Email.

All the write-up to use and how to amend it and capture sales…

Those are what is inside the 72ig WhatsApp income generator which is the number 1 out of the 5

Now let’s move to the second part

72IG Implementation Program 2.0 Course Content

This part comprises of Day 1 to Day 12 and Bonuses

But the first video is from Sam Oven

started with a motivational video to do more and power of thinking by Sam Oven

72ig implementation program training
72ig implementation program training 2.0

Day 1

Day 1 video 1 started with a video teaching about ‘setting a foundation’ This video comprises of what you will need to start, The money equation, Promotions and setting up, what to do and not do, and more

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then we move to video 2

Day 1 video 2 talk about tips, tricks, and hacks on how to be productive

Then follow by additional resources

DAY 1 – ADDITIONAL RESOURCES ( This comprises Done for you templates, pdf, and videos )

How to join the 72IG Facebook support group
The Affiliate Expertnaire support
Expertnaire video tutorial
How to Get your first 2-5 sales without spending money on adverts
Whatsapp Sales Blueprint
classical music for productivity
How to Get a Virtual Card on GetBarter

Now we move to Day 2

Day 2

Day 2 video 1 teaches you about how to pick promising products

Day 2 video 2 teaches you about products and market research

Then we have a day two additional research worksheet.

This doc file teaches you the step by step follow up on how to research a products

Then we move to day 3

Day 3

These teach you how to kick-start your sales process

Here he teaches you all the step-by-step processes and formulas you need to follow to kick start your sales process with examples.

Then we have additional resources

Day 3 Additional resources

All done for you killer heading from different angles, opening statements, conclusions, call to actions, presales, and sampler contents all in google drive that the team is updating from time to time…

Now we move to Day 4

Day 4

Day 4 video 1 teaches you about kickstarting sales funnels where he takes you through all the processes of sales funnels from professional angles

Then we move to video 2 days 4

Video 2 day 4 teaches you how to engineer your lead magnet, opin page, and thank you page

With a lot of Formulars to use!

Then we have additional recourses for day 4

Thes additional recourses give you Done For You templates Optin Pages, presell formulas, and adverts that just drag and drop editing

Then we move to day 5

Day 5

Day 5 video 1 teaches you how to get a domain, web hosting, and get a page builder ready with a step-by-step procedure…

Additional video on the step-by-step procedure on how to install WordPress and the page builder.

Then we move to video 2

This video teaches you how to use an autoresponder for your email marketing step by step.

Then the next is video 3

Videos 3 of Day 5 teaches you how to design your presell page, optin page and thank you page with the page builder you installed previously step by step.

here we come with day 5 resources

First on the resources on day 5 is the link to download the Done For You ready-made presell pages, optin pages and thank you pages

The second is the link to download the page builder to use then the third resource is the steps to take if you want the whole thing installed for you.

Then let’s move to day 6 video 1

Day 6

The first video on this part teaches you about how to the secrete email to drive sales

Then after the video, you get a pdf of ready-made secrete email marketing in the videos with some resources

Then we move to day 7 video 1

Day 7

Here is the professional video that talks about the Facebook advertising introduction

Then video 2 of day 7 talk about how to bulletproof yourself against the Facebook ban

Moving to video 3 which teaches you how to get your Facebook account back if get ban

Then we move to the resources page for Day 7

These resources give you these 4 things

  • Download The Disapproved.Jpg List Here
  • Download The Templates For Terms And Policy Here
  • Download The FB Ad Account Appeal Templates Here
  • Download the Day 7 v3 Slides here

Let’s move to Day 8 where he teaches all about advanced facebook manager

Day 8

The first video teaches how to use canva!

Then the main video 1 of day 8 teaches how to set a foundation for your Facebook campaigns

Then followed by another video still under the video 1 day 8 full explain how to use pixel plugin and the plugin to use to track your website sales and activities! Full tutorial on a pixel.

Then we move to video 2 of Day 8 which is about doing your ads manager homework ( creating Facebook business manager, ad account Facebook page , running some ads, and a lot more)

Then two ready-made recourses to download exception facebook ads and FB targeting blueprint always updated

Then another video about ‘Facebook & Image Display Training’

Then we start video 3 of day 8 which teaches you how to set up conversion ads on Facebook

Moving to video 4 that teaches the 72ig math.

  • Then we have Day 8 respources !
  • List Of Blocked Words For Your FB Page
  • Warming Up Your Ad Account PDF
  • Download the Video Animation Training (Zip File)

Day 9

The first video of day 9 teaches you and walk you through from funnel to process of lunching professional Facebook ads

Then day 8 video 2 teaches you ‘how to a lookalike audience that will bring you sales using a buyers custom audience’

Before we talk about 3rd video of day 8 there is a short tutorial video that teaches how to redirect or short your affiliate link in a professional way.

Video 3 of Day 9 This is the time for Q/A about the 72ig system

Then followed by a Day 9 resources

  • Updated Travel Matters Content Page Template (Only Works With Thrive Arhcitect)
  • How To Redirect Your Affiliate Link PDF
  • 72IG Q&A On Zoom (Wednesday)
  • 72IG Q&A On Zoom (Thursday)

Day 10

Day 10 teaches you How to analyze the data from your ads campaign

Then we move to Day 11

Day 11

Day 11 teaches you how to troubleshoot a 72ig funnel

Then we move to

Day 12

Day 12 have only one video on Instagram advertising blueprint

We have 5 bonuses on this last day with free resources and done for you templates and updating lists to plug and play.

That is all for the implementation then we move to the 3rd thing inside this 72ig program after the main ’72IG WhatsApp Income Generator’ and ‘the 72IG Implementation Program 2.0’ then we have ‘Your 1-Year Expertnaire Affiliate Account & 50% Commission’

THREE: Your 1-Year Expertnaire Affiliate Account & 50% Commission:

In this section, you will know how to get access to the expertnaire account since it’s a free 1-year bonus attached to the program.

They will set it up for you in 48 hours

Then we move to the 4th

FOUR: Access Links to Your Extra Bonuses: in the 72ig Implementation Program And Whatsap income Generator

Here you have a link to two big bonuses :

  • Download Full Twitter Money Blueprint Pack
  • 3 Done For You WhatsApp Campaigns

Then we move to the 5th

FIVE: Join Other Students Every Wednesday On a 72IG Coaching Class

Here we have a replay of previous coaching replays and how to can get access to it.

There are 3 parts here!

The first part is a video on ‘What Top Affiliates Do Differently to Make Sales

Then the next part is!

How You Can 10X Your Sales Even if You Are a Beginner Affiliate Marketer
by one of the top affiliates! This contains 2 videos

Then the last part is the :

PATTS METHOD – Ultimate Organic Traffic Sales Blueprint by top affiliate contain 3 videos.

And that’s all 5 sections in the 72ig program…

Before talking about the benefit of the 72ig program and others let me talk about my personal review of the program

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsap income Generator Review

This program is just a university of Affiliate Marketing Business. That is why I told you from the beginning of the review to first read everything about Affiliate marketing from this detailed article I wrote before moving to this review but if you have not you can do that now or just move on because I will still give a brief review about it …

It teaches you how to start from newbies to be a professional and also take you from a mediocre affiliate marketer to be a badass affiliate marketer that generates thousands of dollars and naira all around the world

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Okay, let me tell you the benefit of this!

The benefit of getting the 72ig Implementation Program And Whatsap income Generator

  • You start any business with your smartphone: You can now start any digital business because you are loaded and there are people to lead you through untill you start making your sales
  • Render Facebook Ads expect services: You can now work as an facebook ads expect anywhere online , for companies , individual or list your gigs on freelencer websites and charge any amount you want
  • Sell Facebook expect as digital product:You can now sell advance facebook ads expect services online lot of people are doing this ! You run facebook ads targeting business owners and teaching them how to run facebook ads to their customers
  • Work as an affiliate marketer: You can now visit any affiliate network or companies like expectnaire, Skilldio, for Nigerians or move to earn in dollar affiliate companies like clickbank, warriorplus,JVzoo among other and you will know what to do to take the product you want to promote, what to do with product an dhow to earn thousand of dollar doing just that.
    Exact steps all the gurus are taking to make thousan dof dollars with all this affiliate companies and you are now the guru.
  • You can now render Twitter sales blueprint service to companies, freelensers website or add it to your portfolio
  • You can now make a digital course on twitter expect and start making money from it
  • You can now render a service on advance Instagram ads manager as a freelencer or for companies
  • You can now sell courses on instagram ads manager too
  • You can now build a sales funnel from scratch and render it as a service to freelencer website or people and make money from it
  • You will also be able to sell courses on how to build a profitable sales funnel which you can charge any amount and how to promote ot to people that will buy it almost instantly
  • You already know how to install wordpress and build a sales page on new website and how to do that for client too
  • You will be able to learn how email marketing works and provide it as a service to people and freelencers
  • You will be a professional using email marketing to sales your products or other peoples products
  • Render service as a professional email marketer to freelencer website or people that will need it
  • You will be able to sell to your friends , family and fans without spending money on ads and will be able to teach people how to do that too and get paid for it
  • You will be a professional whatsapp income generator where you will be expect generating sales in 72hrs with whatsapp with any products
  • You will be a professional product researcher except for companies or render it as service and make lot of money
  • You are now an expect in closing deals ! You already know how everything works and you will render it as service to companies, as a freelencer on freelencer website and make lot of money closing deals for yourself
  • Everything is lifetime updating new tricks, hacks, professional trainings and you get access to the founder and top affiliates and keep learning and making money

A lot of gurus you see with those services went through this course…

Get the course you just need to know that you have gotten a whole new business

How did affiliate marketing really work in brief…

How does affiliate marketing works in general

It’s advisable you read a full review about affiliate marketing here’ ‘ but in brief!

Just like one of the richest men worldwide Jeff, Chairman of Amazon! He practices affiliate marketing by bringing the buyer to sellers and he takes commission without even having any product at all.

Same Jumia, Airbnb, and others!

Affiliate marketing is a business model

We will be talking more about the digital product because they make money faster than physical products

Examples of digital products are Online courses, Eb00ks, and can also be videos or online schools that solve a particular problem that a large audience has.

Some digital products like, How to lose weight with natural foods, How to relocate to Canada Step by step, The complete Webdesign training among others

Those products will be created by experts in that field and proven working …

Those experts will take those digital products to the Affiliate network or company website!

Affiliate companies will verify the product and check maybe it’s worth it and place it on their website with the agreed commission!

The product experts and the affiliate complies with making an agreement on how much to pay affiliate marketers per sale and that can range from 30% all way up to 60% or more per sale.

This simply means if a digital product’s sales for 80k and commission per sale is 50% the affiliate marketer will be getting 40k per sale!

And the remaining %50 will be shared between the affiliate company and the product expect with their own agreement.

Then you will move to an affiliate network or company website to get those course affiliate links for promotion to people that need them.

Before getting a product to promote :

  • Make sure the product is worth it and give value
  • Make sure the product have good commission
  • Make sure the product has testimonies
  • Make sure the product have a large audience that needs it

Anyways as a professional product researcher(In the 72ig Course) you will know how to do your research!

The next part is to get your link set and shorten it!

Then Set a sales funnel!

You then where to get your potential buyers on social media either through free or paid traffics the two ways in the 72ig program!

You will target those that have been looking for the product!

All the social media collect data of what you are doing and what you want so as to sell it to advertisers! That is how advertisers just pick who to send the ads to age range, interest, gender, and likes…

That is why you will just enter your Facebook and what will come first is the necklace or shoes you have been searching for or product on how to lose weight you have been searching for and you take action!

Then we move to the stage of follow-up where you will follow up with those that show interest in the product but have not yet gotten it…

Not all products you see you get straight some get it after when you see more reasons to buy it maybe view email or WhatsApp then you take action!

That is why when you click to get a product they ask for your mail and phone number in some cases so as to follow up with you on emails or on WhatsApp…

All are work of sales funnel expert and deal closure expect within the 72ig course

You just need like 5 sales a week to get 200k if commission for each sale is 40k so making 200k a month is just way very small because if you do 200k weekly that means you can make over 800k a month and that’s why you see a lot of payment proof all round about expertnaire and 72ig..

Let’s go through some payment proofs and testimonies

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsap income Generator Payment proof

A lot of students of this program have made a lot of 6 figures and even 7 figures just with the content of this 72ig program!

A lot of testimonies rolling in everywhere even from MoneyMakingCrew In Nigeria

Kindly note that all these payments are weekly because Expertnaire paid weekly and all these payments were on the Expertnaire affiliate company

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All these are random payments from all expertnaire users

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator payment proof 0
72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator payment proof 0
72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator payment proof 4

Before I take you through the signing up process let me tell you the reason behind affiliate marketers are promoting this 72ig program! Yes, it’s an outstanding program and the founder knew a lot of people might want to keep it secret and don’t let others know the secret to their wealth a knowledge so the founder introduce incentives to the program!

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsap income Generator Incentives And Challenges

This 72ig course is on expertnaire but for existing expertnaire users you get 25% per sale of the course but if you get the 72ig course you earn 50% per sale instead of 25%!

That is a bonus couple with the free expertnaire account when you get the 72ig program.

But that is by the way let’s look into the incentive given by the founder of this program which is the CEO of expectnaire just to let people push the secret out by force

The incentives can be found on where the highest affiliate marketer that promotes the 72ig product gets a cash price of $5,000!

And not only that check out the list of the incentives!

  • Get a $5000 Cash Prize
  • Win an All Expense Paid Trip to Seychelles
    Win a Lexus Es350 2009 Model
    Win a 3-Beroom Duplex In Lekki-Ajah

The first winner won a Toyota Camry 2006 model back in 2020 that went to Bruno Nwogu

These are the lists of the challenges

  1. The “first 50 sales in 2 months” challenge
  2. The “100 sales in 3 months” challenge
  3. The “400 sales in 4 months” challenge

Also, the affiliate with the highest sales for January 2022 got $5,000 and that goes to Caleb.

And 4 other people won car too.

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator Insentives 2
72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator Insentives 2
72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator Insentives 4
72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator Insentives 3 cars

He was giving the cash of $5,000 in the 72ig expertnaire ceremony!

Another incentive is ‘A 7-Day All Expense Paid Trip to Seychelles’


A 7-Day All Expense Paid Trip to Seychelles If You Get 150 or 200 Sales of 72IG Between January 1 – Feb 28, 2022

This one is available to ALL 72IG affiliates and it is very achievable too.

To qualify for this trip, all you have to do is get at least 150 sales of the 72IG program between January 1 – February 28, 2022.

There are two different slots for this:

150 – 199 Sales: You get to share a room with another affiliate at the 5-star resort we will be lodged in Seychelles.

200 Sales and Above: You get to have a room to yourself at the 5-star resort where we will be lodged in Seychelles.

Another incentive is

You only need to get 500 72IG sales between March 1, 2022, to June 30, 2022, in order to win Lexus Es350 2009. That is like 125 sales a month.

Another incentive is a 3-Bedroom Duplex In Lekki-Ajah Axis!

In order to qualify for this, all you have to do is make 10,000 72IG sales in total from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022!

These are the incentives for the 72ig program just to share the secret of affiliate marketing to the world else with the value in this program people will keep the course as secret and will not want to let people know about it ! you can always find updates on the new incentives on

Bonus from Money MaakingCrew when you sign up to this 72ig program

Bonuses from MoneyMakingCrew When you register 72ig program with Money Making Crew Affiliate Link

It’s no news that we at money-making crew do try products and program and check it out maybe we should write a review about it or not so we spend millions doing that and some we will not write a review about it if not worth trying.

Just as a little support on your part for our research to always give you what works and take you through the best ways to make money it’s best you always use our affiliate link to get the programs we review about.

We have a bonus for you for this program! And it is grand of all bonuses!

Once you get this 72IG through our link you get free access to our personal mentorship where we walk you through any issue personally one on one! And we add you to the crew to make sure you achieve and make a lot of money fast.

This is priceless!

Now automatically you have two mentors first from the main founder of the 72ig program and CEO of Expectnaire and the second from the moneymakingcrew!

Now let’s talk about how to register or get the 72IG

How To Register or Sign up 72ig Implementation Program And Whatsap income Generator

As of writing, this review 72ig program cost 60,000 naira and the next up price is 75,000!

A few months ago it was 50,000 naira and the next up then was 60,000 naira before it now get to 60,000 now…

It just keeps moving up because the value in this program is way more!

It started with 17k back in 2019 then 30k moved to 50k now 60k…. Any amount you meet the program now just get it because it’s lifetime access to the best affiliate marketing crew and chance to make a lot of money online very fast and easy!

6 steps to sign up 72ig

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator sign up register

First step:

Visit the expertnaire official registration page given to you by your referral or mentor

Step Two :

On the sales page stroll down to where you see the big orange ‘REGISTER’ Button. Click it and it will take you to the registration page!

Step Three:

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator sign up register 2

On this page, you will be asked to input your First Name, Last Name, And phone number.

Also, you will be asked to choose your preferred payments ‘Maybe Paystack Naira , Paystack US Dollar or Flutterwave’! Just choose The first one Paystack Naira! And click checkout

Step Four:

After you click checkout you will see a prompt that you are about to make a payment just click ‘I Understand Continue’

Then a page where you pay with your card or use bank transfer will show just fill in your card details if you are using your card or just click the transfer option and made the transfer and click pay then the page will load for authorization

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator sign up register 2 44

Step Five:

Click authorize if you are using card payment, then click OTP and a code will be sent to confirm your payment. Input the code and click continue. It will write payment successful. Click okay and it will take you to get the access page!

Stepp Six:

On the getting access page you will be asked to input your first name, last name, email address, just input the same details you input while registering and click submit.

Login to your expertnaire account and update your payment info and get started to work

This is where you get access to the 5 things we review inside the 72ig course as reviewed earlier in this article.

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator sign up register g7

Is 72ig Implementation Program And Whatsap income Generator legit?

This is professional training on affiliate Marketing and not a scheme, or Ponzi schemes or anything os such.

And if we are to rate it to the amount for the training it 5 starts super worth more than the amount! You can go for it.

ConclusionOn 72IG Training

We have tried to cover everything you need to know about this 72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp income Generator affiliate marketing program and it really worth it if you really serious about making a lot of money online even without little capital or with just your phone


Will you register for this 72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp income Generator program? If yes why and if NO Why Not! Will also be looking forward to replying to your comment if any suggestions or questions… Thanks

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