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100 Write and get paid instantly Sites In 2021 (Fast Money >$300)

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Sometimes you can just need money very urgent, I mean very urgent, I mean now and right now!

Impromptu things may come your way that you cannot wait till the end of the month. You just need the cash right now. And this article title of the week from Money Making Crew ‘Need Money Now? Write and get paid instantly’ is a straightforward article that solves your need to earn and get paid instantly by just writing a few minutes or hours and get paid the same day. And you don’t need a special writing skill to fulfill this task because you write on what you know as simple as that.

As it is said this is not getting rich program it just solves your immediate needs! The only way you can get paid in a large form is to invest more time and interest in it! For freelancers, you get this a great opportunity.

But if you think you still need money now but not writing articles you can check out this list on ‘Need Money Now? 6 Easy Ways To Make Money From Home ‘.

Write and get paid instantly coin and pen

Though there are tons of site that paid for writing articles I will slim this articles only to reveal the aim and objective of this articles which is ‘100 Write and get paid instantly sites ’

And if you still feel like you need more ways to make money to settle immediate stuff why not check my ‘Top Best Paid Online Survey Websites [Legit Sites]’.



100 write and get paid instantly sites

Let go straight to the top 100 list.

Note: I have the best 10 on top and that you can get paid the same day then followed by the rest you can also try out and trusted too.


Upwork is one of the biggest websites in the world for freelancers. No matter the place you are around the world you will have a job to do because the site does not make a segregation and its official language is English language. Al professionals or types of works available on upwork. And upwork serve as the intermediate between client and you. Though it works pretty cool you need to set up your profile, read the guidelines, read there a few stuff on how to make use of it so you can easily get everything pretty fast and smooth. Depend on you-you can get so much task per day.

Upwork charge 20% of the amount your client pay you as their own fee and you get paid through PayPal, Payoneer or wire transfer.

Visit  Upwork >>


Fiverr is another site best for not only writers but for any other jobs. Though, the official price per track is 5 dollars has the name implies ‘Fiverr’ but you can charge more depends.

Fiver is a very nice and interesting company that you can try out right now to get your first earnings.

Just check it out, prepare your profile and read necessary info about them and you started getting paid.

Visit  Fiverr >>

3TutsPlus NetWork

TutsPlus Network is a very awesome platform. This is another write and gets paid instantly platform to earn when you need money now, In this platform skills like  Webdesign and development, WordPress, Mobile, Photoshop, Business, Audio video among others are always needed that you can quickly render and earn your first cash almost instantly.

Payment is around 150 dollars to 200 dollars form general and tutorial articles respectively.

Visit  Tutsplus >>


This is a good platform but you still need to check it out to look maybe it fits in you or not. But very awesome and nice just as the name imply.

Visit  Freelancer >>


This site is already dominated by a very good content writer so you need to be good and you will earn well with this site.

And you will find a bunch of hourly, daily and weekly paid content job depending on your client and you will enjoy it writing professionally.

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Here is awesome to make money now if you need money because a client can pay you as high as $1 to $2 per word.

It is a very simple escrow payment platform once your task is delivered to client satisfied you can withdraw your payment through PayPal in seconds.

Visit  contently >>

6Spyre Studios

This site makes my number six because they are highly copyright conscious and pay very fast too. But its for those people who have web design knowledge.

They accept well-written quality content and they don’t want any content that has been posted somewhere else. They pay well for well-written content. And have tried it before its really awesome especially for good content.

They are also good linking back to your site if you are a blogger they can even pay up to $50 to $100.

Visit  spyrestudios >>


This is another platform that accepts all kind of skills and gets paid. This platform even has stuff like data entry, research, and others.

There are of 4 levels – beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. All task is simple and you can get paid so many times a days self that’s if your English is good even with no skills. And your level goes up as you work.

Everything is done automatically here even payment.

Visit  onespace >>


This is another awesome site that you even get paid for commenting and posting on forum.

Though you need to be a very fluent English speaking and this can be archived buy just using Grammarly fix all grammar very simple.

For most that use this platform, they said you can make averagely  $8 per day.

Minimum cash out is 5 and you get paid through Paypal.

Visit  postloop >>


This is yet, another nice writing platform you can try when you need money now and you get paid instantly. Just like upwork they also provide skills test to showcase your ability though guru can charge you on this base on your membership level.

Guru also has membership ranking level.

And the free membership also comes with limit work you can take per year.

Well, you can try them out too.

Visit  Guru >>


iFreelance is another interesting and awesome platform but highly on a premium level because this site charge monthly fee but you get unlimited job application access on monthly basis too. And you will always have access and get paid anytime and there monthly fee really worth it when you try it out.

Visit  ifreelance >>

These are not the only sites to look into when you need money now for a write and get paid instantly jobs.

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These are some other awesome, free and easy task sites too you really need to check out to complete my top 100 sites.


The next 7 lists here which are ThedailyBeast, CollegeHumor, DailyBurn, HomeAdvisor, Okcupid, Dotdash, and Investopedia are brands of IAC.COM just contact them to Write and get paid instantly.

100Strong Whispers

Finally! those are my top 100 sites to consider if you Need Money Now? just Write and get paid instantly.

Kindly, note that I invested a lot of time researching and getting an adequate list for you guys! The only reward you can give me back is by sharing this work using the share button below.

And also feel free to browse through the 100 lists and don’t feel you don’t have the suitable one for you after browsing just 20 or 30 of the list make sure you browse through all the 100 lists to get adequate use of this articles. 

Very important please comment if this article is helpful to you one way and the other because this will help me to produce more valuable articles for free.

You can also suggest an update if you have any site you think also worth including, I will just make my research on the site and if worth it I will include it.

Don’t forget that I have a very interesting article too you will really find useful which titled ‘Need Money Now? 6 Easy Ways To Make Money From Home’ You earn from home easily and a bunch of them to just stay updated and subscribe to my email news feed to stay tuned!


Thanks for reading my 100 write and get paid instantly sites …

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