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Over $5,000 with your tik tok dog videos (Even If you Did Not Have A Dog or any Pet)

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When talking about going viral on TikTok or any social media platform you have to take note of kids and pets! Especially pets like dogs and cats, you can make over $5,000 with your tik tok dog videos, and even if you did not have a pet there is a very simple idea you can use and still make money with dog videos.


It’s awesome that you did not need to have a lot of followers or do any things serious or perfect just take random videos of your dog and upload them and you will start counting money in a short period of time.

People are making it big with tik tok dog videos

Did you know that pomeranian dog, called @jiffpom, earns over $30,000 per video with his 21 Million followers? Even  @Tuckerbud six million followers earn around $9,000 per video

Today, I will show you 3 ways you can earn from social media with pet videos like dogs and cats and tik tok will be the best place! You can apply the same to Instagram and Youtube.


And It doesn’t matter if you did not have a pet(If you have it’s fine), It doesn’t matter if you did not even know how to create videos or edit or anything about content creation because Tik tok loves someone that is been natural and just record a video! Start now

What is it about Tik Tok and pets?

We will first need to throw some light on some things you need to know about TikTok through my previous blog post on ‘How Do You Make Money From Tiktok With No Followers As A Teenager’ we explain more about tik tok which you need to check it out. We will still state some tips and facts about TikTok here too.

First, you need to know that TikTok wants natural creators. Just wake up and record things around you naturally and upload it! If you edit your TikTok videos too much and over customized them will reduce their possibility of going viral yet you still need to record with some accuracy and you can add a few things to make it look good but not necessary especially if you did not know much about it just record and upload with trending tags and sounds. Just wake up and record whatever your dog is doing in the morning for some seconds or you playing with your dog and you are good to go

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Also, Tiktok loves creators that always post the same kind of things, not creators that create random content. Upload entertainment today, tomorrow upload medical next upload jobs no if you are uploading dogs videos keep uploading dog videos and if its cats keep doing the same

Just like other social networks and youtube, TikTok also wants consistency…Once you start to keep uploading since you can just record your dog in the morning and upload, in the afternoon upload, and evening upload too . Since there is a whole lot of free content for you not much work just keep uploading

On the other hand, what is it about pets…

Especially Dogs and cats cute or not cute but most times they are cute either of the way people tend to love nature like pets naturally unconditionally and also people love kids too.

There are a lot of pet lovers, Dogs and cats prove to be the most popular loved pets and easily attract like, views and followers.

Types Of Tik tok dog videos you can create

There are three types of Tik Tok dog videos you can create it depend on if you have your own dog and if you will get through Dog Walker Jobs (Now you are getting the gist)

Dog videos of compilation

This is the easiest way and you don’t need to have a dog or work as a dog walker before you create this kind of compilation content.


You can just name your tik tok account something around dog or a good name and you will be searching for dog videos cut the clips together under some seconds 15 or 60 seconds or 3min

Same way lot of YouTubers are creating creative commons videos by cutting video clips and merging them together then uploading and making so much money doing that.

Another way you can create tik tok dogs videos is by just randomly recording your dogs

This method is super easy and works fast on TikTok because of the algorithm. You can just wake up and record your dog or cat then upload it! You can use trending sound which will make it go viral fast

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Also, the third one is for those that don’t have dogs or want to use those cut clips joined together then you can double your income

You can apply for dog walker jobs while you get paid for walking dogs you record yourself and the dog and upload it. You can keep uploading your morning like that and get a lot of followers. You can even record 5 to 10 videos a day and split those videos to upload 3 per day for 4 to 5 days and that’s easy! Just get started now

Ways to make money with tik tok dogs videos

Now that you already know how to create those content and you know you will get a lot of views and likes in no time with consistency then let’s make some money

You can reach out yourself: Even when you have not gotten enough followers but you are constantly uploading dog videos like 3 or 4 times daily for days or months and you contact dog-related businesses for sponsorship ( this works best if you slim down your audience location to a specific location may be state or country… Like funny dogs in California, or in US or Canada or Japan just any location) They will see future in it and agree on long term deal

You can sell dog-related products too: You can just look for those dogs related stuff on amazon and start advertising them with your link may be in the bio or shorten the link to overlay the videos! You can use Linktree so you will be able to use multiple links in one link in the bio

You will also enjoy creators funds: You will get a lot of videos and followers first then you will be eligible for creator funds in no time

You can sell some of the videos out: It’s surprising that we do sell some of those videos too especially the one that goes viral

Sell merch: You can start selling merch and it’s easy to sell with online stores that will customize your name or brand on a shirt for you and waybill it to who you want to send it to for you without you doing anything… You can just sign up and create a virtual store now

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And a lot more creative ways to make money with your dog videos!

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