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Abeg App: All you need to know Before you sign up Warning! 2021 review


This is going to be our second article on abeg app 2021 review. We made a review about How To Make ₦300,000 Naira with ₦0 on Abeg app but we are still going to discuss more updates on that in this post too because a lot of people want to know maybe abeg is legit or unsafe to use, how to sign up or register,abeg heroes badge in shut all you need to know about this app

After the first abeg app review, we made a lot of people contact the WhatsApp number added with a lot of questions. All You Need To Know About the app to verify maybe this app is real

About Abeg

Abeg is a fintech app, developed by Abeg technologies

this App is just like the popular cash App in US and Uk

This is a Nigeria-based app used for sending and receiving money with a lot more

It was co-founded by Dare Adekoya, Michael Okoh and Muheez Akanni in 2019

Abeg app and cash app

Since 2018 founder of SwiftaCorp , Victor Asemot jokingly tweet that Nigeria should have its own version of the cash app and should be called Abeg

In West Africa, and mostly In Nigeria Abeg means Please…

This is one of the major reasons for building this app ‘GIVEAWAY’

Abeg is the headline sponsored the reality show Big Brother Naija season 6 ‘shine ya eye’

About Abeg CEO / Co-Founders And his Networth

Dare Adekoya is the CEO of Abeg while co-Founded by Michael Okoh and Muheez Akanni

“Dare Adekoya worth over $500 Million”

What Is Abeg App All About

Abeg app is a peer-to-peer payment mobile app with a tag better known as username

The app was released on September 4, 2020

The app is very flexible with about 14MB download size

Abeg started receiving attention after the Billion sponsorship they offer to the Big Brother Naija

Also because of the Similarities to Cash App Lot of people started using it

The app started receiving attention and get more downloads

How To Download Abeg App APK / IOS

You can download the app on their website Abeg.App

You can also download the app on google play store for android or apple Appstore for iPhone

Registration : How To Sign up on Abeg

How to sign up on abeg

Registration procedure also depicted in the image above

First, you need to download abeg app

After you have downloaded the app and open it

Click Create Account

Enter your phone number, email address, full name, and now choose a password

OTP will be sent to your number

Put the OTP code sent and click submit

The Next Page is to add BVN and also set abeg tag

Upload your profile picture and link other social media account

You Can now start enjoying all Abeg features

Just search for wonda8673 thats is Temitope Emmanuel on abeg and click the abeg heroes badge below the account you get instant 250 as you do that

How Does Abeg App Works And Some Key Features

How To Withdraw From Abeg

It is very easy to withdraw from Abeg App.

Sending money to your normal local bank account is very easy.

The minimum withdrawal is 2,000 Naira #Urgent2k

Follow the below steps to withdraw

  1. Click your profile on the app
  2. Click on your ballance
  3. You will see withdraw , click it
  4. Then choose the account number you want to withdraw the fund to
  5. Input the amount
  6. Click send and input your pin

How To Fund Abeg App

How To Fund or Top Up Your Wallet

You can fund your abeg wallet with ease

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With just 6 steps you will do that and get your account fund instant

  1. Just click Your abeg profile
  2. Click Add Money, You will see account Number , Copy it
  3. That Account Number is your personal account number for your wallet
  4. Send any amount you want to fund to that account number (Using Your Bank app or pos near you)
  5. The account is wema Bank and your Name will show in the account name
  6. You can send any amount , Once sent it will show instant in your Abeg wallet

how to send money on abeg

How to send money to users in the app / Make Someone Happy

Making someone happy is simple

Just type the amount(Min is 1 and max is 1Million) you want to send to the amount dashboard

You don’t need to put what is the money for just click send

You will see a box to input the person abeg tag or username

Search for the person username and click send and input your pin

You have finally made someone happy

How Does Abeg Timeline Feature Works

Timeline is where you see all general news or announcements and the status of your transactions

It is the second to the last button on the down-right side of the app and it has a clock icon

Abeg Explore Section

You can do many things here

This is the first button at the button of the app

You can easily use the search box at the top of the page to search for friends by their usernames also known as abeg tag

You can buy Airtime, giveaways, Badges, BBNaija eviction updates, Pay Bills(Coming Soon), Merch Coming Soon) and Food Coming Soon),

Buy Airtime with Abeg App

How To Buy Airtime on Abeg App

You can simply buy airtime on explore section which is the first button below the app

You can buy airtime on abeg in 4 simple steps

  1. Just click buy airtime banner on the explore section or search for airtime with the tag search or on the tabs
  2. It will take you to airtime page
  3. Dont click Buy Airtime , choose your network provider on the services (MTN, 9MOBILE, GLO OR Airtel)
  4. After choosing your Network provider input amount you want to recharge in the box and click Pay
  5. Input the number you want to recharge and click recharge Now
  6. You will see the order sumary for confirmation , Then you can click pay if correct and input your abeg pin

You have successfully recharge with your abeg balance

How To Participate And Win Giveaway On The Abeg App

When you stroll down in the explore section on abeg app, you can easily see the list of Top giveaways and the latest giveaway

Just make sure you click any of the people doing giveaways

And click join

You can luckily win and your wallet will be funded automatically when the giveaway is over if you are luckily among the winners

Is Abeg App Giveaway Legit?

Abeg app giveaway is super legit

One of our won one of the comedian celebrities ‘MrMacaroni’ Giveaway of 2,000 Naira below

mrmacoroni abeg giveaway

Donjazzy open the giveaway with 1 Million shared among 10 people at 10,000 naira each for the lucky winners

Donjazzy giveaway

You can win a giveaway as part of how to make money with abeg app but not reliable. It just by lucky

What are Abeg Badges?

Abeg create badges, just like emoji for there users

There are different badges

These badges have different decorations of different categories(normal, premium, and rare categories) in the form of honour, recognition, and appreciation for their users on their participation in the app

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They have about 7 badges

  1. Lifesaver
  2. You’re a darling
  3. Mystery smile
  4. Fundsssss
  5. Thanks
  6. Money Spender
  7. Anon


Cliques is the second button from left to right on the app with the people icon

This is a sweet feature on abeg but not yet out

With this feature, you can easily split bills or any payments with friends and family in a group


The message feature is the button at the top right of the app

Here, you receive a direct message from people on the app


This is a collective saving collectively but this feature is still coming up


The loan is also one features most of abeg users are waiting for and its also coming up


You can easily get to the dashboard which is the first button at the upper left of the app

Here you can find shortcuts to invite friends ( send invites for referrals earnings), explore, cliques, timeline, profile and ussd

All of this has been discussed earlier only the ussd and invites


This is used to pay, send cash and help centre quickly

These are some codes you can use on this app *888# (Piggyvest) , *122#(Abeg badges), and *123# (Abeg Help)

You can easily do that by clicking on ussd on the dashboard

Send Your Friends

This is where you can share the app by inviting friends and you will earn

Here you can make a lot of money from this refer section

Let quickly talk on how to make money on abeg app with referrals

How To Make Money With Referal on Abeg App now Abeg Heroes

Abeg give 250 Naira per new user that registers in a logical way

After you have added a profile picture, BVN and uploaded bank account for withdraw in less than 3 hours of registration

Just search for wonda8673 i.e Temitope Emmanuel (he is MoneyMakingCrew staff on Abeg) then click the abeg heroes badge and get 250 instant

How did abeg app referral works/ Heroes Badge

You can easily get referral bonuses in just 5 steps below


  1. First thing to do is to download the app if you have not
  2. Download it on google playstore for Andriod , on apple store for IOS users or just visit
  3. Register or sign up on the app , You can check How to sign up on abeg subheading above (Make Sure You add BVN and Bank account for withdraw)

    Take Note Fidelity Bank, wema and First bank will not work any other banks works apart form those three .. you can open instant zenith bank with ussd code *966*0# if you did not have any other bank other than above banks
  4. Then upload a profile picture
  5. NOTE must be less than 3 Hrs account. Any new account that did not click the heroes badge at least 3 hrs after register will not get the 250 if 3hrs passes it will be take as old account
  6. Note all this 4 things MUST be done to make money on referral

Just search for WONDA8673 i.e Temitope Emmanuel by name on abeg and click the abeg heroes badge under it to get your 250 (Note 3hrs of registration and must have an upload profile pic, bvn and add bank account)

Once you click the badge you get instant 250 naira

That’s is Temitope Emmanuel abeg tag is wonda8673 abeg page to click the abeg heroes badge below

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temitope emmanuel abeg heroes badge

tap wonda8673 abeg heroes badge
dial and get your 250

How to get abeg heroes badge and makeover ₦750,000 Naira

Apply for the badge on 5 steps below

abeg heroes , abeg referral badge
  1. First dial *007# (Go to first tab on the abeg app click the first button on the top left click the ussd last tab and dial *007# or check How to search on abeg app here )
  2. After dialing the code input your pin and select “Start Making Money”
  3. Then click ‘Apply for Abeg Badge’
  4. Click Apply now for ₦5,000
  5. You will see Application successful as shown below

Note if you don’t have the 5,000 MoneyMakingCrew have another way to still make you make money with abeg without the badge. This way you can even earn more than this 5,000 naira a day with this same abeg then you use the money to get the badge but note you must register on abeg and click our abeg heroes badge first search for wonda8673 that’s Temitope Emmanuel after you register then click the badge below the account and get 250

abeg heroes badge successful

Abeg promised that a representative will do a video call with you within 48 hours but in MOST cases they did not call but you still get your badge

You can contact us only if you are a new user for under 3 hours and we will help you ease the step

If you can refer just a thousand people, you would have earned 750 by 1,000 that will be 750,000 easily

Make sure you click our abeg heroes badges(Search for @wonda8673 i.e Temitope Emmanuel then click the abeg heroes badge ) at list 3 hours after you register so you can get 250 for start then you add to it to apply for your badge or you just use it buy airtime.

Wait… is abeg app legit and safe to use?

Is Abeg App Legit And Safe To Use?

With this abeg app review, you can juxtapose That the straight answer is that this app is legit and safe to use

But let look at it from these 5 angles!

  1. They are the main or headline sponsorer of the 6th Nigeria popular reality Tv Show Big Brother Naija worth Billion of Naira
  2. It is a registered company on CAC has ‘ABEG TECHNOLOGIES LTD’ with RC 1679194 (Date of Registration – Jun 26, 2020)
  3. Also coparate company with known CEO and co-founders
  4. Lot of payment proofs
  5. The app has good reviews on the app store
  6. They have a service they render and not promising 150 % ROI Nothing Like That
  7. No Registration Fee at all
  8. They keep adding new cool features to the app and keep working on it

Lot more…

With all this, you can juxtapose that Abeg is real

Abeg App Review

This app is generally accepted by a lot of people for a lot of reasons

Especial the fact that it is Nigeria version of the popular cash app ( US and Uk)

A lot of people love this app after the exposure from the Big Brother Naija sponsorship

Though nothing is impeccable some users still find one or two minor issues maybe like 2% less or more but check abeg app review from the app store below

Abeg app review on google playstore
Read More reviews on google playstore
Abeg app review on ios appstore
Read More Review on appstore


In conclusion, this abeg app review shows that abeg app is worth trying and using

Make your research too, comment if you have any suggestions or anything, like if you love this article and see you on the next one

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