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Microgreen Business Plan (Ultimate Guide)


Microgreen business is a very flexible and lucrative business you can do full time or part-time. This business involves the growing, harvesting, and selling of microgreen plants. This plant is harvested young and has a sweet-smelling aroma. It is useful to chefs as a decorative piece of food.

This is a profitable business. And in this article, everything you need to know about microgreen business plan and how to start one.


What is a microgreen?

A microgreen is a plant that is harvested just after germinating and just as the first real leaf appears.  They are harvested early and are small in size with a sweet-smelling flavor plus they are filled with nutrients. Chefs use it to dress and decorate the food they serve in restaurants.  Microgreens have many health benefits and can make a lot of profit when sold.


Benefits of starting a microgreen business:

  • Starting a microgreen business has many advantages, and below are some of them.
  • It is affordable to start.  You can start a microgreen business with $1,000 or less.
  • The microgreen plants have a long shelf life which is great for business.
  • You make a quick profit from the microgreen business because the microgreen plant can grow fast and this keeps the business busy. Plus your money is never tied up for long.
  • The profit margin in a microgreens business is high.  Once you get started and get all the reusable equipment together, the maintenance is cheap.
  • Many people demand microgreens daily, so it is easy to find customers.
  • You don’t need to be a professional farmer to start this business.

How much does it cost to start a microgreen business?

Starting a microgreens business is not very expensive.  You can start a microgreens business with a minimum of $300. It all depends on you and how big you want your business to be. Below is the breakdown into fixed costs, variable costs, and other supplies.

Fixed Costs

Fixed costs have to do with equipment used for microgreen businesses that have a fixed tag. Equipment like trays and lighting solutions. For this business, you will need a minimum of 10 trays and one T5 growing light every 10 days.

  • A Tray costs about  $20 ( you need to buy 10 trays for this business and a trays costs  You’ll need to buy $2 per each.)
  • Lighting costs about $50 ( you need one light for each of the ten trays. A T5 growing light is good for growing 10 trays at the same time.)
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Variable Costs

For variable costs, you will need seeds, growing mats, and packaging.

  • Seeds

There are varieties of microgreen plants that you can grow for your microgreen business. Each variety has its peculiar price but, an ounce of seeds can cost a minimum of $5.  The number of seeds you need will vary for each tray. The average per tray is one ounce.

So, if you are starting your microgreen business with 10 trays then you will spend $50 on seeds. That is if an ounce of seed is $5. Note that, the type of seed you use will determine the price. Make sure that you consider the type of microgreen seed you are using.

  • Growing mats

You will also need a growing mat if you don’t want to use soil. Growing mats makes it easy for you to plant in a non-messy way. Every tray you will use will need a growing mat. A growing mat costs about $2.

  • Packaging

This is an important aspect of the microgreen business. You need to package your produce properly. If you want to start selling your microgreens to restaurants, grocery stores, and others alike, you need packaging. This will make your business looks professional and also put together.

A packaging box can cost around  $0.50 per box. You can get as many as you want from Amazon, and other places they are sold. Packing boxes are affordable.

Other Supplies you will need fit for a microgreen business Plan:

Below are other things you will need when starting your microgreens business.

  • Scale

You can use a scale to measure microgreens before you package and sell them. You don’t need anything expensive. A regular scale will do.

  • Spray Bottle

A spray bottle will come on handy for your business. Use it to keep your plants hydrated and prevent sudden death during the germination period.

  • Small Fan

A small fan is essential if you are growing your microgreens indoors. It helps to keep your crop ventilated and stop mold from forming.

  • Timer

This particular tiler is to help you turn off and turn on your lighting gadgets as at when due.

  • Watering Can

A watering can is a must-have for your microgreen business.  You can get it for cheap from local stores. Your microgreen needs to be watered.

  • Sharp Scissors / Knife

This will come in handy when you need to harvest your microgreens. Invest in a sharp knife or scissors. Never use a dull blade when harvesting your microgreens.

How much can you make from the microgreen business?

You can make roughly $600 – $1000 weekly selling your Microgreens to restaurants and individuals.  There are so many factors that will affect your revenue for this business. Your marketing skills, gardening skills, customer service, restaurants, grocers, the network will determine how much money you will make from a microgreen business. The more you grow as a business the bigger your revenue.

Is Microgreen Business Seasonal?

No. the Microgreen business is not seasonal. You can grow them indoors or outdoors under the shade all year round.

How to start a microgreen business ( The Business Plan)

Below are the steps you should follow to start a  microgreens business.

You need to research

The first thing you need to do when preparing to start a microgreen business is research.  Take your time and read books, watch videos, attend classes that will teach you the best way to start the business.

Study your market

The next step after researching the business is to do a market analysis. Make sure that you have a market to sell to. You can ask friends and family if they are interested in purchasing your product. Also, ask a few restaurants, grocery stores, or anywhere your produce wi be required.

Get a Growing Space 

Before purchasing any type of equipment, please get a space to grow your microgreens. You can use a warehouse, basement, garage, shed, and any big space you can afford.

The bigger space you have for growing your produce the better. You can start with free space or somewhere in your home before expanding into a rented space, once you have a good idea of the business.

Set up everything you need

You need to set up every piece of equipment you need for your business. Get everything in order. Things like trays, growing mats, spray bottles, watering cans, lights, and seeds amongst others.


Start selling

Once you are set up and your microgreens harvested you can start selling to restaurants, individuals, grocery stores, or at the farmers market. Also, consider your water and electricity source before starting this business. There are essential to the progress of your business.


Microgreens are small-sized plants that are packed with nutrients and are profitable in the market. Starting a microgreens business is easy and affordable. We hope that this guide has helped you understand the business of microgreens.

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