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How to make an extra $1000 a month [STEP BY STEP Practical Examples]


Good day, guys,


Today we are going to be showing you a very simple way to make an extra 1000 a month or more

This is going to be like a practical step-by-step in just 3 Steps

There is no money required to make this work

  • You don’t need a website
  • You don’t need a laptop just your internet-enabled mobile device
  • It is worldwide
  • It is a passive income
  • It’s easy (Beginner friendly)
  • It’s Legal
  • You can withdraw your money to your local bank anywhere you are

I will be listing and what we are going to discuss

Kraken Affiliate
Top Popular Crypto Currency Trending Now
Quora and Other Platforms (Forums)

We will be talking a little bit about cryptocurrency

Let Start with,

What Is Kraken all about

Kraken is a platform to trade cryptocurrencies like buy, sell, or swap

Kraken has been operating since 2011

Kraken has the best low fee crypto transaction

You can check Kraken.com for more

Check the picture below for step one

Go to kranken.com and click affiliates at the right bottom of the page

krakan affiliate

Kraken Affiliate -Step One

This is where we will start the first step

You need to follow step by step before you can know exactly How to make an extra $1000 a month with these easy tactics

Kraken pay a 20% trading fee from each client you refer to them for the lifetime in as much as the client is using Kraken

Kraken pay up to $1,000 per refer you can check that below

How to make an extra $1000 a month with kraken affifiates

Advantages of Kraken Affiliate

  • Its Lifetime – No deadline (Best affiliate offer is a life time offer you keep earning as long as the client still using it)
  • Payment is directed into your local bank account on defualt currency (Its worldwide)
  • You dont need website

Requirements to sign up for Kraken Affiliate

  • Any type of social media influencers account but must be up to 5,000 followers
  • Websites and Mobile app also accepted but must be finance or crypto-related and traffic not required
  • Facebook Group and pages must be finance or crypto-related and have 5,000 followers

Enough of about Kraken Affiliate, This is not a review or promotion its for us to learn how to make an extra $1000 a month passively

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Let’s leave Kraken review for another day

After getting your Kraken Affiliate link which is the first step then we will need to search for the top trending cryptocurrency right now

Top Popular Crypto Currency Trending Now – Step Two

You will need to google the top 10 or 100 trending cryptocurrencies so that you will be working on what people are talking about right now

Presently bitcoin is the talk of the town on cryptocurrency but some other coins to trending just like the picture from google search below

scrrenshot of best cryptocurrencies on  How to make an extra $1000 a month


Talking about bitcoin

After knowing the trending coin to work on presently, The Next step is searching for the topic about bitcoin on Quora

How to make an extra $1000 a month with QUORA free traffic – Step Three

According to wiki ”Quora is a social question-and-answer website based in Mountain View, California, United States, and founded on June 25, 2009. The website was made available to the public on June 21, 2010. Users can collaborate by editing questions and commenting on answers that have been submitted by other users.”

As of now, quora have an average of 300 million users with over a 100million visitors on a monthly basis

It is free to open a quora account just go to quora.com

You just need 3 to 4 people a month out of over 100 million visitors to get over $ 4,000 a month

You will need to search for how to buy bitcoin, how to trade bitcoin or anything about the cryptocurrency you pick on to popular cryptocurrency

Then you will need to give a reply to those questions on quora with your referral link

quora screenshot

This is where the work is, You need to reply to a lot of people on daily basis and on different cryptocurrency

It’s a Passive Income idea so if you reply as much as you can per day before the end of 30 days you receive up to 3 or 5 successful registered client

Remember per client you earn about $ 1,000 so if you luckily have 3 you get about $5,000 extra passive income a month

Also, you can create questions too and be the first to comment so your comment will come up

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You can also try Answers.Com and stackexchange.com

Conclusion-On How To Make Extra $1000 a month

In conclusion and summary, these are the simple 3 steps

Step One

Sign up for Kraken.com Affiliate program

Step Two

Choosing the cryptocurrency to work on

Search for top 10 or 100 Top Popular Crypto Currency Trending Now

Bitcoin as example

Step Three

Register on Quora.com if you don’t have an account and also register to answers.com in addition and start searching for topics related to the cryptocurrency you choose and start commenting on those questions on quora

See You On The Next One…

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It’s advisable to try multiple ways to make money online so at least you will have a lot of sources of passive income online!

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