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Earn Free Paypal Money (App Payment Proof ) $246.29 ONE APP[2023]

free paypal money

welcome, MoneyMakingCrew today we will be talking about how to get free PayPal money with an app and how to use the app.


The list in this app earns $246 already and it’s worldwide

The basic cashout or payment method is through PayPal and you can create a PayPal account for free online

How to create a PayPal account

This is really very easy to do but let me just give you short summary of what the process looks like!

  • Go to paypal.com and just click sign up
  • You can sign up for business or personal,(Personal will be just fine)
  • Then input your email and press next
  • Then slot in your details and follow the prompt

The email you use to sign up is what you need to be receiving payments just save that.

But make sure you have confirmed your email and linked your credit card

Now let’s go to the main app to earn!

How to earn free PayPal money

Grabpoint.com and sign up and you will need to do some little tricks to earn the highest part of the money. We don’t need to emphasize more on this because we already cover a lot about this website in our grabpoints review

How to earn the highest in grabpoints

First, you need to watch several videos through grabpoint

The first way to earn the highest on grabpoints

Just open these videos in new tabs and leave them playing

you will earn regardless

After playing finished make sure you check maybe your earnings increased then try the next step! You can watch while you do some other things!

Second way

Take only surveys that pay high

Don’t waste your time on surveys that earn too low cents or points

Do high-point surveys because time is money. These are very big tips that most people don’t really care about they just do all surveys that come their way!

Third way

Download more apps that pay high


Most app downloading will ask you to play it if its game

Always check what to do after downloading the app so you will not just download the app and you will not earn any points

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So, same ways download high paying point app

And if you are asked to do a task after downloading the app make sure the point reward is worth the time.

If worth it then goes on and download it and complete the task

Fourth way

On offer to complete and earn

Always check maybe it offers you can complete. Most people just join every offer and at the end, they see that they can’t complete it may be because of country restrictions or need to still pay an extra fee to complete the game or some other things. Make sure you always read the description before you start any offer

If not just leave it and do what you can do

Make sure you do all that is required and don’t skip any part if you really want to earn big

If you do what you need to do you will earn enough money with this app.

The best Payment method you should use

You can redeem your points through various methods PayPal and gift cards like ;

Amazon Gift Cards
PlayStation Plus Codes
Google Play Gift Codes
Xbox Codes
Netflix Codes
iTunes Redemption Codes
Walmart eGift Cards
Pokémon GO Coins
Steam Wallet Codes

but it is advisable to cash out through PayPal to get real cash.

And also make sure your PayPal account is in good condition before you link it to it if not use gift cards and sell the cards to get cash or use it

Hope you enjoy it…Leave a comment if you have any questions about this platform and i will surely answer your questions

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