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5 Highest Paying Money Making Apps 2022 [Earn $600+] (Make Money Online)


Welcome MoneyMakingCrew, today I will be showing you the 5 highest paying money-making apps in 2022 and how to get started with those apps.

We are going to be starting from the lowest-earning to the highest-paying apps.

One of the app promise $600 and another one $3 per download

Most of the apps I will be discussing in this article pay you for doing absolutely nothing or just little things anybody can do.

5 Highest Paying Money Making Apps 2022

The first app we will be talking about is the Money SMS app.

Money SMS

Money SMS: You make money on Money SMS automatically by just receiving SMS without doing anything.
You just install the app on your android device and you receive random SMS automatically and also get paid just for that.

These SMS are generated by their systems and customers and you get paid for just receiving SMS.
They also have referral programs just to make more money.

Let me quickly tell you about the next app on our list which is spare5

Spare 5

Spare5 pay you for solving a simple CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA you do solve that read verifies you are not a robot… Select the traffic lights.
A task like they can give you an image with a woman sitting down and ask you to provide suitable keywords around the image, or isolate an element from a picture among others
They pather with companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Pinterest among others. They help their programmers to test their algorithms and you get paid just for doing those simple tasks.

Cash Magnet

Cash Magnet App paid you for doing absolutely nothing. With this app, you earn while sleeping.

All you need to do is to install the app on your phone and you start earning.

You receive your payments through PayPal, amazon gift cards, and other gift cards

You also need to check the website to learn more about the app.


This is one of the top paying apps on this list. They pay you $3 per app you download.
They pay you for downloading the app and you can earn an additional $1 if you review the app after downloading it.

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Basically, this is only available on ios that it only works on iPhones just like the Money SMS app which works only for Android users this also works only for iPhone users.


You can earn $600 only on the current app. You don’t need to do anything to earn. You just need to install the app and you earn in various ways like:

You earn on the app for listening to your favourite interesting music!

You also earn for listening to radio stations through the app.

you check the app out and start earning.

All these apps pay you for doing nothing and it’s awesome kindly watch and enjoy.

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