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Earn $90 Per 30 Min Work (passive income Ideas 2021)


Hey, MoneyMakingCrew, It’s UsefulTunde and this is another passive income idea.

This is a video we upload on the channel some days ago so you can watch it above or continue reading the steps here

Today we will be creating passive income idea that can start for free and earn $90 in 30 Min.

We will be using about 3 different website and I will be taking you step by step on how to go about it

The first will be where we generate money while the other two websites are where we generate free traffic fast.

STEP 1 : Earn $90 Per 30 Min Work (passive income Ideas 2021)

We are going to be making use of a site called socialpilot.co for revenue generation

Socialplot.co is a kind of app or tools that manage social media accounts

This tools will be used by the social media manager

Socialpilot help you to manage all social media account

They help you gain more real social media integrity, followers and fans

Millions of marketers are using it but few still know about it

We are only interested in there affiliate program where it’s absolutely free to join.

Right down in the bottom of there website, you will find where it says Affiliate Program just click there and get started

socialpilot affiliate link earn passive income ideas

On their affiliate page, you will find some awesome info

You will see you can earn %30 recurring commission on every subscription sales on the social pilot.

It is zero joining fee

$50 is the minimum requirement for payout

And it is absolutely monthly payment

The best part is you can receive payment worldwide since they pay through Paypal payment

socialpilot affiliate earn passive income ideas

Don’t forget we are here to teach you how to set up what will make you $90 in 30 min

So we will take you through how to get sales for free

Right their on socialpilot.co affiliate page click the get started to get you to the affiliate link

Then move to the next step

STEP 2: Earn $90 Per 30 Min Work (passive income Ideas 2021)

Now after getting the affiliate link

Let use freelancing sites to get traffic

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We are not posting gigs on those freelancing site that is time-consuming

We are contacting those that post gigs and have been making sales

Let start with upwork.com

A lot of social media managers are on Upwork making lot and lot of money

upwork social media manager passive income

When I search social media manager on Upwork

this guy is charging $8/hour a have earned over $30,000

And probably doing it manually doesn’t know about the social pilot

‘If you are already feeling confuse you can watch the step by step video below or just continue reading it here ‘

This is where we will come in

We will contact them and ask them to give you there social media account or contact that you have a project on social media management

Do not give them your referral link on the contact form on the freelancing site because they will ban you

And also do not use the same message to all of them use different ways of messaging them

Then once the give you there contact then you can explain how the tools can be helpful to them and send them your referral link they should register through it

You will tell them that they can connect like 25 accounts to just this one tool and you will earn more money and have more time to accept more client.

If they eventually sign up for the professional package because they earn more they can just try the professional package

This is the list of socialpiolot.co pricing

socialpilot pricing earn passive income ideas

If they uptin for the professional which goes for $25/month and the can connect 25 accounts

and it’s yearly that is 25 multiply by 12 which is $300

Once they pay to purchase it you earn %30 of that which is $90

And you earn that over and over anytime they re-subscribe for life

And some maybe even apply for the higher plan since they know how powerful the tools is

And how much they will be making with the tools

The Bonus

The bonus I have for you today on these articles on how to earn $90 in 30 min passive income is

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You need to contact more social media account managers on other freelancing sites like

Fiverr , Peopleperhour,Guru among others to double your earnings

Guyz its UsefulTunde: Be Useful.. To Stay Relevant.. See you on the next articles and don’t forget to watch this articles video because that will explain even better than this

MoneyMakingCrew: Remember if it is not making money… It is not making sense…

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