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How to make money with stock photos( $300 Per Stock image copy/Paste)


This is going to be the best tutorial on how to make money with stock photos.

You can actually make more than $300 per stock image sold with no experience for free

Before we start today’s tutorial I am going to list some awesome advantages of using this method

  • This is absolutely free no signup fee or any fee at all
  • With this method you dont even need to have any experience. You dont need to know how to snap picture because you are not going to snap at all
  • You dont need a cameral
  • You dont even need to learn any software at all its all simple drag and drop
  • This method is unique and absolute FRESH


  • You need to follow steps to achive this
  • You need to read this tutorial till end to know how this method works
  • You need to be at least creative and do more work which is less stressful

Let start with today’s tutorial

This is an absolute very easy way to make money with stock photos just copy and paste

Below, These are what we are going to discuss in this tutorial

About crello

Simple Tutorial on How Use Crello

About 99design

How to Use The Contest part

Let start with Crello…


Crello is a website used to design anything with ease online and you can design a lot for free

Crello Homepage

very easy drag and drop, you don’t need to know how to design

Just choose a template out of tons of templates and edit with drag and drop

You will design a professional design in 2 Min with no skills at all

With crello , You can design book covers, logos, flyers, and any design with ease

Crello Dashboard- How to make money with stock photos
Crello HomePage How to make money with stock photos

You can download some stock photos to use as background if needed

All photos from unsplash.com are free to use, edit and sell


Now let move to how you turn these simple designs into big money

And what are we to design …

How to make money with stock photos On 99design

99dessign is a big company endorsed by Forbes, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal among others

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99design bring designers and clients together worldwide

As a designer you design and clients pay for your work

It is very simple just be creative enough

Go straight to 99designs.com , sign up, and join contests

At the bottom click design contests as shown below, you will see a list of current contests and finished

99design contests- How to make money with stock photos
How to make money with stock photos 99designs
99design open  contest

There are a lot of contests you can participate in, submit your design, and earn over $300 per design


To know the recent open contest just use the filter button above the contest and click open below contest status as shown below

99design open contest

Imagine making over $800 per one design, you have to be creative

To make your work easy in finding the contests to join. Click the filter button and choose basic if you just sign up for 99design

Conclusion on How to make money with stock photos

  • First Learn how crello works to ease your design
  • Then over to 99designs.com sigh up an account
  • Filter the contest page by open contest and enter best contest that fit you in
  • Pick a desgn and check how the want they want their design to look like and what they want in it
  • Go back to crello and Design it
  • Then Take your design back to 99design for submission
  • Enter more contest
  • Quick Note you can also use any software you know to make the design if you don’t want to use crello

With this, you can make thousands of dollars just by designing

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