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20 bulk email Marketing software services for mass email auto blast(FREE)

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Welcome MoneyMakingCew, We all know the best way to make more money is to get familiar with our audience and easily communicate with them. As a digital marketer, small businesses and companies the more you communicate with your audience, give them value and get familiar with them then the more they trust you and buy more value from you. The best proof working for decades now is through sending them direct email automation. But we all need to cut costs but still get more value and earn more, that is why information is powerful and I will be listing the top 20 bulk email Marketing software services for a mass email blast that you can also download for free.


20 free bulk email Marketing software services for a mass email blast

Elastic Email

Elastic is one of the best bulk email marketing software services you can think of and it has a lot of advanced features that are easily accessible. Free Access: It’s awesome that you can send up to 100 emails every single day for free on the elastic email platform


ActiveCampaign is a mass emailing service that is very good for an email blast to a large audience with the alert features it assigns scores for every contact. FREE ACCESS: Why ActiveCampaign come upon 2nd from our list is because they are very cheap and affordable but also outstanding; You can access everything for free with their 14-days free trial



Mailgun is a really robust email marketing tool that offers so much for no cost. It has an API that is easily used for tracking, sending and receiving emails with powerful SMTP for easily integration FREE ACCESS: 5,000 emails/mon for the next 3 months

HubSpot Email Marketing

If you talk about email marketing automation platforms you talk about Hubspot, especially with their recently launched free mail tools that really help a lot of small businesses with their mailing services. FREE ACCESS: Free access with the free forever CRM

Amazon SES

It is the complicated setup of Amazon SES that brought it down to this number else we suppose to make it number one because after set up it’s easy to use bulk email service and has a lot of features with details. FREE ACCESS: first 62,000 emails sent for free through hosted in EC2


Sendblaster mass emailing marketing software is the best known for detailed reports. FREE ACCESS: You can download it for free, and send 100 messages at a time


With drag and drop and also HTML Editor for coding you can easily manipulate anything on Sender bulk mailing services. This is one of the best email automation platforms. FREE ACCESS 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails/mon


Sendpulse is another best free bulk email marketing software service that small businesses can easily use because of their all in one communication platform for free. FREE ACCESS 500 subscribers with 15,000 emails sent.


Some features you should check on Sendinblue are those segment customer data filters that can be based on geographical location, age, gender and lot Also have time optimization to send to customers the time they will open it. FREE ACCESS 300 mails for their free access


With Mailjet collaborative and intuitive tools come with easily building effective email marketing campaigns. Email marketing can never be more responsive than mailjet FREE ACCESS 200 emails/ day and 6,000 mails per month



omnisend is one of the best email automation software with a lot of preset automation and it offers multiple marketing channels like SSM, MMS AND emails FREE ACCESS 15,000/mon


Though this is a highly professional bulk email software service it is really beginners friendly and small businesses. easy drag and drop. Segmentation. All the autos are really simple. FREE ACCESS 12,000 EMAILS/MON and 1,000 subscribers

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is the main option when you want to design a good email marketing template with their inbuilt pre-design templates FREE ACCESS 250 emails/Mon for free


CovertKit is just one of the bulk email marketing software services that you need to try out for your mass email blast because they have awesome features even in their free plan. FREE ACCESS 1000 subscribers at a time


This is old of them yet blasting so many features for the free access. With free email verifier and other features FREE ACCESS 10,000 emails/Mon. 1,000 contacts and 1,000 emails/day


Moosend mass emailing services really save you time because of the behaviour feature it will send automation per behaviours instead of you repeating emails. This increases open rates and ROI. FREE ACCESS end unlimited emails for 30 days


EmailOctopus works with Amazon SES infrastructure with great easy third parties integration with mail optin, WordPress and zapier. FREE ACCESS You can send up to 10,000 bulk mails to 2,500 subscribers

Send Grid

Send Grid is another free bulk email marketing software tool you can easily use to send powerful automation emails with every email having unique elements instead of duplication. FREE ACCESS 100 emails per day.

Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing have an awesome delivery rate of about 99.9% and this is really cheap because it provides unlimited access to all their features. FREE ACCESS unlimited bulk emails to 100 subscribers in 7 days

Thunder Mailer

Thunder Mailer comprises all tools that all small businesses and cooperate entities need to run their campaigns. It a very good user friendly. FREE ACCESS You can easily download Thunder Mailer for free and start sending thousands of emails.

Conclusion On 20 Free bulk email Marketing software services for mass email blast

Almost all those free 20 bulk email marketing software services we mention above can easily get free access and also have paid plans but most are really cheap and have the best offers. You can click any of the email marketing software services above to get access

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