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In this day and age, everyone is looking for ways to make a quick buck online, right? And if you’re in Nigeria, one platform that has been making waves recently is So, I figured it’s worth diving deep into what Hawkit is all about, how it works, and most importantly, how you can make money on it. Let’s not forget the nitty-gritty – how to register, activate your account, fund it, and withdraw your earnings. Oh, and we’ll also check out what people are saying about it on the Playstore.

So, What’s Hawkit All About?

Alright, so is basically an online marketplace in Nigeria where you can buy, sell, and exchange all kinds of goods and services. The whole idea behind it was to create a safe and convenient online space for folks and businesses to carry out transactions. And guess what? It’s become one of the go-to online marketplaces in Nigeria, thanks to its super easy-to-use interface and a ton of products and services.

How Does It Work?

Great question! So, Hawkit is like a virtual marketplace where buyers and sellers meet up to do business. If you’re a seller, you can list your products or services, and if you’re a buyer, you can browse through these listings, ask questions, and buy whatever you need. Hawkins plays the role of the middleman, making sure everything goes smoothly and securely.You can buy and sell service, physical products , social media engagement(like, comment, subscribers etc.) and lot more.

Ways To Make Money On

Now we’re talking! So, there are a few ways you can make money on Hawkit:

1, Earn by performing social tasks

This is a very easy way to earn.

You will see a list of very simple tasks to perform every day or anytime you want to make money and you earn by doing those simple tasks.

Tasks like Liking people’s Facebook pages, subscribing to people’s YouTube channels, reviewing on Google Play Store, following on Audiomark, and a lot more.

You earn 5 nairas for every Facebook page you like, You earn 30 nairas per YouTube subscribe, 30 nairas per review on Google play store, 10 naira per Facebook post share, 5 naira per post like on Instagram, facebook and other also 30 naira per WhatsApp status you upload too.

The steps to follow are simple

a. Choose task: Just check for the task you want to perform from the task section

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b.Instruction: Read the instruction given by the person giving the task and hawkit and digest it first

c. Perform task: Now follow the instructions to perform the task given diligently.

d. Submit task: After compiling the proof upload it to hawkit and submit.

e. Review and payment: The person that gives you the task will review it and hawkit too then they approve the task and you get paid.

2. Selling Products

Selling products on Hawkit is not just about posting an item and waiting for a buyer. It’s an art, and to maximize your profits, you need a strategy.

a. Choose the Right Product: The first step is to choose a product that is in high demand. Items like smartphones, fashion accessories, and home appliances generally have a larger audience.

b. Competitive Pricing: The next step is to price your item competitively. Look at what similar products are going for and price yours in a way that offers value to the buyer while still ensuring you make a profit.

c. Quality Images and Description: High-quality images and a detailed product description can make a significant difference in attracting buyers. Your description should provide all the necessary information, including the features, benefits, and conditions of the product.

d. Promotion: After listing, you can’t just sit back and relax. Promote your listings through social media or Hawkit’s promotional tools to attract more potential buyers.

e. Commission: Keep in mind that Hawkit takes a small commission from each sale, so factor this into your pricing.

3. Offering Services

Hawkit isn’t just for physical products; it’s also a platform for skilled individuals to offer their services. Here’s how to go about it:

a. Identify Your Skill: Are you good at graphic design, content writing, or digital marketing? Identify what you’re good at and what people are looking for.

b. Set Your Rates: Pricing your services correctly is crucial. Don’t undervalue your work, but also don’t set prices so high that they deter potential clients.

c. Create a Portfolio: Before people hire you, they will want to see proof of your expertise. A well-curated portfolio can go a long way in establishing credibility.

d. Customer Reviews: Encourage satisfied clients to leave positive reviews. This adds another layer of trust and encourages new clients to hire you.

3. Referral Program: In addition to selling products and offering services, Hawkit has a referral program that’s another way to earn money.

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a. How it Works: For each person you refer to Hawkit who completes a transaction, you get a 500 Naira commission. It’s a win-win; your friends get to buy or sell on a reliable platform and they also earn by completing tasks like liking people’s posts on Facebook for 10N, Twitter for 10 naira, 30 for YouTube if you subscribe, and other Explain the first way to make money explain before and now you earn money for bringing in a new customer.

b. Share Your Referral Code: Hawkit provides you with a unique referral code that you can share with friends and family. They can register with your link for free and do other transactions anytime they activate their account you get paid.

c. Keep Track: Usually, you can keep track of the people you’ve referred and the commissions you’ve earned through your Hawkit dashboard.

By exploring these varied opportunities for making money, Hawkit users can maximize their earnings on this versatile platform. Just choose the method that best suits your skills and resources, and you’re on your way to making money online.

How To Sign Up On Hawkit

Getting started on Hawkit is a breeze:

Note it’s free to register so register now instantly. Use the link below to register for free and you can activate instantly or later.

1.    Click here to Visit this hawkit page here.

2.    Enter your full name and click sign up( If the referral option is empty you can put ‘usefultunde’ but if usefultunde is there already leave it. Thanks just to earn a little referral earnings it’s plain).

3.    Note Even if you did not put the referral details or use my link it’s the same it has no effect so do not waste it Use the link and thanks. Fill in your details like your name, email, phone number, the username you want to use, and a password.

4.    Check the verification code sent to your mail, copy and paste it then input your gender and be done signing up for free.

How Do I Activate My Account?

Easy peasy! After you register, you can buy airtime and do a lot more with it but you can earn by activating it, and very simple.

Just click become a member. and make just 1,000 payment to activate your account and start earning and it’s just a time payment.

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By activating your account you can start earning and have access to all those ways to earn we explain earlier.


How Do I Withdraw My Earnings?

Withdrawing your earnings is just as simple:

·         Log into your Hawkit account.

·         Click on the “Withdraw Funds” button on your dashboard.

·         Enter the amount you want to withdraw( minimum is just 100 naira) and your bank details.

·         Click “Submit”.

You will receive withdrawal mail and get credit in your bank account.

Got It. And How Do I Fund My Account?

Before you start raking in the dough, you need to fund your account.

Here’s how you do it:

·         Log into your Hawkit account.

·         Click on the “Fund Account” button on your dashboard.

·         Choose your payment method and enter the amount you want to deposit.

·         Follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

Hawkit offers different payment methods like bank transfer, debit/credit card, and mobile money. Cool!

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it! is a pretty solid platform for buying, selling, and trading goods and services online in Nigeria. With different ways to make money, like selling products, offering services, and referring others, it’s a great opportunity for individuals and businesses to earn some extra cash online. Just remember, like any online platform, it’s always important to be careful and protect yourself from any potential scams. By offering quality products and services, being responsive, and actively promoting your listings, you can maximize your earnings on Hawkit.


How to register on hawkit? Just click this link to register

and follow the instructions mentioned earlier.

Is legit? Totally! is a legit online marketplace based in Nigeria.

What can I sell on Hawkit? Pretty much anything! You can sell new or used products and services, from electronics and fashion to tutoring and graphic design.

How does Hawkit make money? Hawkit makes money by charging a commission on sales and a fee for withdrawals.

Is there a minimum withdrawal amount on Hawkit? Yes, there might be a minimum withdrawal amount. It’s always best to check the website for the most up-to-date info.

Can I use Hawkit if I’m not in Nigeria? Hawkit is mainly targeted at the Nigerian market, so it might not be the best fit for users outside Nigeria.

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