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7 Interest Free Loans in Nigeria 2023: Requirements & How to Apply


Have you ever wondered, “Why should I pay interest when borrowing money?” Especially when there are interest-free options available? Let’s dive into this inviting world of zero-interest borrowing in Nigeria.

In our ever-evolving financial landscape, the demand for accessible and affordable credit has never been higher. But what’s even more appealing? Loans without interest. That’s right! Let’s discover seven such opportunities available right in Nigeria.

Importance of Interest-Free Loans

Isn’t it fascinating how a simple concept can significantly impact someone’s financial journey? Why are interest-free loans such a big deal?

Boosting Financial Independence

Imagine starting a business without the fear of accumulating interest. It’s like baking a cake and getting to eat it too. Interest-free loans can be the stepping stone to financial independence for many budding entrepreneurs.

Facilitating Business Ventures

Have you ever hesitated to kickstart a business venture because of high interest rates? With interest-free loans, that’s one less thing to worry about.

7 Interest-Free Loans In Nigeria

Let’s walk you through these seven fantastic interest-free loan options available in Nigeria.


The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) offers supportive financing options for SMEs. If you have a compelling business idea and meet its criteria, SMEDAN might just be your ticket to interest-free financial support.


Must be a Nigerian citizen. A business plan showcasing viability. Valid identification and proof of business registration.

How to Apply:

Visit the official SMEDAN website. Navigate to the loan section. Fill out the application form with the necessary details. Submit the required documents.


AELLA-CREDIT focuses on employee lending. Employees of registered organizations can enjoy swift loan approvals without a single penny paid as interest. Just like getting an advance salary, without the wait!


Employment in a registered organization. Valid ID and employment verification.

How to Apply:

Download the AELLA-CREDIT app. Register and fill out the loan application. Await approval notification.


Ever heard of loans that get approved within minutes? That’s SPECTA for you. Their digital lending platform promises quick turnarounds, and best of all, certain loan categories come with zero interest.


Bank Verification Number (BVN). Valid ID and proof of stable income.

How to Apply:

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Visit the SPECTA website. Register and fill in your details. Select the desired loan and await approval.


Now rebranded as Carbon, PAYLATER offers quick short-term loans. Their interest-free options are perfect for anyone in need of rapid financial assistance. Think of it as a friend lending you money, without the interest strings attached.


Bank Verification Number (BVN). Valid ID and a source of income.

How to Apply:

Download the Carbon app. Register and choose your desired loan. Await feedback on your application.

5. Jaiz Bank

Jaiz Bank, operating on Islamic banking principles, shuns interest entirely. Instead, they engage in partnerships where profits and losses are shared. It’s a unique approach, but one that holds the promise of zero interest.


Proof of business or viable business idea. Valid ID and account with Jaiz Bank.

How to Apply:

Visit any Jaiz Bank branch. Consult with the loan officer. Fill out and submit the application form with the necessary documentation.

6. TAJ Bank

Another bank rooted in Islamic banking principles, TAJ Bank, also provides interest-free loans, promoting ethical and interest-free banking. It’s like two sides of a coin, with both sides being win-win.


Must have an account with TAJ Bank. Valid ID and proof of a steady income.

How to Apply:

Visit a TAJ Bank branch. Speak with a loan representative. Fill out the application and submit the required documents.


An online lending platform that understands the needs of its users. QUICKCHECK offers interest-free loans for those short-term needs. Ever felt like you just need that little financial push to get to the month’s end? QUICKCHECK’s got your back.


Bank Verification Number (BVN). Valid ID and proof of income.

How to Apply:

Download the QUICKCHECK app. Register and select your loan type. Follow prompts and await loan approval.


The financial world can often seem like a dense jungle. But with the right tools and knowledge, you can navigate it effortlessly. Interest-free loans in Nigeria offer a breath of fresh air, ensuring you don’t get bogged down by accumulating interest. So, which one caught your fancy?


  1. Are interest-free loans truly free of all charges?
    • While the principal amount remains the same, some institutions might have other fees or profit-sharing models.
  2. How do banks like Jaiz and TAJ operate without charging interest?
    • They operate on Islamic banking principles, focusing on profit and loss sharing rather than interest.
  3. Is my credit score important when applying for these loans?
    • Yes, most financial institutions will consider your credit history as a measure of reliability.
  4. Can I apply for multiple interest-free loans at once?
    • While possible, it’s wise to understand the terms and conditions of each loan provider.
  5. How soon can I access the loan after approval?
    • This varies by the lender, but with digital platforms like SPECTA and QUICKCHECK, it can be as swift as a few minutes.


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