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Best Money Saving Apps in Nigeria with interest 2023(Top 10)

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Saving money is always be on of the best financial advice but you also need an investment that yields interest. What if we tell you today that you can save and still earn interest? Yes! That is why we will be giving you the top 10 Best Money Saving Apps in Nigeria with interest that are all free to download right now

Due to technological advancement good numbers of fintech companies making life easier for Nigerians to save and still earn interest with just a simple app.

As the fintech companies grow in Nigeria giving a lot of advantages. Same way few fraudulent apps come up too so It is advisable to read this article and digest it to make a proper decision because we have make proper research tested and trusted this is our top 10 money-saving apps

Top 10 Money Saving Apps in Nigeria with interest 2023

As said earlier in this article we made some research and confirm these apps are tested and trusted to save you money! While your money is safe you still earn. We consider a few things fixing each in the appropriate ranking spot

We will be starting piggyvest as it is the leading finance app in Nigeria that gives a lot of features to make sure every single kobo saved must be rewarded with interest!


Anyways maybe because the app is strictly a savings app online. They now enlarge into more and we also made a review about them, you can check out Piggyvest Investment Review

1. Piggyvest

Piggyvest remains the first online ‘saving & investment’ platform launched in 2016 as only for saving. It remains relevant, updated, and enlarge to help manage Nigerian’s financial life since 2016 till date know as piggyvest.

You can read the full piggyvest review from our previous article with the above link but if you want to download the app and start registration click this link to register for pigyvest


Interest rate: Piggyvest has several savings features and the interest ranges from 8% to 13% per annum

2. Cowrywise

Cowrywise remains the second largest and best saving platform in Nigeria presently follow by piggyvest. You can check our proper full review of cowrywise : Cowrywise : interest rate, investment, Sign up & About it (App Review 2023)

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Cowrywise was launched in 2017 and has everything you need to manage your financial portfolio. It can manage your savings and investments with different features that encourage investment and savings like saving challenges. They also have the option to save individually and also groups savings.

Interest rate: Cowrywise promises an 8.5% interest rate per annum based on its rate calculator.


Alat is the first digital banking surface in Nigeria which was established by the Nigeria commercial bank Wema bank.

This simply means you can perform all your normal bank app transaction o this app too. They also have some saving features like saving goals, auto-saving, group saving, and a lot more which attract interest rates.

Interest rate: Alat give an interest rate of 8.5% per annum just like cowrywise

4. KoloPay

KoloPay is built specifically to help you save and earn interest while you save. They have a lot of features like autosave, and easily save and you can even schedule your saving for daily, weekly, or monthly.

Interest rate: They give up to 10% interest rate on your saving

5. Kuda Bank

Kuda Bank remains the number one free digital banking service in Nigeria. They are also licensed as microfinance banks in Nigeria by the Central Bank Of Nigeria.

The bank improves your financial life by managing your spending habit and saving with interest. You can read more about Kuda bank review in our previous article on Kuda Bank: Sign up and All You Need To Know About ( 2023 App Review)

Interest rate: Kuda bank promises up to 10% interest per annum on their flexible savings while the fixed savings yield up to 15% interest per annum

6. V Bank

V Bank known as VFD Microfinance Bank is another licensed digital banking in Nigeria just like Kuda bank and they also offer interest on saving. It is very easy to open V Bank by just downloading the app on your phone and registering no pa[per work. They also have fewer charges with no other confusing charges.

Interest rate: They have V target saving that gives up to 8% compounding interest per annum

7. Sumotrust

Sumotrust is an automatic saving app that is designed to curb all the poor saving and investment habits among Nigerians by giving them interest and helping them save their money.

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They built the app to help save in three forms: They have the Main saving for day-to-day saving which you can withdraw anytime and save anytime. Also, the Fix Saving is that you cannot withdraw until the date you set to withdraw it. And also they have the Missio saving which is for people who want to save for a mission like building a house, buying a car, paying fees, or anything.

Interest rate: You get up to 10% interest rate for both main savings and mission savings and 15% on fixed savings

8. Vestpay

Vestpay is another saving and investing app that helps you to set your specific financial goal.

They have a lot of features that help in setting your financial goal and also give interest while doing that

Interest rate: They give up to 15% per annum on every financial or target saving goal

9. Carbon

Talking about the best online loan app carbon is one of them. And it is because it is a loan app that also gives interest in saving which is why it is number 9 of our best money-saving apps in Nigeria with interest.

Interest rate; Carbon gives up to 16% interest per annum on every saving of their customers

10. Opay

When talking about financial services in Nigeria today Opay is one of the best. But because it’s not built specifically for saving that is why it is number 10 and also that is why Carbon is also way down to number 9 too.

But with all the financial services opay render like pos business, and digital banking among others they also offer savings services with interest called owelth.

They also have different target goal savings features like goals for accommodation, business, and education among others

Interest rate: They also give up to 15% interest on savings per annum


Thanks for reading our top 10 best savings apps over to you now! If you have used any of them kindly share your thought in the comment about anything you love about It or what you think needs improvement about it. Also if the one you are using is not stated you can share your experience with them in the comment section.

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