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Earn $27 in 60 Secs setup (Work from home) [PayPal Payment]


Hello MoneyMakingCrew,

We are back with another video on how to make more than $27 in 60 seconds of work. This is a real work from home opportunity that you can try out and you will see the result.

We make use of about 7 sites combine together to make this work fine and you will love it. Watch it and enjoy.

We will first use dailyupload.net

This is a site to earn money per thousand downloads you earn $16 per thousand downloads from USA

The next site we will be using is Warriorplus.com to get offers to promote

I mean affiliate offers

Then we will also use freeplrdownload.com to download awesome pdf that we can give out for free.

Step by Step to earn

Download the free PDF about a category let say make money online niche then we will edit the pdf and put an affiliate link in the pdf to get commission sales.

And move to dailyupload.net and upload the pdf there.

Then the next step is to find traffic

Move to quora.com and search for the niche of pdf you upload maybe how to make money online

Then search for people wants to know how to make money online and offer them the pdf for free.

So a lot will download and some will click the link in the pdf and you earn commission

And you still earn per download

Another way to generate more traffic is to go to seoclerk.com to buy a USA email list has low has 3 dollars for a thousand mail now send the free ebook to them on how to make money online

Since its free lot will download it and you earn $16 per thousand downloads since the mail list is from USA and you still earn if any of them click the link in your pdf to purchase through your affiliate link.

Kindly watch the video for more full info.

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