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 Should I buy life insurance for my child? Must know about Life Insurance For Kids

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If we are to answer the questions about whether Should I buy life insurance for my child? we will say it depends. There is no straight answer Yes or No to that because it depends on the perspectives but in this article, you will be able to juxtapose if it’s best for you to get life insurance for your kid or not. Though buying life insurance for your children you are definitely the beneficiary and yes your kid’s future is very important and it’s in your hands which does conclude that you having existing insurance for yourself might be enough or not.

What Is Life Insurance for Children?

Children’s life insurance is been purchased by the kid’s parent or guardians to cover the minor and they are also the beneficiary. This type of insurance is also locked in the sense that it does not change throughout the life of the kid as long as the premium is been paid.

The price ranges averagely around $35,000 annually and it is most times a whole type of life insurance policy though when the kids aged up till around 20 years of age can then determine if will take up the insurance and keep paying or terminate it.

Types of life insurance policies for Children

Most times the guardians will choose a term insurance policy so the kid will take up or cancel it at a particular age but it can be of two type term life insurance policy or permanent life insurance policy.


Term Insurance Policy: This time of insurance policy is cheaper and can be as a rider to the parent life insurance policy. This type of life insurance policy is effective for a specific period and when the period elapses it’s no more effective.

Permanent life insurance: This whole insurance has a very awesome features despite being more costly than a term insurance policy but this type of policy keeps growing your money in your policy over time( The cash value keeps growing). This type of policy allows your children to access this money when clock a specific age around 25 years of age and it’s tax-free.

This is a really awesome insurance policy option for your kids because they can access it at a level in their life to increase their financial life or to fund their retirement plan.

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It’s very nice to insure insurance for your kids on time because it usually covers their health or any medical issue most times you need to check all this in the insurance company policy.

All these features especially the cash value feature and a lot make the permanent kids’ life insurance more costly than term insurance.

Who Shouldn’t Consider Buying Children’s Life Insurance?

Despite life insurance looking awesome to some parents, guidance, grandparent face especially the permanent life insurance the same way some will go against it but all depend on the perspectives like but not limited to a few points :

Some can’t afford the premium: Despite the fact that term insurance can be a lot cheaper than permanent life insurance policy for kids, some guidance or parent can find it hard to pay that conveniently depend on the financial power and its fine t avoid it if don’t have the financial strength to purchase the policy for your children.

Alternative Children life-saving method: This is very reasonable to some extent and depending on the tolerant for policy in the life insurance for kids, risk, desire for return, and a lot more some guidance or parents might prefer buying the idea of saving for the future of their kids instead. Savings like mutual funding, college saving, and a lot more will be the best options.

Death Are fairly Low especially compare to Adult: Though not to be prayed for death benefits is generally lower compared to adult death benefits for life insurance which goes way up to $500,000 and more self while child insurance might be around $50,000.

How to buy life insurance for your child

This is a very crucial section and also requires an experienced broker or to get an insurance consultant. When you are ready to get life insurance for your kid it is best you get and expect to explain all the in and out of it for you and what you need to look for j.

Then you can provide a few things and always ask for full documentation if anything else is needed anyways since you should get an expert to guild you.

  • You need to specify how much you can spend monthly
  • You should provide your passport, social insurance number, birth certificate, and also your kid’s own.
  • A valid proof of income will be needed so that they can juxtapose if you can actually spend that monthly payment
  • Proof of your address ( Even if its rented, mortgage,d or owned)
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Best Life Insurance Companies for Children

It is advisable to compare quotes for different life insurance, especially getting ideas from experts or checking all the companies policy look for the best suitable for you.

These are a few of them:

Mutual of Omaha: It was founded in 1909 and they have a flexible policy too mostly suitable. But you still need to check their policy out and some other things yourself

State Farm: Thogh State Farm starts as an auto insurance company in 1922, they now offer varieties of insurance policies. Most child insurance here does not require medical tests or stuff but you need to check them out for what is suitable for your purpose.

Gerber Life College Plan: Since 1967 Gerber Life College Plan has been recognized for its children life insurance anyways maybe because of their logo. They provide a very nice policy you can check them out and very importantly to seek expert suggestions and policies that best fit you.


Yes, life insurance for your kids is really awesome from some perspective just like as we explain in a paragraph from our article above but you need to just know all the policies if suitable for your personal purpose and if within the range of your power, and lot more. We will love to hear your suggestion or questions in the comment section and we will respond as soon as possible.



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