Home Make Money Online In Nigeria Racksterli – Is it legit or scam? Login, Packages, owner, office address

Racksterli – Is it legit or scam? Login, Packages, owner, office address

racksterli home page

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Today is the big day to tell you guys the truth maybe racksterli is legit or a scam

In this article, you are going to know everything about the investment platform racksterLi

Where your money is going to and maybe they worth giving a try or not:

racksterli investment platform

About Racksterli Investment Platform

Racksterli not racksterly.. Racksterly exist some years ago but racksterli started last year and has been paying its member promptly back to back

Racksterli is an investment platform that offered 58% Returns on Investment (ROI) .

And its very simple subscriber get paid 58% of the package they subscribed for after 30 days.

The owner of is Michael Oti Chidiebere


What Are They Doing

It is an affiliate marketing platform and networking that allow subscribers to harness the power of the net and start earning from the comfort of there home with ease

Racksterli Establishment Limited is a Nigeria company register under CAC with REC number 1721203

Has shown below on the official CAC site

racksterli rehister with CAC

YOu can see their official address in the screenshot on CAC above
8B Celestine Street, Bera Estate, Chevron Drive, Lagos. , Chevron (Aja), LAGOS

They calculate in dollar and convert in Naira.


The dollar is just to meet up with international standard should in case they want to expand later worldwide


The interesting thing about them is that you don’t need to refer before you earn or get paid ….

You first need to get copon of the package you want to register for first before you proceed to registration

You can get a coupon from coupon code vendor here

Then register on racksterli here

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But you need to choose the package that suits your pocket


Everybody cannot be the same most people don’t know how to refer people or don’t even like doing it.

Racksterli is just simple and sweat..

After registration, you just need to be sharing one advert from their website to your WhatsApp or Facebook account every day for 30 days that’s all

After the whole 30 days with 380 per dollar rate, you will have accumulated,

Standard- $57 (#21,660)
Premium- $117(#44,460)
Platinum- $234(#88,920)
Gold- $468(#177,840)
Diamond- $1170(#444,600)
Ruby- $2232.6(#848,388)
Emerald- $4447.5(#1,690,050)
Pearl – $ 10,993.5 (# 4,177,530 )
Jasper – $ 19,420.8 ( # 7,379,904 )

No referral at all…

How do Racksterli Referrals earning Works

But in case you want to skyrocket your earnings and make more money.

They have a sweat referral system

Pay you per person that registers to racksterli through you

They pays you a referral bonus base on the package the person you refer registered to.

You earn this referral bonus base on the plan they subscribed to:

  • Standard- $3
  • Premium- $8
  • Platinum- $10.53
  • Gold- $11.85
  • Diamond- $13.16
  • Ruby- $15.7
  • Emerald- $18.4

You will earn all that per person you bring to this platform base on the package and still earn your 58% returns on investment monthly.

They Get you covered

They are into so many things

Fitness, Forex trading, Real Estate investment, sponsorships and advert placements,

Available Package

racksterli packages

These are the 9 packages ,

  1. Standard:₦14,000
  2. Premium: ₦28,000
  3. Platinum:₦56,000
  4. Gold: ₦112,000
  5. Diamond: ₦280,000
  6. Ruby: ₦560,000
  7. Emerald: ₦1,120,000
  8. Pearl : ₦ 2,800,000
  9. Jasper : ₦ 5,000,000

They are not money doubling platform or ponzi scheme

Racksterli Payment Proof

There are lot of payment proof from racksterli

racksterli payment proofs
racksterli payment proof
racksterli payment proofss
racksterli payment prooff
racksterli payment proof

Racksterli Website

Racksterli official website is racksterli.com

Download their official app on google playstore here

Racksterli Registration / Sign Up Process

It is very simple to sign up for racsterli –

Choose the package you want to register for-

Buy A coupon of the package

Register and start earning

Step 1: Buy A Coupon Code: Click here to buy coupon from coupon vendor

Step 2: Sign up and subscribe: Click here to sign up

Just fill in all the necessary information and you are good to go…

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Is it A Scam Or Legit ?

Racksterli is not a scam because they are paying all their subscribers promptly and accordingly for now…


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