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How To Make $100 Dollars A Day Fast ( $3000+/Month Passive Income)

how to make 100 dollars

This is going to be a practical example and very easy way to make over $100 Dollars A Day Fast and eventually over $3000 dollars a month passively

In this tutorial, you are the one to choose how much you want to be making per day or in a month

Our advice for the money making crew is to aim high

If your aim is the sky the least you can fall is on the mountain

Out of the three websites, we are going to join together to make money today 2 are free and the third one just requires 50 cents to make our process faster

For this unique way to make $100 dollars a day to work these are what you need and don’t need

  • Internet accessible mobile
  • No unque professionalism
  • No urge fee at all just around 50 cents($0.5) and you are not running any ads
  • It consume no time . Just around 30 min to an hour set up
  • This income passive
  • No website needed
  • No facebook account or any social media acount needed
  • You dont need anything just your smartphone
  • You just need paypal account to receive your earnigs anywhere you are in the world
  • Your potential to make thousand of dollars is high
  • You need to follow step by step

Go to paypal.com register and link your local bank or card

This will make you able to withdraw your payment receive through PayPal to your local bank.

If you need any assistance with PayPal just use the MoneyMakingCrew contact form we reply fast

If all that is in place! Let start today’s tutorial…

There are a lot of ways to make PayPal cash

JUST 3 STEPS AND YOU ARE DONE start making 100 a day

Let start with yazing

Yes, yazing.. This is a super easy and unique automatic way to earn

For those that did not know yazing.

How To Make $100 Dollars A Day With yazing (STEP 1)

I call yazing ‘home of brands’

Yazing is an affiliate website, with this company you can get almost all brand affiliate links to promote in one click

no approval!

no waste of time!!

With yazing you can start making thousands of dollars from HP, Walmart, Microsoft, audiobooks, word remit, just mention the brand

fast payment guarantee … well-tracked affiliate link machine, best affiliate deal…

This way of making money today you don’t need to stress yourself to find who to buy just read through this tutorial

And it is absolutely free to create yazing account in less than a minute

Let sign up for yazing

How to create account with Yazing For free in 6 steps

  1. Firs visit yazing.com
  2. Click that ‘JOIN NOW’ button on the homepage
  3. Just click the join facebook if you want to register with your Facebook details
  4. Or fill the simple sign up form (Input username you want to use, email, password, and confirm the password)
  5. After filling the signup form just click Register Now
  6. Then log in your mail and confirm the mail from yazing then you are good to go

How to withdraw Money from Yazing

You can add your PayPal mail account anytime since payment is once a month

You can place withdrawal on any balance you have in your account

Just edit your yazing profile by clicking your username

and choose edit profile from the dropdown

Update all user details

And very important account details

Input your PayPal mail where they write ‘Email (used for payouts)

Remove the one in the box if not your PayPal mail and also very important after input your password and click save

An email confirmation link will be sent to that your PayPal mail go there and confirm it first

With this its this your PayPal mail you will be using for anything on yazing

To receive payment or even login yazing either with your username or this mail and password

Note that yazing charge %10 of all payout

You can read about that here on yazing

How to see how much you earn on Yazing and track

By clicking your username on the right up corner and choose dashboard from the drop-down you see all your pending and paid amount

You will see transaction history and shopping clicks

You will see how to track your transaction and how to report missing transactions if any

Selecting Brand to promote and on Yazing

This is very important, on this website homepage choose a brand to promote

how to make 100 dollars with yazing

Note we will use Block Fi as an example you can promote any product or brand but aim high

Note ‘ BlockFi offers crypto interest-earning accounts with up to 8.6% APY. This allows clients holding crypto like Bitcoin & Ether to earn compounding interest. BlockFi also offers low-cost USD loans backed by crypto. Access crypto capital without selling.’

Promoting BlockFi Fi for example you get up to $500 per person

You just need 6 to get $3,000 a month

And with this trick, we are about to discuss in this tutorial you make even more

Because we are putting this in front of millions of targeted audiences that already love to register for cryptocurrency for as low as 50 cents

Making ‘crazy’ money

Choosing BlockFi,

I just have to click the second button below BlockFi which says ‘Promote To Earn’ button below it and copy your affiliate link to promote

If you want to see what someone that click your referral link will see

Just click the first button below the brand you want to promote ‘BlockFi in our case’

You will see ‘shop to earn button’ click it and you will see the landing page for someone that click your link

After you have copied your link to promote

JUST LIKE THIS IN OUR CASE ‘https://yazing.com/deals/blockfi/MoneyMakingCrew’ copy that link and save somewhere or you can always come back to yazing to copy it then follow the Step TWO

The next step is to design a very simple yet professionally designed banner for the Brand we want to promote

Now, You will need to open a free snappa account.

What is snappa

How To Make $100 Dollars A Day With Snappa (STEP 2)

Snappa is free to use, drag and drops simple online banner designer website

In terms of professional design in one click copy and paste try snappa

Remove any background in one click, though, I don’t think we will need to edit any background

They have a lot of templates ready made for different categories, social media, advertising, header, and even for bloggers

Trust me snappa is very simple to use

First, create an account on snappa

How to create account with Snappa For free in 4 steps

  1. Visit snappa.com and click get started
  2. Fill the simple sign up form Input your Name , email and password
  3. Then click get started free and confirm email sent to your mail
  4. Now you are free to use Snappa

How to use snappa to make $100 Dollars A Day

Now, let me quickly show you how to make use of the inbuild readymade templates

We will do some magic professionally in less than a minute now drag and drop

You know We want to create ads banner FOR BLOCKFI brand we want to promote

Just scroll down on the home page that reads ‘create a graphic’ on snappa

And check the categories of templates that read ‘SOCIAL AND DISPLAY ADS’

You will see ‘Facebook Carousel Ad’, Facebook Link Ad, Medium Rectangle Ad, Rectangle Ad, and Leaderboard Ad

Just click Facebook Link Ad

More templates load under that category let just choose this pretty girl template for editing

I think we need to change this pretty girl photo to a cryptocurrency stock photo since we are promoting BlockFi which is about cryptocurrency

Just search cryptocurrency on the search for image button on the left-hand side of the snappa and replace the girl photo with just a click

The picture will be black and white our template is black and white if you want to make it colour just do that on the effects tab ‘use the saturate tab’.

You can choose any template while designing yours

Edit the text on the banner with some info on the landing page of your link like for this tutorial on https://yazing.com/deals/blockfi/MoneyMakingCrew

how to make 100 dollars per day with snappa  blockfi

As seen above that is from the default snapa design to our affiliate ads design for blockFi

That is done in less than 1 min and you can do a more professional one if you spend up to a minute

Now that we have choosing what to promote from yazing ‘step one’ and design banner for it with snappa ‘step two’ now let send it to the target audience with adclerks with less than $0.50 step three

How To Make $100 Dollars A Day With adclerks (STEP 3)

Adclerks is a website where popular website owners sell their space to people that need to promote their brands or to buy ads space

Visit adclerks.com and click ‘create account’ to create a free account instantly

how to make 100 dollars with adclerks

How to create account with Adclerks For free in 3 steps

  1. Visit adclerks.com and click create account
  2. Fill in your details (Username, First Name , Last Name, email, password, click advertiser , check the two boxes)
  3. Then click create account

After you have created an account now choose the category of the affiliate link or brand you want to promote

For this tutorial purpose, we are using cryptocurrency

Now go to the cryptocurrency category

We have about 11 websites presently under these categories that you can promote the link to

For example playnano.online is 1,000 impression space for 20 cents($0.20) and they have 626k impressions per month

faucetfly is also renting 1,000 impression ads space for 50 cents ($0.50) and they have a total of 390k impressions per month

Acefaucet is another cryptocurrency website having over 1.3 Million impressions per month and they will be renting ads space for $15 per month and this is also super awesome

Remember we just need a sign up to earn up to $500

Out of 1.3 Million impressions if only 10 can sign up you will be earning $5,000 per month for just $15 that is far profitable

Let just say we have only 6 sign up you get $ 3,000 or even with a single sign up out of 1.3 Million impressions you still get $ 500 with $ 15 ads space very awesome

Just submit the banner and link to one of the website ads spaces on adclerks

And this actually works like magic because its targeted real traffic

Conclusion on How To Make $100 Dollars A Day fast and $3,000+/month in Passive Income

These very simple 3 steps to make over $3,000 fast

Step One

Go to Yazing.com, register for a brand affiliate and get an instant affiliate link to promote and percent you will get from per person referred

Step Two

Visit Snappa to design a banner around the affiliate link or brand to promote

You can design professional banners fast with ease

Step Three

Visit adclerks to promote your affiliate link

Look for the category of website that has the same audience as the brand you want to promote the link

You can now start promoting and start making money

With these simple steps, you will start making over 100 per day over 3,000 a month

Abeg App: All you need to know Before you sign up Warnings! 2021 review


This is going to be our second article on abeg app review

We made a review about How To Make ₦300,000 Naira with ₦0 on Abeg app but we are still going to discuss more updates on that in this post too with more details

After the first abeg app review, we made a lot of people contact the WhatsApp number added with a lot of questions. All You Need To Know About the app is right here now

About Abeg

Abeg is a fintech app, developed by Abeg technologies

this App is just like the popular cash App in US and Uk

This is a Nigeria based app used for sending and receiving money with a lot more

It was co-founded by Dare Adekoya, Michael Okoh and Muheez Akanni in 2019

Abeg app and cash app

Since 2018 founder of SwiftaCorp , Victor Asemot jokingly tweet that Nigeria should have its own version of the cash app and should be called Abeg

In West Africa, and mostly In Nigeria Abeg means Please…

This is one of the major reasons for building this app ‘GIVEAWAY’

Abeg is the headline sponsored the reality show Big Brother Naija season 6 ‘shine ya eye’

About Abeg CEO / Co-Founders And his Networth

Dare Adekoya is the CEO of Abeg while co-Founded by Michael Okoh and Muheez Akanni

“Dare Adekoya worth over $500 Million”

What Is Abeg App All About

Abeg app is a peer-to-peer payment mobile app with a tag better known as username

The app was released on September 4, 2020

The app is very flexible with about 14MB download size

Abeg started receiving attention after the Billion sponsorship they offer to the Big Brother Naija

Also because of the Similarities to Cash App Lot of people started using it

The app started receiving attention and get more downloads

How To Download Abeg App APK / IOS

You can download the app on their website Abeg.App

You can also download the app on google play store for android or apple Appstore for iPhone

How to sign up on abeg

Registration : How To Sign up on Abeg

First, you need to download abeg app

After you have downloaded the app and open it

Click Create Account

Enter your phone number, email address, full name, and now choose a password

OTP will be sent to your number

Put the OTP code sent and click submit

The Next Page is to add BVN and also set abeg tag

Upload your profile picture and link other social media account

You Can now start enjoying all Abeg features

How Does Abeg App Works And Some Key Features

How To Withdraw From Abeg

It is very easy to withdraw from Abeg App.

Sending money to your normal local bank account is very easy.

The minimum withdrawal is 2,000 Naira #Urgent2k

Follow the below steps to withdraw

  1. Click your profile on the app
  2. Click on your ballance
  3. You will see withdraw , click it
  4. Then choose the account number you want to withdraw the fund to
  5. Input the amount
  6. Click send and input your pin

How To Fund Abeg App

How To Fund or Top Up Your Wallet

You can fund your abeg wallet with ease

With just 6 steps you will do that and get your account fund instant

  1. Just click Your abeg profile
  2. Click Add Money, You will see account Number , Copy it
  3. That Account Number is your personal account number for your wallet
  4. Send any amount you want to fund to that account number (Using Your Bank app or pos near you)
  5. The account is wema Bank and your Name will show in the account name
  6. You can send any amount , Once sent it will show instant in your Abeg wallet

how to send money on abeg

How to send money to users in the app / Make Someone Happy

Making someone happy is simple

Just type the amount(Min is 1 and max is 1Million) you want to send to the amount dashboard

You don’t need to put what is the money for just click send

You will see a box to input the person abeg tag or username

Search for the person username and click send and input your pin

You have finally made someone happy

How Does Abeg Timeline Feature Works

Timeline is where you see all general news or announcements and the status of your transactions

It is the second to the last button on the down-right side of the app and it has a clock icon

Abeg Explore Section

You can do many things here

This is the first button at the button of the app

You can easily use the search box at the top of the page to search for friends by their usernames also known as abeg tag

You can buy Airtime, giveaways, Badges, BBNaija eviction updates, Pay Bills(Coming Soon), Merch Coming Soon) and Food Coming Soon),

Buy Airtime with Abeg App

How To Buy Airtime on Abeg App

You can simply buy airtime on explore section which is the first button below the app

You can buy airtime on abeg in 4 simple steps

  1. Just click buy airtime banner on the explore section or search for airtime with the tag search or on the tabs
  2. It will take you to airtime page
  3. Dont click Buy Airtime , choose your network provider on the services (MTN, 9MOBILE, GLO OR Airtel)
  4. After choosing your Network provider input amount you want to recharge in the box and click Pay
  5. Input the number you want to recharge and click recharge Now
  6. You will see the order sumary for confirmation , Then you can click pay if correct and input your abeg pin

You have successfully recharge with your abeg balance

How To Participate And Win Giveaway On The Abeg App

When you stroll down in the explore section on abeg app, you can easily see the list of Top giveaways and the latest giveaway

Just make sure you click any of the people doing giveaways

And click join

You can luckily win and your wallet will be funded automatically when the giveaway is over if you are luckily among the winners

Is Abeg App Giveaway Legit?

Abeg app giveaway is super legit

One of our won one of the comedian celebrities ‘MrMacaroni’ Giveaway of 2,000 Naira below

mrmacoroni abeg giveaway

Donjazzy open the giveaway with 1 Million shared among 10 people at 10,000 naira each for the lucky winners

Donjazzy giveaway

You can win a giveaway as part of how to make money with abeg app but not reliable. It just by lucky

You can make money by referring others. Read about abeg referral program and how it works here

What are Abeg Badges?

Abeg create badges, just like emoji for there users

There are different badges

These badges have different decorations of different categories(normal, premium, and rare categories) in the form of honour, recognition, and appreciation for their users on their participation in the app

Abeg have about 7 badges

  1. Lifesaver
  2. You’re a darling
  3. Mystery smile
  4. Fundsssss
  5. Thanks
  6. Money Spender
  7. Anon


Cliques is the second button from left to right on the app with the people icon

This is a sweet feature on abeg but not yet out

With this feature, you can easily split bills or any payments with friends and family in a group


The message feature is the button at the top right of the abeg app

Here, you receive a direct message from people on the app


This is a collective saving collectively but this feature is still coming up


The loan is also one features most of abeg users are waiting for and its also coming up


You can easily get to the dashboard which is the first button at the upper left of the app

Here you can find shortcuts to invite friends ( send invites for referrals earnings), explore, cliques, timeline, profile and ussd

All of this has been discussed earlier only the ussd and invites


This is used to pay, send cash and help centre quickly

These are some codes you can use on abeg *888# (Piggyvest) , *122#(Abeg badges), and *123# (Abeg Help)

You can easily do that by clicking on ussd on the dashboard

Send Your Friends

This is where you can share the app by inviting friends and you will earn

Here you can make a lot of money from this refer section

Let quickly talk on how to make money on abeg app with referrals

How To Make Money With Abeg Referal on Abeg App now Abeg Heroes

Abeg give 250 Naira aper referral in a logical way

After you have added a profile picture, BVN and uploaded bank account for withdraw in less than 3 hours of registration

Just search for OKONJESSICA (she is MoneyMakingCrew staff on Abeg) then click the abeg heroes badge and get 250 instant

abeg heroes , abeg referral badge

How did abeg app referral works

You can easily check how it works by using the search button on a explore section and search abeg heroes

On the referral page, how it works will be shown just like the above picture and any updates on the referral will be updated there

You can easily get referral bonuses in just 5 steps below

NOTE Anybody you want to refer MUST DO ALL THESE 6 STEPS

  1. First thing to do is to download the app if you have not
  2. Download it on google playstore for Andriod , on apple store for IOS users or just visit abeg.app
  3. Register or sign up on the app , You can check How to sign up on abeg subheading above (Make Sure You add BVN and Bank account for withdraw)

    Take Note Fidelity Bank, wema and First bank will not work any other banks works apart form those three .. you can open instant zenith bank with ussd code *966*0# if you did not have any other bank other than above banks
  4. Then upload a profile picture
  5. NOTE must be less than 3 Hrs account
  6. Note all this 4 things MUST be done to make money on referral

After you have confirmed that someone you refer has done all that

Then tell your referral to click your abeg heroes badge then you get ₦750 and he/she too will get ₦250.

In the next sub-heading, we will show you how to get our abeg heroes badge

If you want us to refer or want to join the MoneyMakingCrew on Abeg

Please do those 6 steps above then contact one of our team on WhatsApp Chat Jessica Or Tunde Up

Or just search for OKONJESSICA on abeg and click the abeg heroes badge under it to get your 250 (Note 3hrs of registration and must have an upload profile pic, bvn and add bank account)

  • Take Note Fidelity Bank, wema and First bank will not work any other banks works apart form those three .. you can open instant zenith bank with ussd code *966*0# if you did not have any other bank other than above banks
  • If you did not have the 5,000 to get the abeg badge you can still make so much money from MoneyMakingCrew abeg referral and you get 200 per person that click our abeg tag through you inside your bank account and the person also get 300 instead of 250

    How to make over 500,000 naira from abeg without abeg heroes badge with MoneyMakingCrew

    This is a very simple 5 steps to make more money without getting abeg heroes referral tag through money making crew

    This is win-win, people you refer here even earn more money 300 instead of 250 and we can help them to send the money into there bank account and you too will get 200 inside your bank account

    1. First things is for you to make sure the person you refer click our abeg tag OKONJESSICA and send screenshot of the 250 to you and username and you forward it to MoneyMakingCrew via whatsapp here Jessica or Tunde
    2. Make sure those you are referring have already add profile picture, added bvn and bank account.
      Take Note Fidelity Bank, wema and First bank will not work any other banks works apart form those three .. they can open instant zenith bank with ussd code *966*0# if you did not have any other bank other than above banks
    3. After you send the screenshot to us and we verify it we fund your bank account 200 and add 50 naira to that person you refer abeg account
    4. Abeg minimum withdraw is 2,000. That person you refer can just use the 300 to buy airtime instant or send it to us and we fund he/she wallet. They can send it to you and you forward it to us and we fund respective bank account
    5. If you still did not undertsand this just contact Jessica or Tunde on whatsap for more info

    If you still don’t want all that just click our abeg heroes badge if you just register under 3 hrs and you get 250 and you can just use that to get airtime

    You can contact us WhatsApp Chat Jessica Or Tunde so as to guide you on how to get abeg heroes to badge easily.

    If your registration is not complete you will not get the 250 and will be of waste and if its more than 3 hrs it will still be of waste and will see reason just like below Make sure you follow instructions

    missed abeg heroes
    How to get abeg heroes badge and makeover ₦750,000 Naira

    Apply for the badge on 5 steps below

    1. First dial *007# (Go to first tab on the abeg app click the first button on the top left click the ussd last tab and dial *007# or check How to operate on abeg app here )
    2. After dialing the code input your pin and select “Start Making Money”
    3. Then click ‘Apply for Abeg Badge’
    4. Click Apply now for ₦5,000
    5. You will see Application successful as shown below
    abeg heroes badge successful

    Abeg promised that a representative will do a video call with you within 48 hours but in MOST cases they did not call but you still get your badge

    You can contact us only if you are a new user for under 3 hours and we will help you ease the step

    If you can refer just a thousand people, you would have earned 750 by 1,000 that will be 750,000 easily

    Make sure you click our abeg heroes badges(Search for @okonjessica then click the abeg heroes badge ) at list 3 hours after you register so you can get 250 for start then you add to it to apply for your badge or you just use it buy airtime. You can check how to buy airtime on abeg app here

    Wait… is abeg app legit and safe to use?

    Is Abeg App Legit And Safe To Use?

    With this abeg app review, you can juxtaposed That the straight answer is that this app is legit and safe to use

    But let look at it from these 5 angles!

    1. Abeg app is the main or headline sponsorer of the 6th Nigeria popular reality Tv Show Big Brother Naija worth Billion of Naira
    2. They are registered on CAC has ‘ABEG TECHNOLOGIES LTD’ with RC 1679194 (Date of Registration – Jun 26, 2020)
    3. They are also coparate company with known CEO and co-founders
    4. Lot of payment proofs
    5. The app have good reviews on the app store
    6. They have service they render and not promising 150 % ROI Nothing Like That
    7. No Registration Fee at all

    Lot more…

    With all this, you can juxtapose that Abeg is real

    Abeg App Review

    This app is generally accepted by a lot of people for a lot of reasons

    Especial the fact that it is Nigeria version of the popular cash app ( US and Uk)

    A lot of people love this app after the exposure from the Big Brother Naija sponsorship

    Though nothing is impeccable some users still find one or two minor issues maybe like 2% less or more but check abeg app review from the app store below

    Abeg app review on google playstore
    Read More reviews on google playstore
    Abeg app review on ios appstore
    Read More Review on appstore


    In conclusion, this abeg app review shows that abeg app is worth trying and using

    Make your research too, comment if you have any suggestions or anything, like if you love this article and see you on the next one

    How to make money with stock photos( $300 Per Stock image copy/Paste)


    This is going to be the best tutorial on how to make money with stock photos.

    You can actually make more than $300 per stock image sold with no experience for free

    Before we start today’s tutorial I am going to list some awesome advantages of using this method

    • This is absolutely free no signup fee or any fee at all
    • With this method you dont even need to have any experience. You dont need to know how to snap picture because you are not going to snap at all
    • You dont need a cameral
    • You dont even need to learn any software at all its all simple drag and drop
    • This method is unique and absolute FRESH


    • You need to follow steps to achive this
    • You need to read this tutorial till end to know how this method works
    • You need to be at least creative and do more work which is less stressful

    Let start with today’s tutorial

    This is an absolute very easy way to make money with stock photos just copy and paste

    Below, These are what we are going to discuss in this tutorial

    About crello

    Simple Tutorial on How Use Crello

    About 99design

    How to Use The Contest part

    Let start with Crello…


    Crello is a website used to design anything with ease online and you can design a lot for free

    Crello Homepage

    very easy drag and drop, you don’t need to know how to design

    Just choose a template out of tons of templates and edit with drag and drop

    You will design a professional design in 2 Min with no skills at all

    You can check this simple tutorial on how to use crello here

    With crello , You can design book covers, logos, flyers, any design with ease

    Crello Dashboard- How to make money with stock photos
    Crello HomePage How to make money with stock photos

    You can download some stock photos to use as background if needed

    All photos from unsplash.com are free to use, edit and sell

    Now let move to how you turn these simple designs into big money

    And what are we to design …

    How to make money with stock photos On 99design

    99dessign is a big company endorsed by Forbes, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal among others

    99design bring designers and clients together worldwide

    As a designer you design and clients pay for your work

    It is very simple just be creative enough

    Go straight to 99designs.com , sign up, and join contests

    At the bottom click design contests as shown below, you will see a list of current contests and finished

    99design contests- How to make money with stock photos
    How to make money with stock photos 99designs
    99design open  contest

    There are a lot of contests you can participate in, submit your design, and earn over $300 per design


    To know the recent open contest just use the filter button above the contest and click open below contest status as shown below

    99design open contest

    Imagine making over $800 per one design, you have to be creative

    To make your work easy in finding the contests to join. Click the filter button and choose basic if you just sign up for 99design

    Conclusion on How to make money with stock photos

    • First Learn how crello works here to ease your design
    • Then over to 99design sigh up an account
    • Filter the contest page by open contest and enter best contest that fit you in
    • Pick a desgn and check how the want they want their design to look like and what they want in it
    • Go back to crello and Design it
    • Then Take your design back to 99design for submission
    • Enter more contest
    • Quick Note you can also use any software you know to make the design if you don’t want to use crello

    With this, you can make thousands of dollars just by designing

    You can share this article with who you think need to see this too

    See you on the next one and also check out How to make an extra $1000 a month

    How to make an extra $1000 a month [STEP BY STEP Practical Examples]


    Good day, guys,

    Today we are going to be showing you a very simple way to make an extra 1000 a month or more

    This is going to be like a practical step by step in just 3 Steps

    There is no money required to make this works

    • You don’t need a website
    • You don’t need a laptop just your internet-enabled mobile device
    • It is worldwide
    • It is passive income

    I will be listing what and what we are going to discuss

    Kraken Affiliate
    Top Popular Crypto Currency Trending Now
    Quora and Other Platforms (Forums)

    We will be talking a little bit about cryptocurrency

    Let Start with,

    What Is Kraken all about

    Kraken is a platform to trade cryptocurrencies like buy, sell, or swap

    Kraken has been operating since 2011

    Kraken has the best low fee crypto transaction

    You can check Kraken.com for more

    Check the picture below for step one

    Go to kranken.com and click affiliates at the right bottom of the page

    krakan affiliate

    Kraken Affiliate -Step One

    This is where we will start the first step

    You need to follow step by step before you can know exactly How to make an extra $1000 a month with these easy tactics

    Kraken pay a 20% trading fee from each client you refer to them for the lifetime in as much as the client is using Kraken

    Kraken pay up to $1,000 per refer you can check that below

    How to make an extra $1000 a month with kraken affifiates

    Advantages of Kraken Affiliate

    • Its Lifetime – No deadline (Best affiliate offer is a life time offer you keep earning as long as the client still using it)
    • Payment is directed into your local bank account on defualt currency (Its worldwide)
    • You dont need website

    Requirements to sign up for Kraken Affiliate

    • Any type of social media influencers account but must be up to 5,000 followers
    • Websites and Mobile app also accepted but must be finance or crypto-related and traffic not required
    • Facebook Group and pages must be finance or crypto-related and have 5,000 followers

    Enough of about Kraken Affiliate, This is not a review or promotion its for us to learn how to make an extra $1000 a month passively

    Let leave Kraken review for another day

    You can check out how to Earn $90 Per 30 Min Work (passive income Ideas 2021) here also

    After getting your Kraken Affiliate link which is the first step then we will need to search for top trending cryptocurrency right now

    Top Popular Crypto Currency Trending Now – Step Two

    You will need to google the top 10 or 100 trending cryptocurrencies so that you will be working on what people are talking about right now

    Presently bitcoin is the talk of the town on cryptocurrency but some other coins to trending just like the picture from google search below

    scrrenshot of best cryptocurrencies on  How to make an extra $1000 a month

    Talking about bitcoin

    After knowing the trending coin to work on presently, The Next step is searching for the topic about bitcoin on Quora

    How to make an extra $1000 a month with QUORA free traffic – Step Three

    According to wiki ”Quora is a social question-and-answer website based in Mountain View, California, United States, and founded on June 25, 2009. The website was made available to the public on June 21, 2010. Users can collaborate by editing questions and commenting on answers that have been submitted by other users.”

    As of now, quora have an average of 300 million users with over a 100million visitors on a monthly basis

    It is free to open a quora account just go to quora.com

    You just need 3 to 4 people a month out of over 100 million visitors to get over $ 4,000 a month

    You will need to search for how to buy bitcoin, how to trade bitcoin or anything about the cryptocurrency you pick on to popular cryptocurrency

    Then you will need to give a reply to those questions on quora with your referral link

    quora screenshot

    This is where the work is, You need to reply to a lot of people on daily basis and on different cryptocurrency

    It’s a Passive Income idea so if you reply as much as you can per day before the end of 30 days you receive up to 3 or 5 successful registered client

    Remember per client you earn about $ 1,000 so if you luckily have 3 you get about $5,000 extra passive income a month

    Also, you can create questions too and be the first to comment so your comment will come up

    You can also try Answers.Com and stackexchange.com

    Conclusion-On How To Make Extra $1000 a month

    In conclusion and summary, these are the simple 3 steps

    Step One

    Sign up for Kraken.com Affiliate program

    Step Two

    Choosing the cryptocurrency to work on

    Search for top 10 or 100 Top Popular Crypto Currency Trending Now

    Bitcoin as example

    Step Three

    Register on Quora.com if you don’t have an account and also register to answers.com in addition and start searching for topics related to the cryptocurrency you choose and start commenting on those questions on quora

    See You On The Next One…

    Abeg App Review: How To Make over 300,000 Naira with 0₦ with referral


    Welcome back guys with another awesome article on Abeg App review and How To Make 300,000 Naira with 0₦ abeg app referral bonus’

    You can also read the full updated review about abeg here after knowing how to make money with the app in this post

    This is just for our Nigeria Users

    When we are set for a review at MoneyMakingCrew , You Should know that we are set for an in-depth detailed review

    We are going to show you how to make 300,000 Naira in Nigeria using this Abeg app review with referral bonus program no investment at all and the logic

    We will like to address some questions and likely asked questions people do ask and full detailed answers:

    Abeg App review HomePage

    About Abeg App

    Wait!!! What does the world ABEG sound like has a Nigerian

    Yes!!! Please… In a fun manner …

    Seriously, this app is very awesome, interesting, and social

    A lot Of celebrities are already on the app… Like DonJazzy giveaway a million Naira to random users just to test the giveaway aspect of the app

    The design alone will make you feel so cool…

    Its 80% social media like and 20% bank or monetary app like in terms of design

    It was created in 2019 but get popular this year 2021 when it becomes the biggest sponsorer of the Nigeria Reality Show Big Brother Naija

    Abeg Basically deals with Peer To Peer Money Transfer at no cost

    This makes sending of money between friends, Family, and Fans easier and at the same time fun

    With your Abeg tag, you can send or request money from another user…

    This is From Abeg ‘ We created Abeg because we want to help people by making sending and receiving money fun, safe and easy. ‘

    Abeg APP review Mission

    What Are The Features Of Abeg APP

    • Easy Sending or gifting Money
    • Buying Airtime And Pay Bills
    • Linking your social media account to it to get more friends or users that is using Abeg on Instagram And Twitter
    • Giveaway ; There is a giveaway feature that makes it easy to help your fans or other easily
    • Ajo ; This is a group saving feature whic is still on it way
    • Cliques is al for your bill spliting
    • And Also Loan Feature which is also yet to be added but coming soon

    Abeg App Owner / CEO/ Networth

    Dare Adekoya Abeg app  Ceo
    Dare Adekoya

    This app was created by three young men Michael Okoh , Muheez Akanni, and the founder himself Dare Adekoya

    Abeg is similar to Cashapp, its founders hope it’ll break boring rules surrounding current fintech startups and also change how people think about payment technology.

    Dare Adekoya lived in Lagos state, also a product designer, who has worked with many companies.

    According to Ngnews247Dare wort over 500 Million Dollars

    This is exactly the power of the net…

    The hype reality show BBNaija season 6 was highly sponsored by ABEG

    Abeg APP review Mission

    Let Quickly Talk About The Referring Bonus part and how to make 300,000 Naira with this Abeg App review

    About Abeg apk

    The app is well designed

    Since the founder is a product designer, it really reflected in this app user interface

    The app loading averagely fast

    Well Organized

    And equipped

    Abeg App Download (Download App On Andriod And iPhone)

    You can easily download Abeg app on the official site abeg.app

    But for an easy quick link

    Andriod Users can download with this link Download Abbeg App On Andriod

    iPhone Users can easily Download the app with this link; Download Abeg On iPhone Here

    Abeg Referral bonus Now Abeg Heroes

    Just like other money apps like this, Abeg also have a referring bonus per user you bring the app

    MoneyMakingCrew will be your referrer

    But Abeg do this in a unique way

    Check this out Below

    abeg heroes formally abeg referral

    This is just as simple as this 5 A must-to-do steps before who refer you get the 250 Naira for new users, if you have the badge you get 750 and if you don’t have the badge you can still earn 200 naira per person you register with MoneyMakingCrew

    1. Download Abeg app on google play store for andriod or iphone App Store
    2. Sign Up or create account through the app
    3. Add your BVN this will avoid user opening multiple account, Set Pin and input username
    4. Add your Bank Account so you can withdraw easil to your bank account

      Note First Bank, wema and Fidelity will not work any other banks works apart form those three .. you can open instant zenith bank with ussd code *966*0# if you did not have any other bank other than above banks
    5. Then Add your picture Its a must you know Abeg is social

    Before 3hrs of registration contact, your referrer that’s moneymakingcrew on WhatsApp here or just search for OKONJESSICA on the abeg app and click the abeg heroes badge as shown below you get instant 250.

    After that, If you want to apply for the badge and start earning 750 per new user that clicks your abeg heroes badge follow the step in the next sub-heading or just check how to steal make 200 naira per person you refer to abeg app through MoneyMakingCrew

    You Can Easily Chat Jessica Or UsefulTunde up on Whatsapp here for more info (You must contact less than 3hrs of registration or before you start registration )

    Simple steps with the image shown in the image gallery for registration of abeg app below

    sign up abeg app registration

    How To Make 300,000 with this Abeg App Review

    The logic behind this is very simple

    With the simple explanation above on 5, A must steps who you are referring must follow before you search for our tag or username OKONJESSICA and click the abeg heroes badge to get instant 250

    Let us show you how to make money on abeg app without abeg heroes badge through MoneyMakingCrew

    How to make over ₦300,000 naira on abeg without abeg heroes tag

    This is a very simple 50 / 50 and you still earn without investing a dime

    Anybody you refer will get 300 instead of 250 abeg promise and you too will get 200 per person you bring and both of you can choose to send the money to your bank account

    With these 5 steps, you will start making 200 per new user that you refer to abeg and click our abeg heroes badge.

    Note once you accumulate enough money with this you can apply for abeg heroes badge yourself

    1. Make sure the person you refer click our abeg heroes badge OKONJESSICA under 3 hrs of registration, add profile pic, bvn and bank account.

      Note First Bank, wema and Fidelity will not work any other banks works apart form those three .. you can open instant zenith bank with ussd code *966*0# if you did not have any other bank other than above banks
    2. Once he or she click the badge and sucessfully get the 250 instantly just click here to contact Jessica/UsefulTunde from MoneyMakingCrew on whatsapp
    3. Ask the person to send the screenshot of the 250 to you and you forward it to us.

      And we will fund your bank account with 200 and add 50 naira to the person abeg app for using our tag
    4. Note that person can use it to buy airtime instant because abeg minimum withdraw is 2,000.

      And if the person you refer want the money in his or her abeg app in cash he/she can send in to us direct and we fun the person acccount or they should just send it to you and you send it to us and we will fund the respective bank account instant
    5. If you still did not understand this just click here to contact Jessica/UsefulTunde from MoneyMakingCrew on whatsapp for more info

    And if you just don’t want all this just sign up abeg and click our abeg heroes tag you get instant 250 which you can use to buy airtime instant because the minimum withdrawal from abeg is 2,000

    Or just send 1800 to your wallet and withdraw 2k you can check how to fund abeg wallet and withdraw too here

    And if you have the 5,000 to apply for abeg heroes badge you use the procedure below to apply

    Now we will show you how to apply for abeg heroes badge and earn instant 750 per new user that clicks your abeg heroes badge

    How to apply for Abeg Heroes badge and start earning over ₦300,000 naira on abeg

    First, you need to visit the abeg heroes page to see the procedure or follow the below 5 steps.

    Apply for the badge on 5 steps below

    1. First dial *007# (Go to first tab on the app click the first button on the top left click the ussd last tab and dial *007# or check How to operate on abeg app here )
    2. After dialing the code input your pin and select “Start Making Money”
    3. Then click ‘Apply for Abeg Badge’
    4. Click Apply now for ₦5,000
    5. You will see Application successful as shown below
    Abeg heroes successful application

    They promised that a representative will do a video call with you within 48 hours but in MOST cases they may not call but you still get your badge

    The app is basically built for fun while money move

    You can make over ₦500,000 with this badge

    If you can refer just a thousand people, you would have earned 750 by 1,000 that will be 750,000 easily

    Make sure you click our abeg heroes badges(Search for @okonjessica then click the abeg heroes badge ) at list 3,hours after you register so you can get 250 for start then you add to it to apply for your badge or you just use it buy airtime. You can check how to buy airtime on abeg app here

    Abeg App Withdrawal

    Withdrawing Fund On Abeg is very easy

    Follow These 4 Simple steps to withdraw or send your fund to your bank account at Just 23 Naira Charges for transactions above 5,000 Naira;

    • Login Your App
    • Click Profile
    • select Withdrawal Bank
    • then Add New Bank
    • Input Your Account Number and Bank
    • Then Your Name will come Up Then Save Bank

    Whenever You Want To Withdraw with a click your money will land in the bank account you input

    Abeg App Funding

    How To Fund your Abeg wallet with ease

    Funding is very simple as well

    Just click your profile and click fund wallet

    A Unique account number will come up which will e wema bank account

    This is your unique account number for funding your wallet

    Whenever you want to fund your wallet just send the amount to that account and it will reflect on your wallet instantly as shown below

    Abeg App Customer Care

    Abeg App Review Customer care

    Abeg customer care respond swiftly presently and you can get in touch with them through

    Mail- [email protected]



    Celebrities and Abeg APP – DonJazzy Giveaway and Others

    Donjazzy Giveaway 1Million to users on the app

    Abeg App Review Giveaway

    A lot of celebrities are doing giveaways also Mr Macoroni is doing giveaways on the platform

    Is Abeg App Legit

    With this Abeg app review you can conclude that it is legit and paying very fast

    Try it out today and you are a step toward earning 300,000 with the referral program and awesomeness of the app.

    See you at the next one…

    Forsage BUSD Scam Smart Contracts Review: WARNING!Before Register on this platform

    Forsage Busd HomePage

    Hey, guys, it’s UsefulTunde again from MoneyMakingCrew and we will be making a review on Forsage BUSD Scam Smart Contracts.

    What you need to know before you register on Forsage BUSD

    We will go into dept and details review with payment PROOF and proper procedure

    Very quickly before we start today’s review

    Forsage operated 2020 on Etherium and now it is operating on BUSD as a result of fixing all the bridge and issues which will be discussed in this articles

    We will love to discuss and answer some questions people do ask and full detailed answered;

    Forsage BUSD Meaning :What is it All About

    It is the main business why BUSD is a cryptocurrency but better say it is just a payment channel that Forsage is using to pay their users and also for new users to make payment

    You know moneymakingcrew always explain all in detail, we will start with the meaning of BUSD

    What does BUSD mean

    BUSD means Binace United State Dollar which is a new denominated stable coin approved by the New York State Department of Financial Service (NYDFS). It is launched in partnership with Paxos and Binance

    BUSD was launched on 5 Sep 2019. This coin issued as ERC-20 and support BEP-20


    Let quickly talk about Forsage

    What is Forsage

    Forsage is simple a smart contract

    And a smart contract according to Wikipedia ‘A smart contract is a computer program or a transaction protocol which is intended to automatically execute, control or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement.’

    That means it operates automatically according to how the founder code it

    Its founder coded it on different cryptocurrency has payment channel as said earlier

    it is on Tron and Ethereum now on BUSD all these three are just cryptocurrency

    The founder of forsage lado okhotnikov crated this smart contract just like affiliate marketing you make money when you refer and the founder too always make a profit

    The first was lunched on 6th of February 2020 on Ethereum Blockchain

    Forsage is just a referral matrix scheme

    If you don’t like referring it’s better you should not join forsage

    Yes, Spillover exist but if you want to wait for that you will wait till eternity and you may not receive up to 100 bucks per month

    But if you are good in the referral program or you are ready to learn how to refer people then you can join forsage and you will surely earn

    Now let talk about Forsage On BUSD and why changing to BUSD

    When did it start

    Forsage BUSD lunch June 2021 resolving the issue of unstable coin ethereum

    A lot of members complain about registration fee, not stable moving up and down has a result of ethereum not being stable and the accumulated ethereum too will not be stable

    This makes the founder of Forsage lunch on Stable coin BUSD

    Contract address

    Forsage is an international program basically kind of programmed in Spanish because a lot of contents in it are written in Spanish

    Forsage Busd Payment Proof

    Forsage BUSD was built on Binance so all your earnings are directly on your Binance USD wallet

    But you can see few wallets with thousand of BUSD funds on forsage below

    These are just very few payment proofs from Forsage BUSD lot payments rolled out lately directly to individual wallets

    How Does Forsage BUSD Work / Forsage BUSD Plan

    Forsage is divided into 3 segments which are the modes of earning;

    • X3 and X4 ; With 5 BUSD you can register for X3 / x4
    • xXx ; This is additional plan on Forsage BUSD with 8 BUSD you can also optin or unlock this
    • Gold : With just 8 BUSD you can unlock this plan also but also optional just an additional package but will discuss in details diffriences soonest in this articles

    On every forsage plans or packages, you optin has 12 levels the higher level you able to get the more money you earn

    Let now discuss what all these three packages mean


    Forsage BUSD x3 is basically only for referrals all your referral earnings go here

    This is basically referral part of it which is the fantastic part of it

    From the official site ‘A basic matrix program that is best suited for those who are self-reliant and prefer to develop on their own.’

    With 5 busd you can earn at least 15 BUSD but when 12 cycles are complete you earn 59,779 BUSD


    X4 is also another awesome package which deals with the team matrix here you earn through referrals, spillover, from upline, and also from overflows

    From the official website ‘A more advanced program that is more team-oriented where the results can come from your direct partners or indirect as spillovers.’

    With 5 BUSD you earn a minimum of 20 BUSD but when 12 cycles are complete you earn 79,700 BUSD

    Let talk about the xXx


    This is another improved system for team building on forsage to earn more. This is where earning comes in everywhere worldwide

    From the official website ‘A program with improved team building and development capabilities.’

    Herewith 8 BUSD registration fee you earn a minimum of 54.4 BUSD but when the 12 cycles are complete you earn 147,328.8 BUSD

    The whole 3 packages worth 18 BUSD for registration will earn you 89.4BUSD but if the 12 cycles are completed you will earn 286,803.8 BUSD.

    You can check the calculation on the official website forsage.io

    Forsage busd Registration / sign up

    Its registration is simply divided into three steps

    • Choose your Upline
    • Choose payment channel app you will be using
    • Start work or watch as spilover and overflow earnings rain into your wallet

    Choosing Your Upline

    Upline is the person through which you register. You need to use a referral link to register Entry forsage through active team will make you earn more money on auto through overflow and spillover

    We have several teams that do confirm any MOneyMaking opportunities before we make a review You can join MoneyMakingCrew Forsage BUSD Team here on WhatsApp worldwide

    Choosing Payment Channel app For Registration

    Note this is also a channel or app through which you will be interacting with forsage official website and dashboard

    This can be done in 4 different ways

    • Token Pocket
    • MetaMask
    • Trust Wallet

    Starting with Token Pocket :

    How To Register on FORSAGE BUSD with Token Pocket

    Token pocket is one of the easiest ways to register for forsage BUSD with any smartphone

    You can do a lot with Token pocket, You can transfer, swap and buy coin

    Make sure you buy BNB smart Chain BUSD (BSC)

    You don’t need to go through all this if you join through TEAMMoneyMakingCrew. We will put you through

    Though it is easy to buy just visit https://www.tokenpocket.pro

    But If you have another coin just swap it with the BUSD (BSC)

    First, you need to get the BUSD of the program you want to register for

    After you have gotten the BUSD just copy our referral link here

    • Open the Token Pocket app and click the browse button has shown below
    • Copy this registration link forsage.io/b/bkrrqy/
    • Then Click the register button
    • Then Confirm The Term And Condition
    • Confirm The Referral ID is This [48255] If Not Use The Pencil Icon To Change It
    • Then Authorize to confirm the BUSD in your wallet is enough for the registration
    • Then Click Register
    • Wait for confirmation then you will be redirected to your personal account

    If you did not understand the registration or want our team to register it for you [Use our WhatsApp help group link here ]

    How To Register on FORSAGE BUSD with MetaMask

    First, you need to download the app and register on MetaMask

    But If you have the wallet before good!

    You need 10 BUSD for registering x3/X4 , 8BUSD for xXx, and 10 BUSD for xGold

    Deposit the amount to your wallet, you can just start with 10BUSD for the x3/x4

    • Open the meta mask Dapp browser and paste this referral link to it forsage.io/b/bkrrqy/ and click search
    • Same way with token Pocket has shown above
    • Then Click the register button
    • Then Confirm The Term And Condition
    • Confirm The Referral ID is This 48255 If Not Use The Pencil Icon To Change It
    • Then Authorize to confirm the BUSD in your wallet is enough for the registration
    • Then Click Register
    • Wait for confirmation then you will be redirected to your personal account
      Check How to Register with Token Pocket for pictorial illustration above

    If you did not understand the registration or want our team to register it for you [Use our WhatsApp help group link here ]

    How To Register on FORSAGE BUSD with Trust Wallet

    Trust Wallet is a decentralized wallet for Binance exchange for mobile phones

    You can use Trust Wallet to buy BNB to make payment and you will be charged up to 12% using your VISA card or apple pay or master card

    Firstly, Deposit fund into your Trust Wallet account

    Presently, 10 BUSD for x3/x4 , 8 BUSD for xXx and 10 BUSD also for the xGold

    Starting with x3/x4 with 10 BUSD

    After you have deposit a sum of 8 BUSD to your Trust wallet

    Same process with Token Pocket and MetaMask

    • Open the Token Pocket app and click the browse button has shown below
    • Copy this registration link forsage.io/b/bkrrqy/
    • Then Click the register button
    • Then Confirm The Term And Condition
    • Confirm The Referral ID is This 48255 If Not Use The Pencil Icon To Change It
    • Then Authorize to confirm the BUSD in your wallet is enough for the registration
    • Then Click Register
    • Wait for confirmation then you will be redirected to your personal account
      Check How to Register with Token Pocket for pictorial illustration above

    If you did not understand the registration or want our team to register it for you [Use our WhatsApp help group link here ]

    Forsage busd Review

    This article is a piece of pure information about Forsage

    And should in case you want to register, a process to follow

    With all the information we have explained above it shows they have a real working system

    A lot of people make money with their previous Forsage ETH that’s why lot still registering with the more stable coin BUSD

    On MoneyMakingCrew we dish out a lot of ways to make money but it is over to you to choose the more convenient way to follow

    Official Website

    Forsage official website is FOrsage.io

    All those wallets we are mentioning above are just cryptocurrency wallets

    Where you can store your coin for usage

    How to login

    A lot of people do get confused about how to login on forsage after registration

    The easiest way is still through the wallet app you register

    Just click browse and search for forsage.io click login and click login automatically and confirm and you will be automatically login

    How to withdraw on Forsage Busd

    A lot of new members coming into forsage always asking this question

    All your earnings are directly dropping into your personal wallet

    The wallet you register through like Trust Wallet, Token Pocket, or Metamask is just like your bank account for cryptocurrency it has nothing to do with forsage

    All money in it can be use for exchange or sell it or b2b or swap to other coins like bitcoin

    Is forsage busd legit

    Forsage is currently paying so its legit

    A lot of payment proofs and a lot of testimonies all around the world

    I remain UsefulTunde.co and see you on the next one ..

    GOLDOMC.COM Racksterli Investment Review: WARNING!Before sign up or login

    ocmgold racksterli

    This is a detailed review about goldomc.com formerly known as racksterli investment platform with payment PROOF and proper procedure

    Very well before we proceed goldomc is an investment platform own by blackgold

    Hey guys, Finally MoneyMakingCrew will be making goldomc investment review; Is it legit or a scam..

    We will like to address some questions and likely asked questions people do ask and full detailed answers:

    Let start from

    What Goldomc investment Is All About

    Goldomc investment is a company that paid users to perform a certain task

    From their official website the about page read “The program is one which rewards users for delivering on certain tasks the company allots.” and they talk about their plans which will be discussed in detail later on.

    But basically, we can say they are a crowdsourcing investment company and share certain profits made from their investment to their subscribed users base on their packages.

    Is Goldomc registered with cac

    They operate under the umbrella of BLACKGOLD FITNESS by Michael Oti Chidiebere


    Kindly confirm the screenshot below

    Goldomc register with cac blackgold

    People often ask when did Goldomc start..

    When Did Goldomc Start?

    THE WHOLE Goldomc INVESTMENT STARTED June 2020 WITH RACKSTERLI Then changed to Goldomc after 3 days of upgrading till Tuesday 8th March 2021

    That is when the domain was created

    Date Goldomc started

    Let quickly talk about how it works before i show you some awesome payment proofs

    How Does it Work

    Goldomc is a very simple way everybody can easily make money online

    Requirement To Join This Program

    You just need an android phone, internet access, and your Facebook account

    Am sure most Facebook account and you are using to read this review right now is okay for you

    For you to be reading this that means you have access to the internet

    That simply means you are good to go

    This is how it works

    Register for a plan, Am going to take you through the registration process soon in this articles,

    After registration then start sharing one post per day then you keep earning money base on your plan

    Then at the end of 30 days, you withdraw your money including your gain

    It’s that simple

    Letter this review we will detailed how it works and the plans …

    Only if you wish to refer then you also earn per person you refer…

    Simple step,

    lot and lot of people have earn thousand and millions with that simple 3 steps ..

    Let me show you the payment proof from Goldomc (CEO BlackGOLD ‘Michael Oti Chidiebere )

    Read About Recharge And Get Paid

    Goldomc Payment Proof

    Goldomc has paid thousand of its users thousand and millions of naira since when it started and still pay till date

    Goldomc racksterli payment proof

    Now let talk about Goldomc packages or plans then we go through the registration procedure

    Goldomc Plans Or Packages

    They started with7 packages/plans showed below but presently they added 2 more plans making 9 plans

    Goldomc racksterli packages


    • STANDARD PACKAGE: You registered with 14,000 naira and earn 722 naira daily ($1.9) and you earn 21,600 at the end of the 30days
    • PREMIUM PACKAGE: You registered with 28,000 and earn 1,482 daily ($3.9) which gives you 44,460 at the end of 30 days
    • PLATINUM PACKAGE: You will register with 56,000 , you earn 2,964 daily ($7.8) and at the end of 30days you get 88,920 naira
    • GOLD PACKAGE: You will register with 112,000 naira and earn 5,928 daily ($15.6) which will give you 177,840 at the end of 30 days
    • DIAMOND PACKAGE: You will register with 280,000 naira, earn 14,820 daily ($39) then withdraw 444,600 in 30 days
    • RYBY PLAN: You will register with 560,000 naira and earn 28,279 daily ($74.42) and earn 848,370 at the end of 30 days
    • EMERALD PACKAGE: You will register with 1,120,000 naira and earn 56,335 daily ($148.25) and in 30 days you earn 1,690,050

    Then additional 2 plans called Pearl package, you will register with 2.8Million and also the last one presently called the Jasper package which the registration fee is 5Million

    You can start with any plan it’s worth it.

    Goldomc Referral Bonus

    This referral bonus is optional

    You don’t need to refer people to withdraw or earn on this platform, you can just earn more by referring others

    Base on the package you subscribe for you will earn a referral bonus per person you refer has narrated below

    • Standard Plan: $3 referral commission.
    • Premium Plan: t $8 referral commission.
    • Gold plan: $11.85 referral commission.
    • Diamond Plan: $13.16 referral commission.
    • Ruby Plan: $15.7 referral commission.
    • Emerald Plan: $18.4 referral commission.

    Goldomc Extra Bonuses

    There are still some extra bonuses you earn apart from the above referral bonuses when you refer people…

    When you refer ;

    • 10 people, you get an extra $25.
    • 25 people, you get an extra $100.
    • 100 people, you get an extra $400.
    • 200 people, you get an extra $1000 (on the diamond package).

    Note 1: When you refer 50 people on the premium plan and above you get a free premium subscription for the next month

    Note 2: When you referrals 100 people within a month on the Ruby package you will get an extra $450 added to his activity earnings.

    Note 3: When you referrals 100 within a month on the Emerald package, you get an extra $500 added to your activity earnings.

    Final Notice on Extra bonuses: All those bonuses are only available to premium members and above through those bonuses won’t stop you from getting the regular referral bonuses.

    Now we are getting there, how to get their coupon code for registration…

    How To Get Coupon Code For Goldomc

    They did not use any payment gateway for registration

    If you have gotten your coupon you can jump to how to sign up to Goldomci here

    Or just click this link and click sign up to sign up

    This will prevent to have an issue with payments not going or money hang

    For you to register to you need to buy a coupon code base on the plan ou want to subscribe for

    use this link to register after getting the coupon code register on Goldomc here

    Coupon code seller

    After getting your coupon now let register …

    Goldomc Sign Up ( How To Register )

    There are 5 simple steps to register

    You need to get a coupon code first before signing up Read How To get coupon code here but if you have gotten you can proceed

    Step 1: Click this link to register to Goldomc official website

    Then click register as shown below and stroll down

    Goldomc racksterli sign up

    Step 2: Fill in the First Name, Last Name, Username, Password, Email, Phone number, Choose a package, input coupon code, and make sure the referred is there

    Make sure all info is correctly filled

    and also make sure you register through the link so as to see referred by is there

    Check how the page will look like below

    Ocmgold racksterli registration

    Step3 :

    Add your bank details correctly

    Then the final step share the post of the day and earn

    This is how the Goldomc dashboard looks like shown below

    Ocmgold racksterli dashboard

    But do they have an office in Nigeria?

    Goldomc office in Nigeria

    Goldomc is owned by BLACKGOLD and BlackGold Fitness is a registered company registered under CAC

    You can find the address bellow

    From official website ‘Contact Us Page’ Shown below

    Goldomc racksterli office in Nigeria

    But if you need to visit Goldomc one on one you can go to 30, Alexandra Drive Silver Point Estate Ajah Lagos-27 which is the BLACKGOLD FITNESS ADDRESS

    Goldomc CEO

    Goldomc ceo is BlacklGold , Michael Oti Chidiebere deals with ;


    Goldomc racksterli ceo

    Goldomc Login , Official Website

    Officialwebsite is Goldomc.com

    And you can easily login after register here

    Goldomc Review (Racksterli)

    With all the review in this articles, they show that they know what they are doing with the way they are investing the money

    So many celebrities also advertise this platform

    Davido also advertise them and some other comedians

    They can be trustworthy to an extent but just like other scheme don’t put all what you got in it just take it as side hustle

    Read About Picoworkers

    Goldomc App

    For now, their app only available google play store Download here

    How To Withdraw On Goldomc

    Its very simple to withdraw from this platform

    After 30days of registration, you can easily withdraw your money with profit

    Since you would have added your bank account while registering

    Just click withdraw in the dashboard you will receive your earnings in less than 24hrs

    Is Goldomc Legit

    Goldomc is legit and paying as at this write-up

    Check out Video Davido advertising below

    Davido Goldomc

    They are various payment proof so Goldomc is legit and paying right now

    The simple 4 steps Get Coupon Code >> Register >> Share post >> Withdraw Your Earnings Plus Profit

    Piggyvest Investment Review:WARNING!Before you sign up

    piggyvest home page

    Hey guys, today we will be making a piggyvest investment review. Maybe it is legit or a scam. This is a well-detailed review about piggyvest and its app with a lot of proof and proper procedure.

    We will also be giving answers to many unanswered questions people do ask on the net.

    Now we will be answering frequently asked questions and we will be giving detailed answers to them with proof where needed;

    About piggyvest

    This is the first online “Savings & Investment” app in West Africa which was launched 7th of January 2016 has a saving-only platform called piggybank.ng

    In April 2019 they rebrand their platform to offer more than saving, Then they rebranded to Piggyvest

    They have been helping Over 1million users to manage their finances in a very simple form and transparent

    Investors are investing Billions of Naira every month in this platform

    Now, what is piggyvest?

    What is piggyvest

    This is an online platform use to save and invest money in Nigeria.

    They are very flexible to save and also to withdraw

    They have a lot of awesome products. We will talk about each and every product later in this articles one after the other

    Let talk about Piggyvest CEO or founder

    piggyvest ceo Odunayo Eweniyi
    Odunayo Eweniyi

    Founders /CEO

    Who is the founder of Piggyvest?

    Odunayo Eweniyi is the founder.

    Co-founders Somto Ifezue and Joshua Chibueze 

    Odunayo Eweniyi is a first-class degree in Computer Engineering

    Odunayo Eweniyi has been recognized on the Forbes Africa ‘#30Under30’  list

    Has of writing she have a very simple working space has shown above with awesome tools like current computer Macbook Pro 13” , Current mobile device is iPhone XS and Google Pixel 3s

    If you are here about piggyvest referral and how to make over 100,000 naira from referrals click here to JUMP this articles to where we talk about piggyvest referral and how it works

    And for piggyvest registration procedure click here TO Jump these articles

    How Does Piggyvest Investment Work

    This investment is not just an investment it’s a disciplined investment platform.

    A day cannot go without any interest in this amazing platform.

    There are a lot of products you can invest your money on piggyvest

    You can earn up to 25% Per Annum

    piggyvest investment
    piggyvest investify

    As shown above there are different sectors you can invest your money into

    Real Estate, Agriculture, Transportation or fixed income

    Just choose and invest and start earning your interest as simple as that

    The percentage interest will be shown clearly

    Once you click the product per unit amount you can invest will be shown and the expected return

    piggyvest investment

    This is a very legit and the best way to make money.. Just invest and go and sleep… Watch has your money grow over time

    You will see the investments that are still on and those that are sold out. Just look for the one that is still to invest

    Providus Bank and piggyvest

    A lot of people have been asking questions about piggyvest and providus bank

    Since they is using providus bank for their user to fund their wallet

    And providus bank is shutting down virtual accounts like account use on piggyvest for funding the wallet due to crypto issue with CBN directive

    Buts it’s very simple

    They just change their funding bank from providus bank to wema bank

    New members will now get wema bank account number instead of providus bank

    While the existing customers will get wema account too with just a click on switch account has shown below

    piggyvest and providus bank switch wema

    So the old account number will no longer go and any pending transactions will be reverted back to the source

    Has shown below this is my previous account number now follow by my new account after clicking the switch

    piggyvest providus bank

    Providus bank is just for funding the wallet and now they are using wema bank

    piggyvest wema account number

    Piggyvest app /apk

    Piggyvest really invest in their app and I love that

    I fall in love with their app

    Everything you need is inside the app just like the official website

    You can get their app on the google play store. Just click here to download for android users

    While On Apple store just click here to download for ios users


    Just like the app piggyvest dashboard is as simple and easy to navigate to all products and other sections

    You can click here to login on Pigyvest login as shown below

    From the dashboard front page as shown below

    piggyvest dashboard

    You see ;

    Total savings
    Total Investment
    Flex Dollar
    Flex Naira
    Quick Save
    To Do List
    Recent Activities
    The app on Apple APP Store
    The App On Google Play

    We will talk about all sections above one after the other in the next section

    Piggyvest Products

    There are a lot of different products on piggyvest and have their benefits and what they are for.

    Piggyvest products :

    Total savings
    Quick Save
    To-Do List
    Recent Activities
    The app on Apple APP Store
    The App On Google Play

    Piggyvest Product – Total Savings

    Total savings compile all the sum of the savings in Piggybank, Flex Naira, Safelock, Targets, and Flex Dollar


    This is for Strict savings automatically. Daily, weekly or Monthly and it has 8% per annum.

    This type of saving is not flexible

    You will not get the full interest and get a charge if you break the stipulated date set by yourself

    Flex Naira

    Flex Naira is a Flexible saving for emergencies.

    This one is Free to transfer transfers, withdrawals anytime and it also attracts 8% interest per annum

    Here you get your unique account number you will be using to save your money into the flex naira or other products


    Here you totally Lock funds to avoid temptations.

    And you get Upfront interest. Up to 13% per annum

    Here all your referral earnings are saved before they go to withdrawable piggybank balance

    According to piggyvest ‘

    Safelock allows you to set money aside for a fixed period of time without having access to it until maturity. It’s like having your own custom fixed deposit.

    You’re in control

    Set the desired duration of time to lock funds. You can lock for as little as 10 days or as much as 1000 days.’

    Target Savings

    Has it implies target. It is used to Reach your unique individual saving goals.

    You still get 8% interest per annum

    According to Piggyvest

    Target Savings allows you to save towards multiple goals on your own or with a group.

    Save with a group.

    You can save towards a common goal with friends and family. There are no limits on the number of savings groups you can join/create. No one has access to your funds but you.

    Daily interest paid.

    Earn 10% per annum, paid daily into your Flex wallet’

    Flex Dollar

    Flex Dollar is another wallet in piggyvest just introduce lately for savings in dollar just like flex naira in dollar

    You Save & grow your wealth in dollars. Up to 7%per annum in dollars

    This is more awesome because has dollar goes up you get even more rate when converting it back for withdrawal

    Summary of piggyvest interest

    Interest Rate

    These are the summary of interest of the products on piggyvest

    • Piggybank – INTEREST RATE at 8% Per Annum
    • Safelock – NTEREST RATE at 6% – 13% Per Annum
    • Target – NTEREST RATE at 8% Per Annum
    • Flex Naira – NTEREST RATE at 8% Per Annum
    • Flex Dollar – INTEREST RATE at 7.0% p.a

    Before we will talk about the registration process let the first talk about referral very important

    You don’t need a referral at all to participate in any of piggyvest products but you will earn more than 50,000 monthly by just registering people

    Even if you just register your family alone you earn1,000 naira and the person you register to will earn 1,000. Let discuss more…

    How Does Piggyvest Referral Program Works

    Piggyvest referral program is an awesome win win case

    It is free to register pigyvest account, instead, they even compensate you 1,000 naira for registering if you use a referral link to register

    This is moneymakingcrew referral link should in case you want to register

    It is as simple as that you earn 1,000 if you refer someone and that person you are referring also earn 1,000 naira too

    This the main reason lot of people always search for piggyvest referral code or link

    If you register with a referral link you will not earn 1,000 referral bonus

    Piggyvest referral link or code

    Your referral code can be found under the account

    You will see ‘refer and earn 1,000’ , click it you will see ‘COPY REFERRAL MESSAGE’ copy it

    You can send it to your friends and family

    It comes with a pre-filled message showed below

    ‘I use PiggyVest to save & invest securely. Sign up with my link and get ₦1,000.00 to start your own savings journey – https://www.piggyvest.com/?newref=1&ref=6231f3b5bd1019’

    But to make it simple your piggyvest referral code is the phone number you use in the registration

    For our referral code on moneymaking crew its ‘07065520338’

    Just like the prefill message up to our referral call too is this number at the end of the link 6231f3b5bd1019 ‘

    But it’s okay and easy to remember since your phone number is also your referral code

    You can also call or WhatsApp us with 07065520338 for the registration process if you are ready

    Just click here to whatsapp us on the registration process

    Piggyvest Referral Bonus

    Whenever anybody signup using your referral link you get 1,000 REFERRAL BONUS and that person too will get 1,000

    The money will go straight to your safe lock account and when the person finishes registration especially adding his or her bvn your 1,000 will drop to your piggyvest flex naira wallet

    Here you can withdraw the 1,000 or use it to do any of their products

    Now let go through the registration process

    To register make sure you use our link

    Piggyvest Sign Up / Registration

    All that we are discussing piggyvest , you need to register to participate

    You can register in 3 simple steps

    Piggyvest Registration -STEP ONE

    You need to use our referral link so you can earn 1,000 naira

    Click here to register for piggyvest

    It will take you to page up there then ‘CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT’

    Then you will see the registration form below to fill

    piggyvest registration form


    Fill In The forms with necessary information

    Full Name, Email, Phone Number, Password, Referrer Phone or Promo Code (If nothing in it just input our code ‘07065520338’), select how you get to know about piggyvest or leave it and just click create account


    After clicking create an account it will log you in straight to piggyvest homepage dashboard as shown below

    piggyvest registration to do list page

    Here you will see 5 to-do list

    1. Verify Your Email Address – Just login your Gmail and click the link piggyvest sent to verify it ‘You are done with 1’
    2. Add your BVN – Piggyvest is register with CAC and endorsed by CBN(Centra Bank Of Nigeria) So you have not been afraid to put your bvn. If you don’t know your BVN you can dial this number 5650# to check your bvn on your phone for any network
    3. The ‘tell us more about you’ You are to fill in your gender, year of bet, how much you earn per day, relationship status
    4. Securely a valid debit card. Just click it and click confirm, input card number, expiring date, and CVV i.e the 3 numbers at the back of your card (All these are safe with them)
    5. Then refer a friend and earn a 1,000 bonus.

    Then you can just send 100 to your piggyflex account or with a debit card

    Then your 1,000 would have been active to transfer to your bank account

    You need to do these five things to get the 1,000 referral bonus and for the person that refers you too to get his/her 1,000 naira referral bonus

    All your registration is now fully done

    You can now participate in any of piggyvest products

    Some people are like,

    All these vital details

    Am I registering for a bank account, is piggyvest approved by CBN

    Is Piggyvest Approved By CBN

    They operates has MFB REGULATED BY CBN . This means they are approved

    They have retained the integrity and legit since 2018

    See what they tweet about been approved by CBN or not below

    piggy is approved by cbn

    Piggyvest Investment Review

    They have been in operation for more than 5 years now with over 1 million users and tons of investors investing billions of naira

    Their customer care is so fast that the response to mail same day

    For me, piggyvest have 4 of 5 stars

    Zero registration fee

    A lot Of opportunities

    Saving lot of people giving the opportunity to save money and invest money with ease

    Customer Service

    They have swift customer service

    They respond very fast to mails

    Their customer care email IS [email protected]

    They also have customer care number 0700 933 933 933

    But we recommend contacting them through email, faster than the phone number

    They also have a physical head office

    Head Office

    Their official head office is located at Tesmot house, Abdulrahman Okene Close, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

    Is Piggyvest legit, safe, and reliable

    They are 100% safe and legit

    They are reliable and payment is very fast

    No hidden issues

    How to Login

    They have an official website as piggyvest.com

    And you can easily login by clicking login after visiting the website by the right hand of the website or by just downloading the app

    There is a popular comparison of piggyvest and cowrywise

    let discuss a little about it

    Piggyvest Vs cowrywise popular comparison

    Cowrywise is just like piggyvest, a saving platform for everyone with awesome investment opportunities

    Cowrywise lunched 2017 while piggyvest was inexistent since 2016

    Piggyvest Vs cowrywise Intrest Rates

    They have an interest rate ranges from 10%-15.5%, and interests on Investify can also be up to 22% per annum but for cowrywise 10%-15% on savings, while mutual funds is up to 20% per annum.

    Piggyvest Vs cowrywise – Investment

    They have features call investify why cowrywise is using mutual fund

    With 5,000 you can participate n low-risk investment in stuff like transportation or agriculture on piggyvest but on cowrywise with 100 you can invest in a low-risk mutual fund

    Pigyvest Vs Cowrywise – Similarities And Differences

    Both Piggyvest and Cowryise offer Investment and savings

    They both popular in Nigeria has a saving and investment platform online

    But one is more flexible in savings than the other and the other one in investment

    Piggyvest is better at saving not only because they start with savings only but also because they have very flexibility in withdrawing

    Having fast access to your money will let you save more

    Cowrywise is more comfortable in investment because of its mutual funds’ features

    This is the two giant in this sector

    Piggyvest offer a very flexible withdrawal system, You get your money almost instantly after you issue withdrawal on the platform or app

    Kindly sign up to piggyvest account here today and earn free 1,000 withdrawable to your bank instant (Make sure you register through referral to get the 1,000 use 07065520338′ has referral code or number)

    See you moneymakingcrew on the next one. You can check out how to make money on recharge and get paid here

    Racksterli – Is it legit or scam? Login, Packages, owner, office address

    racksterli home page

    Today is the big day to tell you guys the truth maybe racksterli is legit or a scam

    In this article, you are going to know everything about the investment platform racksterLi

    Where your money is going to and maybe they worth giving a try or not:

    racksterli investment platform

    About Racksterli Investment Platform

    Racksterli not racksterly.. Racksterly exist some years ago but racksterli started last year and has been paying its member promptly back to back

    Racksterli is an investment platform that offered 58% Returns on Investment (ROI) .

    And its very simple subscriber get paid 58% of the package they subscribed for after 30 days.

    The owner of is Michael Oti Chidiebere

    The founder of BLACKGOLD FITNESS

    What Are They Doing

    It is an affiliate marketing platform and networking that allow subscribers to harness the power of the net and start earning from the comfort of there home with ease

    Racksterli Establishment Limited is a Nigeria company register under CAC with REC number 1721203

    Has shown below on the official CAC site

    racksterli rehister with CAC

    YOu can see their official address in the screenshot on CAC above
    8B Celestine Street, Bera Estate, Chevron Drive, Lagos. , Chevron (Aja), LAGOS

    They calculate in dollar and convert in Naira.

    The dollar is just to meet up with international standard should in case they want to expand later worldwide


    The interesting thing about them is that you don’t need to refer before you earn or get paid ….

    You first need to get copon of the package you want to register for first before you proceed to registration

    You can get a coupon from coupon code vendor here

    Then register on racksterli here

    But you need to choose the package that suits your pocket


    Everybody cannot be the same most people don’t know how to refer people or don’t even like doing it.

    Racksterli is just simple and sweat..

    After registration, you just need to be sharing one advert from their website to your WhatsApp or Facebook account every day for 30 days that’s all

    After the whole 30 days with 380 per dollar rate, you will have accumulated,

    Standard- $57 (#21,660)
    Premium- $117(#44,460)
    Platinum- $234(#88,920)
    Gold- $468(#177,840)
    Diamond- $1170(#444,600)
    Ruby- $2232.6(#848,388)
    Emerald- $4447.5(#1,690,050)
    Pearl – $ 10,993.5 (# 4,177,530 )
    Jasper – $ 19,420.8 ( # 7,379,904 )

    No referral at all…

    How do Racksterli Referrals earning Works

    But in case you want to skyrocket your earnings and make more money.

    They have a sweat referral system

    Pay you per person that registers to racksterli through you

    They pays you a referral bonus base on the package the person you refer registered to.

    You earn this referral bonus base on the plan they subscribed to:

    • Standard- $3
    • Premium- $8
    • Platinum- $10.53
    • Gold- $11.85
    • Diamond- $13.16
    • Ruby- $15.7
    • Emerald- $18.4

    You will earn all that per person you bring to this platform base on the package and still earn your 58% returns on investment monthly.

    They Get you covered

    They are into so many things

    Fitness, Forex trading, Real Estate investment, sponsorships and advert placements,

    Available Package

    racksterli packages

    These are the 9 packages ,

    1. Standard:₦14,000
    2. Premium: ₦28,000
    3. Platinum:₦56,000
    4. Gold: ₦112,000
    5. Diamond: ₦280,000
    6. Ruby: ₦560,000
    7. Emerald: ₦1,120,000
    8. Pearl : ₦ 2,800,000
    9. Jasper : ₦ 5,000,000

    They are not money doubling platform or ponzi scheme

    Racksterli Payment Proof

    There are lot of payment proof from racksterli

    racksterli payment proofs
    racksterli payment proof
    racksterli payment proofss
    racksterli payment prooff
    racksterli payment proof

    Racksterli Website

    Racksterli official website is racksterli.com

    Download their official app on google playstore here

    Racksterli Registration / Sign Up Process

    It is very simple to sign up for racsterli –

    Choose the package you want to register for-

    Buy A coupon of the package

    Register and start earning

    Step 1: Buy A Coupon Code: Click here to buy coupon from coupon vendor

    Step 2: Sign up and subscribe: Click here to sign up

    Just fill in all the necessary information and you are good to go…

    Is it A Scam Or Legit ?

    Racksterli is not a scam because they are paying all their subscribers promptly and accordingly for now…

    Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Bank Account In 10Min

    transfer amazon gift card to bank

    Good day, guys,

    I am going to be taking you through how to transfer an amazon gift card balance to a bank account in 10min

    Let me first start with what gift card is and why amazon did not allow just converting it to cash with ease.

    Amazon Gift Card is just a card giving has a gift has the name implies gift card.

    So, it should not have any value than a gift and should be used on amazon since it is an amazon gif card

    That’s why amazon only allows the gift card should be used on amazon only and not any cash value

    But today I will teach you to get that gift card transfer into your bank account in less than 10 min work.

    A lot of people want to know this because a lot of people have access to amazon gift card but we need to settle other bills, not on amazon

    So this is a great opportunity for you to help others too.

    How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Bank Account

    We are going to be making use of a popular payment channel called VENMO

    Venmo is a simple channel that is used to send and receive money from family and friends

    So how are we going to go about it?

    Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Bank Account using Venmo

    I will break these steps into 4 simple steps;

    You will need two Venmo accounts ;

    Probably your Venmo account and any of your family Venmo account

    Venmo is free and easy to sign up you can sign up one for yourself and one for your brother or sister if you guys did not have a Venmo account before. Venmo.com


    What we are going to do here is to link our amazon gift card to our Venmo has a payment method

    Go to settings and add your amazon gift card as a payment method or backup payment method as shown in the screenshot below…

    venmo payment settings amazone gift card to bank account balance


    After you have successfully added an amazon gift card to the payment method on your Venmo account

    Now add a bank account to the other Venmo account maybe your sister or brother Venmo account..

    It’s just the same process as shown above


    Now let do the magic

    You will now send money to that your brother or sister Venmo account from your Venmo account using the attached gift card has the payment

    And he or she will receive the money in his or her Venmo account

    Amazon Gift Card Balance To Bank Account Using Venmo
    How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Bank Account Using Venmo


    Now finally ask your brother or sister to send the money to his or her linked bank account and the money will be transferred to you

    Anyways this is the simple way to get an amazon gift card to your bank account with ease in less than 10 Min work.

    Summary: How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Bank Account

    You just need two Venmo account

    • Link Amazon Gift Card To One
    • Link Your Bank Account To One
    • Send the fund from the Venmo with linked amazon card to the other one
    • Then when you receive money from the other account transfer it to your bank

    But if you find this tricky or you just need another easy method you can check our article about how to send amazon gift card to PayPal