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Picoworkers Review: Is Picoworkers a scam Or Legit? Reward for small task onPicoworkers

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Good day guyz, Its UsefulTunde From MoneyMakingCREW. Today we will be writing a review on Picoworkers.

Picoworkers.com is a site that links people that want to perform some small task but don’t have the time with those that have time to perform the task in reward for money.

If you have been following our youtube channel you will know that we have to make a video about a likely site called microworkers.

Just like microworkers same goes to picoworkers but picoworkers accept PayPal payment and other means of payment.

In this review we will show you with proof maybe picoworkers is legit or paying or not.

These are what we will be talking about in this review.

About Picoworkers
Picoworkers.com sign up

Picoworkers wikipedia (How it works)
picoworkers payment proof and methods
picoworkers minimum payout
picoworkers referral PROGRAM
picoworkers.com review
picoworkers complaints

About Picoworkers

Has explained about picoworkers links those that want to perform a small task with those that want to work.

Picoworkers is owned by Octobrain, Inc. 3511 Silverside Road Ste 105 Wilmington 19810 ,USA

With picoworkers you can start making money just by liking youtube videos, liking facebook pages or by creating Gmail accounts for people.

You can earn up to 30 cents per task.

Is picoworkers a scam or legit site?

Picoworkers is not a scam because a lot of payment has been made and a lot of people confirm it is not a scam.

In these articles, you will find some payment proof. Though no site or platform that will not have complains. We will also highlight some complaint about the platform.

But they definitely pay and not a scam.

But we dont need to say it alone.

From Trustpilot (a website that has used and verifies a program or site to leave a genuine unbiased review)

picoworkers trustpilot

Has shown in the screenshot over 30 reviews 80 per cent excellent that means people who are using the site and really enjoying it.

And let see what people are saying about the site below.

Let me take you through the process of signup with the easy and fast step before we move to picoworkers wiki on how it works then payment proof from picoworkers

Picoworkers.com sign up

Signing up to picoworkers is really not hard, very easy and free with a signup bonus of 75 cent presently it varies sometimes they give 50 cent.

Click here to sign up to picoworkers

Then click sign up

Then you will see a sign up page has screenshot bellow

Even before sign up you have access to a list of available jobs.

Anywhere in the world, you can earn and you will get paid.

On the signup page, they ask you to fill simple stuff like normal sign up page.

Picoworkers wikipedia (How it works)

Let me quickly take you through how picoworkers.com works

After sign up through the above process then you will have some cent has sign up bonus in your account

picworkers review list of jobs

Then some jobs you need to start doing

There are so many works for you after sign up, especially after you have verified your mail and other necessary things.

You can come in has an employer or has a worker but basically we are emphasising this review has a worker.

You just click the job you want to do

And read a brief description of the job and what they have you to do and for verification or confirmation that you actually do them.

You have jobs like liking youtube video or subscribing or visiting a site or liking a Facebook page all so little task like that.

And you start accumulating some money.

You will start cashing out so fast

You can accumulate $10 to $20 doing this little task

All depends on how much time you spent on the site perfuming tasks.

Let me quickly show you payment proof and mode of payment to straighten proof that picoworkers are paying then I will quickly show you their minimum payout too

Picoworkers payment proof and Payment methods

Picoworkers is a registered company under Octobrain, Inc. has mentioned earlier and this is some few payment proofs.

Picoworkes accept PayPal has payout which even makes receiving payment easier worldwide.

But aside that they pay through Bitcoin has well some other coin like litecoin.

picoworkers payment method

Paypal is okay by me.

Picoworkes Minimum Payout

Also just like the signup bonus varies with time and kind of bonus they want to give basically minimum payout is $7 though it can increase or reduce

Basically what we need is more jobs or task done fast to receive more payments

Basically let me talk about the referral program.

Picoworkers referral PROGRAM

Just like the way other earning programs like this grow with compensating referrals so picoworkers does.

Pico workers pay 5% of task those that you refer to the program and if you refer employer same 5% of the deposit your referral made.

Nothing much nothing less. So let me tell you my review of picoworkers.

Picoworkers.com review

I did not suppose to spend much time on this with all what have said about then you can conclude that picroworkers are really nice earning platform.

But, picoworkers is not a get rich quick scheme but just normal earning platform like others to settle some little bills

Picoworkers complaints

There is no ideal or perfect program so there will always be flaws one way or the other that may fall into some users.

Some users complain about the task price tag is so small that it will take so much time and effort to make some dollar. That’s why I said it really based on how much time you can dedicate to it.

While others talked about there payment and availability of jobs worldwide and all that has been fixed.

No much no less..

That is my short review of picoworkers.com saying a big thank you to all the MoneyMakingCrew for reading this review. Thank You from UsefulTunde

Racksterly!Racksterly!Racksterly All About Racksterly Latest Features Review

racksterly top up

Racksterly! Racksterly!! Racksterly! All About Racksterly Latest Features Review. How to share in these new features and how to make even more money from it.

Racksterly has been rolling out new features that are making people (racksterlians) confuse and scared.

In these articles, I will show you how to share adverts and earn on the new racksterly update though not only to earn but also so that you will not lose your earnings.

You don’t only need these articles to know how to share advert now but also so that you will not lose your money

Though i know most of the moneymakingCREW already know what racksterly is all about but if not just read the two reviews I made about racksterly

  1. Racksterly Income Review
  2. Is racksterly a scam or legit

Those are the reviews i made about racksterly and also join the crew by subscribing to our email list above and you will not miss any updates

Let get started with today writeup

In case you have not join racksterly you can sign up here

I will cover 4 things in these articles

  • How To post a free advert on racksterly
  • How to post paid advert on racksterly
  • How To share Advert On New Racksterly Update
  • How to fund my racksterly account for paid advert (Activity balance)

How Racksterly Lastest Features Works

Racksterly have been experiencing some difficulties lately base on so many people joining the program

But I think they have seen the end before even beginning

This update is on automatic earning within but most don’t understand it yet.

Just like facebook. They don’t do anything they just keep updating the platform for better user experience you and i are the ones updating it.

How To Post A free Advert On Racksterly

From the above latest racksterly dashboard. I know most find it easy to share a post on it and everyone love the features but careful using it.

From the above picture, you will just :

  • Write your heading,
  • Your phone number or link to direct your post to,
  • Attache your post or advert picture or video,
  • Then select post type.

There are two options there at the post type after you have to click the pencil to write your post and just before the publish button.

There is static and also sharable.

Post free ads on racksterly

If you choose static that means you are posting a free advert or post.

But if you choose sharable that means you are posting paid advert they will charge you on your activity earnings. Note the new dashboard now have two balance the normal balance there your transaction like the money they pay you for ads sharing or the referring earnings

Now another balance introduced which is the activity balance here you use it to post paid ads and you can top that up too all this will be discussed in these articles…

How to post paid advert on racksterly

Now it is very easy to post paid advert on racksterly not like before that you have to crete there business account now in same dashboard you can do the two.

Just like how you post the free ads or post above same goes to paid advert too. 

The only thing you will change is the post type just choose sharable 

publish paid ads on racksterly

That  means your post will have share button where you will be charged per share from your activity balance.

Yah! i know you are now getting idea on how to share advert with this new features

How To share Advert On New Racksterly Update

Racksterly new dashboard below

Racksterly New Dashboard

People found it hard to share advert from this latest racksterly updates but right up there from the new dashboard you can share your advert.

From the stream section with lot of peoples updates and posts.

You will see a share button on some of the posts while most will not have a share button. Like the above don’t have a share button

Those with share button are the once you can share and earn from.

These are some examples of share advert to share and earn below…

racksterly share and earn for activity
racksterly share and earn

If all the post on the first page there is no share button there just click load more till you see the one with share button.

That is the share button am talking about in the above picture!

And the rule still remains the same only one share per day.

After one share you will not see the share button on any post again even if you keep pressing load more till next day you will see the share button again.

Just like that

Now let me quickly show you more features on the latest racksterly dashboard and we are done for today racksterly article. And make sure you comment if this article is helpful or not and check out my racksterly review articles and other posts

How to fund or topup your racksterly activity balance or paid balance

This balance is where they charge you from when you post a paid advert or post.

racksterly activity topup

You can easily top this up if you have finished it by just clicking the top up in the picture below and input the amount and that’s all.

You don’t need this if you don’t want to post an advert.

Don’t forget to read my reviews either you have join racksterly or you have not joined the program.

Racksterly video
  1. Racksterly Income Review
  2. Is racksterly a scam or legit

That is all for now about racksterly new update features.

If you love this articles just leave thank you comment and i will reply to you as soon as possible.

MoneyMakingCrew.. See you in the comment section… Remember if its not making money it is not making sense…

That’s all about Racksterly new features review

You can click here to Sign up or register on racksterly here if you have not sign up

Is Racksterly a scam or legit?Racksterly .co Sign up Income Review(ALL UpdateS)


I know most of you guys want to know maybe racksterly is a scam that’s what brings this racksterly income back up review to know before sign up.

I will just answer some questions in this articles and make little review becasue i have make the full review on my previous post on this topic Racksterly Income Review:WARNING!Before sign up a Racksterly account

But in this articles i will quickly answer some questions like this;

racksterly about?
racksterly website?
Racksterly .co?

racksterly registration?
racksterly sign up?
Racksterly Income program review?
racksterly office in nigeria?
racksterly office in lagos?
racksterly contact?
Is racksterly a scam or legit?
racksterly scam or real?

About Racksterly

Racksaterly is just exactly like adsense for bloggers but adsense need your blog or website but racksterly its just facebook account.

They collect advert from big companies just like how adsense of google does but racksterly did not run ads on facebook but pay you and i to share the advert to our timeline and pay us for that.

Thats is just the brief about racksterly.

They are Nigeria company registered under Medaecon Limited [RC 756703]

They pay in dollar $ just to meet up the international standard because they plan expanding later on worldwide.

Racksterly has four plans which are Drew , Drizzle , Storm And Typhoon has shown below

You make payment in dollar and also receive payment in dollar just to meet the international standard in case of expanding to other country has planned.


No matter plan you subscribe to it worth it with my calculation even without referring. They pay without you refereeing anybody

Racksterly website

Racksterly official website is on .co not .com or .org or .net the extension is .co .. Racksterly .co

Racksterly Sign up or Registration

It is very easy to register or sign up for racksterly. Am a member so you can follow the screenshot of my sign up guide below

Step 1 Click here to sign up to racksterly

Step 2 Click Get started

Step 3 Then click CONTINUE

Step 4

  • Input your personal details
  • Then choose your preferred plan
  • Then checkout with your card has shown below depend on the plan you choose..
racksterly plan

Go to our mail and confirm the mail

Step 5 Fill in checkout details of the card

The checkout will prompt. to pay according to the plan you choose

checkout racksterly

Step 6

On the next prompt input your Bank Details to receive your earnings

Step 7

click facebook set up, to link your Facebook account with racksterly as shown below

Then add racksterly fbx on facebook has instructed below…

racksterly sign up facebook

After setup like that. You will see ads to share . Just share one per day and you will be seeing your earning reflecting on your dashboard everyday.

And in 30 days you will withdraw your accumulation earnings instantly.

I also invest like 27,000 plus which is for the highest plan Typhoon to verify maybe its legit see my checkout and some payment proof below.

Racksterly Checkout Proof

racksterly income review payment proof 2
Payment to Racksterly

I started sharing ads and earning increasing.. see dashboard

Working fine

See so so many payment proofs

There are a bunch of payment proof here because they pay every day..

Yes, every day.. Because everyday people are signing up and every day 30 days subscriptions are ending..

Racksterly payment proof

You receive your payment so fast after you click the withdraw on the dashboard.

Racksterly Income program review

I have say a lot about racksterly already but what i can add is about the achievement reward

Since we have talked about the plan on the about racksterly.

Racksterly pay without refer and dont really care much about refer program because if normal people using it love it people will come in so they take payment or withdraw very paramount.

Not like other scheme like nnu that pay like %50 or %70 some even pay %80 per referral racksterly only pay %9 per referal

That means if you refer someone that subscribes to dew you get paid $ 0.93 , You get $ 1.25 for Drizzle plan, $2.25 per Storm subscription you get and $3.75 per Stom subscribers you get .

But to make it super awesome they brings in Achievement reward.

This is how the achievement reward works.

Has shown above this how it works

  1. When you get your first referral they give you a reward of $2.5
  2. When you Refer a friend on the same day you start a subscription you get $3
  3. When you Refer 3 friends within one subscription period you get $10
  4. When you Refer 10 friends within one subscription period you get $45
  5. When you Refer 20 friends within one subscription period $80
  6. When you Refer 50 friends within one subscription period $150
  7. When you refer Refer 100 friends within one subscription period $350
  8. And when you Refer 2 friends on the day you make your withdrawals, just before your subscription ends they reward you $9

You dont need referral at all but if you add that. It will just be an advantage and more earnings.

It very easy to find your referral link just click settings and you will see it here has shown below

This is my referral link ‘raxxly.co/x/EFE1‘ in case you want to sign up or just bookmark this page till you want to sign up.

Contact Racksterly And Office In Lagos Nigeria

Let quickly answer the question of how to contact racksterly and their office in Lagos , Nigeria.

Very easy to contact them you can use the contact page on there home page or has a member in your dashboard you can either use get in touch or use the faq to look maybe you can fine the answer to what you want to ask.

They reply very fast.

Has shown below you contact them and reply you very fast!

Racksterly Office In Lagos Nigeria

Because they have office in lagos before so most people ask about their office in lagos and this is there respond

We don’t have one. Not anymore, anyway.
If you were here in the early days, then you know we had not one, but two addresses on our contact page. For a business that works fully online though, we simply couldn’t justify the overhead of an office building; figured that money could be better used (bigger, better servers, maybe?). So, we left.
We removed the addresses on the contact page so as not to mislead you. We believe integrity comes from the heart, not from appearance, and we have no qualms telling you this cos we hide nothing from you.
This doesn’t mean we’re in the wind. If the appropriate authorities ever need to find us, they know where to look. We made sure of that.
We haven’t tried to answer this convincingly. We’ve only tried to answer it honestly. Cos, despite all our vices, what with not answering emails promptly and all, the one thing we will not do is lie to you.
If this scares you, we understand. But we thought you deserve to know the truth.

They have two before but just like other big companies like facebook, Googel or Adsense they will have head office. Thats what they are working on since they are new and just starting just like nnu no office yet.

Since everything works fine and they take payment very paramount and customer service very fast nothing else to ask or worry about.

So when they are big they will now have a big head office possibly lagos because thats where they start from then other countries out side Nigeria.

Is racksterly a scam or legit

For the question is racksterly a scam or legit.

Racksterly is 100% legit, paying and very fast customer service.


In conclusion, Racksterly is just like other side hustle that 100% legit and paying you just to share ads on your Facebook page like celebrities but irrespective who you.

It’s not quick rich scheme but you earn side income doing nothing.

Racksterly is legit and real… Click here to sign up to racksterly

Amazon Gift Card To Paypal Instant Transfer Your Amazon Gift Card To Paypal (2 Ways)


Hey guys, Today is all about Amazon Gift Card To Paypal so I will be showing you 2 fastest ways to transfer your amazon gift card to PayPal cash. With ease.

We have covered so many ways to earn online like How to make $200 per day with no investment and 100 sites to write and get paid instantly and sometimes we receive amazon gift card has a reward to some online payment but really need cash instead of buying something with it.

We all know PayPal is the best and easiest way to get cash into our bank account.


So in today’s in articles, we are going to cover two very easy ways to transfer our amazon gift card to PayPal cash.

Highly recommend the first method but the second method is not bad.

Amazon Gift Card To Paypal : PAYPAL METHOD

This method is really awesome and simple.

We dont really need anything with this method but just few things for acuracy.

Things needed For Paypal Method 

  • Your paypal account that is already link to your bank account (credit/Debit card) Thats can easily transfer to your bank account.
  • Another paypal account best open and match with the name on the amazon gift card or better still linked with the amazon gift card
  • The trick

Basically this means we need two paypal accounts!

Firstly make sure your main paypal account is linked with your bank accoutn and allow swift money transfer to your bank account.

It is very easy to setup just link your bank account and or your credit card or debit card

Then the second paypal must be linked with the amazon gift card we need to transfer the money from.

Now the procedure (With Screenshots)

Login your main paypal account 

login paypal and to tools

Goto tools hover to  all tools

  • Click Invoice And Create an invoice

invoice in paypal amazon gift card to paypal Invoice

Click create invoice

  • Then in the price tab input the gift card amount 
amazon gift card to paypal input

    amazon gift card to paypal input details
  • And input the second paypal account mail in the bill to box

Then push the send button 

amazon gift card to paypal invoice sent

Now you will recive email on your second paypal account about the invoice

Login to the paypal and you will see the notification up

Screenshot amazon gift card to paypal Invoice notice

Since this second account has already linked with the amazone gift card

If not linked just use the add credit/debit card section to link the amazon giftcard and pay the invoice with it.

Once paid 

Almost Instantly you get the money on your main paypal account

Now you can withdraw it from your main paypal account to your bank account already linked to.

Just go to trabsfer money then to bank then from paypal balance **SENT**

Sumary Steps 
  • Get two paypal accounts
  • Your main paypal account already linked to your bank account for easy money withdraw
  • The second paypal account exclusive for the amazon gift card. Link the gift card to this paypal account first
  • Then login to your main paypal account and request for or create  invoice and send the invoice to your second paypal account already linked to amazon gift card ( Go to Tools>All Tools>Invoice>create invoice>input the other paypal mail and gift card amount or little bit lesser> Then send
  • On the other paypal account then use the gift card linked to it to make the payment
  • Once recived the money in your main paypal account then withdraw it to your bank account for cash

That is a quick step summary with paypal method guys.

Though this paypal method is best recommended this is another alternative method with Venom.

Basically what our main aim is to convert our amazon gift card thats why we pass through paypal in the first method now let pass through Venmo to get the cash.

Amazon Gift Card To Cash : VENMO METHOD

This method is pretty simple and we are going to make it a kind of sumarry steps

You also need two Account for this to work too

Pretty like paypal method

You will need your Venmo account setup properly (Not big deal just sign up)

But unlick the paypal method we will have to link the gift card to our main venmo account here (Good news its free to use)

Justs go to settings then payment method and add your gift card details has the payment method

Now the other account will be any of your trusted friend or family venmo account you will transfer the money to.

After you have trabsfered the money to the friend or family account.

He or she would have had their bank account linked to the venmo account

So they will just withdraw it to there bank account for you.

So swift..

Conclusion to how to transfer Amazon Gift Card To Paypal / cash

Hope this articles helpful. Make sure you subscribe to MoneyMakingCrew newsletter to join the crew and start reciving premium articles on how to make money online and offline and how to get it to your bank account.

These are the two easiest and fastest ways to transfer your Amazon Gift Card To Paypal or cash.

Racksterly Income Review:WARNING!Before sign up a Racksterly account

Racksterly Income Review Racksterly sign up

Hey mate, I’ll be making Racksterly Income Review today; is it scam or Legit? Before you signup or open a Racksterly account my personal experience with PROOF are detailed in this writeup.

Racksterly claims to be an advertising middle man website that connects the big brand company to valid facebook users in other to advertise there brand and product on the facebook account.

Just like Google Adsense for bloggers with a website but with backstory style you don’t need anything but just a facebook account.

With there flat calculation.

Anybody with a facebook account can make at least $36 per month or $168 per month.

Doing nothing but just sharing one brad or company advert per day.

Unlike others they don’t care about you can refer a friend or not you get paid monthly but on the other side, they charge a monthly subscription.

Since they pay in dollar to meet the worldwide standard they charge subscriptions too in dollar from $18/ 30days to $75/30 days.

I made some calculation maybe it worth and I confirm that it worth if it’s really legit.

So, I make the bold move to subscribe to there highest plan $75/ 30 days called TYPHOON .

Racksterly Income Review: Checkout Proof

See Checkout Proof below !!!

racksterly income review payment proof
Process of racksterly payment
racksterly income review payment proof 2
Payment to Racksterly

After payment, I did the normal setup which I will cover soon and share my first ads to my facebook account… see ads below

Racksterly ads
my first racksterly ads

I keep checking in my racksterly dashboard almost every seconds lol!

When I check some minute later BOOM!!!

$5.6 just for sharing an ads a day and that’s how am going to be sharing one per day for 30 days .. that’s $160

Wait for a lot of payment proof shortly..

This is 2 days old dashboard

racksterly income review dashbord
A 2 days dashboard

You don’t need to refer in racksterly its just an option if you which to double your hustle

UPDATED!!! See withdraw of the same account above

There are a bunch of payment proof here because they pay every day..

Yes, every day.. Because everyday people are signing up and every day 30 days subscriptions are ending..

Checkout Proof below: Payment Proof

Racksterly Income Review payment proof
Racksterly Income Review payment proof
Racksterly Income Review payment proof 2
Racksterly Income Review payment proof 2
Racksterly Income Review payment proof 5
Racksterly Income Review payment proof
Racksterly Income Review payment proof
Racksterly Income Review payment proof
Screenshot Racksterly Income Review payment proof
Racksterly Income Review payment proof

So Racksterly is %100 legit!

You want to sign up for Racksterly account right?

Note that Racksterling is of four plans shown below

racksterly-income review Racksterly Subscription  plan
Racksterly Subscription plan

For Racksterly Sign Up: Click Here To Register

racksterly-income-review-Racksterly-SIGN UP
CLICK GET STARTED: Racksterly Income Review


racksterly-income-review Racksterly sign up procedure
CLICK CONTINUE: Racksterly Income Review


Fill your personal Details
  • Input your personal details
  • Then choose your preferred plan
  • Then checkout with your card has shown below depend on the plan you choose..
Fill in card details and checkout..


Bank Details to receive your earnings

click facebook set up, to link your Facebook account with raccksterly as shown below

Then add racksterly fbx on facebook has instructed below…

After this, Your account has been successfully setup

You will see ads to share ..

Just click share and share it to facebook..

And you started making money from racksterly…

So on a daily basis, you just share one ads per day

That’s all..

And at the end of the month, You are going to receive an alert.

Yes, that is all just sign up to create racksterly account here..

But I can still give you more info about this program..

Signup to Racksterly on their Website here

I invest much in it to verify that this is legit for you guyz.

Am giving my honest review and experience about this program and nothing else..

I am in it too

To strengthy that have registered and it’s legit, this is my referral link ‘ raxxly.co/x/EFE1

Click to register or copy down maybe till when getting the subscription money or after reading finish this review. This will serve has your thank you for this review.

So as I was saying…

Trust me this program is legit and best to make money online with your Facebook account doing nothing than to click share.

Basically this is what Racksterly income program does

They collect big advert contract from big companies like, Jumia, Millo, Nivea, Huawei and instead of running paid ads on facebook then pay you to advertise it on your Facebook account .. simple

So how did racksterly earnings and subscription really works in details…

Racksterly Incom Review: How it works

Racksterly have 4 different subscriptions that last for 30 days each

And how much they per you per share ads per day varies with your subscription… shown in the picture below followed by detail explanation.

Racksterly signup plan

Did I need to get referrals to get paid?

Capital NO…

You get paid without referral..

Referring can be a bonus for you just to double hustle has the achievement part in their platform…

How did their referral program works in case I want to double my hustle?

Racksterly Income Review: How Referral works

They only pay 9% per referral …

Not like other websites that pay 50% or even 70% like nnu…

This website really cares about people who are doing the work sharing the post rather than just bringing all bunch of referral to flood everywhere…

Or like scam sites that will claim 80% or 90% referral.. where did you want them to get that from? That’s why you don’t really see it everywhere like nnu..

Some keep it to themselves others give there best friends and family…

The only thing Raskally use to beat the rest there is the achievement reward

Racksterly Income Review: How Achievement Reward works

Racksterly income review: Achievement reward dashboard

This is a super way to kind of commend you if you thoroughly can refer people or advertise their platform.

Just as depicted in the picture above,

  • When you get your first referral they give you a reward of $2.5
  • When you Refer a friend on the same day you start a subscription you get $3
  • When you Refer 3 friends within one subscription period you get $10
  • When you Refer 10 friends within one subscription period you get $45
  • When you Refer 20 friends within one subscription period $80
  • When you Refer 50 friends within one subscription period $150
  • When you refer Refer 100 friends within one subscription period $350
  • And when you Refer 2 friends on the day you make your withdrawals, just before your subscription ends they reward you $9

Imagin any of this added to your normal monthly earning for sharing ads…

That will be an awesome reward for double hustle…

To see your referral code after registration just click settings beside logout you will see it has it is shown below then cope it.

To see your referral code

Now make sure you use my referral link ‘raxxly.co/x/EFE1‘ to register when you want to register…

To say thank you for the honest review.

[scribd id=436582962 key=key-emUo7MYH33ubzlzCVZQX mode=scroll]

Conclusion: Racksterly Income Review

In conclusion, Let me tell you Racksterly (like others, NNU, WAKANDA) is not a get rich quick scheme.

Raxksterly is just the best way to make side income doing nothing….

Not only top celebrities that can monetize on their social network again with racksterly we all can advertise on our Facebook page and get paid.

$18 Around 6,000 naira is not something much to secure you earning a monthly salary from your facebook account and you earn up to time three of the money monthly.

How To Make Money As A Teenager ( 2020 Updates)


Today from MoneyMakingCrew we are going to be talking about how to make money as a teenager online, a kind of free time work from home.

As a teenager, you can actually make some bulk-online

Without even doing any job just from home or from school with just your phone…

Yes, we know you should not stress yourself before earning

And earning should just be what will make you happy and good.

How To Make Money As A Teenager

how to make money as a teenager
how to make money as a teenager

So today we are going to give you 2 best app that pays you just for playing a game.

You can actually earn up to $3 just for playing a single game on one of this app.

And there is a trick we will show you on how to get the highest money.

How To Make Money As A Teenager With Money App

Money App is the best app to make money as a teenager.

Just by playing games, answer surveys ( can be burring), watching ads and installing games.

With money app, you can do all that and receive your earnings through PayPal cash.

Just like earning apps Money App points is called credit.

Money App Credit conversation And Minimum Payout

5000 Credit is $5
10,000 Credits is $10
20,000 credits is $20
50,000 credits is $50

You get paid up to 3,000 credit for playing one gain

That is $3 in conversion and minimum payout is 5,000 credits ($5)


Always go for high credits game and if it has you to reach one level before you get the credit .. Just search on youtube how to get to that level fast..Thank MMC later

Another way to earn using the same app is with refer

You both earn up to 200 credits per refer .. You get and your friend get too.
That’s 20 cent !

How To Make Money As A Teenager With LUCKY DAY

With over 10 Million downloads on play store and over 700 thousand people give the app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Then this app must be awesome for making money as a teenager.

In this app, you can scratch and win

You can earn through raffle draw


An $10 for minimum cash withdraw to PayPal account.

You can also redeem through rewards..

You can also earn through Survey

Through Watching video ads and also special offers like installing apps or playing games..

For Lucky Day every day you earn token ..

With these short articles am sure you should know how to make money as a teenager by now.

Money Making Crew… If It’s not making Money.. It is not making Sense..

How to make 200 dollars in one day( Make 200$ no investment)

200 dollars in one day
How to make 200 dollars in one day, man

Hey, MoneyMakingCrew
Let show you how to make 200 dollars in one day or even make more than 200$ in just one day.

Making a turn of 200 dollars a day may look wired in a real sense even to someone searching for it or wanted to know.

But let me tell you today secretes are met to secrete that’s why we think some things are impossible.

You might have run into some debt

like me some years ago

or just want money fast and want an idea that will be making you more than 200 a day.

Today I am not going to be just dumping a list of sites down like other websites

And at the end of the day, you will find out that its a whole job or things that can take you years to achieve.

Or ideas not available in your country

Some might even be outdated.

Some list might have been known by you before or some unique

But just don’t take a step

Today you just have to take a step

Because I will late you aware of the top 3 ideas on how to make 200 dollars a day just like the other site did

And still, give you my golden way full work through to make your first 200 dollars any moment from now.

3 Best ways on how to make 200 dollars a day
3 Best ways on how to make 200 dollars a day

3 Best ways on how to make 200 dollars a day

These are just the key 3 of the turns of ways to make 200 dollars per day

Find Freelance Work

This is a very cool idea

Because to say the fact you can make a thousand dollars doing this.

But it requires you too to practice first or better still; Ask yourself this;

What are you good at?

If you are good at art, good
If you are good at writing, good
If its some tech stuff, good
Most people actually think freelance is just writing stuff. With what you love doing

You can start doing it online and start making more than 200 dollars.

You can go to a site like;

Upwork , Freelencer , fiver or lot more or if you good writing this my 1oo write and get paid instantly sites will help you.

Now you see it might take time before you build yourself to make money through this.

But I have promised you 3 ways in listed because taking you through my own real 200 dollars daily for you anywhere. Let talk about the second one


Sign up for multiple surveys.

Survey is not dead at a lot of people are making turns of money daily.

Just by answering a simple but truthful question about your daily activity.

And they will pay you for your time to answer those surveys.

Though, some survey sites proof to be the truth but not.

Why most are true.

I have someone making more than 200 dollars daily on survey sites.

Though he signs up for multiple survey sites at a time.

Some survey sites like Survey Junkie , Swagbucks among others are paying very well.

But I have for you a big list of best online paid survey websites here

But as I said earlier some might not work for your country that’s why I just have to show you my own way you will get 200 dollars now?

But before then, let me take you through the third on the list.


Here is another way too earn more than 200 dollars a day.

Its funny people are making it big here.

But, what if you don’t have what to rent out?

Anyways here you can rent out your cars here for uber or other transport company.

They will employer driver for you and will deliver money for you may weekly or monthly.

Or on the other way rent out your apartment.

You will love to read more 6 Creative Ways to Make Money if you love ideas of renting other creative ways too.

I am going to give you you a golding idea and best way to make your first 200 dollars.

Just because I promise to make this list before talking about my tip and that 3 list is dope that even combines some turns of the list on google.

You see after reading those list above

Yes, some will take action and steps but a good number will not

Because it takes time and some not certain, right.

But the fact remains that you can actually make more than 200 dollars if you actually try any of that 3 ways I showed you up.

But let me tell you how you can make more than 200 dollars per day around you.

How to make 200 dollars in one day Around You Step By Step guide

What we will be doing here is,

We will be promoting local services under 30 min on google first page sure..

And some awesome values for them.

I am still going to send you back to google..

With Google, you can earn turns of money daily.

This is what you going to do

You don need any professional skills

But, You will do professional stuff now in just 5 min very simple.

First, make sure you are using google chrome browser

Install extension keywordseverywhere.com

install the chrome extension.

Go to google search for any service like

event planners in Lagos (It will bring suggestions)

How to make 200 dollars daily steps
How to make 200 dollars daily

Like now am in Lagos

I will search for event planners in l( It will suggest the keyword people are looking for with how many people are looking for it

event planners in Lagos right writing these articles about 390 searching for this monthly.

how to make 200 dollars in one day; google screenshot
200 dollars per day; Google screenshot

Even if its 200 per month it’s cool because the competition is low.

Just use the one with an average of 100 searches monthly.

Now use either google search place more button or

click any of the local listing sites suggestions

Or go to your 2 or 4 google pages

Because people on that page will love to bring their service to the first page of google.

Now going with ‘event planners in Lagos’

And picking either from the google more place or local suggestions

Choosing ‘Trendy Bee Elite Events ‘

From their website or in the google details here you can see there number and website to use before contacting them.

Or call them first to know maybe there contact is correct before going on.

Now over to flixpress.com Make a pro ads video with them as low as less than a dollar making turns of videos per month.

How to make 200  dollars daily with flipress
flipess sign up page

Make an ads video like this below

With there text and images featured

Even a lot more unique content in a minute.

There are free ones you can use too.

After getting the video done in less than 10 min

Now create a google account here (Just use Ads, ads in filling it because it’s for ads purpose) and create a youtube channel in 1 minute here.

Use the keyword has the channel name ‘Event planners in Lagos’

You don’t need to do anything just fill the info and click the upload button and upload the video.

Now pay attention here..

To title this video

Use this keyword; Keyword +complany name + Phone number of the company

Then the description copy stuff details in their website and make sure you first repeat the same title to the description just like this


Event planners in Lagos? Trendy Bee Elite Events 0809 188 8897


Event planners in Lagos? Trendy Bee Elite Events 0809 188 8897

We are a full-service wedding planning company that creates one-of-a-kind weddings inspired by the love stories and adventures of our incredible couples. We treat each wedding as our own, which means that we ensure that your wedding gets the attention to detail it deserves. From our first meeting to the last goodby, we’re focused on making your wedding experience every bit as magical as you are dreaming it will be.

If you need an Event planner in Lagos to call Trendy Bee Elite Events 0809 188 8897

And in the tag Just put

Event planners in Lagos, event planners

Before 24 hours search Event planners in lagos, you will see the video front page.

You know why this happening because it’s very low competitive

No video will be made about it.

You can narrow the search to your city or street.

Event planners in lyana-ipaja

You will see how many people searching for that around you.

The next step is now contacting them

No problem if they turn you down which 90 per cent will not.

You will just take down the video edit the channel name and make another video repeat step in 20min.

To boost something which is not needed but if the company pay you too much that you just go crazy.

You can go to blackhatlinks.com signup and use the quality comment backlink put the video URL.

And just for as low as 5 dollar, they will embed the video link to up to 100 sites.

This will super pop up the video even more. 100 is okay not to spam google. But not needed at all.

Now You are in money

How to make 200 dollars in one  day
moving with money 200 dollars in one day

Now contacting Them

We do all this before contacting them because we need proof

And this will drive them to take action instantly

You can contact them through phone number or mail or even pay a formal visit

Tell them how much you will be collecting per call or how much they will pay.

Or if they want it that they pay you all at once charge very well.

But trust me charging them per call will be best

Because they will surely receive calls from people searching for that.

Because turns of people searching for things on google.

Let me tell you nobody will tell you secrets like this but I just want Money MakingCrew to always receive worth contents.

Imagine doing like 3 of this per day.. How much will you be making in your city?

Now take action and start making money on google.

Leave a comment down below and let me see what you think…

Instead of giving a list of how to make 200 dollars in a day am giving you step by step guide on how to make even more than 200 dollars a day.

Everything About Recharge And Get Paid Business (Read Till End)

Recharge and Get Paid Screenshort

Recharge And Get Paid is the latest VTU business in Nigeria with this platform you can earn more than 200,000 stable monthly income.

We choose to move a little bit to our Nigeria Money Making Crew

This is a great opportunity to join the crew and start making money with us from Nigeria.

Though we said you can make more than 200,000 monthly and stable but it all depends on you

You cannot just think you can just start earning without doing nothing


For you to earn or make it in life then you need to work

Though less work and awesome result.

This is  oprtunity to start VTU business in Nigeria with just 5,000.

And you earn whatever you want

You know bill payment and recharge card are essential product that we must buy everyday

This is a great opprtunity that will make you start earning stable income monthly

The best part is …

It is autopilot

It is just one time work and you keep earning stable income monthly even without doing anything letter.

The great news  is they build the platform in form of you grow i grow

This is why people are asking for recharge and get paid referral id

because you have to use a referral id to sign up so you can get withdrawable bonus upon registring

Anyways why registring use ‘MoneyMakingCrew’ has referral ID.

This is not only the purpose of this review because

It is not a must  for you to refer before you earn.

Recharge and get Paid Review

In this review you will learn:

  • About  
  • Ways To Make Money On with the program and how it works
  • Bonus From Money Making Crew
  1. Best Mobile App To install for Easy use
  2. Referral ID ‘moneymakingcrew’ for easy success tracking 
  3. Download  pdf format
  4. Direct link to theregistration form
  5. whatsapp group to help you
  • Best Way to make At least 300k Monthlty
  • Conclution

Recharge And Get Paid

Recharge and get paid shorten has RAGP is a registered vtu telecomunication company in Nigeria with trade name Recharge And Get Paid Limited.


They inovation was introduce because of the vast unemplyment in the country

And they observe even if you dont have money to eat you will buy airtime

because that can bring more than food on your table

They introduce this inovation so average nigeria can start there business with has low has 5,000 and earn more than 200k

Ask yourself this question before moving to how it works

Do you recharge your phone with Data/Airtime?

Do you wish to start a VTU business and earn stable income monthly?

Do you want to build very flexible side income that can even pay you more than your main income?

Can you afford has low has 5,000 to start your own business and be your own boss?

If all or any of this question is/are yes then this guide is for you

Then let move to how it works.


Ways To Make Money On RAGP and how it works

  • Make money instant when you register
  • Make money using the services Airtime(ALL NETWORKS) , Data(ALL NETWORKS) ,Cable Tv Subscription(DSTV,GOTV,STERTIME), Pay all Electricity bills. This is Main earning.
  • Referal and Downline bonus (Lifetime earning when you refer and  anybody you refer use the platform or also invite others you will earn comission) This can make you stable monthly income without doing anything later and you dont need to start moving street by street advertising.
  • Other benefits and reward  like Cars, Trip to Dubai, House Fund.. all good but our main aim is to start business and making stable money monthly

Make Money Instant When You Register

First before you register you must register under someone.

Because in RAGP everybody earn once any new member registered

And  use the platform.

But you dont need to be finding someone you will register before you make your money.

Just read this till the end

It is a business not referring prrogram na! (This is just addisional)

While registering use MoneyMakingCrew has your referal id to register under us so we can track your archivement and make you grow fast.

Just contact our Nigeria team Leader on RAGP Tunde at 07065520338 or 08098534115 to join

Call, message or whatsapp anyone

Tell him you are one of Moneymakingcrew.


Just visit rechargeandgetpaid.com

Just click Join

From screenshot above fill details

> Referral Id = moneymakingcrew

> Input your personal info like first name, last name, email and phone number

> Input the login details you want like your username and passward.

Note incase you want to refer people later

Your username you use to create the account above is automatically your referal ID. (So use something nice, short and easy to remember).

Then hit next to proceed to payment.

Pacckages registration On RAGP

very simple from screenshot above

Choose the  package you want (basic is 5,000 and its okay)

Choose payment method

You can pay via paystack with your ATM card details or bank details (If you find it convinent linking yor bank details or ATM)

But if not choose the other option in the drop down which is Ewallet

For this you can contact MoneyMakingCrew Team leader to pay for you

Tunde 07065520338 no extral charge its free and in just 3 min done.

This one no need linking anythin bank details or ATM.

Tunde is so socialable and lovely someone he will take every single question from you.

After that just click next then the next screenshot comes up saying

‘registration completed you can now login with username and password’


And if any isue no panic its simple just contact Tunde 07065520338.

That is why we emplore you to use our referal id while registring

So, that we will be able to help you if you encounter any issue.

Since you register under us and we are a great partner with RAGP

We can fix anything for you if you are under us.

Call, message or whatsapp anyone and tell him you are one of Moneymakingcrew.

Anybody reading our articles is already in the crew.

Upon registration you get 20% back of your registration fee in your account.

What people dont know is

This money is for you to start the business or check it out to know how it works.

Some will register and get the 20% then use it anyhow

I strongle recommend funding your wallet with little money maybe 2,000 or 3,000 addition to the 20% for registration. 

This will be your main capital to start the business fully

This is the real business person mindset

Only, If you are a good marketer you can easyly refer someone and wtih your referral bonus you can use it to start the business.


As shown above

There are 7 packages dont worry just start with 5,000 to try it out later you can upgrade it.

Basically the higher the packages you are the more the persentage or compesation percentage you get using the platform.

But you start with small and upgrade it later.

But any package you are will earn big time more than salary earner self.

It all depends on you taking it has job not anyhow and following our strategy also going to be discuss here

For examply if you register has basic member which is 5,000

You get 1,000 to do business.

If you are smart you add  like 2,000 and start business (You can contact Tunde anytime).

Depend on your stretegy and customers you get you can be loading more money.

Lol! you self you are your own customer, your mum, dad, at work , environment so easy.

Dont worry we will give you simple advertisment stretegy.

Since we are through with registration aspect let move to the product in the platform

Make money using the Services on RAGP

NOTE: All these are irrespective of your plan or package..

This is the main thing or real deal…

How you will be making the money.

Let me list them out as follows:

When you sell airtime or you recharge your phone you get 2%

When you buy or sell data you get 10%

When you pay bills you get 40 Naira

When you pay TV Subscribtions  you get 40 Naira

Educational services like JAMB, WAEC and NECO coming soon.

That is all what the programm offer has service for now

But the next way to make money on RAGP will blow your mind…

Make Money With your  Referral id = moneymakingcrew

First of all before you register at all

You must use a referral id moneymakingcrew  can be use has your referral id

Note: After successful registration use your username has referal ID while registring others under you.

And you can add them to the whatsapp group i will disclosed by the end of this article.

This referral method is  super awesome.

Its called it 10X

Which means you get paid till your 10th generation

Even if you are not working or doing the business again later 

You still get paid

Unlike, making money with the main service

Here commission is deffrient from deffrient packages and level

When you refer someone you get 20% streight bonus 1st referral level

When the person you refer abover refer someone you still get another 10% 2nd  referral level

Note end o! 

3rd level referral level you get 5%

4th referral level  you get 2.5%

5th referral level  you get 1.25%

6th to 10th referral level you still get 1%

This is the power of 10X

but wait what if you refer 10 people and this 10 people pass through that 10X referal levels above?


lol! as if it ends there…

You still earn from every single downline you get

That means you earn when every single person on your 10x make any transaction or payment.

This still base on packages

 On every Airtime recharged or sell from anybody from your downline you get 0.35%

Once they buy Data you get 1%

And you get 10 Naira for ever bill and cable subscription transaction they make.

Other Benefits On GAGP

2 Million on recharge and get paid

RAGP is a super dope platform that reward members appropriately 

Note: PV here means Point Value and it increases whenever you or any of your downline makes transaction anytime.

With RAGP if you earn 10,000 PV monthly you qualify to get 100,000 naira monthly for free

When you get or accumulate 25k PV 

You qualify trip to Dubai  worth N 500k

When you accumulat  60k PV you qulify for car worth 2M

You qualify for your first house fund when you hit 100k PV worth 3 Million

You qualify  for second house fund when you hit 250k PV worth 4 Million

You also qualify for the third fund when you hit 500k PV worth 6 Million.

car award on recharge and get paid








Top 5 Things to take note on the dashbord (Starter just registered)

recharge and get paid dashboard

  1. Total funds receive: These are fund transfer through partner/partner or e-wallet/e-wallet
  2. Commissioned earned: It is the total commission or vtu bonuses you have earn since you joing RAGP
  3. Total account balance: This is the total commissioned earned that is yet to be transfered to your bank. Also wallet fund through company are also added here
  4. Withdraw amount is the regular amount you have withdraw to your banks account.
  5. Transfer/Withdraw tab
  • Transfer Fund : This is the place you transfer fund from your account to another persons account maybe for selling purpose or for any reason whatsoever
  • Withdraw fund: This is where you withdraw your money to your bank account with the e-wallet. Very simple.

screenshot of achievement on RAGPrecharge and get paid compesation




















Above are those once that have quickly take quick decision some years ago since it is autopilot.

You will continue earning.

Procrastination kills a lot more than physical dealth

I do tell my student even if it just for the sake of making money doing the normal VTU recharge business while not start with just 5,000



  • With 5,000 naira basic registration you get 1,000 naira plus 20PV and you earn PV and bonuses till 5th generation
  • With 10,000 naira bronze plan you earn 2,000 naira instant bonus with 40PV and earn bonuses till 6th generation
  • With 20,000 naira silver plan you get 4,000 naira instant bonus and 80PV also earn bonuses and PV till 7th generation.
  • The Gold plan of 30k gives you 6,000 naira instant bonus with 120PV and also earn bonuses till 8th generation
  • Also the Diamond plan is 40,000 naira and with that you earn 8,000 instant bonus with 160PV and you receive PV and bonuses till 9th generations
  • Platinum plan is 50,000 naira and you still earn 10,000 naira instant with 200 PV also earn bonuses and PV till 10th generation
  • And finally the executive platinum plan is 100,000 naira and you will get 20,000 naira bonus  plus 400PV and with this you earn bonuses and PV till 10th generation.


But one thing we know is nobody start building house from top 

That means everybody start from beginnig.

That is why it is upgradable and anybody that makes it to the top receive the accolades

Something you are  just trying out and you will want to put 100,000 naira for it lol

That sound more than funny.

So, with just 5,000 you will make it to the top while doing your VTU business.

Note also that Point Value is a tracker that show you your improvement

Also, show you your value in the RAGP VTU business.

Bonus From Money Making Crew

We cannot just leave you with full infomation like that and still did not reveal the researches we made for you for free.

RAGP app

The RAGP website is so full and consuming not like bank apps or other app 

Thats why most even buy airtime from bank app

Lot of RAGP member have been looking for best app that can do thats job

In lesss than a minute you can just buy or sell airtime/ data/bills on your smarthphone app

There are varius apps on the playstore some awesome but most very bad

Because the RAGP is getting popular so app developers just building app on it name

But let me just give you the best app for now 

Click the link here if you are IOS user you start installing it directly

Note the app is so similar so just use the link or test run.

Download Recharge and get paid apk

Lot of people or to be member registring always want to have referral becasue they must be under someone

So has we have mentioned severally in this article 

Use MONEYMAKINGCREW has your referral id while registring

RAGP pdf format

Yap , you may want to introduce someone to the bussiness

And you just want to send a compressive writup or article for the person

So we have make this writup a pdf formart that is ready to download for free here.

Download RAGP PDF

RAGP direct registration form

Most of us dont have time for reading too much

But, just want to register and start doing business

Without going to there home page 

click here to jump to the registration page of the official website

Register on RAGP

Recharge and Get Paid Whatsapp Group

And it is quit unfair if after registring under us we left you alone

We have build a success tracking whatsapp group 

Here we attend to questions and we gve clues on how to improve

Click To Join The Money Making Crew RAGP Whatsapp group here

Best Way to make At least 300k Monthlty

Yes we have talked a lot about the RAGP company 

But, but we need to let you knwo some things

Let us hint you something

Did you know anytime you buy airtime from you banks

Your banks get 5 naira comission 

Lol and that does not stop them from charging you for SMS at the end of the month

Banks makes million just by partnering with telecom companies.

That is why they keep telling you to recharge through there app or codes

OOO! Now you know why they advertise that.

RAGP will share the 5 Naira with you 

They give you 2 Naira

And they give the 3 Naira to your uplines has a compesation

Let me tell you 

You will be earning more than the road vendors

Because, internet is the global village and those vendors are restricted to the street they put there umbrella.

This is the reson i gave you the app above

In your working place let them know you sell cards and do all those stuff or services on RAGP.

At home let them know 

In school let them know

Among your friends let them know…

And whenever any of them want to know about the business do not hesitate to take your time to put the person through.

Somebody ask me can i have a stand for this ?

I said typicall yes!

Just costomize it has pure VTU dealer shop simple!

Once your service  and price is good or normal with good service you win.

Every focus is on oil and gass but cleaver people are making it quiently on telecom

Oil and gass is still physical water but telecome is air.

Its air money

Telecom company just use your money for mantenance and enjoyment

Nothing else 

Not that has you are calling or subscribing something is deducting lol!

lol no! they are just typing the amount.

Come and enjoy the money with them

Most still ignore this and still buy airtime from banks and vendors 

Anyways whether you like it or not we are making it with your money.

Imagine getting paid for usinf airtime and data!
No, you dont get it

When you joing this business you will sart enjoing airtime and data 

Because, i have license and working with VTU telcom company


You have great oApportunity now if you start now and start fast 

Because Nigeria is still far from technology 

So bring more people under you now

So your generation can always smile to the bank 

And start using airtime and data anyhow.

Dont allow people keep earning from the recharge card you are buying.

It is not just for today but also for tomorrow.

Use 5,000 naira to unluck it.

And it will be the best 5,000 every spent.

Register here rechargeandgetpaid.com and use the referral code moneymakingcrew .

See you in the comment section.

Remember be useful… to stay relevant….

If it is not making money… It is not making sense…

How much money can you make from youtube? ( Details Answer with figures Exposed )


Hey guys, it’s UsefulTunde, and it has been questioned by upcoming or new youtubers ask each other, ehee! how much money can you make from youtube?

and the reply will be like hmm! I don’t know. 

Am going to analyze to you how you can make money  on youtube

and how youtube makes money on youtube too.

Let get started…

 Hmm! Just making a 3min homemade video can make you millions of dollar when you are not expecting it coming.

It is no more a new story that tons and tons of office workers are now quitting their jobs to take over youtube as a full-time job.

how much money can you make from youtube testimony

This will send a signal that YouTube is no more like just google.com or facebook.com or twitter.com but a multinational company with an unbelievable bunch of workers worldwide.

Let me shock you more CS Dojo is a google worker that quit working for Google as a developer and start full time teaching codding on YouTube. And its google that own YouTube.

You will be wondering what is making them quitting their job for this ordinary YouTube?

YouTube is no more ordinary because if you really bran yourself on YouTube you can build a company with YouTube and be worldwide recognized and making pretty cool money.

Yea, that means YouTube even serves as advertising yourself and brand.

Yah! Enough of that story let start mentioning names and figures before going into calculations… are you ready?

Now zip your coffee and move on!

There are turns of YouTube channel on YouTube making millions but let me pull this my top 10 channels together.

Daniel Middleton (DanTDM) — $16.5 million

Am sure DanTDM will have been earning more than this right now.

Evan Fong (VanossGaming) – $15.5 million

VanossGaming is an awesome gaming channel by Evan and he is happy with what he is doing why earning even higher than that now.

Dude Perfect – $14 million

Dude Perfect is another dude that always upload impeccable videos that look real but so much editing done and these teams are making millions of dollar.

Logan Paul – $12.5 million

And Logan is the awesome YouTube with a lot of fun videos making millions too

Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) – $12.5 million

Mark of Markiplier is an awesome channel making awesome millions of dollar.

Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) – $12 million

And Pewdiepie is fucking making more and more than this now, Felix is always working streaming hard on his gaming videos and other meme and funny videos he produced.

Jake Paul – $11.5 million

Jake Paul make cool videos you will surely love and he is making millions of dollar too

Ryan ToysReview – $11 million

This is the millionaire kid making money reviewing toys. Not only making money but popular now.

Smosh – $11 million

Smosh is the awesome video maker that loves what he does and make millions

Lilly Singh – $10.5 million

And its superwoman she makes lot and lot of money for herself and not just channel but company now.

Haven’t stated that list let get into how they make the money and you too will make the calculation of the actual amount they make monthly or yearly.

 How much money can you make from youtube? The Real question should be How They Actually Make The Money 

2012 Youtube disclosed that Thousand of Youtube partners now make six figures a year

How much money can you make from youtube Google reavel

And recently now YouTube blog said ‘…more creators than ever are earning a living on YouTube, with the number of channels making over six figures up over 40% year-over-year.’

How much money can you make from youtube from creator blog

But all that is an inaccurate assumption because that is just around 10%  income stream for youtubers.

Let me break it down now.

How much money can you make from youtube income stream

After reading these articles to the end you will want to create a YouTube channel.

Who make money most from youtube are the brand creators, not just anyhow creators

And making money on youtube not only depend on millions of subscribers but depends on how you brand yourself.

Like what THINK MEDIA said about this his friend channel that is just about 35k subscribers and already making more than what 200k subscribers are making.

Its all about branding.

These are the top 5 ways YouTubers make their money.

Through Youtube promotion

Through Youtube promotion that is the Youtube partner program

This is popular means everybody knows.

All the advertisement you see around the video or in the video.

Through this, you can settle all your bills and 6 figures is assured 


Through merchandise

Youtubers are selling clothes with there logo and other products with there logo on it.

Just like PEWDIEPIE will sell his customize wears and games too.

You can make millions through this too

Through sponsor post

A lot of YouTubers get sponsor ads from companies with the same or nearly same nitch.

Like Gaming channel will receive sponsor ads from FIFA, Playstore games.

Or entertainment channel can get sponsor ads from Samsung, Banks and any company.

Note: You can make a kind of offer letter and submit to companies and some will reply with a positive response. While some come to your inbox themselves.

Building brands are better than just creating anyhow videos

Through Native ads from companies

This is some ads you can even put in the middle or your videos or overlay of your video depend on your nitch also.

Local company around you will love to advertise their product on your channel if its similar to what they produce.

How much money can you make from youtube breakdown

Through affiliate

That is unboxing products or reviewing a product and when sold out you receive a certain percentage.

Through Patreon

This is another means Youtubers makes money on youtube.

This is a program fan can donate and support his or her favorite youtuber.

Or they pay for viewing the video before publishing it or pay for some extra videos or master class videos.

A lot of YouTubers make money through this medium.

Conclusion: on How much money can you make from youtube

Does all this mean you can be millionaires just by posting 5min videos?

Yes very sure!

But, in my own view, it is better and best to build a brand out of your videos than just making anyhow videos.

Not success takes time so youtube takes time too to success sometimes but the success can happen overnight just with just a video that can hit millions of like unknowingly.

I believe with this my articles you will have idea of  how much money can you make from youtube

Capterra Review: WARNING Read This Before Starting Reviewing |Free More than 100$ Gift Card


Good day MoneyMaking Crew, After a long day of not posting we are going to start this year with Capterra Review.

When surfing online I observe some funny search on capterra review already letting me think like so many people did not believe this capterra company. Some searches like

Capterra reviews for money
Capterra reviews gift card
Capterra review rewards
Capterra review guidelines
Even …
Capterra reviews madness


This review is going, to be honest review and am going to tell you how you can earn your 100 $ with capterra review program.

If you have been following me for the past few days on my social media Twitter, Instagram @UsefulTunde or Facebook ‘OfficialUsefultunde’ am already saying I will teach you for a token.

This was because we don’t value what we get free.

I know with this been free 50% will not take it seriously compared to when its paid.

Some will still say they want payment proof lol! as if I am asking you to pay me!

Anyways see proof before we move on!

capterra review

















Before we talk too much let get started…


Reviewing a product you have used before is very simple.
Just like you telling your friend about what you like and dislike about a product you have used before.

Its very simple but you know anything that requires money need to be done seriously.

And it is always very easy and simple if you are reviewing products that you have used or you are using.

But, do you know the big deal?

Capterra has thousands of products that it is not possible you will say that you have not used hundreds of it before…

Okay, haven’t you use Google products before?

yah! I got you!

Or you want to tell me that you have not used Microsoft word before?

All these popular products are there but I repeat anything that requires money need to be done seriously.

Now let quickly do some calculations before I take you into requirements and how to.

Imagine you find 10 products you have been using for years on capterra review software and they paid you 10$ for each review you made that
means you will receive 100 $ just by playing with the site.

And they paid by redeemable gift card or visa card.

You can still doubt this but you can just google ‘what is Capterra’ and use the Wikipedia

They are a company that helps businesses to find the right software for free.

And the addition is that they pay users for reviewing the 10 product they have used 10$ each.

The requirement to participate in Capterra review program

No much requirement for this program just

Linkedin account:
(Note I don’t think new account works but more than 6 months old is okay)

But LinkedIn account should not be a problem because a lot of people have an open LinkedIn account and dump it you can get one if yours is not more than 6 months or just use the contact form page here.

-Join through referral link:
This program is not like others that you can just join and start making money reviewing.
You must join through referrals link else you will just be reviewing for free.
Do not do the mistake of not using the referral link to review here is the referral link Capterra Review Referal Link

-Read The Review Guide:
This very important so that you will not start wasting time writing what they will not approve its simple if you follow instructions. Just save 20 min to read their guide here Capterra review guide

-Your Device and internet access:
I don’t like putting this as a requirement because we all know you going to need that.


How To Go About Capterra Review

First, you need to have the above requirement in place

Then you use the referral link here to join 

Then you will pick the software you have used before

Login through Linkedin

Then you will be taking to the rating page

Then the reviewing page

Now you choose your honest selection from the dropdowns

Submitted! Just click another software you have used again and make review until you made maybe 15 reviews and go and be checking your email linked to LinkedIn for the once that is approved.

This can take like a week or so for starting or not up to that compare on their query but a week they will get back to you.

Note: Very important check other approved reviews too to know how to write an approvable review with ease!

Example below

Review Example

Now the interesting part!

How to keep getting paid with Capterra Review

Just like other legit programs or survey programs Captarra review program really want you to earn more money that is why they lock it to you must use the referral link to join!

You don’t get me right?
If you refer 10 people and these people have made a successful approved review you get 50$ for this 10 people!

Now i think you get me!

We understand money better!!

Now how can I get my referral link!

After your first successful review approved and paid they will send you your referral link!

What I will say is take action now!

Don’t look that because you are giving this information for free that you will do it later!



I think I have mentioned that capterra paid through a gift card?

if not
That is it and they also paid through a virtual visa card.

Guy! I have seated for hours writing this review i am pleading please take action now, use the referral link and follow instructions and I said good luck earning from Capterral Review program.


Be Useful … To Stay Relevant