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Rapidworkers : Sign up, is it legit ,tricks & how it works (2022 app reviews)


Welcome to MoneyMakingCrew, today we will be writing everything about Rapidworkers. How to sign up, maybe it is a legit website to try or another scam micro job website, some tips and tricks about it, how it works in a short full review of this website and its app.

let’s start with what you need to know about Rapidworkers

About Rapidworkers

Rapidworkers like other Get Paid To (GPT) websites that pay their users for performing simple tasks like taking simple surveys, playing games, downloading and testing apps, signing up an account, visiting a website, commenting on youtube, and a lot more!

Rapidworkers is servicing under UnikScripts, Inc. and they are just a micro-jobs servicing company

let’s quickly talk about how it works!

How Rapidworkers works

This website simply connects companies that need to perform some tasks that can be performed online with people that have time and skills to perform those tasks even some tasks did not require any skills.

Once the workers finish the work then the companies will review it! If the company is satisfied they approve it but if not they disapprove it.

If approved then payment will be released to rapidworkers company then rapidworkers will now pay his worker for the task based on the amount stipulated for the task.

According to the website, these are tasks the workers can do for the employers :

The workers can Submit your site to search engines, dig websites, promote your sites, Post on Twitter, blog, forum, etc., Post reviews for you, and a lot more!

Also on the other hand these are what the employers are benefiting from for working with rapidworkers :

The job will be Rapid and low-cost tasks, there will be Proof of the work done, You pay only for satisfying tasks ( no falsework ) and also Rapid workers from different countries.

How to earn money from Rapidworkers

There are different jobs and different ways you can earn on rapidworksers base on your geographical location.

Workers on rapid workers

You can earn on this site just by performing simple tasks like :

Commenting on Social Media
“Like” videos on YouTube and some other platforms
By Complete surveys
Web testing
To download and install apps
Following Social Media accounts
Submit your site to search engines
Writing short reviews
Subscribe to websites
To Click ads
 Post on Twitter, blog, forum, etc
Set up profiles
Completing Surveys

and a lot more… When you register or sign up you will get tasks based on your location

After you choose tasks to work on and you are done doing those tasks as instructed then you will be waiting for approval by the employer of the task..

Employer Aproval

After posting on rapidworkers by the employer then will wait for rapidworkers client to take up the task

Once the task is completed, the employers will pay rapidworkers and rapidworkers will pay his workers once the employers approved the task

The employers also rate works of the rapidworkers

Before talking about how to sign up on rapidworkers let’s talk about the payment methods

Rapidworkers payment methods

Though rapidworkers are paying their workers steadily just like the payment proof below the manual payment moths is not really cool by me.

Rapidworkers pay through PayPal only and you need to submit manually to get your payment just like the payment proof below

rapidworkers payment proof

Rapidworkers sign up or registration procedure

Now talking about how to register or sign up on rapidworkers you need to be above 18 years to sign up.

The first step you need to take is to visit rapidworkers.com

The next thing to do is to sign up for new members

Just fill in your name, email, password( the password you want to be used to log in), country (just use the dropdown to your country), and click ‘ i am not a robot

Then you need to agree to these below terms then read the terms and conditions too!

1- Using VPN or another type of masking IP software!

2- Multiple accounts with the same IP or using shared / public WIFI!

3- Same ip used with other accounts to do tasks!

4- Doing other country jobs that you are not from!

  • All theses will get you eventually ban and if you got banned don’t waste your time making another account *’

Once you click you agree then click create my account.

Then you will get access to the task according to your location.

Pros and Cons of rapidworkers

Everything with advantages will always have some disadvantages so let’s talk about the cons and pros of rapidworkers


  • Though there are lot of task but they pay low infact task cannot be more than $2
  • As i said earlier under payment methods! There payments is manual thats why there payments always take day to reach you like 7 days
  • They also charge 6% of withdrawal amount
  • Earning potential is always depend on your country only if employer accept international workers
  • There are lot of negative reviews about them probably because of low pay task, You will see that in the review section of this article
  • You must retain above 60% sucess rate else you will receive temporary ban and this might not be justify because some employers may rate your work anyhow he or she like

we need to talk about the pros too…


  • Its really cool that it is free to join and anyone can join without restriction
  • A whole lot of jobs are available on rapidworkers
  • Another intresting part is that they have low payout treshhold which is $8. This can be accumulated fast enough and cashout
  • Paypal payment method make it very easy to recive payment worldwide

Let me give you some tips and tricks of rapidworkers

Tips, Tricks and complaines of Rapidworkers

I will give you some piece of advice here and the things you need to know before starting so you will prepare yourself fully :

  • avoide using a proxy or any vpn to change your location. If you are doing it for another thing dont forget that its on an dyou visit picoworkers.com
  • Kindly note that not all the survey timing is correct. Sometimes survey will read will last for 1Min and when you start dont be suprice that it might last for 10 min so make sure you ready very well before you start any survey and read the description of the survey fully
  • make sure any task you start you complete it if you can complete it dont start
  • They pay via paper and they accept companies that paypal is not available and you know what tose country will end up not reciving payment. Always check maybe paypal is available in your country before signing up at all
  • keep your work accuracy to above 60%
  • They have warn n you earlier befor eyou sign up dont try to trick rapidworkers and attempt to attend task from another location you will get caught and ban your account
  • dot send fake proof to employer
  • Attempt more task deligently and completely

If you take all those tips, tricks, and complaints you will make money on this website

is rapidworkers legit or scam

What makes people think that rapidworkers is a scam is because of all those complaints about getting banned, low payment, not being able to get paid in a location that does not accept PayPal, timing does not correspond to the actual task timing but if you read all these above sub-heading about tips, trick and complained about rapidworkers before you sign up at all you not have an issue.

This company is one of the oldest GPT websites since 2009 and is still active in the business

But basically, all GPT websites are always paid low compared to tasks done.

If you really want to start making money online you can try Affiliate marketing then read my recommendations and you are good to go to making over 6 figures in even as a beginner.

>>>Read about Affiliate Marketing<<<

But let’s take look at Rapidworkers reviews

Rapidworkers reviews

There are a lot of negative reviews about rapidworkers due to the fact that a lot of them did not read this review or read reviews of any GPT websites before registering at all… If you know all what in this article before joining Rapidworkers you might not have an issue

Over 58% on Trustpilot says it bad and 27% says was excellent as seen below

rapidworkers reviews on trustpilot


Just like other GPT websites rapidworkers is just one of them and another way you can earn extra income is if you like GPT websites and you comply with all their rules and terms.

You can also check some other GPT websites that pay Ysense , Mypoints, Picoworkers, Grabpoints, and a lot more here GPT websites

Thanks for reading see you in the next article

How To Make Money On Fiverr Without any Skills(5gigs Earn $100/weekly)

how to make money on fiver without any skills

Internet is now the side hustle for many and a lot of people are making thousands and millions of dollars online as their main work. Fiverr is one of the fastest ways to go to earn extra income online with your skills and today I will be sharing with you how to make money on Fiverr without any skills with these 5 high-paying gigs.
These 5 gigs will earn you at least $100 every week if properly optimized.

But, wait a minute! What is Fiverr and did it even works?

About Fiverr

Fiver is a freelance website where a lot of companies go to outsource their works to competent hands remotely and any competent person can open a Fiverr account to work for any company interested in their gigs.

This online marketplace located in Israeli has been on since 2010 Micha Kaufman.

This company is trusted by so many big other companies like Facebook, Google, Netflix, and a lot more

And millions of people get paid and a lot of companies get jobs done easily with this platform!

How did Fiverr Works

Fiverr is a very simple system!

If you want to work on Fiverr, you list your services or gigs to fiver, and how much you want to be charged may be per hour or per work or job anyway, it is!

Companies of individuals that want to outsource a job also sign up a Fiverr account and look for workers that match his or her requirements and price budget and offer the job to the person!

Then fiver comes in to withhold the stipulated amount with Fiverr commission inclusive than when the job is done and the individual or company is certified with the job then payment will be paid to the worker and its win-win situation!

The more certified customers or reviews you have the more your chance of getting more jobs which means the more reliable you are and professional fiver takes you!

You can check out Fiverr.com for that and sign up today! Make sure you treat Fiverr works as though it’s your face-to-face normal job!

Okay now, let’s assume you know what fiver is and how it works now! Why you are here is because you don’t really have any skills to offer on Fiverr and you want to make a lot of money on this platform!

We have good news for you there are trending gigs you can use to make thousands and if not millions of dollars on Fiverr…

How To Make Money On Fiverr Without any Skills

These are the top 5 gigs you can do without any skills and how to go about them:

Drop servicing with fiverr and other freelencers

I don’t know maybe you have had anything like dropshipping before? Dropshipping is the idea of having an online store with all products listed without even having any of the physical products or anything!

Once you just receive orders on your online store you simply automatically place the order on the manufacturing store with the customer details and the manufacturing company will deliver the product to the customer on your behave and you take the difference!

Let’s assume the manufacturer is selling the product for $20 you can place it on your online store for $80 and when you get an order and fulfill it through the manufacturer on your behave you get the $60 gain as a difference!

That same idea can be used on fiver called drop servicing …

This is how it works: You can do it front and back

You will search for a gig on different freelance websites!

There are a lot of freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour you can check the top 100 list of freelance websites here

Most of the professionals lower their prices on some freelance websites to get more sales so we can take advantage of that!

What we will do is to search for a particular gig on other freelance websites and look for the one that is very cheap, have good speed time to complete the job and have good review and we place the same gig to another freelance website at a higher price and add more time to the completing job duration!

So when we get a job on this platform we just take it to the other freelancers’ website that offers cheaper and once complete we submit it here and get the differences! As simple as that…

You don’t need to do any work…

Let me give example for clarity…

Let’s assume there is a gig on Upwork about blog post article writing gigs that charges $20 per 500 words and can be completed in 2 days! You will just list the same gigs about blog post article writing on fiver for $50 per 500 works and can be completed in 4 days!

So once you get the job from Fiverr you just take it to upwork and place an order and once the job is successfully done you take the differences.

This is really working and you can try it out.

Another way you can make money on Fiverr without any skills is Record Testimonials on Video

Record Testimonials on Video

This is another gig that requires no skills! You just need to video yourself and say something about any products just like you have to use the product and why you like it and you get paid for doing just that!

Why this requires no skills is because a good testimonials video should not look like filmed should look as natural and normal.

A lot of companies want to hire people to make a testimonial video for them!

You can just go on Fiverr and list the gig that you will record a good natural testimonial video for clients and companies.

You will just upload some simple samples!

A lot of people make money with these gigs

Another gig you can make money without any skills on Fiverr is Data Entry!

How To Make Money On Fiverr Without any Skills with Data Entry

The data entry job is the easiest job you can do without any skills.

Buyers or companies will just give you some data to enter into a particular spreadsheet or layout they use.

You did not need any skills even if you don’t know how to type fast just collect the job and you will be slotting in one after the other or you outsource it to a physical person that will charge less if you even did not want to work at all.

But data entry is one of the gigs that pay well!

If you did not want to do Data Entry you can also try Fiverr Affiliates

Fiverr Affiliates

This really works if you have a lot of family, friends, and fans on your social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

Fiverr have a program called Fiverr affiliates where you get paid for referring people to a particular gig with your SPECIAL AFFILIATE LINK and when the person or company completes the job with the gig you get paid a particular percentage for doing just that

So what you just need to do is first go to Affiliates.fiver.com sign up as an affiliate and copy your referral link for a gig and place it on your Twitter for an instant with well design banner about the gig! Whenever anybody clicks the link and made a complete sales or transaction you get paid a particular percentage.

It’s best you always advertise the gig you know most of your audience will love!

And this best work for people that have large social media followers

Now let’s talk about the last one which is one of the easiest ways I know people use to make thousands and millions of dollars on fiver without skills just changing photos background with a simple click

Removing image background with canva

There are a lot of people making this gig right now and making a lot of money with it because a lot of companies and buyers are looking for people obe help them to change their photos’ background with ease!

This can easily be done with no experience with just a click on canvas!

Just download canvas maybe on your mobile device or computer Under the effect option you will ee click to change the background…

Also, you can use remove.bg to remove backgrounds…

Just go to remove.bg click where it says upload image! select the picture and see the magic lol…

Just download it and submit completed and you make money without any skills but adequate information!


This How To Make Money On Fiverr Without any Skills with these 5 gigs and you make over &100 every week!

Make sure you are consistent and work smartly!


will you try these 5 gigs out to see maybe you can make over $100 weekly on fiver without any skills? If yes WHY? And if Not Why Not? Will be looking forward to your suggestions and comments in the comment section! Thanks for reading…

72ig :Implementation Program WarNing!Whatsapp Income Generator|Review

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator 001

Welcome, MoneyMakingCrew! today we will be talking about the 72ig implementation program 2.0 and WhatsApp income generator review by expectnaire, and it’s advisable to read this before you take any purchase action on this course.

We are going to be discussing from the outside to the inside of this course and the actual truth you need to know.

There are a series of questions people do ask about this course :

Is this course legit or yet another scam!
What is even inside this course
What is the price and why so cost
Is it a course, a training, or a program lol!
a lot of questions…

Yes! this course started operation for a long but we did not make the review and a lot of the MoneyMakingCrew are asking of our review about it.

Congratulation! We have the course with us now and you are going to know what is inside this course today and even why all the noise outside

So make sure you grab a coffee as we move…

We will be starting with the founder of the course


Founder of 72IG

The founder of the 72ig is Toyin Omotosho and he is also the CEO of the affiliate company Expertnaire.

He is an internet marketer, a business consultant, and also an affiliate marketer with over 11 years in the business


He founded the affiliate company expertnaire 2018 and after years when he notice millions of Nigerians done even know how to make money with affiliate marketing so he combine all his over 10 years’ experience to create 72ig training program.

Brief About Expertnaire

Expertnaire is a multi-million Affiliate company where digital course guru experts go to offer their valuable courses to be sold by affiliate marketers and get a commission. Yes! Affiliate marketers also go there to get affiliate links of products and get a commission!

Expertnaire pays all affiliate marketers their commission every Friday direct to their local bank account.

Now that we know that Toyin Omotosho is the Founder of Expectnaire Affiliate Company and he is also the owner of the 72ig program now let’s talk about the program

About 72ig Implementation Program 2.0 / Whatsapp income Generator

This program is two in one the Implementation program and the WhatsApp income generator program.

72IG simple mean 72 HOURS Income Generator

The first program is 72ig implementation program ‘advance affiliate marketing ‘ started going live in 2019 then by ending of 2021 he added WhatsApp income generator to the program.

now let me tell you all about this program …

All about 72ig Implementation program and whatsapp income generator

The first one covered how to make money online with affiliate marketing through email marketing and the second teach you how to make money with your WhatsApp income.

The two teach you how to get traffic professionally paid traffic and also free traffics and how to monetize those traffics and close sales with both email marketing and WhatsApp marketing.

This program comprises training videos, pdf, access to weekly mentorship, and Q/A on the private Facebook group with free 12 months access to expertnaire.

But we will show you what is in this program in this review.

All insider of the 72ig course content

Once you register (I will show you how to in this review) these are what you get access to.

Once you register it will take you to this page with 5 ITEMS

  1. The First one is the 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator
  2. Then the 72IG Implementation Program 2.0
  3. Your 1-Year Expertnaire Affiliate Account & 50% Commission
  4. Access Links to Your Extra Bonuses (Twitter blueprint and whatsapp Done For You Campagns)
  5. Join Other Students Every Wednesday On a 72IG Coaching Class
72ig implementation program training and whatsapp income generator content

Now let’s open them one after the other

72ig Whatsapp Income Generator Course Content

In this first part of the course, we have 3 modules.

Module 1 has 3 videos, 2 has 5 main videos plus 3 tutorial videos and pdfs, model 3  has 2 videos (The Twitter Money Blueprint is recommended) then we have additional helpful resources.

Module 1

The first video is the introductory video followed by understanding expertnaire affiliate marketing system in video 2

Then video 3 on this module one teaches you about picking a product to promote, understanding the product, and the potential buyers.

then you move to module 2

Module 2

The first video of module 2 talks about the introduction to the WhatsApp sales funnel

The second video of module two takes you through the first stage of the WhatsApp funnel: How to pick up fast and make easy money by promoting to contacts you already have(Free Traffic).

Then he made a video titled ‘1,600 presale breakdown showing the breakdown on how to write a presale page with one of his best performing presales using as an example.

Then follow by video 3 of module 2 where he teaches you about Whatsapp Funnel Stage 2: How To Make MEGA money by promoting to people you don’t know

Then we have video 4 module 2 which talks about how to use WhatsApp status to share content with your list, follow up and promote to them.

Then he added three tutorials videos where he show you How to Create WhatsApp Links, How to Use WhatsApp Autoresponder and How to Use Carrd to Create Webpages.

Then we have module two additional resources!

Thousands of ready-made Done For You scripts and they are updated to google doc so he does update it and add more to it

  • How to Sell With WhatsApp Broadcasts
  • How to Sell With WhatsApp Groups
  • Download the Headline Swipe File
  • Download the WhatsApp Content Calendar
  • Download the WhatsApp Sales Script & Dialogue
  • Download WhatsApp Template Swipe
  • Framing and Positioning Examples – Download
  • Conclusion and Call to Action Templates – Download
  • Samples of Presell and Sampler Articles – Download

Then we move to module 3

module 3 72ig Whatsapp Income Generator

Module 3 video 1 teaches you how to set up your WhatsApp office

Module 3 video 2 talks about getting scalable traffic also known as traffic from people you don’t know.

Then we have another video on ‘Twitter Money Blueprint’

After that gives you additional resources the list of WhatsApp TV Compilations is always updated.

Then he made another tutorial video on ‘How to Create a Simple Yes/No Quiz Funnel And Use It to Make More Affiliate Sales

Then he gives another how to install WordPress and a plugin to use to build sales pages

He then gives the link to download the plugin for free, a link o download his done for you quiz template that can be edited with drag and drop.

Now he moves to extra bonuses

Extral bonuses on 72ig Whatsapp Income Generator

Here there are two extra bonuses

The first one is the 4 Ways to Make Money Online Report (13-Paged Document) Promoting 4 Hot Expertnaire Offers (bizopp)

Here he teaches you 3 steps to do this with done for you templates with free high valuable books you can edit with your affiliate link inside and start using as your money magnet or giving it out free

Then second he give access to edit one of his best-performing books to edit with your affiliate link and start sharing it out or also use it as your money magnet

Then he added a lot of done for you AD Swipes to Use Via Whatsapp, Social media, or Email.

All the write-up to use and how to amend it and capture sales…

Those are what is inside the 72ig WhatsApp income generator which is the number 1 out of the 5

Now let’s move to the second part

72IG Implementation Program 2.0 Course Content

This part comprises of Day 1 to Day 12 and Bonuses

But the first video is from Sam Oven

started with a motivational video to do more and power of thinking by Sam Oven

72ig implementation program training
72ig implementation program training 2.0

Day 1

Day 1 video 1 started with a video teaching about ‘setting a foundation’ This video comprises of what you will need to start, The money equation, Promotions and setting up, what to do and not do, and more

then we move to video 2

Day 1 video 2 talk about tips, tricks, and hacks on how to be productive

Then follow by additional resources

DAY 1 – ADDITIONAL RESOURCES ( This comprises Done for you templates, pdf, and videos )

How to join the 72IG Facebook support group
The Affiliate Expertnaire support
Expertnaire video tutorial
How to Get your first 2-5 sales without spending money on adverts
Whatsapp Sales Blueprint
classical music for productivity
How to Get a Virtual Card on GetBarter

Now we move to Day 2

Day 2

Day 2 video 1 teaches you about how to pick promising products

Day 2 video 2 teaches you about products and market research

Then we have a day two additional research worksheet.

This doc file teaches you the step by step follow up on how to research a products

Then we move to day 3

Day 3

These teach you how to kick-start your sales process

Here he teaches you all the step-by-step processes and formulas you need to follow to kick start your sales process with examples.

Then we have additional resources

Day 3 Additional resources

All done for you killer heading from different angles, opening statements, conclusions, call to actions, presales, and sampler contents all in google drive that the team is updating from time to time…

Now we move to Day 4

Day 4

Day 4 video 1 teaches you about kickstarting sales funnels where he takes you through all the processes of sales funnels from professional angles

Then we move to video 2 days 4

Video 2 day 4 teaches you how to engineer your lead magnet, opin page, and thank you page

With a lot of Formulars to use!

Then we have additional recourses for day 4

Thes additional recourses give you Done For You templates Optin Pages, presell formulas, and adverts that just drag and drop editing

Then we move to day 5

Day 5

Day 5 video 1 teaches you how to get a domain, web hosting, and get a page builder ready with a step-by-step procedure…

Additional video on the step-by-step procedure on how to install WordPress and the page builder.

Then we move to video 2

This video teaches you how to use an autoresponder for your email marketing step by step.

Then the next is video 3

Videos 3 of Day 5 teaches you how to design your presell page, optin page and thank you page with the page builder you installed previously step by step.

here we come with day 5 resources

First on the resources on day 5 is the link to download the Done For You ready-made presell pages, optin pages and thank you pages

The second is the link to download the page builder to use then the third resource is the steps to take if you want the whole thing installed for you.

Then let’s move to day 6 video 1

Day 6

The first video on this part teaches you about how to the secrete email to drive sales

Then after the video, you get a pdf of ready-made secrete email marketing in the videos with some resources

Then we move to day 7 video 1

Day 7

Here is the professional video that talks about the Facebook advertising introduction

Then video 2 of day 7 talk about how to bulletproof yourself against the Facebook ban

Moving to video 3 which teaches you how to get your Facebook account back if get ban

Then we move to the resources page for Day 7

These resources give you these 4 things

  • Download The Disapproved.Jpg List Here
  • Download The Templates For Terms And Policy Here
  • Download The FB Ad Account Appeal Templates Here
  • Download the Day 7 v3 Slides here

Let’s move to Day 8 where he teaches all about advanced facebook manager

Day 8

The first video teaches how to use canva!

Then the main video 1 of day 8 teaches how to set a foundation for your Facebook campaigns

Then followed by another video still under the video 1 day 8 full explain how to use pixel plugin and the plugin to use to track your website sales and activities! Full tutorial on a pixel.

Then we move to video 2 of Day 8 which is about doing your ads manager homework ( creating Facebook business manager, ad account Facebook page , running some ads, and a lot more)

Then two ready-made recourses to download exception facebook ads and FB targeting blueprint always updated

Then another video about ‘Facebook & Image Display Training’

Then we start video 3 of day 8 which teaches you how to set up conversion ads on Facebook

Moving to video 4 that teaches the 72ig math.

  • Then we have Day 8 respources !
  • List Of Blocked Words For Your FB Page
  • Warming Up Your Ad Account PDF
  • Download the Video Animation Training (Zip File)

Day 9

The first video of day 9 teaches you and walk you through from funnel to process of lunching professional Facebook ads

Then day 8 video 2 teaches you ‘how to a lookalike audience that will bring you sales using a buyers custom audience’

Before we talk about 3rd video of day 8 there is a short tutorial video that teaches how to redirect or short your affiliate link in a professional way.

Video 3 of Day 9 This is the time for Q/A about the 72ig system

Then followed by a Day 9 resources

  • Updated Travel Matters Content Page Template (Only Works With Thrive Arhcitect)
  • How To Redirect Your Affiliate Link PDF
  • 72IG Q&A On Zoom (Wednesday)
  • 72IG Q&A On Zoom (Thursday)

Day 10

Day 10 teaches you How to analyze the data from your ads campaign

Then we move to Day 11

Day 11

Day 11 teaches you how to troubleshoot a 72ig funnel

Then we move to

Day 12

Day 12 have only one video on Instagram advertising blueprint

We have 5 bonuses on this last day with free resources and done for you templates and updating lists to plug and play.

That is all for the implementation then we move to the 3rd thing inside this 72ig program after the main ’72IG WhatsApp Income Generator’ and ‘the 72IG Implementation Program 2.0’ then we have ‘Your 1-Year Expertnaire Affiliate Account & 50% Commission’

THREE: Your 1-Year Expertnaire Affiliate Account & 50% Commission:

In this section, you will know how to get access to the expertnaire account since it’s a free 1-year bonus attached to the program.

They will set it up for you in 48 hours

Then we move to the 4th

FOUR: Access Links to Your Extra Bonuses: in the 72ig Implementation Program And Whatsap income Generator

Here you have a link to two big bonuses :

  • Download Full Twitter Money Blueprint Pack
  • 3 Done For You WhatsApp Campaigns

Then we move to the 5th

FIVE: Join Other Students Every Wednesday On a 72IG Coaching Class

Here we have a replay of previous coaching replays and how to can get access to it.

There are 3 parts here!

The first part is a video on ‘What Top Affiliates Do Differently to Make Sales

Then the next part is!

How You Can 10X Your Sales Even if You Are a Beginner Affiliate Marketer
by one of the top affiliates! This contains 2 videos

Then the last part is the :

PATTS METHOD – Ultimate Organic Traffic Sales Blueprint by top affiliate contain 3 videos.

And that’s all 5 sections in the 72ig program…

Before talking about the benefit of the 72ig program and others let me talk about my personal review of the program

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsap income Generator Review

This program is just a university of Affiliate Marketing Business. That is why I told you from the beginning of the review to first read everything about Affiliate marketing from this detailed article I wrote before moving to this review but if you have not you can do that now or just move on because I will still give a brief review about it …

It teaches you how to start from newbies to be a professional and also take you from a mediocre affiliate marketer to be a badass affiliate marketer that generates thousands of dollars and naira all around the world

Okay, let me tell you the benefit of this!

The benefit of getting the 72ig Implementation Program And Whatsap income Generator

  • You start any business with your smartphone: You can now start any digital business because you are loaded and there are people to lead you through untill you start making your sales
  • Render Facebook Ads expect services: You can now work as an facebook ads expect anywhere online , for companies , individual or list your gigs on freelencer websites and charge any amount you want
  • Sell Facebook expect as digital product:You can now sell advance facebook ads expect services online lot of people are doing this ! You run facebook ads targeting business owners and teaching them how to run facebook ads to their customers
  • Work as an affiliate marketer: You can now visit any affiliate network or companies like expectnaire, Skilldio, for Nigerians or move to earn in dollar affiliate companies like clickbank, warriorplus,JVzoo among other and you will know what to do to take the product you want to promote, what to do with product an dhow to earn thousand of dollar doing just that.
    Exact steps all the gurus are taking to make thousan dof dollars with all this affiliate companies and you are now the guru.
  • You can now render Twitter sales blueprint service to companies, freelensers website or add it to your portfolio
  • You can now make a digital course on twitter expect and start making money from it
  • You can now render a service on advance Instagram ads manager as a freelencer or for companies
  • You can now sell course on instagram ads manager too
  • You can now build a sales funnel from scratch and render it as a service to freelencer website or people and make money from it
  • You will also be able to sell course on how to build a profitable sales funnel which you can charge any amount and how to promote ot to people that will buy it almost instantly
  • You already know how to install wordpress and build a sales page on new website and how to do that for client too
  • You will be able to learn how email marketing works and provide it as a service to people and freelencers
  • You will be a professional using email marketing to sales your products or other peoples products
  • Render service as a professional email marketer to freelencer website or people that will need it
  • You will be able to sell to your friends , family and fans without spending money on ads and will be able to teach people how to do that too and get paid for it
  • You will be professional whatsapp income generator where you will be expect generating sales in 72hrs with whatsapp with any products
  • You will be a professional product research expect for companies or render it as service and make lot of money
  • You are now an expect in closing deals ! You already know how everything works and you will render it as service to companies , as a freelencer on freelencer website and make lot of money closing deals for yourself
  • Everything is lifetime updating new tricks, hacks, professional trainings and you get access to the founder and top affiliates and keep learning and making money

A lot of gurus you see with those services went through this course…

Getting the course you just need to know that you have gotten a whole new business

How did affiliate marketing really work in brief…

How does affiliate marketing works in general

It’s advisable you read a full review about affiliate marketing here’ ‘ but in brief!

Just like one of the richest men worldwide Jeff, Chairman of Amazon! He practices affiliate marketing by bringing the buyer to sellers and he takes commission without even having any product at all.

Same Jumia, Airbnb, and others!

Affiliate marketing is a business model

We will be talking more about the digital product because they make money faster than physical products

Examples of digital products are Online courses, Eb00ks, and can also be videos or online schools that solve a particular problem that a large audience has.

Some digital products like, How to lose weight with natural foods, How to relocate to Canada Step by step, The complete Webdesign training among others

Those products will be created by experts in that field and proven working …

Those experts will take those digital products to the Affiliate network or company website!

Affiliate companies will verify the product and check maybe it’s worth it and place it on their website with the agreed commission!

The product experts and the affiliate complies with making an agreement on how much to pay affiliate marketers per sale and that can range from 30% all way up to 60% or more per sale.

This simply means if a digital product’s sales for 80k and commission per sale is 50% the affiliate marketer will be getting 40k per sale!

And the remaining %50 will be shared between the affiliate company and the product expect with their own agreement.

Then you will move to an affiliate network or company website to get those course affiliate links for promotion to people that need them.

Before getting a product to promote :

  • Make sure the product is worth it and give value
  • Make sure the product have good commission
  • Make sure the product has testimonies
  • Make sure the product have a large audience that needs it

Anyways as a professional product researcher(In the 72ig Course) you will know how to do your research!

The next part is to get your link set and shorten it!

Then Set a sales funnel!

You then where to get your potential buyers on social media either through free or paid traffics the two ways in the 72ig program!

You will target those that have been looking for the product!

All the social media collect data of what you are doing and what you want so as to sell it to advertisers! That is how advertisers just pick who to send the ads to age range, interest, gender, and likes…

That is why you will just enter your Facebook and what will come first is the necklace or shoes you have been searching for or product on how to lose weight you have been searching for and you take action!

Then we move to the stage of follow-up where you will follow up with those that show interest in the product but have not yet gotten it…

Not all products you see you get straight some get it after when you see more reasons to buy it maybe view email or WhatsApp then you take action!

That is why when you click to get a product they ask for your mail and phone number in some cases so as to follow up with you on emails or on WhatsApp…

All are work of sales funnel expert and deal closure expect within the 72ig course

You just need like 5 sales a week to get 200k if commission for each sale is 40k so making 200k a month is just way very small because if you do 200k weekly that means you can make over 800k a month and that’s why you see a lot of payment proof all round about expertnaire and 72ig..

Let’s go through some payment proofs and testimonies

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsap income Generator Payment proof

A lot of students of this program have made a lot of 6 figures and even 7 figures just with the content of this 72ig program!

A lot of testimonies rolling in everywhere even from MoneyMakingCrew In Nigeria

Kindly note that all these payments are weekly because Expertnaire paid weekly and all these payments were on the Expertnaire affiliate company

All these are random payments from all expertnaire users

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator payment proof 0
72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator payment proof 0
72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator payment proof 4

Before I take you through the signing up process let me tell you the reason behind affiliate marketers are promoting this 72ig program! Yes, it’s an outstanding program and the founder knew a lot of people might want to keep it secret and don’t let others know the secret to their wealth a knowledge so the founder introduce incentives to the program!

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsap income Generator Incentives And Challenges

This 72ig course is on expertnaire but for existing expertnaire users you get 25% per sale of the course but if you get the 72ig course you earn 50% per sale instead of 25%!

That is a bonus couple with the free expertnaire account when you get the 72ig program.

But that is by the way let’s look into the incentive given by the founder of this program which is the CEO of expectnaire just to let people push the secret out by force

The incentives can be found on 72igchallenge.com where the highest affiliate marketer that promotes the 72ig product gets a cash price of $5,000!

And not only that check out the list of the incentives!

  • Get a $5000 Cash Prize
  • Win an All Expense Paid Trip to Seychelles
    Win a Lexus Es350 2009 Model
    Win a 3-Beroom Duplex In Lekki-Ajah

The first winner won a Toyota Camry 2006 model back in 2020 that went to Bruno Nwogu

These are the lists of the challenges

  1. The “first 50 sales in 2 months” challenge
  2. The “100 sales in 3 months” challenge
  3. The “400 sales in 4 months” challenge

Also, the affiliate with the highest sales for January 2022 got $5,000 and that goes to Caleb.

And 4 other people won car too.

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator Insentives 2
72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator Insentives 2
72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator Insentives 4
72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator Insentives 3 cars

He was giving the cash of $5,000 in the 72ig expertnaire ceremony!

Another incentive is ‘A 7-Day All Expense Paid Trip to Seychelles’


A 7-Day All Expense Paid Trip to Seychelles If You Get 150 or 200 Sales of 72IG Between January 1 – Feb 28, 2022

This one is available to ALL 72IG affiliates and it is very achievable too.

To qualify for this trip, all you have to do is get at least 150 sales of the 72IG program between January 1 – February 28, 2022.

There are two different slots for this:

150 – 199 Sales: You get to share a room with another affiliate at the 5-star resort we will be lodged in Seychelles.

200 Sales and Above: You get to have a room to yourself at the 5-star resort where we will be lodged in Seychelles.

Another incentive is

You only need to get 500 72IG sales between March 1, 2022, to June 30, 2022, in order to win Lexus Es350 2009. That is like 125 sales a month.

Another incentive is a 3-Bedroom Duplex In Lekki-Ajah Axis!

In order to qualify for this, all you have to do is make 10,000 72IG sales in total from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022!

These are the incentives for the 72ig program just to share the secret of affiliate marketing to the world else with the value in this program people will keep the course as secret and will not want to let people know about it ! you can always find updates on the new incentives on 72igchallenge.com

Bonus from Money MaakingCrew when you sign up to this 72ig program

Bonuses from MoneyMakingCrew When you register 72ig program with Money Making Crew Affiliate Link

It’s no news that we at money-making crew do try products and program and check it out maybe we should write a review about it or not so we spend millions doing that and some we will not write a review about it if not worth trying.

Just as a little support on your part for our research to always give you what works and take you through the best ways to make money it’s best you always use our affiliate link to get the programs we review about.

We have a bonus for you for this program! And it is grand of all bonuses!

Once you get this 72IG through our link you get free access to our personal mentorship where we walk you through any issue personally one on one! And we add you to the crew to make sure you achieve and make a lot of money fast.

This is priceless!

Now automatically you have two mentors first from the main founder of the 72ig program and CEO of Expectnaire and the second from the moneymakingcrew!


You can just register through the link also and if you don’t need any mentorship since the founder and the team will take you through with the other top affiliates and that is even more than enough!

Just register and get access you start making money!

Now let’s talk about how to register or get the 72IG

How To Register or Sign up 72ig Implementation Program And Whatsap income Generator

As of writing, this review 72ig program cost 60,000 naira and the next up price is 75,000!

A few months ago it was 50,000 naira and the next up then was 60,000 naira before it now get to 60,000 now…

It just keeps moving up because the value in this program is way more!

It started with 17k back in 2019 then 30k moved to 50k now 60k…. Any amount you meet the program now just get it because it’s lifetime access to the best affiliate marketing crew and chance to make a lot of money online very fast and easy!

6 steps to sign up 72ig

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator sign up register

First step:

You click this link to register >>>CLICK TO Register 72IG HERE <<<

Step Two :

On the sales page stroll down to where you see the big orange ‘REGISTER’ Button. Click it and it will take you to the registration page!

Step Three:

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator sign up register 2

On this page, you will be asked to input your First Name, Last Name, And phone number.

Also, you will be asked to choose your preferred payments ‘Maybe Paystack Naira , Paystack US Dollar or Flutterwave’! Just choose The first one Paystack Naira! And click checkout

Step Four:

After you click checkout you will see a prompt that you are about to make a payment just click ‘I Understand Continue’

Then a page where you pay with your card or use bank transfer will show just fill your card details if you are using your card or just click the transfer option and made the transfer and click pay then the page will load for authorization

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator sign up register 2 44

Step Five:

Click authorize if you are using card payment, then click OTP and a code will be sent to confirm your payment. Input the code and click continue. It will write payment successful. Click okay and it will take you to get the access page!

Stepp Six:

On getting access page you will be asked to input your first name, last name, email address, just input the same details you input while registering and click submit.

Login to your expertnaire account and update your payment info and get started to work

This is where you get access to the 5 things we review inside the 72ig course as reviewed earlier in this article.

72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp Income Generator sign up register g7

Is 72ig Implementation Program And Whatsap income Generator legit?

This is professional training on affiliate Marketing and not a scheme, or Ponzi schemes or anything os such.

And if we are to rate it to the amount for the training it 5 starts super worth more than the amount! You can go for it.

ConclusionOn 72IG Training

We have tried to cover everything you need to know about this 72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp income Generator affiliate marketing program and it really worth it if you really serious about making a lot of money online even without little capital or with just your phone


Will you register for this 72ig Implementation Program And Whatsapp income Generator program? If yes why and if NO Why Not! Will also be looking forward to replying to your comment if any suggestions or questions… Thanks

Remotasks: Sign up, Survey , Salary, jobs and how it works ( App Reviews)

remotasks review

Remotasks is a micro-tasking platform that compensates users (independent contractors) for completing small, simple tasks. On this platform, you can earn money by doing “micro” jobs. It is also one of the platforms that allow you to work from home and earn money online.

You can earn more money depending on the difficulty of the jobs and your accuracy. This platform is best if you are looking for a side hustle.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about Remotasks in this in-depth review, including whether the site is legitimate and safe, requirements to join, and more.

About Remotask

Remotasks is a micro job platform where users earn money doing simple tasks like transcribing audio files, image tagging, and content moderation, among others. It is owned by San Francisco-based company called Scale AI, this company aids AI applications to accelerate by providing access to human-powered data.

What are the requirements to join Remotask?

Below are some of the requirements you must meet to join Remotask.

  • You must be 18 years and above.
  • You must have a PayPal account. It is a medium of receiving payment from the Remotask platform.
  • You must have a fast internet connection.
  • You should have a functional laptop or desktop computer. It is not advisable to complete tasks on your mobile phones. Kindly get a good Laptop before you start on this platform.
  • Your laptop or desktop computer must have minimum speciation of 4GBs of RAM and an optional  GPU.
  • You must be able to work at least 20 hours a week.
  • You must be fluent in the English language.

List of countries that can access Remotask:

Albania, Algeria, Nigeria, Peru, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil,Tunisia, Bulgaria, Sri LankaCambodia, Cameroon, Chile, South Africa, Colombia, Costa Rica, Côte d’Ivoire, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Eswatini, Ethiopia, France, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Lithuania, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, Nicaragua, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay,Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Rwanda, Senegal, Serbia, Somalia, Spain,, Suriname, Tanzania, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Always check the Remotask platform to check the update on available countries.

How does Remotask work?

Remotask is easy to understand. It’s straightforward. Below are the four steps you will take working on Remotask.

 First Step –Exams

After signing up, you will exams. You can take many exams in different categories. The more exams you ace, the more tasks appear in your dashboard.

Second Step – Complete Tasks on remotask

Once you are done with the exams, you can now complete tasks. Among the tasks, you’ll be performing are the following: Drawing boxes around cars and objects, Moderating and analyzing content online, Transcribing audio, Categorizing t-shirts, Collecting data, amongst others.

Never attempt a task you cannot finish. Accuracy is important to the Remotask platform, so you will be removed from the category if you continue failing.

Third Step –Get paid

You will be paid weekly after completing tasks on the platform. This payment will be sent through PayPal. You don’t need to request payment, you will be paid automatically weekly.

Note that the difficulty and pay for each of these tasks vary. Some of them are simple and quick to complete, and they only pay a few cents per task. Others are more difficult and time-consuming, but they pay significantly more.

Once you begin completing tasks, they will be checked for accuracy before being added to your account and paid out via PayPal the following Thursday or Friday. So, make sure that you complete tasks accurately.

Remotask Sign up procedure

To get  started on Remotask you can sign up with your Facebook and you also use a Google account and agree with the terms and conditions

These are remotask sign up steps

Step 1

Click here to register on remotask

Step 2

Fill in your Choose how you want to register maybe facebook or google mail

Step 3

Auto sign up when you have already login either Gmail or Facebook!

Then finally you fill in your details

Note: After signing up on the platform, you will have to verify your phone number. So, make sure that you provide the correct phone number.

How to Earn Money on Remotasks

Below are some of the ways you can earn money on Remotask.

By taking  training Courses

You will get paid for completing the essential training courses on Remotask.

By completing tasks

Completing tasks is a good way to earn money on the platform. You can find tasks in the task queue on your dashboard after finishing your training courses. Check later if your queue is empty.

Don’t be in a hurry to finish tasks. Accuracy is important if you want to earn on the platform.

Reviewing  Tasks

You can also earn money on Remotask by reviewing other people’s task and making sure it is accurate.

Complete numerous tasks with an average accuracy of 90% and above to qualify for this job.  reviewing tasks is one of the best ways you can make money on remotask

By referring others to the platform

Refer your friends, colleagues to use this platform and get paid. Share your link with others to register through it. You and the person you referred will be paid $5 if the person earns at least $10 in the first two weeks of registering on Remotask.

Note that, the more difficult a task is, the higher the payment.

Register with moneymakingcrew link now and earn instant $5 >>>Register Remotask<<<

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

  • Log in to your Remotask account.
  • Go to account settings, and enter your PayPal email and country name to withdraw your earnings.
  • The payment is made once a week on Friday automatically. There is no payment threshold.

A 2% transaction fee will be collected from your earnings. Be rest assured, Remotask don’t miss a payment. Whatever you earned in the week will be deposited into your PayPal account.

Is  Remotask legit?

Yes, Remotask is legit. It has high-profile customers like  Google Alphabet, Procter, and Gusto, Uber, among others. Plus Remotask is owned by a well-known company called Scale Labs, Inc.

Many users have earned money on this platform since its inception in 2017.  So, you have nothing to fear.

Pros and Cons of Remotask

Everything that has great advantages must have some little disadvantages so let’s check out the pros and cons of this GPT website

The Pros

  • Remotask is easy to use
  • There is no minimum payout.
  • You get tasks consistently.
  • Payments on Remotask are made weekly using PayPal.
  • The community is nice, and the support team is very helpful.
  • Remotasks are always on time with their payments.
  • You will get a bonus of $10 if you reach a milestone of $10 within 2 weeks of joining Remotask.

The Cons

  • Pay is extremely low for certain tasks.
  • Some of the tasks are extremely difficult.
  • Earnings on Remotask are based on accuracy. So, you will be penalized and barred from performing similar tasks in the future, if you perform a task incorrectly.
  • It takes a long time for tasks to be reviewed and approved after they’ve been completed.
  • Only PayPal is accepted for withdrawals.
  • The Remotask platform is not mobile-friendly.
  • Remotask is not available in every country.
  • You must complete a certain number of assessment tests before you get more tasks.
  • The tasks are repetitive and tiring.
  • You must pass a difficult exam before you start completing tasks and earning in the platform.

Some tips to help you on Remotask

  • You should never copy or share Remotask data.
  • You are not allowed to screenshot.
  • Protect your privacy when using this platform. Don’t leave your computer when using this platform.
  • Don’t give out your personal or sensitive information to anyone on Remotask.
  • Make sure you read the terms and conditions before signing up for Remotask.

Before we move to the conclusion there are a lot of websites like remotask that you can also earn a lot of money on and we have made a review about them for your sites like Mypoints , Ysense, Timebucks, Clickworkers , Picoworkers, grabpoints and a lot more you can check make money online worldwide categories


Remotasks is another platform to earn money from the comfort of your home. The platform allows you to earn money while working from home and pays you on time. It is perfect for anyone who wants to earn extra money. This platform is not a get-rich-quick scheme and should not be substituted for a real job. We hope that you found this review on Remotask helpful.

Over To You

Will you sign up on remotask ? If Yes Why and If NO! Why Noy?

Timebucks :How to login,app sign up, payment proof How it works|Reviews

timebucks homepage

Welcome MoneyMakingCrew, today we will be giving a full detailed review about timebucks review. How to access the timebucks login page through website or app, sign up and some payment proofs to know maybe its a legit GPT website or not

This is going to be a detailed review and everything you need to know about this timbucks survey app.

Let’s start with knowing what this site is all about

About Timebucks

Just like other GPT(Get Paid To) websites. timebucks is an online survey website that gives rewards for doing simple tasks. These tasks will also be discussed shortly.

They are operating under  Australian Clearing Pty Ltd. Started operating in 2014 and they have been paying since then date…

We are going to cover a lot in this review like the payment methods, payment proofs, sign up, log in, pros and cons, and a lot more… But let’s start with how did it work

How Timebucks works

Timebucks pay you for doing a simple task as I said earlier and they pay you real cash directly to your bank account.

To male money on every legit survey website it depends on how much time you spend on the site daily.

But before you try any GPT website always know maybe it’s legit, worth trying or not before you spend time all this is going to cover in this review but before then let’s talk about what and what you need to do to earn this money on this survey website.

How To Make Money On Timebucks

There is the various way you can use to make money on this survey website! Over 8 ways to make money with this website are explained below

This first one is entertaining…

Posting or following people on TikTok

It may sound funny but you get paid for creating a TikTok account, posting, unfollowing, or even following people on TikTok.

This section looks funny and very easy to me when I see it but they actually pay for doing just that…

Now next is viewing content…

How To Make Money On Timebucks by Viewing Content

Yes, you get paid just by viewing content… You get paid for visiting a stipulated website for a particular minute usually 60 seconds and you get paid…

You also get free money daily…

Get Your FREE Money (Daily Bonus)

You get free money whenever you complete 10 tasks daily. Once you completed 10 tasks a day just click roll and you get free money.

You can earn between $0.002 to $10 for free and you still earn 50% of the total amount your referral earns. We will talk about that later in this article

Now let’s talk about the sweepstake

Sweepstake Prize Give Away (Weekly)

This is like a giveaway by timebucks, you can win up to $250.

These are what you need to do daily to qualify to enter the giveaway:

For every $0.001 you earn 1 entry

Log in daily you earn 100 entries
Refer a friend you earn 200 entries

And timebucks allocate $500 daily for 30 winners

First, win $250, 2nd win $50, 3rd $50, 4th-1oth will win $10 and 11th to 30 will win $5 each.

watching Videos

Also just like other GPT websites, timebucks also paid their users for watching videos posted by their advertisement agencies. You get paid for viewing 3 videos including the adverts within it.

To watch the video just over to the content section of timebucks website then click the video, you will see videos you can watch to earn money

In addition, you can watch youtube videos too and earn.

Depending on you this may not be worth time-consuming in watching but let’s move to make money by Completing Captcha’s

Completing Captcha’s

This is really a very easy money-making section! Most of you guys are familiar with solving captcha on the internet but here you will get paid for doing that.

You earn around $0.003 on every 20 captchas you solve successfully.

The interesting part is that if you are among the top 50 that solve captcha quickly you still earn an extra $0.10. No limit on the number of captchas you can complete per day.

If you don’t win it one day you can win it another day because it’s a daily challenge.

I intentionally take this to the almost ending part because we all know this is a survey website! so let’s talk about making money on timebucks with a survey..

Taking surveys

On this part, it varies because timebucks will give you paid survey based on your profile, location, profile, and interest and this is really cool stuff.

You can get paid around $1 or more per survey based on all the info above.

You also get paid for playing games too and that is awesome…

let’s quickly talk about making money by referring others to this website

Timebucks referring program

You earn 50% on the lifetime commission of every person you refer and also 10% if the person deposits on timebucks as an advertiser

But there is another passive income interesting thing about timebucks too which is called timebuck commission level

This means you get paid when who you refer also refers another person till the 5th level…

Referral commissions levels:
Level 1 Referral make: 15%
Level 2 Referral make: 2%
Level 3 Referral make: 2%
Level 4 Referral make: 2%
Level 5 Referral make: 1%

This is a great opportunity though it might be small if it grew more you make a lot if you have a lot of referrals since the money will be paid by timebucks no effect on your referrals earnings…

We have come to the end of earning on this GPT website but let talk about advantages and disadvantages

Timebucks Cons and Pros

Everything that has advantages also has disadvantages so let’s look at the cons and pros of timebucks


  • You need to first visit the website and try to sign up becasue some countries are restricted. Just click here to register on timbucks first to check! Its free to register
  • Your cashout is $10 so you should focus on earning up to that before processing cashout
  • Depending on how much time you can invest time spent on the site to how much you can earn should be calculated and check your time


They have a lot of varieties of ways you can earn on their website

Another interesting is the multi-level referral program you earn passive income

You also earn 15% of your referral’s earnings lifetime without affecting their earnings and that’s cool

$10 minimum cashout is also pretty cool since lot of ways to earn

The payment methods are also very easy and interesting.

Let’s talk about their payment methods!

Timebucks payment methods

We already know that the payment threshold is $10 another interesting thing about timebucks is that you receive your payment every week automatically.

And they pay through various ways with cash:

  1. Bank transfer
  2. Paypal(Indirect through AirTM ‘High fee Not Recommended’)
  3. Bitcoin
  4. AirTM
  5. Payeer
  6. Neteller

Those are 6 ways you can receive your money through timebucks and they are all real cash payment methods, not gift cards or other virtual cards…

But wait. Are they really paying people real cash?

Let’s check some payment proofs

Timebucks Payment Proof

A lot of people are receiving payments on timebucks through all the payment methods.

Just choose the best and easiest way for you and issue a request for payment if you have reached the threshold and you can wait for automatic payment and you receive your payment in your desired payment methods as shown below for bitcoin and Payal

timebucks payment proof1
timebucks payment  proof

Now is timebucks really legit or another scam GPT website?

Is Timebucks Legit?

With all this, if you think it is worth trying and trading your time with some bitcoin or real cash transfer to your bank account, then you can try it out.

Timebucks is 100% safe and legit.

Lots of payment proof and they have been paying for years and still paying

Since it is worth trying and legit then let me take you through how to sign up and get a free $1 sign up

Timebucks sign up / Registration procedure

Signing up on Timebucks is very easy to take these simple 3 steps

Step 1: Click this link to visit timebuck sign up page with free $1 sign up bonus >>Click to Shin Up free $1<<

Step 2: Sign up either through Facebook automatically if you have login Facebook on your device already or just log in. Or just fill in your email and the password you intend to use then click sign up

Step 3: Then go to your mail and click the confirmation link timebucks have sent you and click read the agreement prompt then click agree.. then you all set

Now you can start taking all tasks… But now that you have signed up how can you log in?

Timebucks Login

It is easy to log in on timebuck. You can either log in by visiting timebucks.com or just by using the app.

But the website interface is very easy to log in through your browser is really good.

timebucks login

Just visit the official website and click login then input your mail and password or login through Facebook!

but if you want to get the app for easy access…

Timebucks login through the Timebucks app

You can download the timebucks app on your google play store for android users or use this link!

Download timebucks app

Timebucks review

This is my take on timebucks review and all you need to know!

Choosing maybe you will sign up or not is an independent individual opinion.

But as of GPT timebucks is legit and paying.

On a rating of 1 to 5, it’s 4 over 5!

But check below on people’s opinion on the rating on google play store!

It got 3.8!

timebucks review

Timebucks Review :conclusion

Now just like other survey websites like MYpoints , Clickworkers, Grabpoints, Picoworkers , ysense , survey compare, and a lot more we have talked about moneymakingcrew timebucks too worth trying if you love GTP websites! And you can try all those mentioned websites two above…


Are you going to try timebucks out today to make money just with your phone anywhere you are? If yes! WHY and if not WHY NOT? Looking forward to seeing your comment and responding to them… Thanks

Transfer amazon gift card balance to paypal in 5 Min

Transfer Amazon gift card balance to paypal

Welcome MoneyMakingCrew,

Today i will share with you how to Transfer amazon gift card balance to paypal in less than 5min

But wait! Whats gift card and why transfer it to paypal ?

Gift cards are card giving as gift to someone to only be used on amazon.com.

This cards should only be used to purchase on amazon but not for cash and thats why its takes litle steps to convert to paypal

But, why converting to paypal?

Paypal funds is very easy to send to our bank account, send to others or even use for more purchase on lot of websites

In less than 5min now with this simple 6 steps you will be able to get any amazon gift card balance to your paypal

Once you get this you can help others to do it too because lot of people have gift cards but have bills to settle outside amazon.com

Let et started,,,

How To Transfer amazon gift card balance to paypal

Today we will be making use of two paypal accounts

  1. The first paypal account should be your personal paypal account that is linked to your bank account ( or debit/credit card)
  2. Then the other paypal account name should match with the name on the gift card and should be linked to the gift card balance we want to transfer from( You can just open new paypal account for this)

Step by step on how to transfer amazon gift card balance to paypal cash in less than 5min

This method is really fast and easy. That is why all steps are depicted


Login to your personal paypal account that is linked with your bank account.

Once log in go to tools located in the menu bar as showned in the screenshot below.

how to transfer amazon gift  card balance to paypal steps


Then you will see this page below. Just click on the ‘invoicing’ which will take you to a page to manage invoice.

That where we are going to be creating an invoice.

how to transfer amazon gift card balance to paypal wallet steps


On the manage invoice page click the create invoice button where the arrow is pointing to below.

This will take you to invoice creation page

how to transfer amazon gift  card balance to paypal steps


On this invoice creation page shown below

Input the second paypal account mail that is linked with the amazon gift card on the ‘bill to’ as shown in the first arrow in the screenshot below

Then on the ‘price section’ shown in the second arrow below ! input the amount in the amazon gift card balance that we want to transfer to paypal

amazon gift card balance to paypal wallet


Once you input the second payapl account mail and the amount in the price tag as explained in the step four now click the send button

Once you click the send button it will write ‘ We have sent your invoice …’ as shown below

how to transfer amazon gift  card balance to paypal step 4


Now login to the second paypal account mail that is link to the amazon gift card balance

You will receive a notification that you have 1 bill that need to be paid as shown below

Just click on it and click pay.

Since you already link this second paypal account with the amazon gift card it will automatically use the balance in the card to pay the bill.

Then YOu can login back to your personal paypal accoutn and you will see the fund in your paypal balance .

Now you have your amazon gift card balance transfer to your paypal in less than 5 min

From there you can do whatever you want to do with the fund in your paypal account maybe send it to your bank account , send it to friends or use it to purchase anything from any paypal accepting website .. Thats up to you..

Anyways you can try to win free gift card here

Summary : How To Transfer amazon gift card balance to paypal

You just need two paypal account for this:

  • Link your bank account to the other or debit/credit card
  • Link your amazon gift card balance to the other one
  • Then login to the first one you link your bank account(Credt/debit card) to and go to the Settings>Tools>Invoicing>Create invoice>Input the second paypal account email taht has been link with the gift card > Input the amount in the gift card in the price section>Click send
  • Now login to the other paypal account that is linked to the gift card and click the notification of bill to pay and click pay. Automatically it will use your gift card balce to pay the bill then log out
  • Login to your main paypal account tha is link with your banl account or debt/credit card then the fund will be there for you to use it for anything maybe withdraw to your bank account, send to friends and family or use it for purchase.

Thats the summary of all you need to transfer amazon gift card balance to paypal cash but if you find it tricky you ca check out how to Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Bank Account In 10Min using venmo

How to make money on Instagram with 500 followers in 10 legit ways


Instagram is one of the easiest places to make money online with your social media account. But a lot of people do think with these lovely pictures and videos just to like and comment then how are people making money with this Instagram. Today, I will show you how to make money on Instagram with 500 followers and everything about how Instagram works

Before you start thinking of making money on Instagram you should have the mindset of ‘this is business’. Once you have that mindset from the beginning with just 500 Instagram followers you will surely make a lot of money.

Before you start any business you must know how the business works and the requirements to meet to make money with the business.

Let me start with the requirements

Requirements To make money on Instagram with just 500 followers

You cannot just jump into Instagram and start making money. On your part, you need to master and get these 4 things on point

  1. Know how to create post inspired by stories: This can be don with some tools like befunky and promorepublic. You need to put those stories inbetween your photos and videos posts
  2. Then you need to master instagram DOs and Donts : Do you even know that instagram have rules around the type of images and videos you should post and number of post per day?

There is a certain number of hashtags you can use… You cannot start spamming with over 30 tags. 15 tags are okay but going to 25 is way too much and spammy

And for normal post captions, 150 is okay but for ads post caption you should try 125 will be okay

You can read through Instagram terms here

3. You need to lunch an Instagram shop: This will include features that will let you integrate your products with your profile. Then you will be able to promote your product directly to your Instagram followers through your post, stories, explore tabs, and all that

4. Now you need to master Instagram for business: Remember you are on Instagram for business then you need to master Instagram for business.

This feature was included on Instagram 2016 before its only persona Instagram now you can either choose to be personal or business Instagram. You can check out how that works here

Now that we have covered what you need to learn, have, and know about Instagram now let me quickly show you how to have a strong audience. You know this post is basically how to make money with just 500 Instagram followers. SO, for you to make money with just 500 followers you need to have a strong audience, not just a random audience.

How to build a strong Instagram audience

  1. First thing you need to know is you need to optimize your instagram account

Choose a nitch that is the keyword you want to do business around and make sure the keyword should be less than 30 characters. Must be easy to remember and must be same with your other social media and also searchable

Your bio should be around 150 with a clickable link (You know its only ere you can insect clickable link on Instagram)

2. Always use a compelling Instagram caption. Your caption drive a lot of traffic and engagements

3. Crate instaram stories

Instagram stories are one of the best parts of Instagram and are highly engaging. Make sure your Instagram stories are fun and creative

4. Post regularly: The more consistent you are higher the chance of gaining a more engaging audience than the more money you get.

You can use the scheduler to schedule Instagram posts too you can try positron to schedule your post

5. Ask for engagement: It’s not bad asking but make sure your content is top-notch

6. collaborate with influencers and like minds: This will fast track your achievement on Instagram

I think that will be okay and let’s get to 10 ways you can make money on Instagram with just 500 followers after taking all that in place

How to make money on Instagram with 500 followers in 10 legit ways

These are the best ways you can make a lot of money on Instagram with just 500 followers and it will be fun

Become A Brand Ambassador

This is where collaboration with people brings you money. It’s not a matter of 500 followers if you collaborate with people locally or internationally you get a chance to get a brand ambassador deal.

You can just reach out to a likely brand that is in your nitch about your services and all that and you can get a chance to get a deal.

Not only big brand you can try local artists and local creators … Lot of Instagram businesses with fewer followers get deals on Instagram

Sell Physical and Digital Products

This is a really fast way to make money on Instagram. Through the selling of physical or digital products. You just need to know the type of products your audience will love. Once you know that start posting products they will love and start making money

How to make money on Instagram with 500 followers by just Publishing A Sponsor Posts

Another awesome way to make money on Instagram is through sponsored posts.

This is where the engagement pays… Once you are getting more and a lot of engagements people will love to pay you to tag them in your post. Though it may not be thousands starting you will earn a lot of money as you keep more engagements coming up with time

Then you will be receiving a lot of sponsored posts just make sure your account is highly optimized and engaging

This is a really fast way to make money with fewer followers on Instagram

You just need to join affiliate networks and it’s free to join… Affiliate networks like Clickbank or digital products affiliate networks like warrior plus. You can google a list of the best affiliate networks

After signing up to those affiliate networks. Get affiliate links o products that match your audience.

Then once place it on your Instagram account you started earning money once they click it and make a purchase.

There are two ways you can share your affiliate link on Instagram

The first one is through the stories swipe up and if you don’t have that feature yet use the second method which is through your bio.

Provide Social Media Marketing Services

Another way you can earn is by providing Social Media Marketing Services.

This is really a great way because according to business Instagram over 2 million advertisers and 25 million businesses are on Instagram.

It’s no more secret that Instagram has more sale potential because a large number of businesses visit Instagram to look for a target audience to promote their products to and increase their sales

You can start offering social media strategies, consultations, and training in your nitch and start making money.

Create Visual Content for Sale

Basically, Instagram is a virtual platform with over 200 million photos and videos uploaded on this platform daily

Millions of companies and businesses come to Instagram to look for photos and videos they can use for their promotions and sales

You can use this opportunity to sell your videos and photos.

That is why you need to be creative in posting content on Instagram.

A lot of nitch like traveling, food and cooking, nature, animals and lot more earn lot of money with Instagram with there creative contents

Let’s quickly talk about captions

Write Captions for Other Profiles

One of the best ways to make money on Instagram with 500 followers is through writing captions for others’ profiles.

It’s really simple but needs consistency and creativity.

You need to grab your audience attention at the beginning then give them what they will be interested in then past the information

You can write for an artist or product but make sure you are very creative on every single deal you have that how to get more deals

Sell dropshipped products

But apart from all that you can make money with dropshipping products too

If you have not heard about dropshipping before, This is a business model in which you run a store without touching the product.

With a dropshipping business, you don’t need to worry about the product itself, shipping, packaging, or even storing the product.

Once you receive an order in your store automatically the supplier will ship the product to the customer’s doorstep well packaged.

And you can set up a free dropshipping account on Shopify for 14 days free trial.

Then start promoting the link in your bio or stories swipe up when you upload a new product related to your nitch

Add To Mail List

This is another great way to make money with your few Instagram followers

Though this looks a little bit hard but collecting your loyal followers’ emails Is a really good way to monetize your followers.

Since you have their direct mail you can easily start reaching out directly to them and talk about new products and the benefits and even if anything happens to your Instagram account later you will still have your email list.


Instagram stories were introduced at the same time as when the Instagram business was introduced in 2016.

Now Instagram stories are now popular way more now

Over 400 million people create and enjoy Instagram stories and a lot of them engaged more to it since it has a restricted time

More brands are now using it to hook more of their audience

A lot of brands want to collaborate with businesses that are skilled in masking and filtering on Instagram.

You can add it to your services in bio and also always make use of it.


With these 10 ways to make money with 500 Instagram followers and how to start, you can choose a few ways and try them out if not all.

Thanks for reading

is survey compare legit? Warnings!Read before Sign up(2022 App Review)

survey compare

Welcome to money making Crew! Today we will be talking about survey compare. Maybe it’s legit or another scam site and maybe you should try them out or not.

Survey websites also give room for you to prove that anyone can make money online almost instantly.

Though the money might not be so much or like you will be rich but with some awesome survey websites you will actually make some money to attend to some little things like to pay for your internet, gas, and other little things

Basically, you get paid for just giving your opinion about a product you have used or generally about anything.

But today we will be talking about survey compare

About Survey compare

Survey compare is not like all other survey websites because just like the name implies ‘compare’

They compile all survey websites together and send them to you mostly through emails for you to attend to any suitable for you.

The official website is Surveycompare.net and its UK company since 2010

They are trading under the company name ‘Marketing VF Ltd’

Marketing VF Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales, company number 06951544. Registered at Imperial Works, Block C, Perren St, London NW5 3ED, United Kingdom.

They have success stories like making the  INC, 5000 Europe list, and also the 4th best company to work for in The Sunday Times by vote.

But let deep little bit about how it works

How Does It Work

Survey Compare operation is just different

What they just do is to first get your info while registring then send you varieties of legit survey companies website links in your mail to registered on and start making money on the survey

In short, I think they are just closing the ap of scraping all scam survey websites by helping people that want to make money through surveys to provide legit survey websites that suit them for free

You simple denote that from the official website ‘HOW WE WORK’

‘Our secret is simply: our panellists want to complete surveys. We don’t over-promise, we just tell it straight so our community know exactly what to expect, and we give them no one but the best companies to take surveys from.’

From that statement above it simply means, they come in the ‘surveysphare’ to eradicate scam survey websites.

But basically, Viewing it from another point why not just go through this our best legit survey website and start signing up and making money through survey directly? Instead of going through another company to sign up to survey companies that you can do directly.

There are more bunch of lists when you search engines too

Anyways that is just my point of view but let’s talk about who survey compare for

Who is survey compare for

Survey compare is generally for anyone that wants to make extra little cash online through a survey or giving their opinions

But not for those that want to earn real cash and I mean to make passive income online you can try another thing like Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, youtube, influencer or just read the list here

But if you just want more side income even if you have a full-time job then you can try a survey compare

Okay, what if you want to sign up?

How to sign up to survey  compare

Signing up on this platform is very easy.

You can sign up in these 3 steps

Step One

visit surveycompare.net on the homepage you will see sign up form

This form requires you to fill in your Date of birth, your gender, and your mail. After inputting that info you just click the green button that says ‘Sign up and start earnings’

Step Two

On the next page, you will see a list of survey companies and you will be asked to pick those suitable for you.

You will see the likes of Swagbucks, life points, branded surveys, and opinion outposts.

Those are the four survey websites shown to me on this step it might differ from your end.

It’s advisable to tick everything just to maximize your earnings

After doing that just click sign up to start earning button

Step three

In this step, you input some of your basic info like your first name, last name, title, and postcode.

After submitting all this just click complete signup.

Then finally you will be taken to the page saying ‘check your mail’

Then at this point when you check your mail, you would have received about 4 emails from different survey websites on auto and you will receive mail from survey compare too.

Then you start taking surveys and making money.

Now let’s talk about survey compare advantages and disadvantages

Survey compare pros and cons

Everything that has advantages will also have disadvantages. Let’s quickly look into some of them


One of the interesting about survey companies is that everything they offer is for free. I mean they help you look for legit sites and you sign up for free without paying a dime.

Also, they only promote legit survey sites. This means any emails they send to you about any survey company that company is a legit company. But you can sign up for legit survey companies yourself as I said earlier just by searching for top legit survey websites or checking our articles on the list

Another thing I notice about this site that makes me like the homepage is that they are ads-free. Not like other sites that will have to pop up and all flying ads up and down. Their site is clean

Now let’s brief too about the cons


Irrespective of your region they will send you legit survey websites but after starting to sign up on the survey website the mail you, you might not qualify.

Here they suppose to know how to send only surveys and survey companies that you are qualified to take only

Also lack of enough surveys. You don’t get a lot of surveys. You only get a few legit surveys

There is no point joining a survey company through another party when you can actually join the survey company directly since no benefit for that

Is survey compare legit or scam

No bais! With all the transparency survey compare is not a scam website

Instead, they help in eliminating scam survey websites

And also since you are not paying to survey compare or to the survey companies they send to you that makes them more genuine.

But you know not everyone is comfortable with giving out data to companies like this.

If you have registered and thinking of changing your mind that you don’t want to be receiving those emails again.

How can I delete my survey compare account?

Deleting an account is just by unsubscribing to their email list but I don’t think you can delete your data from their website since you don’t log in to their website

But you should be able to mail them for account closure and also unsubscribe to their mail


I know after reading this review you will know may the survey compare is legit or scam and maybe you should try them out or not… That’s based on you personally.

Thanks for reading

You Get paid to talk to lonely people With this 7 Websites ( How It Works)

Get paid to talk to lonely people

The world is filled with lonely people who need someone to talk to. Not many people are privileged to have family and friends who they can talk to all the time. That’s why Get paid to talk to lonely people websites are getting popular day by day

This problem led to websites being created where lonely people can talk to people who care to listen to them for a little fee. Most of these websites also offer customer care services. You not only talk to lonely people but also solve customer queries.

These platforms are best for people who enjoy talking with people and making new friendships. This job is a win-win situation because you get to give lonely people the interaction they seek and get paid for it.

In this article, we will share some of the best websites to get legit money by talking to lonely people. If you are looking for a side hustle to support your main hustle,  Keep reading.

Can I get paid to talk to lonely people?

Yes, you can. Many lonely people exist, and the majority of them are willing to pay for companionship Some of these people are shy, have low self-esteem, don’t have any family or friends, or are too busy to make friends in person.

You will be compensated for keeping people company for a few minutes to several hours. You can earn money for each minute you spend with them.

Why Would Someone Pay To Chat?

Loneliness is one of the major reasons why people pay to talk to strangers online. Not everyone is privileged to have family and friends to talk with.  Some are old and don’t have anyone to keep them company.

How Much Can I Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People?

How much you can earn is determined by the company you work for and the pay rates available there. Some companies have pre-determined rates, while others allow you to set your own.

You can charge as much as $50 per hour in some cases.

Who Is Eligible To Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People?

There is no requirement to do this job. Anyone who enjoys talking to people can do it.  You need a good laptop or computer with a good internet connection and a listening ear to do this job properly.

7 websites you can get paid to talk to lonely people


RentAFriend is a good website to talk to lonely people and get paid for it. This platform is primarily used to find a company for parties, sporting and business events, concerts, amongst others.

You can meet several people who are willing to pay you to be their friends for a set period.

You can simply sign up for RentAFriend for free and earn up to $50 per hour. You can also charge anywhere from $20 to $50 per hour to become a friend.

You can earn between $2000 to $8000 per month on RentAFriend depending on whether you plan to work part-time or full-time.


JoinPapa is a great platform for taking care of elderly people and getting paid for it, as its name suggests.

As a Papa Pal, your responsibilities include everything from running errands to assisting with household chores.

Providing your services through this platform can earn you around $15 per hour. Active users on this platform earn over $3000 per month according to the company.

If you enjoy spending time and helping the elderly, then this platform is for you.

Get paid to talk to lonely people On FriendPC

FriednPC does not require your presence to be paid to talk to lonely people because you can talk to them virtually from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

People will hire you to be their Virtual gaming companion, Online friend, or Virtual girlfriend on this platform.

Apart from providing virtual company services, FreindPC also offers in-person service where you’ll be required to become a real-life companion.

How much money you earn on FreindPC depends on the services you are providing. For instance, you can make close to  $100 per day as a virtual girlfriend. You can generally make $10 and $100 per day on this platform.


RentACyberFriend is one of the best websites on the internet to make money talking to lonely people but it requires a financial investment.

Paying a membership fee on this platform will guarantee you more reach which is equal to more customers and more earnings.

Once you join this platform, you can set your hourly availability and a flat rate.

The RentACyberFriend subscription plans are: $29.99 Monthly Subscription, $49.99 for 3 Months Subscription, $79.99 for 6 Months Subscription, and $99.99 for 1 Year Subscription

You Can Get paid to talk to lonely people On RentALocalFriend

RentALocalFriend is an excellent way to earn money by talking to lonely people in your area online.

You will pose as a local friend and accompany tourists on a walk or a short trip through your town/city and get paid for it. You can charge anywhere between $50 and $200 per hour.

Sign up on RentALocalFriend and fill in your information, preference, and location to begin earning.


Phrendly is another good website for earning money online by talking with lonely men.

This platform simply connects lonely men with women willing to provide chat and video calls for a fee.

Drinks are what tips are called, and the more drinks you get, the more men you can talk to, and the more money you can earn on this platform.

Drinks cost $10 and last for 8 minutes while text chats, on the other hand, cost $0.35 each. You also need to reply to texts within 24 hours to earn.


TexKings is one of the best websites for women looking to make money by speaking with lonely men.

TexKings allows you to works as a phone operator or a text chat operator and earn anywhere from $15 to $24 per hour talking to lonely guys.

You need to have a pleasant voice and a charming personality to work as a phone operator on this platform.

As a text chat operator, you must be able to type at least 25WPM (Words Per Minute).

Tips to Stay Safe When Chatting With Lonely People

It is better to be safe than sorry. Below are some of the tips you should adhere to when chatting with lonely people online.

  • Do not share personal information online especially if you have doubts. Information like location, account details, social security number, amongst others should be withheld.
  • Do not use your real name when chatting.
  • Make sure that you use only a platform that allows you to choose the type of chat you want to use.
  • Make sure that you carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of a website before using it.
  • Feel free to end a chat If the conversation becomes too much for you.
  • Please remember that everyone you meet there is a stranger and will most likely stay that way. Be cautious at all times.

Conclusion On Get paid to talk to lonely people Review

Talking to lonely people is one of the many ways to make money online. It might sound bizarre but it is a genuine way to make money from the comfort of your home. Always remember to keep your guard up when chatting online and know how to get yourself out of bad situations. Nothing is 100% safe.

We hope that you found this article on how to get paid to talk to lonely people informative.

72ig Implementation Program : Affiliate Marketting Free Whatsapp Class


This is a no-fail system on how to makeover 200k Monthly with 72ig Implementation Program

The interesting part of this business model is that the only thing you need is your smartphone

Just a little capital and your smartphone you are good to go!

Let me explain!

But before I do that we are hosting a free WhatsApp master class to show you how this works and how you too can implement it and make a lot of money with just your phone! To join the free WhatsApp master class click the join button below. OR WHATSAPP Tunde from MoneyMakingCrew on 07065520338

Join The Whatsapp Master Class Now

Everyone must have multiple streams of income and one of them can be online

Why multiple sources of income?

Simple because if one stops at least other sources will be generating income steadily…

We will show you how a lot of our students are generating 6 figures online with this easy affiliate marketing business

  • This is not Multi-Level Marketing
  • You dont need to create a product
  • you dont need a shopt
  • Anybody can start the business (9-5 busy workers, students, beginners anybody)
  • You just need a smartphone
  • And ready to put in work at least 3 to 4 hrs daily

Okay, let me explain Everything about this business

72ig is an affiliate marketing course and this program teaches you how to go about affiliate marketing.

72if implementation program on affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

This is just a simple summary of Affiliate Marketing! All I need to do as an affiliate marketer is to get hot selling products that give great value at good commission like %50 selling for good amount like 40k and then look for the right audience that needs it through simple tactic to find them and sell to them then keep 20k for from every sale.

Affiliate marketing is the new oil business model. Where you promote a product and get a commission whenever you made sales.

This commission can be any percent depending on the product creation! It can be 20%, 50% some go way up to 60% or more.

This is exactly what 72ig Implementation Program will be teaching you how to go about affiliate marketing

Steps to make money as an affiliate marketer (72ig Implementation Program)

These are the simple steps to make money with affiliate marketing!

Step 1

The very first step is to look for the best platform where companies or top gurus sell their hot products.

IF you are promoting a product worth 100k and commission is 50% you will be getting 50k per sakes… you just need 10 sales to make half a million.

Same way if you are promoting 50k products at 50% with just 10 sales you have 250k

Once you get a hot product full with delivered value…

This product can either be a physical product, digital product, or a service

There are a lot of platforms where can get a lot of hot selling products!

Sites like:

and lot more

You just choose the best platform that suits you! then next step

Step 2

Choosing a hot high-valued product to promote with a good commission and the product you can easily promote.

There are ways you can use to discover hot products. And most platforms always list hot selling products too easily

You can promote a product you have used before (Which is really good) or a product you have not to use but research about it and sure it gives high value.

You cannot be using all products before promoting in fact lot of top affiliate marketers do that. Your work is to make a good research of the product and know it delivers exactly what it promised and its of high value

Things to consider before promoting a product

  • The product must be hot selling products
  • It must be of high value and really dishes out the value it claims
  • Must be a good commission product. You cannot be putting a lot of time into a product that pays low commissions
  • Do proper research of the product and its audience

After you have gotten the product to promote! The next thing is the promotion

Step 3

This step is really easy if you know how to position yourself and if you have done proper research on the product.

There are two ways to promote those products :

  • Free Traffic
  • Paid Traffic

Either free or paid you can promote these products through a lot of ways like social media, email marketing, forums among others

In your research, you would have known who are the people that need this product.

For example, if you are promoting a make-up product your target audience should be Females of a certain age.

If you are promoting digital products or services on how to run high-converting Facebook ads.

YOu know you will be targeting small businesses and also marketers.

It’s really easy it’s just a matter of knowing where your potential audience is

These can be free traffic if you have a certain audience or friends and family on your social media list or Whatsapp list that will love the product and you promote it to them.

Or through a forum that will love those products.

But, this is a business that should not be guesswork!

Since once you run ads you will make the sales and keep commission! Then you just need to run ads eg Facebook ads, google ads, sell to people email lists, and a lot more

Most converting and most marketers do use is Facebook ads

You just target your audience easily and you make sales…

Just like that selling a product on ‘how to gain a scholarship to Canada’ you just need to target students of a certain age and that have an interest in scholarships.

All this targeting and interest are already inside facebook insight.

With information on Facebook collected from its users and the behavior and usage of its users, what they like and unlike … Facebook already have tools to just choose those audiences you want to target just like other advertising platform and you make sales with ease.

You can join a free WhatsApp master class here if you have an interest

Join Free WhatsApp class now

Once you get the right audience for the product you are promoting. Now its time to do the marketing

Promoting the product some of them will buy the product straight since they need it why some will not buy because of any reason so you don’t need to worry that’s why you need next step

Step 4

Setting up promotion in step 3 you need to first collect those audience contact through a simple opt-in page before they land on the product sales page

So! You can be reminding them days after days about the product through the contacts you collected

Either through emails and send follow up mails

Or collect their WhatsApp numbers and do follow up on your WhatsApp status which is whats 72ig implementation program deals with 70%.

This soft follow-up will be giving advantages of that product and what that product can offer and why they need to buy it fast and the rest…

This can be automated

With this soft follow-up strategy, 60% of those that did not buy at first will now buy!

With this business model, thousands of people are making millions on a daily basis and a lot of our students are making a lot through this too.

How To Get started!

You can just join our free WhatsApp master class group now to get started

Or just sign up for the 72ig implementation program which will teach you how everything will be done,

About 72IG Implementation Program

  • This program will take you through every step till you succeed as an affiliate marketer.
  • How to get hot selling products
  • Setting up highly converting ads
  • The procedure on how to use WhatsApp to make sales
  • Free traffic strategy and Paid traffic
  • How to make passive income by promoting products easily
  • Done for you funnels and strategy
  • Support

Bonuses you will get from this program

Free 1 year Access to expertnaire platform to promote any products ( Registration for expertnaire is 10k a year)

Done for you proof working WhatsApp promotion templates

Twitter Money Blueprint

50% commission promoting 72ig program

How to run Advance Facebook ads that convert

All the proofing strategies that work 100%

Do you still need more information about this 72ig implementation program? Contact Tunde from MoneyMakingCrew Nigeria Whatsapp 07065520338

Or just join our upcoming free whatsapp master class here so we can show you how it works.

See you in class…