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Legendary Marketer: Is It Legit Or A scam?How it works/ 2021 Honest Review


Hey guys, I am UsefulTunde from MoneyMakingCrew and we will be talking about Legendary Marketer 2021 full review. How I purchase the legendary marketer product and how the whole system works.

We will cover everything you need to know about this program

Because I get into the program myself just to make this review as honest as I can

And I want this review to be as informative as I can because I go through it myself.

Has a bonus I will even show you how you can get into the program for free if you go through this Legendary Marketer Review till the end.

And I want to shock you with something so you will know this is an honest review.

I am not going to leave any affiliate link in these articles either with Legendary Marketer or with any other alternative company products.

Most make a biased review of a product

There are three types of reviewers :

The first people are a positively biased reviewer.

They may review it positively just to leave affiliate link so you can join through there link and they will earn a commission that’s why they say the product is good.

The second reviewers are negative reviewers:

This kind of person will make a negative review about a product just to leave an affiliate link of the alternative product that they will say they recommend. It may be biased just because they want to promote there alternative product they will say this one is bad.

Why the third reviewers are those that invest their money just to help others not to waste money, by investigating before review without requesting for joining any affiliate

So you are lucky today for reading this review.

Because MoneyMakingCrew get the Legendary Marketer program and go through it and we will not give any link to join the program or any other program.

The only issue is that when you search about legendary marketers anywhere maybe google or youtube most reviewers that will come up are those that are into Legendary Marketers and are promoting there affiliate links

Because they have learned how to promote stuff and purchase some stuff and they want to get their investment back through an affiliate link

Gaining commission from new members signup through them

So, this is a pure honest review and all that you need to know about Legendary Marketer.

Legendary Marketer Home Page
Legendary Marketer HomePage

Legendary Marketer

We will cover everything you need to know and give answers to all question you possible want to ask like:

What Is Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is an internet or digital marketing program or better call school founded by David Shape.

They are best describe has a one-level affiliate program

They teach you to promote any affiliate programs professionally basically with email marketing and paid advertisement traffic source

That is all that you will learn inside this program

That is why I called it a school and I am going to cover why it is a school letter in this article.

Legendary Marketer can be used interchangeably with David shape simply because David Shape invest 99% of his physical time in it.

You will see him all through the course especially starting before bringing professionals in different filed to teach you

And again you will see David all through your mails

He handles everything with his name and all the videos in starting before introducing some professionals in different areas

This will bring us to know little about him too.

David Shape is part of one of the hot infamous Empower Network programs MLM

But the bad news is that Empower Network went bankrupt 2017

Which latter known that David has left the Empower Network a few years before bankrupted because of health issue

But later said that he was afraid of his integrity at stake if he stays with the company because he can smell the future of the company.

That he fathered at 17, dropout, drug-addicted before got cleaned all that story either of the cases maybe is just stories

The story will surely arise after the success

We branch in his personal story just because he is fully 100% present in the company Legendary Marketer

To add a Little more about the this program, they basically teach you how to grow your affiliate program business

And how to capture peoples mail and also how to advertise products on any paid traffic source and gain adequately and scale it up to get more sales or high ticket sales has he said

Basically, that’s what Legendary Marketers all about but let me quickly tell you how legendary marketer works.

But before then you will be hearing affiliate program or affiliate marketing over and over in this review

But probably if you did not know what affiliate means because this is what legendary marketers (LM) really base on.

An affiliate program or products in the simple form they are products that a source company offers a commission to people to sell the product.

what is affiliate in legendary marketer

That’s just it in a simple form has shown in infographics above so let go to how LM works

How does it work

Legendary Marketer is basically online schools that teach you how to make money online through selling digital products or through affiliate selling digital products can be ebooks or couching or stuff like that.

So they make so many digital coaching about digital marketing ready for you.

They first take you through the 15 days challenge which I will show you some inside of it in this article.

Through that, they take you how to plan on how to start your own digital marketing or how to start what they are doing.

You know in school you have to be buying some courses textbook has you move to the next level that’s where the problem erupted.

Because legendary marketers have different expensive courses

For the 15 days challenge, they will treat you awesome and teach you what you will love and what will help you

They will even appoint a coach for you to track your success and tell you what and what to do

This coach will be the one that will open your next day challenge for you when you get to day 3 moving to 4

But they will introduce you to some courses which are extremely costly.

I will show you the price of the products still in this review.

This is where people said they are a scammer because they will introduce you to there cost courses or what they call blueprints

This is the same way they generate high ticket affiliate income for themself and for whose link you signup with if you use anybody affiliate link to sign up

Because if you purchase one of there cost blueprint the person that invites you can earn up to a thousand dollar has commission just with a product

Now you see how the high ticket they are saying works

Your coach will be the one that will talk to you about the blueprint you want to buy and how important it is till you purchase it and after will help you on how to use it

These are what they are saying that they close high ticket affiliates or deal for you

In the end, they will teach you how to promote legendary Marketer and any affiliates or digital product or services and how to create one too.

Let me quickly take you through the 15 days challenge summary

15 days challenge

This is called Legendary Marketers 15 days business builder challenge


This is where they all started from

This is where they redirect most of there products before any upsell to at beginner level

This is where they sequence it to there other products or blueprint

That is where there first low ticket start before scaling it up to high tickets offers that is other extremely high other courses

You can get here through there $1 e-book funnel or $7 to join Legendary Marketer don’t worry I will show you how to join for free $0 in this Legendary Marketer Review

All start from here

Now let brief about the Legendary 15 days content

All these 15 days business builder challenge are very awesome training that really worth it especially for beginners

They will teach you about affiliates, email marketing and some other good stuff

They will also assign you your personal mentor

Your Mentor will take you through the courses

And he/she will be the one that will be unlocking other days for you as you move on

Because you will schedule a call with your mentor and you will be communicating has you progress

Yes through this 15 days challenge they will introduce you to there upsell products which is normal has advert but it all depends on you to purchase

Because they talk about there upsell high ticket products

You will learn all the bases in this 15 days challenge and well worth it but they will try to sell you there other products

All what in 15 days business builder challenge in summary

In this 15 days challenge you learn from email marketing, funnels, traffic, more about a car loan, finding financing and at the end, you will be giving affiliate link to start using all that they teach you to practice bringing new people.

Or just by applying all that you have learned to make money generally online has a marketer.

Products And Price

Now these are the main thing they sell and all there upsells

These are the reason people said they are actually a scam because they offer very high courses which will let there affiliates to earn high ticket affiliate as they do say

Though their courses are cool has shown and listed below

Legendary marketers product pricing
Legendary marketer products and pricing
  • So basically ranges from ‘15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge for $7 one-time
  • Legendary Marketer Book for $9.95 one-time
  • Legendary Marketer’s Club for $30 per month
  • Traffic Rolodex for $247 one-time
  • Affiliate Business Blueprint for $2500 one-time
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint for $2500 one-time
  • Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint for $2500 one-time
  • Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint for $2500 one-time
  • Marketer Mastermind for $8,000 one-time
  • Entrepreneur Mastermind for $12,000 one-time
  • DFY Brand Builder for $10,000 one-time
  • DFY Brand Builder & Mastermind Bundle for $15,000 one-time
  • Legendary Leadership Group for $30,000 one-time
  • and Legendary Pro Affiliate Account for $29.95 per month

Though there is still free affiliate subscription with some cut commissions

Those are basically what on legendary marketers backend

How much you will be making per all these sales on commission will be explained in next sub-headings

Legendary marketer affiliate (Affiliate Link & Blueprint)

Now these are the secrets on how much you can make money on legendary marketers affiliates

How to get the affiliate links to promote there products or blueprints

Lately in the previous sub-heading just immediately before this, we talk about there pricing on all their products

The interesting part is you get a commission on all there products if the person you refer either to join the beginning part or any of the product purchase other products or blueprints you keep getting commissions on any other upsell the person purchase

Let first discuss how to get their affiliate link before showing you the thousand of commissions you will get per sale on each product or blueprints

How to Apply for Affiliate Link

Go to there affiliate page

We will not give you an affiliate link because this is a pure honest review

Just go to legendarymarketer.com official website then at the footer link section down the website you will see where it said affiliates has shown below

Click it and you will see it’s of two types

There are basic and pro version of the affiliate

This is free no charges at all on this. $0/MONTH with these features

The basic includes:
-eWallet Program
-Done for you sales funnels
-Done for you phone sales team
-Manage and track your leads
-Manage and track your customers
-Advanced customized reporting tool
-Customized commission reporting dashboard
-Custom funnels
– And the most important Commissions percentage you earn is 5-30%

The only difference which makes it different from the pro is that pro has all the above features too except the commission is 20-60%

Pro also includes:
-Integrate your own autoresponder
-Earn additional streams of income
-Private traffic sources
-Advanced affiliate training

AND IT GOES FOR $29.95/month

You can try the free and try it out now

Simply fill the form and wait for approval

Though not everybody will be approved but less competition so it’s likely you get approved

lagendary marketers affiliates review

Legendary Marketer Affiliate commissions for their products

lagendary marketers products commission

These are the commissions for each sale:

Legendary Marketer’s Club which goes for $30/Month has $18 commission for pro and $9 for basic

Traffic Rolodex which goes for $247 one time fee has $98.8 for pro and #24.7 for basic

Affiliate Business blueprint which go9es for $2,500 one time fee has $1,000 commission for the pro but $250 commission for the basis

Digital Products Business Blueprint which goes for $2,500 one time fee also has $1,000 commission for pro while the basic earn $250 commission

coaching Consultant Business Blueprint which also goes for $2,500 one time fee has $1,000 commission for pro and $250 for basic

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint which cost $2,500 one time fee has $1,000 commission for pro and $250 for basic

Marketer Mastermind which cost $8,000 one time fee has $3,200 commission for pro while the basic commission is $800

Entrepreneur Mastermind which goes for $12,000 one time fee has $4,800 commission for pro while $1,200 for basic

DFY Brand Builder goes for $10,000 one time fee with $2,000 commission for pro and $500 for basic

DFY Brand Builder and Masterminds Bundle which goes for $15,000 one time fee has $4,000 commission for pro while the basic will collect $1,000

Legendary Leadership Group which cost $30,000 one time fee the pro affiliate will collect $10,000 commission while the basic will get $2,500 has the commission

Those are the commission you earn per product you sell on the legendary marketer depending on the affiliate you apply for either pro or basic

That means you just need to make a single high ticket sales to hit a thousand dollar commission

These bring us to how legendary marketers make money or how to make money with legendary marketers

How to make money with legendary marketer

Basically, with all there training or the basic 15 days challenge business builder training you can make money anywhere outside Legendary Marketer has affiliate marketer but now let me show you typically how you can make money on legendary

And this is how all the screenshots or all the earnings the legendary marketers are showing are real and how they are generating thousands and thousands of dollars

They also spend thousands of dollar on products even some spend thousand of dollar for advertisement

You can see a bunch of YouTubers and bloggers that have joined this program will be showing their payment proof of thousand of dollars from there legendary marketers dashboard

Most are pro affiliates that just cost $30 per month

And they are using all the training they have gone through

And all the affiliate marketer skills they have to drive traffic to legendary marketers products as discussed above you can see that a sales can earn a commission of $1,000 single product can even earn you $2,500

How of 100 of thousand of traffic they drive to legendary marketer products at least one or two people may opt-in for the upsell which will earn them thousand of commission

Some will even go through the 15days business builder challenge and start gaining interest them purchasing the upsells which will earn the referral more commission

Most of these training are just extremely expensive that is why the called it high ticket

Because you just need a single sales on one of there expensive product to get a thousand commission.

And since every single people that upt-in will get a unique mentor that will put you through

So they know how to know your worth and maybe you can purchase the product so they do the closure themselves and you get the commission whenever the person purchases any product.

All the money is just affiliate sales that require you too to purchase to get and get more people in

Is Legendary Marketer Legit?

Legendary Marketer is absolute legit

If you are ready to spend more money to get more money you opt-in and get more money

And if you just want to learn some basic skill the 15 days business builder challenge of $7 also worth it

But its best to look into what you want to purchase before spending a dime

It’s very hard for you to let go of something you spend so much to learn

That’s why most promoting this program too will want to get back there money invest by promoting them and earnings some affiliate sales


Though I will show you how to get into the 5 days challenge for free in this Legendary Marketer Review right after the next subheading on my review about this program

Legendary marketer review

My review about this Legendary Marketer is very simple

The Training is top-notch David try all is best to deliver great content

Legendary Marketer Team- They have an awesome set of team and they are professionals in their scope

Compare product offer to cost.

Legendary Marketer really cost extremely much

Though probably because they run has a company but its super cost and that is how they pay their professional team

All that I have to say is always check the product you want to purchase very well before purchase

Forget about the hype or payment proof concentrate on the content

Make your research before making purchase get stuck

legendary marketer review payment proof

Don’t get stuck.

And don’t let payment proof like that up there get you over-excited

So you will not waste money to try Legendary Marketer out I will show you how to get into the Legendary Marketer for free

Free account

Legendary marketer free account through their affiliate

Has explained earlier you know they have the free affiliate for basic and that for pro.

If you sign up through free affiliate for basic

You will get access to the Legendary marketers 5-day business builder challenge which goes for $7 and you will get it for free instantly

You can try them out

That’s all that I have for you everything about Legendary Marketer Review 2021

You can check these two videos below

One talk about it positively with his affiliate link below the video

And the other one talk about legendary marketer has scam but leave alternative affiliate link in the description of video

Negative with alternative affiliate links promoted
Positive with his affiliate link promoted

This article gives a full honest review Thanks to MoneyMakingCrew

See you in the comment section.

Remember to be useful… to stay relevant…

If it is not making money… It is not making sense…

Earn FREE $1.5 Over & Over Every 10 Min (Passive Income)


This is another business idea we upload on our youtube channel. Video Above.

I am going to show you the process of how to make $1.5 over & over completely autopilot and in passive income.

We are going to be using 3 different platforms together and another 4th platform to skyrocket your earnings even more.

In summary, what we will be doing is giving people giveaway lucky winners according to an affiliate company and we will be setting up autoresponder mail to reply to those that are interested with our affiliate link.

And I will be showing you traffic sources to get more traffic and who will be interested.

It will be in steps and we will start in the steps.

Step 1: Sign up to the affiliated Company

We will be making use of Offervualt.com

We will search for Giftcard reward giveaway offer and filter by CPA

CPA means Cost Per Action

And they will be giving you $1.5 per person to sign up for the giveaway.

There are other offers too some $1.2. Just choose anyone you like.

And apply to get the affiliate link and after that then let move to the next step.

Step 2 : Register On Instagram And Create An Account

Go to Instagram.com and register an account or page and use a name like ‘Daily Giveaway’ or ‘Giftcard giveaway’ or anything like that.

After creating the page now search for pages related to giveaways and start following those that like any of the posts in the Instagram account you searched.

Or you can follow those that follow them.

Now start posting stuff related to the giveaway and put your newly created Gmail to send to confirm the giveaway.

The next step is about Gmail to create and how to set up an autoresponder.

If this step is not clear enough kindly watch the video for proper direction on how to go about it.

Step3; Gmail

Now create new Gmail

And the next is to set up an autoresponder. Just click the gear icon at the top right side and click settings

Go down to vacation mode and set it to start beginning of the month and end at the end of the month

So monthly you will be checking it

Write a simple heading on the vacation template heading mail.

Something like ‘Congratulations you are qualified for the gift card giveaway

in the body just put something like ‘ Congratulations once again to get the free gift card kindly click this link (That is your affiliate link) then save it.

That means any mail sent to the Gmail autoresponder will respond to them with your link and per click and sign up you get $1.5 or depend on the offer you sign up for on offervualt.

Instagram is the traffic source but I have a bonus traffic source to get more links click ut kindly watch the full tutorial video to know how it works from beginning to end.

Note that you can use any other traffic source too. This is just a quick summary of the video

Thank you MoneyMakingCrew, See you at the next one

5 Apps That Pay You For Watching Videos 2021 ($50/5Min) | Paypal Money


These are the top 5 apps that pay you to watch videos and how they work

There are a lot of sites that will just be for watching videos. Maybe interesting videos, funny videos, or even tutorial videos.

In this video, we explain how it works, and am going to list them out here too.

Most of these websites or apps pay through PayPal and since PayPal is easy to receive payment to your local bank so that’s good.

Though some of them have another mode of payment too like other digital payments like amazon gift cards, Facebook store cards, and others.

Top 5 Apps That Pay For Watching Videos 2021

The first app is going to be Earnably


Earnably is the best site to get paid just for watching videos.

They also pay you to do a survey or some other task but you know the video will not be boring like taking the survey and getting disqualified.

They paid through gift cards and PayPal and also other digital payments.

There are very easy to signup for and fast payment.

Just visit earnably.com or watch the video above to know more.


Rewardable is the second website

This is a very awesome site to get paid just for watching videos.

They also pay for other tasks like surveys and others just like earnably.

And they pay through Paypal.

Just by watching interesting videos or health videos, you get paid for every video you watch.

Just visit rewardable.com

This is just a brief if the video you can watch the video for more above.


Usertesting is the third app that pays you just per video

This is a website that pays you to test an app or website or project

Big companies like Facebook, Apple among others will pay them to test their new upcoming projects.

So usertesting will pay you to test those products and you get paid per videos testing you made.

This site pay you to test. Just visit usertest.com

The next app is testingtime


Testing time is another website that can pay you € 50 per video already stated on their website.

You get paid for testing products just like Usertesting they collect projects from a big brand like Facebook, amazon, apply among others they pay you to test the projects for them

And you get and paid for doing that

Nothing much to say about testing time You can watch the video below to know more.

The last website will pay you to learn new thing

And they can pay you up to $50 just to watch a tutorial video

ThIS IS Coinbase

You can earn 50 dollars per tutorial video you watch or 5 to 10 dollars per 5 minute video you watch.


Coinbase is basically for digital currency exchange but they also pay you to know about digital currency

Watch the video below for the bonus tips.

Thank you MoneyMakingCrew start making money by watching videos.

Easiest Way To Make Paypal money Online 2021 (Plus FREE $5 Per sign up)


Welcome back MoneyMakingCrew,

I will give you a quick summary of the video above on Easiest Way To Make Paypal Money Online 2021 (Plus FREE $5 Per sign up)

This is one of the easiest ways we discover how to make free PayPal money

Because you don’t even need to do more work

With just drawing boxes over images or objects or just by identifying objects and you will earn awesome free papal money every week payout

We talk about a site called remotask.com which pay you PayPal cash just by doing very simple tasks

Remotask is trusted by so many big brands all are stated in the video.

How to sign up for remotask to earn free paypal

  1. Visit Remotask.com then click sign up
  2. Read their terms and check the agree
  3. You can only sign up through Gmail or Facebook
  4. Click any of the two and you will be redirected
  5. Then edit your infomation
  6. And you are good to go very simple steps

What and what did you need to do on remotask to earn money:

You just need to identify certain objects to earn money

Also, you might be given some audio files to listen to and transcribe it and its absolute simplicity.

But in the video, we share how to get more task

Which is simply by taking the course they will give you before taking the task is very important because that is what will make them give you more tasks in that section.

Remotask payment

Also, as I have mentioned earlier remotask payout on a weekly basis and no list payout

They pay you whatever you have to earn during the week all through.

Remotask has only one payout which is PayPal so kindly sign up for PayPal to start earning free PayPal money and it’s absolutely free to sign up.

But if you want someone to signup or set it up for you just contact [email protected]

As I was saying earlier remotask also has another intreating offer that will earn you free $5 for every signup.

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In conclusion, the easy steps to take is just to sign up for remotask!

Look for easy jobs to perform and watch videos

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But in this video, below we give you a very simple way to get more people to sign up through your link without you stressing yourself.

Check the video out for full info about this article and how to earn even more with remotask.

Thank you.. See you in the next one..


Copy 1 Picture/Day Earn FREE $20,000/Month (Youtube Copy & Paste) NEW


This video is basically about Copy 1 Picture/Day Earn FREE $20,000/Month (Youtube Copy & Paste) NEW and we are going to state or summarize the content right away.

Hey, MoneyMakingCrew,

Did you know you can make so much money on youtube without being on cameral

These is not creative common videos

This is not compilation videos and it is absolutely easy to do in less than a minute

Uploading a picture per day on youtube and making thousand of dollar monthly is super possible.

In this video, we talk about a workout channel that has been crushing it on this method.

Making over 20,000 dollars monthly just posting workout picture and workout music in the background of the picture.

Just one picture and various workout music or sounds that people can work out on.

This channel already has over 1.5 million subscribers and making thousands of dollars monthly.

The setup is not really hard-

You just need to create your youtube channel which is absolutely free and easy

Then step ‘two’ go-to free copyright picture stores like pixels.com among the rest and download a workout kind of picture to use.

Then step 3

go to youtube music library to sort for copyright music that people can work out on and it’s absolutely free to use since it from youtube copyright list here https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music

Just add audios to make the video long has much has you want

More than 10 min long is cool

Some from this channel is up to 30 min waoo and get millions of views

The next is to get free video editing software to use you can google that

Then Now upload the video on youtube

The last step is very important

Upload every day to outrank others. Others are uploading like 4 times a month since this is a very easy way you can upload daily and also use SEO tools like Tubuddy and vid IQ to get a keyword to use

After getting the keyword to target then use it in title description and tags.

Before you know you are set for monetization and you will start making a lot and lot of money.

A bonus tip is in this video but kindly watch it to learn about the bonus and to understand this strategy very well.

Thank you MoneyMakingCrew.

See you on the next one.

5 Highest Paying Money Making Apps 2021 [Earn $600+] (Make Money Online)


These are the top 5 highest paying money making apps.

Starting from the lowest-earning to the highest paying apps.

One of the app promise $600 and another one $3 per downloads

All these apps pay you for doing nothing and its awesome kindly watch and enjoy.

Watch, like the video and don’t forget to subscribe too.


Earn $27 in 60 Secs setup (Work from home) [PayPal Payment]


Hello MoneyMakingCrew,

We are back with another video on how to make more than $27 in 60 seconds of work. This is a real work from home opportunity that you can try out, works worldwide and you will see the result.

4 steps on how to work from home and earn free PayPal money

We make use of about 7 sites combined together to make this work fine and you will love it. Watch it and enjoy.

Step one

We will first use dailyupload.net

This is a site to earn money per thousand downloads you earn $16 per thousand downloads from the USA. dailyupload.net

Here to earn this $16 per thousand download, your traffic must be from USA or Uk

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Step two

The next site we will be using is Warriorplus.com to get offers to promote

I mean affiliate offers

Here there are a lot of thousand offers you can promote for free and you earn up to $40 per sales

Just visit warriorplus.com and register for free then choose an offer to promote by clicking the get an affiliate link.

Once you do that let move to the next step

Step three

Then we will also use freeplrdownload.com to download awesome pdf that we can give out for free.

Here you will download a free top-notch pdf and you have the right to resell it , edit it or do whatever you want to do with it

All that 3 steps been in place now let combine them to see how to earn Earn $27 in 60 Secs setup (Work from home) [PayPal Payment]

Step by Step to earn

First – Download the free PDF about a category let say make money online niche then we will edit the pdf and put an affiliate link in the pdf to get commission sales.

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The next step is to find traffic

Step Four

Go to quora.com and search for the niche of pdf you upload maybe how to make money online

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Extra Bonus

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Kindly watch the video for more full info.

Earn Free Paypal Money (App Payment Proof ) $246.29 ONE APP[2021]

free paypal money

New a fresh video from MoneyMakingCrew…

This post is about how to get free PayPal money with an app and how to use the app.

The review is already on the website before posting the video on the channel.

But let explain how it works

The list in this app earns $246 already and it’s worldwide

Basic cashout or payment method is through PayPal and you can create a PayPal account for free online

How to create a PayPal account

Go to paypal.com and just click sign up

You can sign up for business or personal,

Personal will be just fine

Then input your email and press next

Then slot in your details and follow the prompt

The email you use to sign up is what you need to be receiving payments just save that.

But make sure you have confirmed your email and linked your credit card

Now let go to the main app to earn

How to earn free PayPal money

Grabpoint.com and sign up and you will need to do some little tricks to earn the highest part of the money

How to earn highest in grabpoints

First, you need to watch several videos through grabpoint

First way to earn highest on grabpoints

Just open these videos in new tabs and leave them playing

you will earn regardless

After playing finished make sure you check may be your earnings increased then try the next step

Second way

Take only surveys that pay high

Don’t waste your time on surveys that earn too low cents or points

Do high point surveys because time is money

Third way

Download more apps that pay high

Most app downloading will ask you to play it if its game

Always check what to do after downloading the app so you will not just download the app and you will not earn any points

So, same ways download high paying point app

And if you are asked to do a task after downloading the app make sure the point reward is worth the time.

If worth it then goes on and download it and complete the task

Fourth way

On offer to complete and earn

Always check maybe its offer you can complete

If not just leave it and do what you can do

Make sure you do all that is required and don’t skip any part if you really want to earn big

If you do what you need to do you will earn enough money with this app.

Best Payment method you should use

You can redeem your points through various methods PayPal and gift cards like ;

Amazon Gift Cards
PlayStation Plus Codes
Google Play Gift Codes
Xbox Codes
Netflix Codes
iTunes Redemption Codes
Walmart eGift Cards
Pokémon GO Coins
Steam Wallet Codes

but it is advisable to cash out through PayPal to get real cash.

And we have made full review about grabpoint which you can checkout grabpoints review

Check out the video below

Hope you enjoy it…Leave a comment if you have any question about this platform

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This is just a brief of what to expect in the video

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Grabpoints Review 2021: Is it a scam or legit site? How it works & sign up


Grabpoints claim to be a platform to perform simple tasks and grab a point. This will be converted to PayPal cash to cash out or cash out through steam, skrill, Facebook credit, and other cards. Everything is inside this review

About Grabpoints

Grabpoints have different ways to make money.

You can make money through watching videos, surveys, downloading the app, and some other tasks.

Has the task is so much so ways of payment so much.

But quickly note that as other Get Paid To sites they are not get-rich-quick sites
They are just to pay some bills

In this review, we are going to cover various points that have been borning in minds items below;

Grabpoint Rules & Requirments

I will love to start with grabpoints rule & requirements.

A lot of sites or GPT sites like this has different rules but a lot don’t have tie knowing the rules so they do it wrong

And basically, there are things you need to get started though not hard like that

Grabpoint only allow 13 years above to participate in anything on their site
You can only use one mail per user
All answers or task prefer just done faithfully
They have the right to cancel or a clear amount if any suspicious

Let quickly talk about the requirement or what you need to start earning.

You don’t need really much to start making money with grabpoints

With just your smartphone

access to internet

Then your time and start grabbing point to convert to real money

Grabpoints review

Nothing much to review myself all grabpoints reviews are from those that have used it before and my research.

For moneymakingcrew we always come with good reviews.

According to Trustpilot where a good number of app users put down their review

%76 of people who use the app vote the app excellence and %11 say bad has shown in the screenshot below which is normal.

No matter what you can satisfy all your customers there is going to be some flaws

But the percentage and margin between those that vote good and bad will say this is a good working program.

If you are thinking how are they getting the money they are paying you for this task

Probably you are new to GPT sites like this

All GTP sites pay their users for performing tasks base on the amount they collect from the affiliate company they are working with and keep the difference.

The only reason why some pay high and some pay low is base on their discretion and profit calculation.

But within this review, we will show you payment proof from grabpoint

so grab some coffee as we move on to grabpoints

Is it safe or legit?

So are grabpoints really safe to browse or use?
Or is it a legit site?

Ofcuss with all that has been said from the beginning of our grabpoints review to this point

You can deduce that grabpoints is legit paying

Only have we mentioned at the beginning that it’s not getting rich quick but just to earn some few dollars to do one or two things

Grabpoints is safe to surf and is legit its a matter of how much time you spent on the site..

Now that we know its safe to browse now what!

let show you how it really works but before then let me show you how to get the app

Has mobile usability increasing app usability increase lot love to use the app than browsing the site

Grabpoints App

I particularly cannot find grabpoint apps on playstore

And try to download it on their site too…

But to cut the story shot we still have some other points to deal with in this review

Not to download a virus while trying to download the app use this link to download the app


The above download link has nothing to do with moneymmakingcrew but just for user purpose

The link is from an app downloading site that is quite trusted..But recommended downloading from the website if you can or use the site to perform all task

Enough of all what we have been saying about grabpoint let quickly talk about how it really works and how you can earn more from the program

How To Make Money On This Platform

There are several ways to make money on grabpoints

You can grab coin by watching videos, taking surveys, doing some offers, with promo codes, refer friends and so on but let discuss some those mentioned above

Make Money by watching videos

You can grab 7 points for views 3 ads from tv on this grabpoints program

Grabpoints pay you for viewing ads from different channels or tv on the website

Types of video ads you view vary from food lifestyle, trailers among others

You grab some points from doing this which will later be converted to PayPal cash or other ways you want to receive the point with

Grab some points on grabpoints by Taking surveys

Taking a survey is so popular on GPT sites like this

You get paid on every survey you completed successfully on grabpoints

There are different survey companies on this grabpoint website that you can take a survey on and earn some points

Some even pay you for a partially complete survey

This is one of the easiest ways to make money from grabpoints

Make money from the offer wall

There is another way to make money on grabpoints which is offerwall

In these sections, you get different offers

offers like installing apps, playing games, registering on-site or even submitting emails and so on

Just follow instructions and you are good to go

Make money by using promo codes

Grabpoint can send you some promotion codes just to earn more or after you have completed a task just has a bonus.

These codes are redeemed from the platform to get free points

Make more money on grabpoints by referring friends

Grabpoints give you free point ranges between 25 points to 250 points for referring a friend to the program depend on the country

You can easily get your special referer link from your grabpoint account and share it with friends

For example, your referral link looks like this ‘https://grabpoints.com/?ref=KZADUU

You get the link when you click refer friends from your dashboard

You can use the above link to register if you wish

Grabpoints Best Payment Options

This is another interesting thing about grabpoints

grabpoints review payment

Bunch of payment options

Apart from the best and popular cashout method which is PayPal cash here are some other ways you can receive your payment;

Amazon Gift Cards
PlayStation Plus Codes
Google Play Gift Codes
Xbox Codes
Netflix Codes
iTunes Redemption Codes
Walmart eGift Cards
Pokémon GO Coins
Steam Wallet Codes

You receive a payout within 24 to 48 hrs of request

Some other Interesting Part Of Grabpoints

There are two more interesting about grabpoints which are the live feeds and leaderboard

In the Live feeds, you see live statistics of earnings by country and cashout while in the leaderboard you see top users, most complete offers and top rewards has shown below

Grabpoints payment proof

Most people cash out with PayPal has you see in the above live feeds

These are some payment proof


Nothing good all inside and out so there are some setbacks too on grabpoints

Most people complain about not earning much

But has have said earlier this is no get-rich-quick scheme that will earn you enough to buy mansions but just money for little things

MoneyMMakingCrew see you guys on the next one