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FG Begins Youth And SME Loan OF OVER ₦250,000 From National Directorate Of employment


The National Directorate Of Employment(NDE) was established to tackle unemployment in Nigeria and encourage the youth to start businesses and also to support SMEs increase their productivity.

NDE Mandates And Departments

NDE has about 4 departments to effectively target unemployment in the country!

Vocational Skills Development Programme, Small Scale Enterprises, SSE, Rural Employment Promotion, REP and Special Public Work, SPW

NDE Departments

  • Special Public Work, SPW deal with all the special public workers by providing facilities, training, and programs that will increase the productivity of the Public workers in the country.
  • SSE Which is Small Scale Enterprises department and they also provide training for small-scale enterprises to add value to their businesses
  • Rural Employment Promotion also help rural society by empowering them and giving them the adequate employment
  • The vocational Skills Department Program(VSDP) is a program that helps all the youth by providing them with vocational skills training depending on their talent and what they love to do

NDE Mandates

The National Directorate Of Employment has a mandate that will help society and increase employment.

Vocational Skills Developments: This is the facility under the VSDP of the NDE to help all the youth increase their productivity

Agricultural skills training: This a facility that helps the farmer in the country to learn more about their business and increase the productivity of the agriculture sector of the country

Entrepreneur developments: This provides training and some other facilities, and loans to improve the outcome of the business in the country


NDE has so many programs that impacts all sector of the country but let’s quickly state 18 programs

Special Public Works Housing Scheme
Enterprise Start-up and development Training Scheme (formerly Start Your Own Business)
Resettlement Loan Scheme (RLS)
Community-Based Training Scheme (CBTS
Integrated Farming Training Scheme (IFTS)
Micro Business Skills Training Scheme
Enterprise Start-up and development Training Scheme
NDE Agricultural Park Project
School-on-wheels (SOW) Scheme
Basic and advanced National Open Apprenticeship Scheme (NOAS)Rural Agricultural Development Training Scheme (RADTS)
Community Development Scheme (CDS)
Graduate Attachment Programme (GAP)
NDE-Enterprise and Finance Counseling Clinic (NDE-efcc)
Renewable Energy Development Training Scheme (RETS)
Entrepreneurship Development Scheme
Common Facility Centres
Loans Disbursement Schemes – Enterprise Creation FundPost-RADTS Training SchemeRural Handicraft Training Scheme (RHTS)

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A few weeks ago the Director-General of NDE, Abubakar Fikpo talked about a loan disbursement Scheme to help all the businesses, youths, either those that have certificates, self-employed and also to help the productivity mindset youths

He said’ We know it’s good to get the certificate but it is also good to have skills! We are eradicating the attitude of the unemployed youth toward only education to change because your certificate will not pay the bills all the time!

He also said

“But your hands are ready-made tools for you. The moment you acquire skills, you can go to fend for yourself. You can have something to do,”

He also emphasis about the loan and the amount to disvurst

“At the end of a recent NDE training on entrepreneurship, 40 beneficiaries out of 100 got loan packages ranging between N250,000 and N500,000 and they are now in serious businesses.”

Continue on his speech

“In agriculture, the Rural Employment Promotion Department of the NDE recently trained 93 participants who were given N100,000 each as loan packages.

Procedure To Apply For NDE Loan

  • visit the  NDE Official website go through the website and check the the requirements
  • hover your mouse to the top right corner and click apply
  • You will see about 7 pieces of information to provide! Fill them
  • You need your Nimc Number. Slot in Your Full name, phone number, and email
  • After inputting your local government area and state, you will see drop-down of the loans and programs you can apply then select the suitable one and click submit.


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