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Copy 1 Picture/Day Earn FREE $20,000/Month (Youtube Copy & Paste) NEW


This video is basically about Copy 1 Picture/Day Earn FREE $20,000/Month (Youtube Copy & Paste) NEW and we are going to state or summarize the content right away.

Hey, MoneyMakingCrew,

Did you know you can make so much money on youtube without being on cameral

These is not creative common videos

This is not compilation videos and it is absolutely easy to do in less than a minute

Uploading a picture per day on youtube and making thousand of dollar monthly is super possible.

In this video, we talk about a workout channel that has been crushing it on this method.

Making over 20,000 dollars monthly just posting workout picture and workout music in the background of the picture.

Just one picture and various workout music or sounds that people can work out on.

This channel already has over 1.5 million subscribers and making thousands of dollars monthly.

The setup is not really hard-

You just need to create your youtube channel which is absolutely free and easy

Then step ‘two’ go-to free copyright picture stores like pixels.com among the rest and download a workout kind of picture to use.

Then step 3

go to youtube music library to sort for copyright music that people can work out on and it’s absolutely free to use since it from youtube copyright list here https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music

Just add audios to make the video long has much has you want

More than 10 min long is cool

Some from this channel is up to 30 min waoo and get millions of views

The next is to get free video editing software to use you can google that

Then Now upload the video on youtube

The last step is very important

Upload every day to outrank others. Others are uploading like 4 times a month since this is a very easy way you can upload daily and also use SEO tools like Tubuddy and vid IQ to get a keyword to use

After getting the keyword to target then use it in title description and tags.

Before you know you are set for monetization and you will start making a lot and lot of money.

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A bonus tip is in this video but kindly watch it to learn about the bonus and to understand this strategy very well.

Thank you MoneyMakingCrew.

See you on the next one.


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